Do proper care and treatment after knowing that what yeast infection is

yeast infectionA question arise that what is yeast infection? And can be answer by saying that the main reason of this disease is because of fungus, and this disease is normally known as Candidacies. Candida is form of yeast, it’s naturally find in every human body. It’s not dangerous for anyone and simply exists in the body, but if an imbalance found in body then it can affect the Candida, And it can grow excessively and create problems like a thick white color vaginal discharge, vaginal itching and irritation or burning feeling when urinating and pain during penetration.

VaginismusThis infection can affect all the women but generally it effects the women between the ages of 30 to 50 and also it can affect the pregnant women and the women whose immune system is very weak. Sometime yeast infection can also affect the man by his partner like the swelling of the penis head. But its only has rare chances.

If a person do the proper care about this matter? The yeast infection can be diagnosed successfully by the doctor if he checks all the signs and symptoms. In this treatment an anti fungal medicine is used and its course can take 4 to 5 days. Some time it can take more days depend on the infection situation. There are different methods of using such type of medicine orally or intra-vaginally depends on the situation of disease. Some time the oral medicines have some side effect like upset stomach, constipation, nausea etc.

The girls who are in the age of 12 to 16 should be treated orally but the women who are pregnant or breast feeding should be treated by intra-vaginal medicine because the oral medicine could be harmful for baby. You should also know that what are the common causes of this infection, that are usually, to take course of any antibiotics, birth control pills, steroids, diabetes,  a weak immune system and stress can cause overgrowth in Candida. After knowing that what is yeast infection? It should be treated seriously and in time with proper treatment. Then it can easily be covered without facing any serious suffers.

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Is There a Home Test For Yeast Infection?


Is There a Home Test For Yeast Infection?

There is an easy test available at home on the question, is there a home test for yeast infection?

There is a question arise that is there a home test for yeast infection? You can say yes. Yeast infection is disease commonly known as the Candidacies and it arise because of the Candida (A form of yeast) overgrowth in the body. The Candida normally exists in the body in a normal volume and if it increases in the body it appears as a yeast infection. Its symptoms are the thick water discharge from the vagina, irritation and itching, and also urine burning or pain during penetration. But there should be a proper test for the confirmation.

Sometime people start the medicine of the yeast infection but they don’t know the main problem sometime they use the medicine without the proper diagnose. Sometime bacterial vaginoses is confused with the yeast infection, because these diseases are very similar to each other. So incorrect diagnose cause a harm in future.

There are different test but if someone asks you about is there a home test for yeast infection? You can tell him about this simple home test called the saliva test that is very easy and simple. It has different benefits that it is so cheap and can easily be done at home and has a quick result. The method is very simple that when you go to your bed please keeps a clean glass of water on your side table and when you get up with empty stomach spit in to the water. And during the next 15 minutes keep an eye on the water if the saliva float on the water its mean that you don’t have any infection but if the water become cloudy and if you see that some string come out from the saliva then you are infected. Some time the saliva sinks in to bottom of glass its mean that the infection is more than a common. These are the very clear results that after this home test you should don’t think that are you infected or not and you should consult to your doctor. We can’t say that this saliva test at home has 100% accuracy but you should take a medical test for more accuracy for the better treatment.

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