20+ automatic emails you should send today


Automatic mailing has become an integral part of every effective marketing campaign. Thanks to automatic emails, you can make contact with your audience at the exact moment when the need arises and when the conversion is most likely to occur.

If you’re considering automated emails as part of your marketing campaigns, this article may suggest ideas.

What are automatic mailing letters?

By analogy with your messages about the absence in the office, there is no need to do email mailing manually. Using autoresponders and marketing automation processes , you can send emails at a specific time or respond to the behavior of your subscribers with the help of mailing.

Automatic letters will be sent as an individual message or as an element of an advanced “drip” marketing campaign. For example, in order to welcome new subscribers, you can opt out of sending a single email letter, and in return use a chain to familiarize subscribers with all the details of your product.

If you have already determined the time when an email will be sent to subscribers, you can click on the “publish” button. From now on, whenever your subscriber fulfills certain conditions, he will receive your pre-prepared letters.

Automatic mailing – types

Your way of communicating with subscribers depends on many factors. Your industry, target audience, your campaign’s mission — these and other elements influence how you communicate with leads and existing subscribers.

In order to simplify your life as a marketer, we have created a list that includes more than 20 types of automatic letters with examples that you can use in your marketing campaigns.

1. Thank-you email

As a marketer, you constantly ask your subscribers to do something for you.Subscribe to the newsletter, download an e-book, fill in the questionnaire – it sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

Now imagine a similar situation offline. If you constantly ask for something to be done for you, at least you will thank , and most likely will show courtesy in return.

The best way is the same behavior online. All you need to do is send an automatic letter immediately after the action performed by the subscriber. In order to make the thank-you letter more pleasant, you can offer a discount, a loan for regular customers or free shipping. Subscribers will notice that their efforts are appreciated.

How Google thanks subscribers

Return Path thanks subscribers

2. Well-letter

Suppose you decide to organize a party. What will you do when someone accepts your invitation and comes to you? Without a doubt, you will meet your guest with joyful greetings and take a short tour.

Even if a subscription is more comparable to a business meeting than to a party, one should not forget about good manners. Thank new subscribers for subscribing to the newsletter and explain how often your subscribers will receive your newsletters, and what topics are discussed.

Make every effort to make the subscriber feel like a special guest, and show how much his trust means to you. See how Coursera uses greeting letters and explains to new users how they should act by offering them the most important pages.

If you are looking for inspiration, this article may be helpful.

Welcome letter from Coursera

Welcome letter from Tommy Hilfiger

3. Get to know the team members

The moment will come when you really want to chat with your audience. Not at the level of a business client or business-business, but at a simple human level. In this case, you can introduce your team and people who are associated with your brand.

Emailing the team is a great way to start a conversation. You can use this type of letter when you communicate with your employees via internal mailing, or when you are trying to convince your regular subscribers to support a common cause.

Such letters to the newsletter show very well that there is an ordinary person behind the brand. He or she does his best to provide added value to the subscriber, but can sometimes make mistakes or need the help of subscribers. It’s much easier to ask for a service if subscribers know you. Below are examples of welcome letters representing the Andrew and Pete team.

And if you want to go non-standard way, provide a link to the page where the user can get acquainted with your team, as Wistia did.

Automatic message - meet the team

4. Download the app and stay informed.

Regardless of whether you are working on the development of an online store project, a news resource or a SaaS platform, you need your subscribers to come back to you as often as possible. Is there a better solution than providing them with an application?

Let your fans know that they have access to their favorite information and products even when they are going to work or just killing time while playing on a smartphone. If you cannot offer them applications, then just make sure that your site is optimized for mobile devices, and your audience knows that it can use it.

This type of e-mails goes well with well-known letters when your subscribers familiarize themselves with your offer. In addition, from time to time it is also worth recalling the application and those subscribers who still do not use it. After all, you want your subscribers to communicate with your brand as often as



5. Your order is in the process of implementation

Letters confirming orders and transactions are very popular in e-business. However, other types of mailing related to the ordered product are not so common.

Customers who are waiting for their order are likely to feel delight, and sometimes worry. If you can provide them with useful content, for example, containing the best ways to use the product ordered, tips on how to care and combine with other wardrobe items, how to replace, etc., their waiting will become even more enthusiastic.

Explain to them why they made the right decision, share feedback from other customers, and let them join the discussion on social platforms too. Thus, brands build effective communication.

6. Share your opinion with us.

If you once wanted to know more about your target audience, who would you ask first? Is your customer support, sales, or perhaps marketing staff? Why not contact the source directly and just chat with customers?

If you want to learn more about your audience, just sit down and chat with them.Send them a questionnaire and ask them to respond to your message. In this way, you will quickly get information about their needs, problems, preferences, goals and be able to improve your product and communication.

The examples below demonstrate that brands like Timberland and Adidas see an advantage in having knowledge of the opinions of their customers.

Message Automation for Feedback

7. Product Review Letters

Marketing is not just about selling. This is participation and customer satisfaction.Profit takes the following places.