20 useful tips on email marketing for small businesses


Small companies take care of so many things at once, and marketing in small companies often stands aside – in second or even third place. Marketing activities are cut to the required minimum – just a few tasks per week, each of which is expected to produce a specific result. Business owners do not care about marketing strategies that do not work. But there is some good news: if you read our blog, then you have already found the most effective tool – Email Marketing .

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If you are just starting to get acquainted with the features of small business marketing and are not yet familiar with the statistics, Email marketing is one of the most effective tools ever. It surpasses social networks, print ads and even direct mail. The Direct Marketing Association, in its 2014 survey, says that email marketing specialists give a ROI (return on investment) of 2500%. Also, e-mail is accessible to everyone and a very simple way of communication. The annual payment for using the GetResponse account for 2500 subscribers is approximately equal to the cost of one print advertisement per quarter of a page.

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Despite the fact that Email Marketing is so good, many entrepreneurs still do not use it. Perhaps because business owners do not know how to make email marketing work . They are probably worried about the time spent or that their letters will annoy the subscribers.

All of these concerns are unfounded. If you’re going to improve your small company’s marketing and start Email Marketing in 2015, here’s 20 helpful tips for you. They will suit the absolute beginners in this business and those who want to revise the tools and practices already used in small business marketing.

How to quickly increase the base for mailing

Ask customers to subscribe to the newsletter at the checkout.

You can ask people to subscribe either with the help of employees or with a small ad that tells you how to do it. Cash zone – a place that has to ensure that people subscribe to your newsletter. Here, this request is less intrusive than anywhere else in the store. In addition, the cashier zone is a place for people who you would most like to see on your mailing list – buyers.

Use a tablet or smartphone application, not a questionnaire

10-20% Email addresses written by hand cannot be read. This means that you lose 10-20% of subscribers because of their poor handwriting. Eliminate this problem with special applications. GetResponse has a free application created specifically for this purpose – Forms on the Go, available for Android and iOS.

Stimulate people to subscribe

Making people subscribe to the newsletter is not easy, even if your letters are very good. It seems to many that they already receive enough letters. It is necessary to “give a bun”, to offer something in response to a subscription.
Such an incentive is sometimes called a bid magnet. Usually, this magnet is a free report, but you, as a small company, can use coupons or other types of discounts to encourage people to return to your store.

Reduce the number of fields in the subscription form

The easier it is for people to subscribe to you, the better. One way to simplify the procedure is to minimize data entry. For example, do not ask for a name if you are not going to use it. Each new input field reduces conversion to completed subscriptions by 15–20%.

Place the subscription form in key places of the site

You should not give a link to the subscription form on the main page, let it be in several places. GetResponse recommendations on where the form should be:

  • on the main page, in the section with a special offer.
  • in the footer
  • in the upper right corner next to the navigation menu
  • on the page “About the Company”

Set a popup or lightbox

Let the subscription form appear as a layer on the pages of the site. This is a free feature available in GetResponse that can be configured in minutes. A pop-up window or lightbox can double or even triple the number of subscriptions. This is one of the best ways to quickly expand your mailing list.
If you do not want to annoy visitors to the site – set up a window so that it pops up once a week. Also, set the window so that it pops up after 45-60 seconds spent on the site.

Add a subscription form to your Facebook profile

If you want to maximize your Facebook page, add a subscription form to your newsletter. Here you can see instructions on how to add a GetResponse subscription button via Facebook.
Example: use the form and offer a coupon for a 20% discount for a subscription through Facebook. The main thing is not to require too much data.

Try to divide the mailing list into parts.

Segmentation works best if you have two or more groups of customers or customers. For example, a company providing recruitment services may divide the list into existing and candidates. Realtor can in the same way to distinguish between buyers and sellers.
This separation of your mailing list allows you to send more targeted emails. Thus, you will reduce the number of unsubscribers and increase the number of openings and transitions. Try to make segmentation as easy as possible – managing three or more groups takes too much effort.

How to create really effective letters

Send notifications at least once a month

It is not necessary to send letters every week, but try to do it at least once a month.Otherwise, subscribers may stop responding to your emails and recognize them in the Inbox.
Some companies cost just one new blog post and one email per month. In this case, the message contains a link to the new post, announces upcoming events and, possibly, tells information about one of the employees, products or services.That’s all – no need to stuff your letter with unnecessary information.

Add the buttons “Share in social networks” in the footer of your letters

To do this, you only need a couple of clicks in GetReponse, and the result can be stunning. Our last year’s study suggests that emails with an icon to share in social networks, gaining 158% more clicks .
You can save time by adding these icons to your email template. You use the GetResponse templates, don’t you?

Make sure your letters look good on mobile devices.

Why is it important? Because about half of the letters now read on smartphones and tablets. In Russia, letters open on mobile devices for about a quarter of recipients.
If you use one of the ready-made templates in GetResponse, then you have nothing to worry about. All our emails are correctly displayed on mobile devices.

Survey once or twice a year.

A good newsletter gives subscribers only the necessary information. Therefore, you just need to ask subscribers what they would like to see in your letters. Each account in GetResponse has the option of sending out questionnaires. In the future, you can write a blog post about the results of the survey or use the questionnaire to find out the opinion of people on this or that controversial issue.
Important: thanks to the advanced functionality of GetResponse, you can use the answers of subscribers for more subtle segmentation of the mailing list.

Announce emails in social networks (and invite people to subscribe)

Combine marketing efforts in social networks with Email marketing. Notify people about new letters in social networks. Connect the two channels and get a synergistic effect.

Study the reports. Pay attention to the most successful topics and the most clickable parts of your posts.

Analytical reports contain a wealth of information about the tastes of your subscribers. Thus, you have valuable knowledge about exactly what your future newsletter should be.

Let your newsletter subscribers know the best news first.

Do you want to please subscribers with a nice bonus ? Tell them about the sale before anyone else finds out about it. Have a special discount coupon? Offer it to subscribers only.
You must earn the right to be in someone’s inbox and stay there for a long time. To do this, you need to offer the really necessary information, which is not a waste of time. Therefore, from time to time make pleasant surprises available only to subscribers.

Aim for simplicity in messages

No need to push the news about everything that happens in the company, in the newsletter. If you really need to tell so much – just send emails more often.
Another small business tip is to keep your messages visually simple. Use one or two fonts, a minimalist color scheme and small images – let your messages be pleasant to browse and read comfortably.

Use the split test in the subject line.

This option is built into every GetResponse account. It is quite simple to use to improve the results of your newsletter. If you are not yet using split testing to increase your effectiveness in email marketing – find out the details here and run the first test tomorrow!

Before sending a letter to the entire database, send a test message to yourself.

This can help avoid a variety of ridiculous mistakes. After you send yourself a newsletter, read it on your mobile device. Follow the pair of links, try to forward.Show the letter to someone else to make sure that there is nothing strange in it. As they say, measure seven times – cut once.

How to keep followers

Send out a welcome letter or a whole series of them.

Greeting letters open and click much more often than others. Unfortunately, few companies welcome newly subscribed users, but in vain.
Do not make such a mistake. It is very easy to create an automatic letter that will be sent immediately as soon as someone subscribes to your newsletter. Use this opportunity to tell new subscribers about your company and how it can be useful.Such a message may contain information about your company and services, answers to frequently asked questions or just a set of interesting facts.

Use the confirmation subscription to the newsletter

  Such a message is a confirmation that is sent every time someone subscribes to you. The potential subscriber should follow the link to confirm the fact of subscription to the newsletter.
Despite the fact that confirmations reduce the number of subscribers by 15%, you will receive fewer complaints about spam, a higher percentage of opening letters and referrals, as well as longer contact with subscribers. In the long run, confirmation is a great tactic. Use it.

And what can you advise from your email marketing experience in small business?What worked best in your company? Share with us in the comments.