Escape the Game Master! SuperHero Kids & Searching the Abandoned Mysterious Mansion for the Clue!

The Game Master lives here? Let’s go check it out. Shh! Be quiet, we never know if he’s gonna show back up again. Let’s go check it out. Ahhhh! Don’t you think that’s weird that the door opened by itself? Definitely weird. Come on guys, let’s go inside and see what we can find out. I’m kinda nervous about this. Shh, quiet. Guys, look, it’s the Game Master’s mask. Your invisibility cloak might hide your transporter, but you don’t think I wouldn’t see you if you were in my own mansion? Ha, ha, ha, ha! See if you can get out of my mansion now. The Game Master’s mansion is one giant escape room. An escape room, are you serious? There’s only one way out, and you’ll have to find the four digit code if you want to escape the mansion. A four digit code? Oh no, oh no, oh no… Ahhhhh! Oh my gosh, we’re trapped! Great, now how are we gonna escape? There’s gotta be a four digit code in here somewhere.
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Hey guys, what’s this? We probably have to put the four digit code in here. Let’s start looking around more. Aw, dang it; this one’s locked. This one’s locked, too. This one’s locked, too. I wonder if it’s in here. It’s gotta be in here. Is it here? No, maybe there’s something in between the cracks. I think we’re stuck in here forever. Guys, spread out, let’s see if we can find clues somewhere else. What the–did you guys hear that? Maybe we should crawl through here to see if we can find any clues. It must be coming from inside that box. How are we supposed to get out of this mansion? Maybe we should crawl through here to see if we can find any clues. Those voices sound familiar. Uh, hello! Hello, who’s there? Guys, someone’s in there, and I can’t see the end of the box. What if it’s a tunnel? Whoever it is, it sounds like they’re trapped too. Kaden! I’m totally gonna regret this. Boys, wait for me! What, SuperHero Kids? What are you guys doing here? What are guys doing here? Hope, Noah, Eden! Did you guys get trapped in the Game Master’s mansion, too? Yes, he said the mansion is an escape room.

And we can’t get out without the code. That’s what he told us, too. Let’s see if we can work together to figure out this code. Let’s look around the room for clues. Great idea. Look guys, there’s a Monopoly game set up right here. I have a weird feeling about this game. Let’s look at it, but DON’T touch it. It looks like there’s seven pieces on the board. That’s weird. Guys, spread out, let’s see if we can find clues somewhere else. Go to jail? Stinks to be that player. What was that? That was weird. What is happening?! I’m in jail, I’m in jail! Help me! Get me out, get me out! Kaden, I told everyone not to touch the game. Looks like you’re really stuck. Wait a minute, when Kaden rolled the dice that game piece moved, and landed on the “Go to Jail” spot. Yeah and then he got dragged to the corner of the room, and got put in jail. It’s like he’s playing the game in real life. Do you think each of these game pieces represent us? I don’t think so, because there are seven pieces on the board, and only six of us.

Uh, what am I supposed to do? Uh, who or what did that? Guys, this is freaking me out! Look, the top hat is moving! Whoever it was landed on the best property in the world: Boardwalk! I see you found my top hat game piece on the board. Ha ha ha ha! One hotel, please. What the flip!? Actually, I’ll take four hotels! Ha ha ha ha! Hey, you can’t do that! That’s against the rules! Rules? I’m the Game Master, I make the rules! It was you who put Kaden in jail, wasn’t it?! Let him out, now! Good luck playing the game! Each player gets one turn.

Oh no, I knew this game was gonna go wrong! And, good luck finding the code. You’ll never escape my mansion! Well, if there’s a chance to find the code, and get out of here, I don’t think we have a choice! Okay then, but who’s gonna go next? I guess I’ll go. Aww, a tiny train. It’s so cute! It’s so tiny. Well, that wasn’t so bad.

It’s bigger! Hurry, who’s next? Uh, the train just got a lot bigger. Hurry, who’s next?! Whatever, I’ll go! Okay, whatever you do, do not land on Boardwalk or else you’ll have to pay the Game Master a lot of money. No! Are you serious?! What just happened?! She just landed on Boardwalk! It looks like you landed on my space.

Now you owe me all your money. Oh no, oh no, oh no! I always win. Great, now we have one person in jail, and then we almost got run over by a train, and now we lost all of our money! I’m not seeing a way out of this guys. Our only hope is to keep playing the game. I’ll go next. The Electric Company? Uh Oh! Watch out, watch out! Take cover! Kaden, don’t touch the bars! Hurry, someone take the next turn! I guess it’s my turn. What do the chance cards do? Sometimes they’re good, and sometimes they’re bad. Okay, “Get Out of Jail Free.” Kaden, I can get you out of jail! I choose to get Kaden out of jail right now! Yay, I’m free, I’m free! Thanks Noah, for getting me out of jail! Of course Kaden, that’s what friends are for! Okay, you got out of jail, but don’t forget the reason we’re here in the first place.

Yeah, we need to find the code, so we can get out of the Game Masters mansion. But we haven’t found anything yet that resembles a code. Well the Game Master said the code was somewhere in the game. That’s right, Jack, you’re the last person, you’re our last hope, take your turn. If you roll a seven you’ll land on free parking, that means we get a lot of money back.

Cross your fingers, here I go. Get the seven, get a seven, get a seven, get a seven, get a seven. Wait, there’s something on the ground. There’s something different. “N” up. Wait, some of them have like, the letters and stuff. Yeah, yeah yeah yeah. Guys, guys, wait guys, guys, maybe we can put it in alphabet order, and see if we have a clue! That’s smart, maybe there’s like some code. Mine’s L-L-K, K– Everyone. I think there’s a C and F. A, I, A, J, A, U, A, T… Okay, one thing they all have in common is they all have “N” up, so. What does that mean? That has to mean something. Guys, we can do it like this. N, up. So H-E. Oh, look! And then N, up. Look guys. No! Look. It might be the a map… Guys, look, just watch this. Look, look. Oh yeah. Look. It’s like… It might be the map. Cause the arrows lead.

Yeah! Guys, look at this. Guys, get N and the arrow on the money, reminds me of a compass on a map. It points in the direction we’re supposed to go. So, the way the arrow points, is the direction the money goes when we lay it out. Like this guys. See, see? Oh. So it could just end here and keep going.

Or maybe it can like end right Smart. there until there, and keep going and… Yeah like this is gonna make like numbers of the four codes, okay. Ooh! Ooh! So find a J, we need to find a J. There it is, that’s the N! We need four. Okay, makes so much more sense now. So we have four, that’s the first number to the code we need. Now they have three more. Maybe… I guess this is one. Guys this is the end. No, guys, this is the end. Yes, so that means it’s one. It’s one. Four and one. No, 14, 14. 14! No, no, no. Oh, it’s a one, it’s a one. Oh yeah. I think so. It must be one. And then maybe– No, because… it goes that way. I see. On the bottom. And Q, oh, right here. It’s an eight. Eight! 8, 5, 1, 4! That’s it, that has to be the code to get out of the Game Master’s mansion! We solved this clue together guys! We beat the Game Master at his own game! No! How did you find that code?! No! Hurry, guys! Let’s go enter the code, so we can go home.

Goodbye! Bye! Oh, I can’t wait to go home. 8-5-1-4, 8-5-1-4. I’m so proud of us for solving the mystery. Hurry, hurry! Game Master might meet us there. Yeah, we all worked together to solve the mystery. Wait, a minute. Hey, Jazzy; where’s Kaden? I don’t know, he was right behind me. Kaden! Kaden! Yes! Water works? Whoa, no way. Whoa! Uh oh, the Game Master’s gonna be mad. Kaden! Kaden, where are you?! Haha, take that Game Master! Kaden! Kaden, what did you do? Why are your feet so wet? What, what? You rolled the dice, didn’t you? I landed on Water Works. Quick, we better get out of here fast! Quick, put in the code! Hurry! We did it! No! My mansion, my mansion! Nooooo! Make sure to give us a big thumbs up! Make sure to subscribe below! And make sure to share the video with all your friends! Comment down below to tell us which part of the video was your favorite.

Also, go check out our video at SuperHero kids! And also, go check out all of our awesome, Game Master videos! Bye! .

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Hur man tjänar pengar med Bitcoin: 10 sätt att tjäna Cryptocurrency

Det finns ett antal sätt att individer kan tjäna Bitcoin online. Tyvärr, precis som i verkligheten, finns det ingen sådan sak som en gratis lunch. Något sätt att tjäna Bitcoin på nätet kommer att kräva något i utbyte, oavsett om det är din tid eller din kunskap eller datorns bearbetningskraft.

Några av de metoder som beskrivs nedan kommer att innebära minimal ansträngning men kommer också att resultera i minimal avkastning. Andra sätt att tjäna Bitcoin online kan vara mer lukrativa men de kräver att du har en viss nivå av kunskap och expertis om branschen och marknaden. Därför, även om det kan tyckas att Bitcoin och cryptocurrency i allmänhet är ett enkelt sätt att tjäna pengar, är det inte så enkelt som vissa kan förvänta sig utan nödvändig kunskap (en princip som oöverträffligt kan tillämpas på någon bransch).

Hur man tjänar pengar med bitcoin

Om du är intresserad av att tjäna Bitcoin online kan det dock vara värt att överväga några av alternativen nedan, allt från det minst svåra (och minst betalda!) Till de större rollerna som finns i Bitcoins ekosystem.

“Tjäna miljoner från bitcoin även när kryptomarknaderna kraschar-gå med idag och se hur mycket du kan göra.”


Även om mikrovinst är den enklaste metoden för att tjäna Bitcoin, är det också troligen den mest tidskrävande av alla metoder som diskuteras, särskilt när man tar hänsyn till hur mycket pengar som ska göras. Micro-earning-webbplatser betalar dig i Bitcoin för att slutföra små uppgifter. I gengäld kan du få en (mycket) liten mängd Bitcoin. De mest populära formerna för mikroinkomst är följande:

Som föreslagits av namnet betalar dessa webbplatser användare i Bitcoin för att besöka vissa webbplatser eller visa vissa annonser. Det finns många PTC-webbplatser som kommer att betala försumliga belopp i Bitcoin för klick och visningar, med Ads4BTC förmodligen den mest kända och mest populära. På den här webbplatsen kan användarna välja mellan visningsannonser som är 5 sekunder, 10 sekunder eller 20 sekunder, med olika avgifter som delas ut för varje. Baserat på de priser som erbjuds av Ads4BTC, om du hade 20 andra annonser som körs för en hel dag, skulle du göra mindre än $ 10 per dag, så det här kanske inte är ett lönsamt alternativ för de flesta.

Bitcoin kranar

En Bitcoin kran är en typ av webbplats som ger bort små mängder Bitcoin till sina användare, med ägarna tjäna pengar genom att placera annonser på deras hemsida och betala personer som besöker annonserna eller fullständiga undersökningar. Denna bransch uppgår till över 50% av trafiken på ledande Bitcoins webbplatser idag. Kranar låter besökare tjäna en procentandel av Bitcoin som de ger bort till alla besökare som du har tagit in. Detta har resulterat i att användare använder en Bitcoin-kran-rotator som gör det möjligt för användare att snabbt surfa på olika kranar och tjäna en provision genom rotationslänkar för varje kran som besöktes av dig. Liksom PTC-webbplatser är Bitcoin kranar inte ett realistiskt sätt att tjäna bra pengar, även om de bästa kranen rotatorerna appliceras gör det bara möjligt för användare att inte göra mer än 1-2 dollar per dag.

Bitcoin kranar

Micro Jobs

Mikrojobb är små uppgifter som kan slutföras för små mängder Bitcoin. Webbplatser som Coinworker erbjuder sådana uppgifter, vilket kan innebära att du bara testar ett plugin för att se om det är framgångsrikt kompatibelt med en webbläsare eller bara att retweeting ett inlägg. Återigen är pengarna små men det finns potential att tjäna lite mer än kranarna på PTC-webbplatser.


Skriv om Bitcoin

Om du är kunnig om Bitcoin, entusiastisk om cryptocurrency industrin i allmänhet och villig och kunna dela din kunskap, kan du också tjäna Bitcoin genom att göra det. Mängden som kan tjäna genom att skriva om Bitcoin varierar, men kan vara ganska lukrativ beroende på vilken expertis du har om ämnet.

BitcoinTalk signaturkampanjer

Bitcoin Talk Forum Signature-kampanjen betalar för användarna att skriva inlägg på Bitcoin Talk-forumet som innehåller en produktkampanj i signaturen. Betalningsnivåerna beror på din medlemsnivå på Bitcoin Talk-forumet, med mycket lite Bitcoin som är tillgänglig för användare som inte är en fullständig medlem i forumet (för att få ett fullständigt medlemskap behöver du minst 120 inlägg). De flesta kampanjer har också vissa krav på affischer, till exempel en minsta ordgräns eller ett krav på att inga annonser direkt ingår i inlägg. Dessutom kan vissa kampanjer innehålla ett minimum och / eller ett maximalt antal veckor per post.

Mängden pengar som kan göras från dessa kampanjer varierar beroende på hur många kvalitetsposter du kan göra som användare som uppnår miniminivåerna för ordräkningen.Beroende på kampanjen kan du kanske göra $ 50-100 i 24 timmars arbete, exklusive de tjänster som behövs för att få fullt medlemskap till forumet. Dessutom kan det hända att det inte finns tillräckliga inkomster inom en kampanj för att tjäna stora belopp på grund av vissa kampanjer som endast tillåter maximalt antal inlägg per vecka.

Bitcointalk Bounties

Massor av nya Cryptocurrency-företag erbjuder också “Bounties” för att utföra andra uppgifter, till exempel skapa YouTube-videor, blogga och publicera på sociala medier. Du kommer att tjäna olika belopp beroende på hur många anhängare du har så det kan vara användbart att bygga dina Facebook– eller Twitter-konton och delta i olika kampanjer. Du betalas vanligtvis efter att ICO har ägt rum och tar emot några av myntet eller token från det företag du hjälpte till att marknadsföra.

Skrivning för bloggar och nyhetssajter

Det är vid denna tidpunkt potentialen att tjäna bra pengar börjar öka, även om motsvarande krav på kunskap om Bitcoin också ökar samtidigt. Det finns ett ständigt ökande antal bloggar och nyhetssajter som kräver dedikerade författare att diskutera Bitcoin och andra cryptocurrencies och, beroende på din förståelse för ditt ämne, finns det ett virtuellt gränslöst antal alternativ som är tillgängliga för författare, med god kvalitet författare betalas mellan $ 30-100 per 1000 ord. På denna nivå kan författare också välja sina betalningsmetoder, vare sig de är i Bitcoin eller i fiat-valuta. Webbplatser som Coinality är ett bra ställe att börja om du letar efter jobb som skriver om Bitcoin online.


Affiliate marknadsföring

Om du tar skrivvägen för Bitcoin och din blogg eller hemsida är en framgång, kan du tjäna pengar genom Bitcoin affiliate-marknadsföring. Detta är en form av marknadsföring där du kan få betalt en viss procentsats av provision för varje hänvisning som du tar med till en befintlig Bitcoin-verksamhet. Om verksamheten har ett affilierat program, och din blogg läses av tillräckligt många personer som länkar till verksamheten och köper den erbjudna produkten, kan provisionerna vara obegränsade, för minimal utlägg annat än utarbetandet av det ursprungliga blogginlägget.

Ge Bitcoin-relaterade tjänster

När det gäller cryptocurrency, om din kompetensnivå ligger mer på den tekniska sidan i stället för skrivsidan, finns det många möjligheter att engagera sig i utvecklingsprojekt för kryptocurrency. De flesta av de företag som för närvarande är verksamma inom kryptokursindustrin är nystartade med begränsad infrastruktur på plats. Därför behöver de ofta allt från programutvecklare till webbutvecklare till gruvexperter till marknadsförare på nätet. Beroende på startstorleken kan en roll som detta variera från att vara ett kontraktsarbete som kan slutföras på distans eller alternativt kunna vara ett heltidsjobb.Mängden som kan tjäna från en roll som detta är uppenbarligen beroende av vilken typ av roll, kompetensnivå som du tar med rollen och antalet timmar som du kommer att ägna åt rollen.

Bitcoin Utlåning

Det finns potentiellt betydande intäkter i Bitcoin-utlåningen , men det finns också en betydande risk. Bitcoin utlåning tenderar att fungera via intermediära webbplatser som Bitbond och konceptet är så enkelt som det låter. Du fungerar som en bank som lånar din Bitcoin till en annan person på en viss intresse. Eftersom marknaden är oreglerad är intressenivåerna i allmänhet mycket högre än standardbankräntan vilket innebär att det finns potential för hög avkastning. På flipsidan betyder emellertid transaktionens oreglerade karaktär att om låntagaren inte betalar tillbaka Bitcoin till dig, finns det lite resurs tillgänglig för dig att genomdriva lånet.


Volatiliteten och risken i samband med Bitcoin-utlåningsmarknaden innebär att det förmodligen är en marknad som endast är tillgänglig för mycket stora innehavare av Bitcoin, på grund av risknivån och den potentiella kostnaden för att genomföra ett lån om något går fel. Men om hanteras korrekt finns det en stor potentiell marknad inom denna sektor.

För mer information om Bitcoin Lending, ta en titt på vår oberoende guide .

Bitcoin Mining

Tidiga anhängare till Bitcoin-industrin har gjort betydande avgifter genom att bryta Bitcoin.Mining Bitcoin är processen med vilken nya mynt skapas. Gruvning utförs med hjälp av vissa dataprogram och använder bearbetningskraften hos gruvarens dator. Vid starten var Bitcoin-gruvdrift relativt enkelt och de tidigaste gruvarbetarna kunde minas tusentals och tusentals Bitcoin med begränsade utgifter.

Hur till min Monero

Men samtidigt var värdet av Bitcoin ingenstans nära var det var idag, och alltså stora vinster som gjordes av gruvdrift började inte riktigt inträffa förrän några år efter när värdet av Bitcoin började stiga. Numera är Bitcoin-gruvdrift mycket svårare. Varje bitcoin som bryts kräver mer bearbetningskraft och därför innebär minning Bitcoin nu betydande bearbetningskraft och kan inte längre göras utan specialiserad utrustning.

Dessutom är kostnaderna för el som används för att driva den här utrustningen fenomenal, med att Bitcoin-brytningen för närvarande uppskattar att använda samma effekt per dag som ett land som är Marockos storlek. På grund av detta har de flesta Bitcoin-gruvor tagits över av företag som kan göra vinst med skalan baserat på att köpa stora mängder bearbetningsutrustning till rabatterade priser och att lokalisera sig i ett område med extremt billig el. Av detta skäl är Kina det överlägset största Bitcoin-gruvlandet (minning över 60% av Bitcoin), följt av Georgia, Sverige och USA.

Om du har ett anständigt grafikkort på din dator finns det många andra valutor eller “alt-mynt” som du kan mina, ta en titt på några av våra guider:

Bitcoin Trading

Det finns stor potential att tjäna pengar på handel i Bitcoin , men det kräver en expertkunskap och kunskap om marknaden på samma sätt som handel på någon annan finansmarknad.Dessutom är marknaden för kryptocurrency extremt flyktig och kan därför inte passa allas smaker och risk aptit. Det första problemet med handel är att nästan alla handelsutbyten fungerar via Bitcoin eller Ethereum , vilket innebär att om du vill handla i kryptokurrency och inte äger någon, kommer du troligen att behöva äga vissa (med några undantag).

Bästa utbyten för handel Cryptocurrency

Webbplatser som Coinbase eller CEX tillåter båda användare att köpa kryptokurrency med kredit- eller betalkort eller alternativt att köpa via banköverföring. När du har köpt, kan du sedan överföra Bitcoin till vilken växel du vill använda. Om du vill överväga handel, här är några av alternativen:


Dagskurshandel är att köpa och sälja Bitcoins samma dag på grundval av små, kortsiktiga prisfluktuationer på marknaden. Sådana fluktuationer kan baseras på marknadsutveckling eller helt enkelt rykten. Traders kan handla Bitcoin mot andra kryptokurser eller mot fiat-valutor som US-dollar.

Trading Bots

Att driva din egen Bitcoin Trading bot är en avancerad metod som kan ge bra avkastning om det görs korrekt. Vi har skrivit en komplett guide till handelsrobotar här, som visar dig metoder och fördelar för att tjäna bitcoin och andra cryptocurrencies på så sätt. Här är några av de mer populära plattformarna och botsna att använda:


CryptoTrader bot är en molnbaserad handelsrobot som ger användare fullständigt automatiserade handelslösningar medan de inte kräver att de installerar bot på sitt eget system. CryptoTrader har en strategisk “marketplace” som tillåter användare att köpa sin favorithandelsstrategi, eller alternativt sälja strategier som utvecklats av sig själva.



3Commas är en mycket populär handels bot som fungerar med ett antal utbyten, inklusive Bittrex, BitFinex, Binance, Bitstamp, KuCoin, Poloniex, GDAX, Cryptopia, Huobi och YOBIT. Bot fungerar 24/7 med vilken enhet som helst, eftersom det är en webbaserad tjänst så att du kan övervaka din handelsdashboard på mobilen samt skrivbord och bärbara datorer. Det gör att du kan ställa in stopp- och vinstdrivande mål och har också en social handelsaspekt som gör att du kan kopiera de mest framgångsrika aktörernas handlingar.

3 Commas Trading Bot


Cryptohopper är en molnbaserad handelsrobot vilket innebär att den kan handla kryptokurrency 24 timmar om dygnet, oavsett om du är på din dator eller inte. Systemet tillåter dig att handla på tekniska indikatorer, eller prenumerera på en signal som skickar köpssignaler. Enligt deras hemsida är de “den första och enda automatiserade kryptohandel boten för att integrera professionella externa signaler.”


Kontrakt för skillnad

Även om det liknar dagens handel, innebär CfD inte att man faktiskt köper eller säljer någon Bitcoin. I stället köper du ett kontrakt för Bitcoin , vilket innebär att du inte behöver hålla eller lagra några Bitcoin. En av fördelarna med detta är att du kan korta Bitcoin, vilket innebär att om priset går ner går din vinst upp, så att du kan säkra dina affärer. En av nackdelarna är att du inte har någon kontroll över Bitcoin du handlar med, eftersom du inte är ägare till någon Bitcoin eller den privata nyckeln. Det kan därför endast användas för handelsändamål.

Bitcoin Futures

Binära val

Binära alternativ (så kallade eftersom det enda alternativet är att vinna eller att förlora) är en handelsstrategi som låter dig förutsäga om priset på Bitcoin kommer att stiga eller falla under en viss tidsperiod. Om uppgången eller fallet inträffar inom den angivna perioden kommer du att få utbetalningen som överenskommits när du går in i alternativet. Om det inte uppstår, förlorar du din investering.

Vi har nyligen granskat IQ-alternativet, vilket är den största platsen för handel med binära alternativ.


Även om inte uttömmande, det här är några av de mest populära sätten att tjäna pengar online. Såsom noteras i början finns det inget sådant som gratis Bitcoin och det måste någonting göras i gengäld, oavsett om det är tid eller kompetens eller båda. Men med en ständigt växande marknad innebär efterfrågan på Bitcoins expertis och Bitcoin-relaterade produkter att det aldrig har varit en bättre tid att bli involverad i Bitcoin.

“Tjäna miljoner från bitcoin även när kryptomarknaderna kraschar-gå med idag och se hur mycket du kan göra.”

Details about the most profitable ways of earning on games

Let us consider in detail some of the types of jobs (ways of earning) in the gaming industry where are not required large investments, but it is possible to obtain stable and high income.

Method of earning on the games — creating a gaming channel through Twitch, YouTube, etc.

1) the Author the gaming channel (YouTube, Twitch)

Have your channel on Twitch or YouTube, who are constantly uploading new videos about the game or are the online broadcast. They earn on advertising content (YouTube is allowed to insert its commercials advertising the passages or banners in the video description and the video), the number of subscribers, views and affiliate program, as well as through donuts, which sent the spectators. Such a great variety of channels and audiences, the days of sitting on the Internet, choose the best bloggers, youtubers with the most interesting videos.

What it takes to achieve success

Stand out from the crowd and to persevere – in order to make money with video playthroughs of games, you need to constantly upload new videos and be witty, interesting commentator.

New videos will constantly attract new followers, friends and acquaintances. Foundation – gift of gab, sense of humor and the personal qualities of the commentator (stamina, confidence).

The middle roller on the passing game lasts half an hour. Interested people will require a new video every day so to put the video on a hosting times a week will not work.

In addition, the commenter is looking for new and interesting games that people will watch. In each game you need to get used to the atmosphere, to examine the project and take it seriously, taking every step.

Step 1 — Your channel

To create on the website YouTube your gaming channel, it will need to register first. Then make up a name, choose a theme, choose an icon for your avatar.

In the article “How to make money on YouTube from scratch?” we wrote in detail how to earn popular Youtubers, how to start, what videos to record, how to create a youtube channel, etc.

Step 2 — subscriber Base

The most difficult and tedious step for successful gameplay commentator. The more subscribers and video views, the more benefits and earn money feed author.

Subscribers – people who subscribe to any new channels.

First, your video will not cause a response from the audience, even a lot of movies will do nothing.

Download need for 3-4 clips in a day and so not one month. First you get 2-3 viewing, but the more varied the games will pass and upload videos about them, the more people will stop by and see them. So the stats will improve, and with it increase and earnings.

However, it should be used with caution. The first few months will be the most difficult, when a lot of work, and the result is zero.

Only capture the first milestone of 10000 subscribers it will be possible to decelerate a bit. People will write comments to wish good luck and really interested in your channel.

Step 3 — Timing optimization

For Youtube, time is a crucial factor in the popularity of the videos. This means that for greater efficiency need to be among the first who uploads a video about a new game project. This will automatically give more views and new subscribers.

Optimization – another important success factor. Their videos you need to call to attract people not only on videosite, but also General (i.e., search engines Google and Yandex), they will be looking for information about a particular game.

Also don’t forget to enter in every movie enticing description, and links to other videos from your channel. Do not forget to specify the tags, they need to rank and search in Youtube.

Thumbnails (icon previews, splash screen) is also a successful tool for the promotion of the channel. All of its partners YouTube gives the right to upload thumbnails for your videos. A very powerful feature that enhances user interest before viewing. Miniatures should only be concerned with what is happening in the video, otherwise the property will remove the channel. Do not forget to upload a channel icon for YouTube, insert at the beginning of each video screensaver, etc.

Step 4 — the Legal side

Without the permission of the owners of the games can not upload videos of playthroughs and you can’t use the music. This is especially true of the monetization of the rollers. To solve you need to either merge network, with all the rights, or to negotiate with the developers of the selected games, so they are allowed to exhibit their project. This is a difficult but necessary process if you want to work quietly, without legal difficulties.

2) Earnings on bots

Suitable for those who have the equipment, a little moneyresources and talent to create bots. Such people with the help of an army of bots to collect resources around the clock and make it a profitable business.

In games MMORPG thousands of players and for different tasks they need resources every day. Few people want to spend hours of game time on gathering herbs, ore, when you can just go character to the market and buy everything you need. They are the main customers.

Many people create armies of bots with different accounts in one game and keep the computers on all the time. The bots tirelessly to find and gather resources. The player need only from time to time to check on them and to sell the collected resource.

Components of success

The higher automation of the entire process of search and extraction of resources, the easier it is to make money in your chosen game. As a rule, simultaneously work several accounts.

A bot is a program which is sufficient to introduce a few key commands and leave the character at the selected location. The rest he will do himself – to seekto dig up resources.

If I can build a website and put there resources produced, revenues will be even greater, because then you can skip the intermediaries.

Minus – MMO games are not eternal, on average, such projects are “live” for several years and are constantly changing. The admins are doing everything to keep players. Therefore, creating a program – bot should be aware of this and constantly look for new games to not injured your finances when you lock the main game. This will require programming skills and to create and configure the bot.

Step 1 — Study the market

Network dozens, hundreds of MMO games. Choose among them a new, promising project and study his work. For the specialist it will not take much time.

Step 2 — Bots

You can buy ready – some MMOs have bots for sale. Or write a program to create bots to gather resources.

Step 3 — Resources

The best way to earn for rare items, production of which takes time and effort. Then they are more expensive and are in great demand among the players.

Step 4 — the Amount of earnings

Vary greatly from the scale of prices for the resources in the game.

8 bots will give two times more income than 4 bots. For example, running the bot in the game Guild Wars , you can earn $ 60 per month. In this case, the bot worked only 30% of the time, so to earn good money that is possible. There are people who runs dozens of bots every day that make using them more than $ 1,000 a week.

Step 5 — problems with the sale

Choose the game to register an account, understand the rules and peculiarities of the local market, to create and run a bot not all the steps, after which you will begin to earn money.

Bots are there and ready in many MMOs and are not so expensive. The main thing – to find a buyer for their resources, and preferably permanent. Most miners put gold or resources in the auctions, but there the price that won the lot, will be overestimated.

Therefore it is better to create a website based game and sell MMO currency, gold or resources without intermediaries and for its price, so that buyers do not overpay. (More on how to create a website for free we already wrote in the article, where he pointed out the types of engines, which one to choose and other useful information for creating a website)

It is also worth to attract the attention of players to your site through sponsored posts and chat messages.

Before starting work the owner of the bot should explore the market for MMO currency and different items in the network, as in the beginning will require investment of real money and should ensure their abilities to find ways of marketing and creating bots.

Step 6 — the Key factor

It is important to have a reliable partner who understands marketing and sales. For example, one creates a bot and is responsible for the collection of resources, the second is promoting the website, looking for new clients, working with them.

You can even populate your site with different articles with key phrases in the spirit of “Game gold to buy for the XXX project”, in which people from the network will access Your website via search engines Yandex and Google.

Method of earning on the games creation and programming of video games

3) Earnings programming — creating games

For talented programmers will always find ways to make creating different streams, programmes and scripts for games.

Any MMO game updates, fresh ideas and opportunities for implementation. The number of users of popular MMO projects is growing every day, so the market is gaining momentum.

This method will not cause problems with the law, if you do everything according to the rules and laws of the country.

Step 1 — The Demand

99% of MMOs have quests to collect resources, people need to mend clothes, potions, hand over the grass and it is the main reason of the relevance of the bots. The programmer can create them in any game, so without work will never be.

Hardcore TOP players IMO have a lot of money and don’t like running through the fields in search of resources, it is easier to buy everything ready-made or to the possibility to automate the process. They are easy to pay again for the program-bot you created.

Step 2 — Service

Programs for bots or hacks still not a finished product that you can sell. They require updates, you need to and adjust for changes in MMO games.

Besides the software shouldn’t have bugs that interfere with work, they should not carry viruses and its starting to slow down a client computer.

To do this, the programmer must check and update them constantly.

Step 3 — Be aware of new products

You also need to follow the news selected MMO games that you create hacks or programs for bots. Normally admins warn their players about the release of the update.

You have to be prepared for any changes in the project and make the updates accordingly in its programs.

Step 4 — Marketing

As in any business, to increase sales need advertising. This is the main reason of failure of many talented programmers to develop in creating and selling hacks. They can’t create a client base and increase sales. Therefore, any programmer need a partnerwith expertise in marketing and advertisingwho would take on challenges with clients and product distribution. So a programmer with a partner can create a business selling software.

You can look for a marketer on forums and communities created for MMO games. There are a lot of interested people.

Step 5 — niche

An important aspect for any software developer who chooses to sell software. You need to study the market, find the product of the maximum demand and to take over the job. Should not be taken for known WOW, she has created dozens of bots. Better to find an MMO of the last, they quickly acquire users.

Also, the market is full of free projects with lots of users and they don’t have bots. Write a small script and you will receive your first earnings.

Step 6 — Profit

The average price bot $ 39 annual subscription, the sum of profit will depend on advertising, the popularity of selected games.

On average, you will sell 1-10 pieces per day, and this is 1000-12000 per month, though for only one bot.

MMO games are gaining popularity, people will play them more than a decade, so that the niche for software-hacks brings good income.

However, it is very hard work and need a good partner, well-versed in marketing. It will take sales while you create the product.

If you can create and maintain 3 different bot to MMO games, it will provide a decent and stable income.

Method of earning on the games — creating an online store

4) the online store for gaming things

A collection of resources using bots and selling them through established virtual store on assigned prices for players.

Step 1 – How it works?

In any online game people communicate with each other, share things, trade. Someone flaunting their “artifacts, things” up for auction, someone is selling advanced character somewhere in the square, and someone creates a separate website associated with the game and through it sells the collected resources, artifacts, earning in-game currency, which can be translated into real money.

The most difficult is to create a network of suppliers who will collect resources and at a reduced price wholesale to sell You. And good Internet advertising to attract buyers to Your online store.

The site itself is not a problem, even a free script to create a budget online store for a start. To optimize its operation will be more complicated and here you will need knowledge in web programming.

You can also operate through the social network. For example, in groups and pages to advertise their services. It may be more profitable and more convenient to create a group or page, Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki, Instagram. How to create a group in Vkontakte or page, as well as how to promote and cheat subscribers we wrote in our article.

Step 2 — Network providers

It should be the people you undoubtedly trust, and they to you. Because they will always sell artifacts, resources and other things from the game, which are then exhibited in the store.

It is best to contact people, gathering resources using bots. They have the inventory, delivery and constant prices are quite reasonable. Useful contacts you can make on the forums and the community games.

It is best to know the suppliers personally, to communicate via Skype, to phone. This will increase the degree of trust between you and will reduce the chance of fraud.

Step 3 — configure website

For working need website designer, bought the domain, hosting and our own database.

You can invite a friend of the programmer, and he “draw” you a website … Or do it yourself using free scripts. Importantly, clever design, the accessibility to buy the products on it could any newcomer and trouble-free operation. (Here recommend you to read the article — How to open an online store — step by step guide where you will learn how to create, promote and what to pay attention when creating the site)

Step 4 — Advertising

The most important part of working with the online store. Without promotion for a good profit never quit, because you can customize the site just to purchase a range of products too easy to find suppliers is not a problem.

You can ask bots to submit your website on the game when they get there the resources to write posts in different social. networks and forums. You can also specially configure the bot, which from time to time will put an ad in the chat games.

If the rules of the project prohibited any advertising, try to fill a site selling articles and promote them on popular queries, for example “Items to buy for game XXX”. On this request, the people from search engines will get to your shop.

Paid ads also can bring success, but you should conduct market research to nothing spent on advertising.

Step 5 — beware of Scam!

To sell virtual goods should be careful, there are many cases of fraud in such transactions.

System PayPal, for example, allows the client without any problems to get your money back, especially when he chooses virtual goods over the network.

Better not be lazy and send a message with a code to track payments. So you prove to the system that the item has been sent and money can not be returned. This will protect from fans of free cheese.

Step 6 — Prospect. How much money can you earn?

Profit from an online store depends on several factors. Method has its potential and work in this direction is certainly worth it, the main thing all to do correctly.

To find a promising game with rare items, negotiate with suppliers, create a website and, of course, to consider advertising.

Method of earning on the games beta testing games

5) Earnings beta testing

At first glance this cushy job. To get money, checking the games produced by developers, i.e. to be among the first players.

The task of the tester is to test the gameplay. All of the jobs are taken, the game goes fine, no errors or failures. Does this work have? Yes, game developers do ask people to check their projects for money.

However, this work is simple and fascinating at first glance. The tester should not just play and not think about anything else, people pay for work, not pleasure.

Step 1 — The Basics. Reality

Test “raw” project is also hard work as any other. If this is not paid so generously, as always, there are a dozen willing to do it for a lower price. Moreover, it does not require any specific education or skills enough to be a gamer. As a beta tester you will be given games, but many of them you don’t like it, only occasionally come across really fascinating projects.

Besides going to the game, you will need to thoroughly examine it, looking for the slightest error and make a report that will take more time than the gameplay itself.

Where did you find a bug, what is it when manifested. You can spend the whole day studying the first level!

Step 2 — The Conclusion

A tester really to be not so fun and exciting. It’s tedious, hard work diligence and care. Moreover, their future is uncertain, it all depends on the developers.

For each given them a new project testers spend a lot of time to then ordinary players can enjoy the game without any problems.

How to attract, engage and retain students through marketing automation

Many nuances are important for students: the ability to better know their abilities, meet interesting people, get excited about new hobbies, acquire new skills, speed up career development or even completely change lives.

For those who are responsible for managing the educational organization, despite the functions of the formation of subsequent generations and the implementation of high-tech research, this occupation is a business, like any other activity that, in order to develop, must attract, involve and retain customers, that is, students.

This task is not easy, especially in times of economic instability, when graduates of even the best universities have no guarantee that they will find a profitable job.However, this does not mean that you lose.

Higher education institutions, e-learning platforms and other types of educational activities can achieve goals and attract, engage and retain students after they complete their studies. Educational organizations simply need to be more creative in their marketing efforts. Let’s take a look at how, with the help of marketing automation, you will achieve your goal in marketing.

Attracting Students – Step 1

One of the main business objectives of any university or institution is to attract “high-quality” students. Speaking of “quality”, I mean how much potential students will want to get new skills and develop their careers, how willing they will be to make efforts to achieve their goal.

How to find responsible students online? I suggest several ways:

  • Create a landing page for each specific course (for example, an undergraduate program in International Business Management) or at least for a faculty (for example, for an economics department). State all the key benefits and attach an online registration form, through which you will receive information about your potential students;
  • targeted advertising on Facebook, Vkontakte and other networks in order to find candidates who meet your requirements (for example, age, place of residence, etc.). With the help of advertising, you can send high school graduates to visit your landing page (or the official website of a particular department or course);
  • the use of targeted Facebook ads Lookalike audiences (or user audiences / “Similar audience”) in order to find candidates similar to those who have already signed up for courses or completed training;
  • retargeting campaigns to return applicants to your site. Create unusual advertisements that are combined with the pages that the candidates have visited and for which they have shown interest;
  • Establish partnerships with sites whose audience is prospective students looking for information about career opportunities or universities. These can be sites with ratings, local forums, career development centers, or just websites of high schools or colleges. Introduce yourself to future students in sponsored articles or newsletters, organize an event offline or online (for example, a webinar) during which candidates can ask questions;
  • content marketing – publish articles in an online magazine or newspaper, offer a free newsletter, write logs or standard blogs on topics important to students and about what happens in the environment. You can also organize online and offline meetings, during which former graduates or famous personalities will share their stories and will show by personal experience that education is a valuable asset;
  • free online courses – through the mediation of both your own website and sites such as edX or Coursera. Thus, you will provide a valuable offer for a candidate who cannot afford to study at a university, and let the one who is planning to study feel the atmosphere;
  • accounts in social networks – on your official website or in the mailings must be indicated buttons of your accounts in social networks. Try to engage your current and future students so that they become representatives of your brand.

Attraction of candidates for study

Of course, one should not be limited to these methods. Attend offline events, organize open days, present your organization to students from even the furthest corners, become a partner of companies and establish scholarships or provide an opportunity to practice, use offline and other types of advertising.

During the marketing campaign, think about how your students make decisions.Analyze the proposals of your competitors . Perhaps you give up a simple listing of courses, and show the possibilities of step-by-step career development, for example, to achieve a developer position.

Learning Decision Making

At the same time, make sure that the registration process is as simple as possible.Avoid creating pages that are oversaturated with details, speed up the site loading time, improve the mobile version of the site. Be present in those social networks where your future students are actively communicating and follow the latest trends not only in order to know how to promote your organization, but also your proposal.Creating a new program is a key element in many industries, especially in the field of IT and Internet marketing.

Student Involvement – Step 2

If students have already registered for a particular course or filled out an online form to receive information about your offer, you need to get them involved. Of course, the involvement of real, and future students requires the development of different approaches, since the goals are different, so we consider two situations.

Involving prospective students

Before prospective students register for courses, they need to make sure that the value gained is material and time consuming. You need to sell the idea of ​​learning – it is not only the pleasure of obtaining new knowledge, but also the performance of work. The candidate must register, often pay and then hard work – this is a chip.

Then, how can you involve candidates who have already taken the first step towards education?

I will share some ideas:

  • welcome email campaigns with which you can tell about life on campus, the experience that students receive, new friends or projects they will work on, that is, tell about all the intricacies of studying at a university. If you want to look more convincing, let your real students and graduates speak for you: show students’ opinions, their stories and career development, the reasons for which they chose this particular university, and how this decision changed their lives;
  • various channels and forms of content. Each student is an individual and has his own way of perceiving information. Consider these differences and share information using (web) push notifications, social networks, email letters, videos, online documents, podcasts, photos that inspire and that young people willingly share;
  • let your students say. I have already mentioned this, but this clause should be the basic rule. You can influence the popularity of accounts in social networks and the popularity of a blog by posting student stories. Let your students be responsible for some of the communication. They can take pictures or videotapes, create posts on Instagram and show how their studies are going on from a student’s perspective;
  • Take care of relationships and be open to feedback. If you want to understand future students well, you need to communicate with them and monitor their reaction. Which communication channel should I choose: email, phone calls, social networks or live chat? This is especially important if your prospective students live in different parts of the world or even in different countries, as telephone calls can be very expensive or difficult. Ask and answer questions.This way, you can help candidates at the very moment when they need your help. And future students will be sure that they made the right decision by choosing to study at your university;
  • stretch your hand. Do you know exactly who visited your site, subscribed to the newsletter and reads your letters? May ask for feedback? This way you can dispel doubts and learn more about issues of concern. Use received feedback to improve communication. Update the FAQ page, the landing pages with descriptions of courses or faculties, and make changes to the welcome campaign;
  • Reactivate if candidates have fallen out of your funnel. If your welcome campaign is not established and you cannot convince candidates to register, this can also be solved. Use retargeting campaigns (Google AdWords, Yandex Direct, Facebook, LinkedIn, email or SMS) and submit the offer later.

Reactivation of students and candidates

Registration for the course is not a lightning fast decision. Provide prospective students with the opportunity to calmly think about, promote their interest, and even in a situation of minimal involvement, take care of a re-marketing campaign.

Following the above methods, remember to use tagging and scoring . Based on the information gathered in this process, you will be able to successfully segment candidates (for example, given courses or faculties, interests, level of engagement), personalize your communication and provide the most relevant and valuable content. Thus, your conversion and accordingly the number of registrations will be much higher!

How to involve real students

Real students are people who successfully entered (enrolled in courses) and this situation will continue for a certain period. Excellent situation, however, is not the final stage. You may want to maintain their involvement and activity, i.e. that in the future they continue their studies at your university, developing their career, they may become representatives of your brand.

And here are some ideas on how to achieve this:

  • set the correct tone of communication. Tell your students about the training (courses) so that they receive the maximum benefit and pleasure. Promote the rapid growth of their emotional attachment to the university and to other students so that they wish to become a member of this community;
  • provide support. Getting started can be hard. Familiarization with student life, e-learning platforms and other online materials may cause frustration and concern.Help students and accompany them on important issues so that they do not fall into the trap. Use email campaigns (trigger, behavior-based and standard autoresponders), welcome emails or live chat to provide support when they need it;
  • send notifications and invitations. Are you preparing meetings, seminars and launching a new course? Notify your students and show how you can register.Send an email invitation and give them a landing page or other place where they can register.
  • reminder and information about the last chance. Sometimes it is worth giving students a few chances to register. That is why you should take care of the marketing automation processes and send automatic reminders to those who have not filled out the form yet. Explain that this moment is their last chance to register and gain valuable experience or at least come close to achieving the goal;
  • behavioral-trigger messages. If you have prepared the marketing automation and the platform correctly, you will be able to observe the behavior of the students and react in a timely manner regardless of whether they completed the registration process, attend classes or send assignments. Involve students and be on guard in situations when the moment comes to congratulate them on achieving the goal or there is a need to motivate additional efforts;

behavior-triggering campaigns

  • recommendations. Discuss what students might be interested in, based on the history of the courses in which they participated or from the history of the points they received. And also analyze what fellow students have achieved and found valuable in the past. Based on the information collected, send recommendations that will encourage students to enroll in additional courses or more actively communicate with your brand;
  • ask for feedback and use feedback as social proof in communication.Appreciate the potential of the feedback received from both potential and real students or graduates. Ask them to rate your university or school, facilities, resources, and individual courses. Thanks to the information received, you can improve service, and communication will become more convincing;
  • community. Some students attend classes only to obtain a certificate or diploma.Others are due to friends, experience and community. However, the community is not formed independently, you must become a guide. Introduce your audience to other real students and graduates, reduce the distance between professionals and those who seek professional advice. Show students that graduation is only the beginning, and point out the benefits of constant contact with you, even a few years after graduation. Invite high school graduates to take part in communication, create a tradition to share what helped them get a professional education. Creating a blog or forum can help with this. Post interesting stories, start discussions and send automatic letters in order to get feedback that may be interesting to other participants in the dialogue. As I wrote earlier, remember to use various forms of content. Lightweight videos can be one of the best tools for engaging your audience, LongRid can work well for SEO, which will allow you to attract sponsors and companies that are willing to cooperate with you.

Start engaging your students from the very beginning to the very end. If you do it right, you can easily cope with the next stage, i.e., with the retention of students.

Engage students from the start.

Student Hold – Stage 3

Last but not least, the retention of students. You want them to stay with you as long as possible, whether they register for new courses, visit your website, participate in discussions or even help prospective students find ways to finance their studies.

And here are ways to help you keep students:

  • ask for feedback and finish the job. I already wrote about this above. Getting feedback is important for the business activities of the school. You do not want to conduct courses for the sake of courses, you probably want students to enjoy their studies and to benefit from them. If you are not sure whether you like the courses or not, how can you improve the educational offer? Send automatic email polls after completing training or hand in with homework. After receiving the information, finish the job and ask to answer questions about which elements of the program have been successful and what needs to be corrected. If the entire program is completed successfully, you will receive valuable information and be able to ask students to provide recommendations to interest others;
  • send recommendations. In this case, this applies to students who completed their studies recently or several years ago. Recommend those courses that may be interested in your target audience. Regardless of which course it is, initial or MBA, make sure that your proposal is relevant and the advantages presented are in the interest of the target group;
  • content marketing. A blog, a blog, a photo or stories from the life of the university or students will probably interest even those who left the campus some time ago. Talk about alumni in newsletters, update life information on campus. Information about the party may not be interesting to many, and the exciting story of a Nobel Prize winner who graduated from your institute will attract attention;
  • announcements and updates. Every day something happens, some events are more important than others. Let your audience know about the latest events – about the new course that has just been launched, about the newly opened faculty, about the breakthrough in important research conducted by students and researchers;
  • good old times. One reception that will probably work and engage your audience is a reminder of the wonderful period when students attended classes at your school. Organize an event, for example, a year or five years after graduation. Create more effective, personalized communication using available student data, for example, courses that they graduated, photos of course participants, release date, etc. If you do this correctly, you will see how important the response will be!
  • club meetings and alumni meetings. Most students form small groups of friends that they meet from time to time. In the case of online courses, the organization of such a group is more difficult. You can come to the rescue, get alumni involved and make sure that they are members of the community by organizing offline and online club meetings. If there are a lot of foreign students among your graduates, try to organize meetings in different places, informing them in advance. Invitations, reminders and additional messages after the event, as elements of the process of marketing automation will increase the chances of success of the event;
  • update information and donation. It should be remembered about the regular collection of data on graduates with a statistical purpose, and with the intention to get help to improve courses. Regardless of the reason, you can do this, for example, using an annual survey sent by e-mail or standard mail. You can also ask your graduates for donations to your university. And this is understandable, since they, too, have benefited, and this only means that you should not have any difficulty in convincing graduates to help other students who are looking for sources of funding. Such assistance may take various forms, which should also be considered, if you want the conversion of this tactic to be high.

Attract, engage and keep students – sum up

As you have already learned, there are various methods for attracting, engaging and retaining students. What tactics to choose? The answer depends solely on the type of school – a traditional university or e-learning platform. Although the methods you use may vary, the ultimate goal and motivation remains the same. You want your students to develop, achieve their goals and build long-term relationships with your school.

40 ways to How to increase your email list Fast

How to increase your email list Fast

Who wants to create their own database of subscribers? Everyone wants. We all understand that the larger the list of email addresses, the higher the profit from email marketing. Let’s get down to business.

1. Define your target audience

It doesn’t matter what tactic you have. If the foundation is laid incorrectly, the tactic will not work. In this case, I’m talking about understanding your target audience.

Who do you want to see as your subscriber? What need do you strive to meet, what problem are you helping to solve? Create an ideal customer profile, it will help your business as a whole.

2. Create a high conversion subscription form.

Only after you have finally decided on the target audience, it is worthwhile to proceed to the creation of free content, motivating to subscribe.

The easiest way to do this is to choose the most popular of your products and highlight a separate topic on it. Be as specific as possible. If this offer does not give a high conversion to subscriptions, change it.

3. Choose the best format.

How does your audience prefer to use content? Who are the readers, and they like to read your long blog posts, or are they all visuals and love infographics and video? It may be worth recording a podcast, then you will understand that it is audio that attracts your customers the most.

Determine whether your format matches your audience’s preferences. E-book, short course, video tutorials, webinar , infographics, or phone call recording. Test several options and select the one that has the higher conversion.

4. Create a subscription page

Do not forget to prepare a separate page with a description of your offer. Start with an attractive headline at the top. Describe the benefits of a subscription. Next, create a list of 3-5 key benefits of your offer. Add a registration window and create a powerful call to action.

5. Simplify the subscription process

Have you come across such pages, where in order to subscribe, you need to dance with a tambourine? Do not follow the lead of their owners.

Enough name and email address. Ask for more information, if only you really have a good reason for this. Add the information that you will not send too many emails and will not pass the email address to third parties. In general, the smaller the form fields, the higher the conversion to a subscription.

6. Make your offer as clear as possible.

Make sure your offer is clear to the subscriber. For example, it’s not easy to register for updates, but tell people what they will receive. For example, “Subscribe and get a discount of 500 rubles for the first order.” And don’t assume they know what to do. Every day there are those who subscribe to the newsletter for the first time. So tell them what they should do.

Do not forget to add that it is free, and that by sending their Email address they agree to subscribe to your letters.

7. Start a blog

So, you have a super proposal. And now let’s talk about all the ways to show your proposal to as many people as possible.

First of all, start a blog if you haven’t done it yet. No, this should not take a lot of time from you, start with one post a week, because your goal is not to become a “thousand-blogger”. You are blogging to attract new people with fresh content and their further involvement.

8. Start the newsletter

Start a newsletter, right from the beginning of creating your mailing list. This list should not be exquisite. You can get away with a teaser and a link to the latest blog post or thought of the day, tips, pictures, links to resources or a brief offer of working with you. Make your newsletter as useful as possible and ask people to share it with friends and colleagues.

9. Record a video

People assume that blog content is text posts, although this is far from the case. Try different content feed formats.

Make a small video and embed it in a post or make a video with decoding and publish it as a post. People will love to see you on the video; moreover, this is one of the most effective ways to gain their trust.

10. Add infographics

Try to find someone who will make you infographics. Well done infographics have viral potential. People like to see vivid visualizations that explain a complex concept broken down into individual elements for better understanding.

11. Create a separate offer for each blog post.

This advice is not for the faint of heart.

For each of your blog posts, make a unique “free bun” based on this post. For example, if you are making a video, you can offer a list of resources or a checklist, which will be your “bun”. If you sell landings, you can offer a free template that people will receive if they sign up.

Yes, it will take some effort, but it is much more difficult to choose what to offer. If you limit yourself to cheat sheets, checklists, or one-page sentences, then simplify your task.

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12. Place your offer in the most visible place.

Some people are embarrassed to ask for an email address. Don’t do that. If your site is designed as a blog, the offer should be placed at the top of the sidebar so that people can see it without scrolling.

13. Post subscription form

Consider adding a subscription form on your site, namely a window for entering the name and email address next to the site header.

14. Add social proof

If you already have a list of decent size, it is worth it to brag. For example, “join the 10,000 cool subscribers” or something like that.

People pick up someone else’s initiative. That is why busy restaurants attract even more people, and sudden queues arouse curiosity.

15. Place the subscription form on the page “About the Author”

Place a subscription form on each landing page, especially on the About page.This, dear reader, is one of the most visited pages on the site, as people like to know who runs a blog or site.

16. Give incentive to subscribe

Remember, we previously recommended you create a separate page to capture subscribers. Its advantage is that it can be promoted on its own. Tweet, repost on Facebook or another social network of your choice.

17. Encourage people to share your content.

It’s obviously not enough to publish content and then hope that people will find it.They need to share themselves and ask others to share. Add an incentive to the repost after each blog entry. Ask people to repost in social networks and make it so easy. Do not complicate the choice.

18. Ask people to invite friends.

You can ask people to invite their friends to add to the list and then reward them for it. If you sell physical products, you can give them free samples or discount them for their recommendations. You can make such appeals on social networks.

19. Do search engine optimization.

I do not say that you need to cram your text with keywords so that it cannot be read. I just suggest to be attentive and take them into account. Use keywords for your metadata and image information. Make it easy for people to find you using Google or Yandex so that they too can subscribe.

20. Share your content on social networks.

Make a promotion calendar in social networks. Schedule updates in advance.Usually I recommend mastering one or two social networks before moving on to others. For some, this is Vkontakte and Facebook, for visual brands this is possible Instagram, and for more serious ones, maybe Twitter and LinkedIn.

Do not be afraid to repeat your posts . Not all your subscribers will see or repost them at the same time.

21. Make your new posts tempting.

When you post updates on social networks, make them as interesting as possible and give people a reason to follow your news. For example, on Facebook, use colorful eye-catching images. On Twitter, add smart snippets to your tweets to make you think.

22. Tweet popular accounts

Do not forget to tweet on popular accounts, using the tag @ mention when appropriate, but do not overdo it.

For example, you wrote a post using a celebrity quote. In this case, it’s normal to tweet them, just as with writing a review of their book or one of their posts. No need to tweet them at random.

23. Leave comments on popular blogs

This is an effective strategy for Internet marketing newbies who do not have their own audience. Start posting meaningful and well thought out comments on blog posts.

No need to aim only at the most famous blogs. Make contacts with prospective (aspiring stars) bloggers and their colleagues. You will be able to see the traffic from your comments, but, more importantly, you will build relationships that lead to better opportunities for creating a list of email addresses.

24. Build relationships with other bloggers

Connect with other bloggers in social networks by commenting on their blogs, personal Email addresses, forums and groups, as well as offline events and conferences. Good relationships are needed to increase subscribers.

25. Participate in groups on Facebook

Spend some time on Facebook groups where your ideal customers communicate.But one should not strive so unrestrainedly towards self-advancement. Be useful, help people, put links only to those of your posts that can really help someone.

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Do this consistently, and people will notice you, and as a result you will get a lot of followers and subscribers.

26. Create your group on Facebook

Think you are a good leader? If this is the case, then creating a group on Facebook can be a good way to create your own tribe, as well as a list of Email addresses.

The vast majority of Facebook groups are running out of steam, as only a strong leader can create and maintain a group, set rules to prevent spam, and encourage participants to engage. If you are willing to devote some of your time to managing the group, it’s worth a try.

27. Promote blog posts on Facebook

Share your posts on your Facebook page.

28. Run Facebook Ads  

Use Facebook ads to quickly build your list of subscribers. First of all, you can promote your posts, since advertising is relatively inexpensive and will give more coverage to your followers. Also invest in Facebook ads to promote your subscription form.

29. Hold contests on Facebook

Hold contests and give gifts on Facebook from yourself or in partnership with someone.


30. Conduct tests  

Create a kind of test for your subscribers and ask them to repost. Promote challenges in social networks and groups.


31. Hold webinars

Webinars are great for increasing the number of subscribers. But you need to have the knowledge and skills to do it right.

Create a webinar on topics that your audience has suggested. Prepare a super presentation and practice well to get started. Promote the webinar on social networks and / or through advertising on Facebook and Vkontakte. Give maximum useful content on your webinar, because this way you turn on word of mouth, which will lead even more subscribers.

32. Apply guest posting

The posts of invited experts are a fantastic way to build a list of subscribers. But its main value is to attract hot leads. People subscribe because they learned a part of the content created by you, and they are much more interested in your brand than those who follow you on social networks or who are advertised on Facebook for you.

33. Participate in podcasts.

Do not wait for people to contact you. Search for podcasters and show up on podcasts and radio.

34. Organize a joint webinar

Invite partners to conduct a joint webinar and tell about it in the mailing lists of each other’s subscribers.

35. Use Google hangouts

Make improvised google hangouts. Connect with your audience and new people.

36. Give an interview

Give an interview via google hangouts or email.

37. Interview people

Do interviews with others. It can be colleagues and promising bloggers, and not necessarily the industry leaders. Interview them using google hangouts, skype or via email.

38. Make good contacts at events and conferences.

Attend offline events. You must meet new people to form relationships and attract new subscribers.

39. Organize a workshop

Conducting local workshops or training sessions can be a great way to attract new subscribers.

40. Make a media kit for local media.  

Do not forget about the traditional possibilities of media and PR to build a list. Make a media kit and place on your website. Take photos of professional quality and provide links to references to themselves in the media, their interviews and their achievements that deserve attention.

Social Media Marketing: 3 great ways to thank your subscribers

Social media marketing is like a two-way street.

You, as a marketer, of course, may think that everything is going only in the direction away from you – great blog articles, witty tweets, latest news, special offers, promotions. Sometimes, you even think that you give a piece of your soul to your followers and subscribers.

But your subscribers will definitely give you a constant feedback. They do this every time they click on your links, read your blog, like and retweet your posts. This is the reward for your work – especially if one of the subscribers goes further and leaves a comment or even a question after the material you have diligently created for you.

As soon as you manage to “fall in love” with your subscribers, you start building “serious” and strong relationships with your subscribers, and then receive something in return. Oh, this is a wonderful warm feeling when you realize that what you have created has become useful for someone. In the end, for this you do what you do.

Special Award for Special Subscribers

These butterflies in the stomach, which you feel from the reaction of your subscribers to your work, are really very pleasant. And you want to get them again and again. If your followers express their admiration and gratitude to you for sharing useful information with them three times a week, just imagine how you can make happy especially loyal subscribers by inventing personal encouragement for them.

Surely, you have noticed that some of your subscribers pay much more attention to your work than everyone else. In fact, it’s very cool if you have a couple of subscribers who can act as “brand ambassadors” to the people (they are also called “brand ambassadors”). They will do a lot of the work for you – they will chant your brand and / or products in all their social networks.

The point here is that you are a person interested in promoting your product, while your “brand ambassador” is not . Your subscribers understand that you will certainly be proud and praise everything that your company releases. In this case, the ambassadors of your brand, as well as other subscribers, do not get anything from it. Therefore, at that moment, when you already said and did everything you could, it will be your trump card up your sleeve. Your subscribers will trust these people more than you simply because they are not interested in making you any profit.They have nothing to do with it, because they have not invested in your products, so people will believe that they are telling the truth.


3 great ways to encourage your subscribers

If you are quite lucky and have worked well to create a thriving social network of subscribers and may even have enlisted the support of one or two evangelists of your brand, then you probably find your job even more enjoyable.

That is why you want to thank your subscribers and here are 3 interesting options for how to do this.

1. Exclusive discounts and coupons

Saying “thank you” in tweet is one option, sending a personalized email is another one. But still, and probably it will not be a surprise, the money will have the greatest effect. By giving your followers exclusive discounts and offers when they purchase your products, you ignite their interest and it will pay off again and again. This is a great way to make your customers happy, as well as to encourage them for current and future purchases.

2. Help them get involved in something meaningful.

Another interesting move that some companies use is to help followers see the results of their actions. People love to participate in charity, but they don’t always have time to organize something significant on their own. So, do it for them and they will be able to observe how the overall contribution grows and grows, feeling at the same time their involvement in something big and significant. demonstrated an interesting way to do this a couple of years ago. No Nonsense, a factory that manufactures hosiery, organized a campaign called “ Socks for America ”, the goal of which was to donate a million pairs of socks to needy children across the country. Every time someone subscribed to the No Nonsense Facebook page, the company donated one pair of socks to those in need on behalf of this subscriber. Interesting, isn’t it?

3. Invite your subscribers to a special event.

If you can give your selected subscribers the opportunity to be the first to access something, say, launching a new product, this is a great way to create a buzz on social networks about an event or product, and also allow your subscribers to feel special. In addition, it will give them the opportunity to get to know you personally, which will make your business more spiritual and help you maintain your relationship with social media in the future.

And how do you encourage your subscribers in social networks? Do you hold any contests and promotions? Share your thoughts in the comments! 🙂

Openness and clickability – how florists improve the efficiency of mailing before Valentine’s Day

Email marketing is superior to virtually any other marketing channel, thanks to the possibility of using excellent analytical tools with which you can track campaign results and analyze the effectiveness of mailings.

Being an email marketer , you are constantly making efforts to attract the target audience and get quick results. E-commerce pays special attention to such holidays as Mother’s Day, Christmas and New Year, Valentine’s Day and others. However, no industry will surpass florists in their ability to analytically use mailing efficiency indicators before Valentine’s Day.

Historically, the tradition to give flowers on Valentine’s Day. For this reason, during the holiday, the flower industry is intensively working to improve the rates of discoverability and clickability in order to get the maximum number of customers.

And the question arises: “And how, taking into account the tough competition, can the audience be segmented in order to increase the effectiveness of the newsletter and its indicators?”

Let’s discuss the 5 main segments that florists pay attention to in order to increase their discoverability and clickability before Valentine’s Day. We will also show how Email distribution can be a tool by which customers get what they want, and you increase profits.

Efficient Email Distribution and Advance Planning

A group of subscribers who plans to buy in advance in order to avoid price increases before and during holidays. To get their attention, you can:

  • send them thematic letters and offer First Minute discounts;
  • Schedule a distribution based on the ideal opening time for each subscriber;
  • take care of brand awareness along with Email communication, which in the future will help to convert subscribers into customers.

Try to engage and convert these subscribers with the offer for “first customers”.Engaging this audience will give you tremendous superiority over competitors .

Effective distribution and last year’s buyers

This group of customers is already familiar with your brand because it has made purchases in the past. In this case, segmentation and precise targeting can lead to improved distribution rates, for example, to a double increase in the discovery rate.If you want to most effectively engage this audience, you must:

  • offer personalized content. Create a series of reminder letters about the product, name, date of purchase and / or delivery, and let subscribers remember their last purchases;
  • personalize retargeting letters! The open rate increases tremendously in the case of personalized letters. On average, the opening rate for retargeted emails varies between 15-18%. With skillful segmentation and personalization, the discovery rate can even reach 25%;
  • help subscribers not to forget about upcoming events using drip campaigns.Even if the subscriber does not become a client right away, most likely he will make a purchase closer to the event.

Targeting in this case is the best way to improve ROI, since subscribers from this group are characterized by relatively high purchasing power.

Conclusion : the involvement of this segment with the help of reminder messages (drip campaign) is the easiest way to reactivate the existing subscriber base.

happy girl with a bouquet of flowers

Lover of profitable deals

Customers in this segment prefer to use coupons and discounts. Communicate with them in the language of economy:

  • lure subscribers through super offers prior to the holiday. Just offer them huge discounts;
  • create a pre-remarketing campaign that includes exclusive offers: discounts, coupons or offers on partner sites;
  • connect a deep level of personalization, which can also increase the effectiveness of mailing. Fans of good deals simply can not refuse from personalized content.

Conclusion : since subscribers of this segment react strongly to discounts, develop campaigns with a super offer that may increase the likelihood of a purchase.

Mailing efficiency and uncertain buyers

These customers still cannot decide which products they want to buy. Therefore, they are practically not interested in offers and discounts. You can reach this target audience with:

  • campaigns offering a gift guide. Products can be presented as bestsellers or top-ranked products in weekly rankings;
  • using these campaigns as essential for more comprehensive segmentation and personalization in the future. Campaigns can take into account individual purchase history or / and behavior on the site.

This method of retargeting will not only help increase the clickthrough rate, but will also help to better understand the users’ individual reactions to the same product.Email messages with a gift guide will help subscribers make a decision, and thus Email will become more efficient.

Conclusion : the impact on this segment of the audience with the help of Email distribution with products that take into account individual preferences or are bestsellers is the most effective way to convert.

Mailing efficiency and Last Minute buyers

This type of subscribers usually makes purchases at the last moment or somehow forgets about holidays. You can refer to this group as follows:

  • with the offer of express services or delivery on the day of the order, which will help the user to make a faster decision;
  • send letters, even on the eve of the holiday, when the intention to make purchases increases. The opening rate may increase even by 220% in the last days before the holiday. That’s when you can maximize your ROI.

Conclusion : Exactly at the moment, subscribers need your help. Send letters with a strong focus on services to ensure that you maximize mailing efficiency and conversion.

Introducing these tactics with regard to segmentation, representatives of the flower business observe an additional 4–5% increase in the discovery rate, and approximately a 3% increase in the rate of clickability in annual comparison, which goes beyond the usual annual growth.

Performance E-mailing and e-business

The segmentation strategy is not limited to the flower business. Defining the audience of various segments and excellent design of the template, built-in communication will work wonders and increase the efficiency, clickability and openability of letters of almost every e-commerce company.

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Customer Retention – Why is Email Distribution so Important?

If you are in sales or marketing, you may spend a lot of time working on customer retention strategies, analyze engagement levels, implement A / B content testing, and plan campaigns. What is your highest conversion percentage? ten%? Less or a little more? What customer retention tools do you use?

Would you like to know the secret of how to get 30% conversion and more in email campaigns? You will get an answer by examining your audience, and the list of contacts already exists in your CRM program . That is why you should more actively communicate with real subscribers. Perhaps even more often than with potential customers.

Customer retention – why is it so important?

Loyalty exceeds beginners

The customer who bought your product is likely (27% probability) to make a second purchase. If a customer has bought more than two or three times, this probability increases to 54%.

Once again, statistics show how important it is to measure the customer’s life cycle — the planned revenue that the customer will generate during the entire cycle. As a rule, the more loyal the customer, the higher the potential profit, as the costs of attracting become smaller. Retaining loyal customers is especially important if you run an online store or a selling site .

However, to get the maximum benefit throughout the customer’s life cycle, you need to retain the user and offer pre-sales (upsel) and related products (cross-sells).In a world of unlimited flow of information, you just need to be different from the crowd. At the same time Email distribution is one of the communication methods that subscribers like most.

When developing customer retention campaigns, remember that these letters are not about selling. Email messages must offer value : provide information, tell a story, contain something exclusive, make the day happier.

Referrals – lower costs

Every time customers shop, they feel more comfortable with you and are therefore more likely to recommend your product or service. Customers who have made more than 10 purchases recommend you 50% more than customers who have made a one-time purchase. Regular customers not only increase profitability, but also attract new customers with word-of-mouth.

Let the client feel like a member of the brand, and it will inspire him to recommend your product or service. And the brand members, as well as family members, remain in constant contact. By regularly sending relevant content to clients, you create something valuable in their lives. And when a family member or friend asks for a recommendation of a product or service, be sure your brand will be the first.

The most reliable source of information is … your client

If you want to know how to convert leads, contact existing customers who have clearly stated that you are doing the right thing. Creating a long relationship, you get more detailed information. Thanks to the email campaigns, you will take care of retaining loyal customers, get the necessary information and project the client’s way.

7 ideas for those who want to keep a customer

If customer retention strategies do not include loyalty email campaigns, then these inspirational examples are for you.

Exclusivity : New product overview, VIP only invitation, special sale – let the client feel like an important member of the community

exclusive discount offer as an element of customer retention strategy

Request : ask for feedback – the client will feel like a necessary link, and you will receive valuable information

An example of a letter asking for one of the user retention tools

Gamification : another emotion trigger. Reward your loyal customers, and they will want to get more and more

Email message as a way to retain users of the site

Training : keep training your customers. The more values ​​they get, the longer they will stay with your brand.

Learning email as an element of retaining existing customers

Referral rewards : happy customer willingly provides recommendations. Why not get some extra value?

An example of a referral email from acorns to keep regular users

We bring joy : your friends and family members send you holiday and greeting cards. Let the client find your congratulations in your inbox

example of a holiday letter that increases the loyalty of subscribers

Reports on engagement : you have already noticed the “results of the year” features in many social networks that perfectly show engagement. Celebrate the important dates of your customers and do not skimp on the details.

Report on engagement, which will be used in email campaigns

If you take a long time customer retention strategy, the results will pleasantly surprise you. It is no secret that the acquisition of a new client will cost you 5 times more than the retention of existing customers. Use these ways to retain customers and increase your engagement through email campaigns. As a result, you will notice an increase in the number of referrals, an increase in the number of loyal customers and better know your subscribers.

Create a loyalty program that will appeal to your customers.

Each company would like to develop a loyalty program that would interest customers. However, as online retailers and retailers point out: “It’s easy to say, harder to develop.” Indeed, it is not so easy to engage and retain customers with the help of even the most unique loyalty bonus program.

Effective loyalty programs increase customer engagement and sales, and their value is invaluable to any brand. According to Marketing Metrics, the conversion rate of a regular customer is 60% – 70%. On average, only 8% of customers return to repeat purchases.

If you want to develop an effective loyalty program, you need to implement strategies that are not negotiable.

Loyalty program and 360-degree customer involvement

Of course, to offer points for making a purchase is very important. However, points should not be the only and final element of the loyalty program – simply ineffective.In order to really engage buyers, develop a points system with regard to various actions, for example, referrals recommendation, active participation in social accounts of a brand, email subscription , reviews, photo downloads – the list is just endless. The more opportunities you provide within the loyalty program, the more effectively you will engage and retain your audience.

Do not believe? Just take a look – Take Predator Nutrition loyalty program for customers.

Predator Nutrition, one of the leading companies in the field of sports nutrition, has developed a bonus program that includes a 360-degree involvement module. The essence of the loyalty program is to reward customers not only for making a purchase, but also for certain actions on the website or in the social accounts of the brand. Here are some examples of the Predator Nutrition loyalty program:

  • account creation – 500 points
  • recommendation – 300 points
  • birthday bonus – 100 points
  • writing reviews – 100 points
  • subscription to the newsletter – 500 points
  • become a follower on Twitter – 100 points
  • become a follower on Instagram – 200 points

The results of the loyalty program implementation exceeded all expectations of the company. As a result, Predator Nutrition received several thousand registrations in just one quarter, and program members made 1.7 times more purchases than other customers.

bonus program Predator Nutrition is one of the best loyalty programs

Multichannel features – advantages of loyalty program

Loyalty programs are characterized by multi-channel capabilities, giving customers the opportunity to choose the channel with which they want to interact. If your loyalty program is interesting for buyers, they will be tempted to participate in it.

When creating a loyalty program, provide customers with any channel or device that they prefer and use at every turn. If the channel you suggest does not match the client’s style, he will simply not pay attention to the bonus program. And also remember that your message and branding must be identical across all channels.

Guess who is the master of multi-channel use? Starbucks!

The multi-channel loyalty program that Starbucks has developed is well known. The essence of the Starbucks loyalty program is that each customer makes a purchase in the most convenient way for him. Not surprisingly, there are $ 1.2 billion on accounts (Starbucks mobile app) and club cards.

At first, a member of the Starbucks bonus program gets a free club card, and already when making the first purchase gets bonus points. The client can check the balance of the card, the number of points and orders using the phone, on the website, in a cafe or using the application. All channels interact with each other in real time, eliminating the possibility of making mistakes during communication.Omnichannel is an attractive solution, involving customers at almost every level and increasing the effectiveness of the loyalty program.

Customer loyalty programs - Starbucks examples using a mobile phone

Conquer the top

Particularly effective strategy is rewarding customers during their “journey” accompanied by your brand. Most people love to conquer peaks, and your customers will look forward to reaching the next level of the bonus program and gaining more significant privileges.

While customers are heading to the top to get the most important prize, they feel that the brand cares about them. If you use different channels and offer points for different types of actions within the loyalty program, customers will be more diverse (and happy) to interact with the brand.

Loyalty program – an example from Sephora

Sephora accompanies its customers on their journey, using the “spent dollar” scheme during each calendar year. This is a good example based on exclusivity, and the bonus program is created for involved, loyal customers who are proud of the status achieved at every stage of the journey.

Sephora’s loyalty program is complemented by game elements that also affect user behavior and increase their involvement.

The loyalty program consists of 3 levels:

  • Beauty Insider – join for free;
  • VIB (Very Important Beauty Insider) – the client reaches this level after making a purchase of $ 350 during the calendar year;
  • VIB Rouge – this level is reached for purchases in the amount of $ 1000 during a calendar year.

The client receives awards at each level, for example, free samples, recommendations for changing the image, exclusive invitations to events, and individual access to the Sephora hotline. Few customers reach the level of VIB and VIB Rouge, which makes Sephora’s loyalty program truly exclusive and effective.

loyalty program for regular customers in the store Sephora

Loyalty program effectiveness and customer information

Informing customers in real time pushes new subscribers to fill out a form or regular customers to take the next step. Provide immediate notification with a link to the loyalty program each time a customer receives (can receive) points. This approach encourages customers to participate in the program. If they are already participants in the loyalty program, such a decision plays the role of a reminder. Real-time notifications are a powerful strategy for retaining customers and increasing the effectiveness of the bonus program.

Pink Perks loyalty program from Sigma

Sigma Beauty, an international beauty concern, has created Pink Perks loyalty program to quickly create a customer base that will become active buyers with strong involvement.

The company uses in-built real-time notifications to ensure that buyers always remember the points they can get. The brand also created special birthday notices in order to please customers and offer special points. Additionally, Sigma Beauty encourages users who have made a purchase to leave a review or attract a referral. Using real-time notifications, Sigma constantly engages customers and provides updated information about the loyalty program.

Sigma Beauty bonus program example

Development of a loyalty program – summing up

Creating an effective loyalty program is not as difficult as you might expect. Simply develop a practical and appropriate program with an adapted points system that will involve users and take into account their actions that they are already doing or could be doing. Customers who actively interact with the brand become “family members”. A higher level of loyalty simply does not exist!

Personal Data Protection Regulations (GDPR): everything you need to know

On May 25, 2018, the European Union introduces general rules for the protection of personal data (the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)), which determine the procedure for processing personal data.

What does GDPR mean?

GDPR are the rules for the protection of personal data that will apply in all EU countries. The GDPR replaces the 1995 Directive and introduces the most significant data protection changes over the past 20 years.

Technology changes rapidly, the amount and types of information increase. The goal of the GDPR is to introduce uniform standards in all EU countries, which will facilitate the international activities of firms, as well as tighten control over personal data, providing all the tools for full control over personal information.

This means that you can better protect your personal data, and companies will have to follow the new rules.

How we store your data

Protecting personal information has always been a priority in GetResponse. By developing and implementing services and applications, as well as by administering the system, we strive to offer solutions that meet the most stringent standards in the industry. You can be sure that we take the issue of data processing very seriously and store personal information securely.

That is why we implemented the GDPR Compliance Implementation Plan last March, more than a year before the new rules came into force.

Our GDPR Plan

In March last year, we implemented the plan and practically implemented it! The first step was the creation of a specialized team to monitor the stages of work under the leadership of our legal department and information security officer who will perform the functions of an official for the protection of personal data (DPO) when the GDPR enters into force.

Our work includes the following:

  • implementation of a common strategy to ensure the implementation of the rules of GDPR;
  • definition and audit of our practices in the field of personal data processing;
  • creating a site for posting updates and rules for the protection of data, announcements and sources of information;
  • creating a special Email address to receive requests for cash. data protection;
  • changes to our services to comply with all the new rules kas. data protection;
  • changes in internal and external procedures, confidential documents;
  • appointing a personal data protection officer;
  • compliance with approved rules or certification;
  • final check.

Two points of our plan operate constantly and have always been an integral part of the GetResponse security policy:

  • training;
  • testing and verification of compliance.

We constantly conduct trainings and meetings to ensure that the information security team is always aware of new rules or changes, as well as the best security solutions.

GDPR Handbook

Additionally, we are working on creating a walkthrough that will acquaint our clients with the GDPR in detail and explain how to prepare a GetResponse account, observing the new rules (Note: the English manual is ready, you can download it here )

Below you can find fragments that will help you understand the GDPR.

Will GDPR have an impact on my work?

If you are an operator of personal data or process personal data, you are in the zone of the validity of the GDPR.

GDPR concerns you if:

  • you are the operator of personal data or process personal data and are in the EU,
  • You are outside the EU, but are processing data from EU citizens. This also applies if you are selling goods or services (offer free), monitor the behavior of users located in the EU.

How can I find out if I offer products or services to EU citizens?

  1. You use the language or currency of one or several EU countries, help people who live there to familiarize themselves with your proposal;
  2. You mention clients or users that are located in the EU;
  3. You clearly target your offer to EU citizens.

On the other hand, you may not need to follow the rules if you only have a website, Email address or other contact information that is available in the EU, a language in general use in your country (and not used in other EU countries).

How does the GDPR affect me?

It should be remembered that even before the GDPR, you had to follow the rules for processing personal information.

GDPR simply means that data controllers should take a more serious approach to the issue of personal data processing within the law. They must also provide information on how the data is processed and ask for consent. If data processing is not carried out according to the established rules, they should notify the supervisory authorities and personal data subjects as soon as possible.

Unlike the previous rules, the GDPR directly addresses personal data processors and determines how they should act.

If you have a GetResponse account, you are the controller of your personal contact information. Therefore, it is you who decide why and how this information will be processed. This means that you are bound by the obligation of the GDPR.