Month: January 2019

Escape the Game Master! SuperHero Kids & Searching the Abandoned Mysterious Mansion for the Clue!

January 25, 2019 By admin

The Game Master lives here? Let’s go check it out. Shh! Be quiet, we never know if he’s gonna show back up again. Let’s go check it out. Ahhhh! Don’t you think that’s weird that the door opened by itself? Definitely weird. Come on guys, let’s go inside and see what we can find out. […]

Hur man tjänar pengar med Bitcoin: 10 sätt att tjäna Cryptocurrency

January 24, 2019 By admin

Det finns ett antal sätt att individer kan tjäna Bitcoin online. Tyvärr, precis som i verkligheten, finns det ingen sådan sak som en gratis lunch. Något sätt att tjäna Bitcoin på nätet kommer att kräva något i utbyte, oavsett om det är din tid eller din kunskap eller datorns bearbetningskraft. Några av de metoder som beskrivs nedan […]

Details about the most profitable ways of earning on games

January 18, 2019 By admin

Let us consider in detail some of the types of jobs (ways of earning) in the gaming industry where are not required large investments, but it is possible to obtain stable and high income. Method of earning on the games — creating a gaming channel through Twitch, YouTube, etc. 1) the Author the gaming channel (YouTube, […]

How to attract, engage and retain students through marketing automation

January 10, 2019 By admin

Many nuances are important for students: the ability to better know their abilities, meet interesting people, get excited about new hobbies, acquire new skills, speed up career development or even completely change lives. For those who are responsible for managing the educational organization, despite the functions of the formation of subsequent generations and the implementation […]

9 creative ideas for split testing

January 10, 2019 By admin

Want to know the difference between winners and losers in online marketing? In testing. Testing, testing and more testing. All successful people used the ongoing testing program, from Pipa Laya from KissMetrics to Albert Einstein. In fact. Einstein said: “Accumulative interest is the eighth wonder of the world. The one who understands this concept, earns … the one who does not […]

40 ways to How to increase your email list Fast

January 10, 2019 By admin

Who wants to create their own database of subscribers? Everyone wants. We all understand that the larger the list of email addresses, the higher the profit from email marketing. Let’s get down to business. Automate marketing and increase sales! TO LEARN MORE 1. Define your target audience It doesn’t matter what tactic you have. If the foundation is laid incorrectly, […]

Social Media Marketing: 3 great ways to thank your subscribers

January 10, 2019 By admin

Social media marketing is like a two-way street. You, as a marketer, of course, may think that everything is going only in the direction away from you – great blog articles, witty tweets, latest news, special offers, promotions. Sometimes, you even think that you give a piece of your soul to your followers and subscribers. But your […]

Openness and clickability – how florists improve the efficiency of mailing before Valentine’s Day

January 10, 2019 By admin

Email marketing is superior to virtually any other marketing channel, thanks to the possibility of using excellent analytical tools with which you can track campaign results and analyze the effectiveness of mailings. Being an email marketer , you are constantly making efforts to attract the target audience and get quick results. E-commerce pays special attention to such holidays […]

Case of the Autobass Auto Business Managers Club: How Email Marketing Increased Sales by 228%

January 9, 2019 By admin

Marketing Automation – a technology with which costs are reduced and sales increase. What results can be achieved? What time can I increase sales? Anyway, how effective is this technology? Find out from our client’s very successful case. AutoBoss is a club for car executives established in 2003. The events are attended by the top officials of automobile companies, owners, […]

Customer Retention – Why is Email Distribution so Important?

January 9, 2019 By admin

If you are in sales or marketing, you may spend a lot of time working on customer retention strategies, analyze engagement levels, implement A / B content testing, and plan campaigns. What is your highest conversion percentage? ten%? Less or a little more? What customer retention tools do you use? Would you like to know the secret of how to […]