Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 (3/5) Movie CLIP – Snape’s Memories (2011) HD

Don’t ignore me Severus (Harmonia Nectere Passus) We both know that Lord Voldemort has ordered the Malfoy boy to murder me But should he fail, I should presume the Dark Lord will turn to you You must be the one to kill me Severus It is the only way Only then will the Dark Lord trust you completely (Avada Kedavra) There will come a time when Harry Potter must be told something But you must wait until Voldemort is at his most vulnerable Must be told what? On the night Lord Voldemort went to Godric’s Hollow, to kill Harry and Lily Potter cast herself between them the curse rebounded (Lily Screaming) When that happened, a part of Voldemort’s soul latched itself to the only living thing it could find Harry himself There’s a reason Harry can speak with snakes There’s a reason he can look into Lord Voldemort’s mind A part of Voldemort lives inside him So, when the time comes, the boy must die? Yes Yes He must die You’ve kept him alive so that he can die at the proper moment You’ve been raising him like a pig for slaughter Don’t tell me now, that you have grown to care for the boy? (Expecto Patronum) Lily After all this time? Always So, when the time comes the boy must die? Yes, he must die and Voldemort himself must do it That is essential

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Strange Things That Happened On The Harry Potter Movie Sets


The Harry Potter films may be filled with all sorts of fantastic beasts and kooky characters, but they can’t hold an enchanted candle to some of the stranger happenings that took place behind the camera. These are just a few of the weirdest things that happened on the set of the Harry Potter flicks. In a fun scene from Chamber of Secrets, Ron and Harry take an enchanted car to Hogwarts because they missed the Hogwarts Express. Upon arrival, they encounter — read: “crash into” — the Whomping Willow, a magical tree grown a generation before to protect the school from a student who was also a werewolf.

The car was damaged, of course. But it wasn’t the tree’s only victim — at least, not in real life. In reality, many, many cars were used to get the right shots for this scene. Sixteen to be exact. The car model was a 1960 Ford Anglia 105E, a car that, in its heyday, was fairly popular in Britain — over million were produced between 1959 and 1968. Rather than relying on CGI for the car-meets-tree-and-the-tree-wins scene, the special effects team erected an 85-foot-tall physical tree for filming.

They also used 16 real cars for the scene, each of which was specifically altered depending on what the scene required. Movie magic, or just a crap-ton of hard work? You be the judge. “Dad’s gonna kill me.” The plan, at first, was to use the historic Canterbury Cathedral to film the scenes when Harry first enters Hogwarts in The Sorcerer’s Stone. Despite the money Warner Bros. offered, the Dean refused, opposing the film’s “pagan images.” As a result, the project moved to Gloucester Cathedral instead.

Surprisingly, the Dean of Gloucester said that many people commented on the friendliness of the cathedral, and that it would be a perfect setting for a story about a boy making friends at school. Well, the Dean may have been on board, but many local residents were, well… not. In fact, many were downright troubled, resulting in talk of a protest. Many an incensed letter to the editor was received by the Gloucester Citizen, with one especially ticked-off fellow in particular even protesting the sheer fact that a movie would be filmed in the church — “pagan” images or not! An honorary chaplain explained to the BBC that the large hall that would be used for the film was also used for meetings and markets. In other words, the rest of Britain was just fine, and that guy was likely just a crank. Besides, other scenes were filmed at similarly sacred settings, like Durham Cathedral, proving that not every Anglican had a problem with movie crews milling about a House of God. They probably just wanted a chance at the craft services table.

And who wouldn’t? Can you imagine the spread? It must’ve been positively bewitching! Everyone remembers that moment in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone when the kids walk into the Great Hall for the first time, and they look up and see hundreds of candles floating over their heads. It’s our big introduction to Hogwarts, so moviemakers were under a lot of pressure to make the whole scene as impressive as possible. According to The Amazing Book of Movie Trivia, the special effects team used real candles, which they suspended from the ceiling with thin wire. The plan was to remove the wire in post-production — which, if that sounds super tedious, then, yeah, duh-doy it was tedious. The problem, though, was that the candles kept burning through the wires, and then the candles would fall onto the actors’ heads. Now that’s just plain dangerous! Producer Chris Columbus later told Entertainment Weekly that they were able to use the first take of the kids entering the Great Hall, with the camera panning up toward the floating candles.

After that shot, though, it was all over. The special effects team decided it was too much trouble — and probably also too dangerous, plus the whole “tedious” thing — to use real candles. Subsequent takes were done with CGI. Jason Isaacs – who played the despicable, super-blonde, super-evil Lucius Malfoy – is nothing like his alter-ego. Maybe that’s why he felt that he needed to do a little method acting in order to really get into the evil spirit. And what do evil people do when they are trying to get into the evil spirit? They steal stuff, apparently.

Isaacs said in an interview with Bang Showbiz: “I once tried to take a copy of the Daily Prophet because there were thousands of them.” To his credit, the director, David Yates, had given him the impression that he was actually allowed to have the prop — but he was later thwarted by security people who told him Yates wanted it back. Quote, “It was so embarrassing,” Isaacs said. In the end, he reportedly wound up empty-handed. “My sole concern has always been and will always be the welfare of this school and, of course, its students.” According to CinemaBlend, though, Isaacs wasn’t the only one nicking props from the set — the late Alan Rickman, who you’ll recall played Severus Snape, stole a buttload of gold Gringotts on one of the first days of shooting.

That both set a precedent for evil method acting and put security on high alert for prop theft. Just like every kid, actor Rupert Grint — a.k.a. Ron Weasley — always wanted to own an ice cream truck. Well, maybe not every kid wants to own an ice cream truck, but it’s easy to see the appeal of having ready access to an endless supply of that sweet, sweet cold stuff. Anyway, Grint evidently did not outgrow his childhood dream of owning an ice cream truck. So, being the responsible adult he is, he bought one. “Ice cream van?” “Yep, I’ve had that for a while now. It’s something I’ve always, always wanted, as a child. It’s kind of a dream, really.” According to Rupert Grint Press — the foremost authority on Rupert Grint? — one of his first purchases as an uber-loaded superstar was a 1974 Mr. Whippy Bedford van, which he keeps, quote, “well stocked.” Grint once boasted in an interview: “It’s got a proper machine that dispenses Mr. Whippy ice cream and I buy my lollies wholesale … so I never run short.” Grint doesn’t sell ice cream — he’s unlicensed, you see — but he has fun passing it out to kids in the summer.

And on the last day of shooting, he drove the van onto the Harry Potter set, once again bragging: “The cast and crew were having a barbecue and I supplied the lollies and ice creams.” Adorable. Alan Rickman wasn’t the only thespian behind the nominally evil characters in the Harry Potter universe who seemed suspiciously prone to “accidentally” doing evil things on set. We’re sure it’s all just a coincidence that it’s only the evil characters who steal from the set and rupture the eardrums of other actors, but we’ll let you decide. In her role as Bellatrix Lestrange, Helena Bonham Carter had to do a lot of evil things, and one of the most evil was perpetrated on co-star Matthew Lewis’ eardrum. Carter was menacing Lewis’ character Neville Longbottom with her wand when she decided that she needed to try on an especially sadistic brand of menacing. She told Entertainment Weekly: “I thought I could brandish the wand like a sort of Q-tip and clean out his ear. Sort of torture it.” Turns out, Lewis moved in exactly the wrong direction while Carter’s wand was in his ear, and she ended up perforating the young actor’s eardrum.

She later confessed, quote, “He didn’t admit to me that he actually had some internal bleeding about three days later.” Happily, the damage wasn’t permanent. Still, Carter wasn’t above admitting to Entertainment Weekly that she may have, quote, ” sadism a bit too literally.” Yeah — we’d have to agree with that take. Children aren’t exactly known for professional discretion — yes, even children who play Harry Potter characters. If you’ve ever drawn a rude picture of an authority figure when you were a kid, you’ll be able to relate to this one. On the set of one of the early films, Rupert Grint recalled drawing an “unpretty” picture of Alan Rickman as Professor Snape. According to the Independent, Alan Rickman was standing right behind the young actor the entire time.

“I drew this rather unpretty of Alan Rickman, and, as I was drawing it, Alan Rickman was standing right behind me.” “And I was so scared,” Can you say “Avada Kedavra?” Now, if this had been an actual scene shot for any other movie, the authority figure would have snatched up the picture, scowled at it, and sentenced the offender to detention — or, if Snape’s track record is any indication, an alarmingly over-the-top assignment. “And on my desk by Monday morning, two rolls of parchment on the werewolf with particular emphasis on recognizing it.” But according to the Independent, Rickman did the opposite — he was actually a good sport about it. In fact he was such a good sport that he took it home as a keepsake. Rickman would later recall the drawing, admitting: “I’d made him sign it. I have it in my possession. And I’m very fond of it.” We’re not crying! You’re crying! So just in case you needed another reminder that young people are not known for their professional discretion, here’s Unprofessional Behavior Example #2, also involving Rupert Grint, who really seemed to have a hard time abandoning the childish antics even as he got older.

We can sort of understand what was going through his head in this particular incident, though, because when you’re a kid and you’ve grown up on a movie set with a lot of other kids, they become almost like your siblings. And then one day you’re all grown up and, oh god, one of your friends has to kiss the other one, and… Gag! Barf! So yeah, that’s basically how it went.

According to Digital Spy, Rupert Grint couldn’t stop himself from cracking up while filming Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part One as co-stars Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson went in for, quote, “a pretty violent kiss.” Radcliffe later told WENN that Grint was, quote, “laughing so much off camera he was asked to leave the set.” Apparently, he was laughing so hard that his eyes were watering. Not a good look for a scene where Grint’s face is supposed to look like, well… this: “What are you, compared to the chosen one?” “Ron, it’s lying!” “Your mother confessed she would have preferred me as a son.” So that’s pretty juvenile, Rupert.

Why don’t you go hang out quietly in your ice cream truck for a while? It’s hard to imagine stoic Severus Snape and always-composed Albus Dumbledore pulling pranks, and it’s even harder to imagine Severus Snape and Albus Dumbledore pulling pranks that involve farting — but in the world of Harry Potter, pretty much anything is possible. According to Cosmopolitan, Alan Rickman and Michael Gambon decided to prank Daniel Radcliffe while filming a scene for Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. In the scene, pretty much every Hogwarts student is asleep in a sleeping bag in the Great Hall, and Dumbledore is waxing poetic while pressing the remote button for a fart machine he’s put inside Daniel Radcliffe’s sleeping bag. “Y’know, it’s completely our own world, and we like to — we like to swim in the deepest waters.” And it’s the Great Hall, of course, so the farts are bouncing off the walls and echoing all over the room, and pretty soon everyone is laughing, even stoic Snape and always-composed Dumbledore. “They had put a fart machine inside my sleeping bag.” “This hall echoed, like — ” “And Michael Gambon had actually been pressing it during the take, I found out.” And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the most awesome Harry Potter scene you never saw.

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Harry Battles Voldemort – Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (4/5) Movie CLIP (2005) HD

I’m going to destroy you. After tonight, No one will ever again Question my powers. After tonight, if they speak of you, They’ll speak only of how you… Begged For death. And I, Being a merciful lord… Obliged. Get up! Don’t you turn your back on me, harry potter! I want you to look at me when I kill you! I want to see the light Leave your eyes! Have it your way.

Expelliarmus! Avada kedavra! Do nothing! He’s mine to finish! He’s mine! Harry, when the connection Is broken, You must get to the portkey. We can linger for a moment to give you some time, But only a moment. Do you understand? .

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Top 10 Scary Harry Potter Theories

Say my name Siri. RIGHT. I might be wearing Hufflepuff yellow today but I am a Slytherin Queen and do not forget it. Hello and welcome back to the Most amazing top 10 channel on the internet – I am your host Rebecca Felgate and today we are talking about the Top 10 Scary Harry Potter Theories. Those of you who know me KNOW that I love Harry Potter. I have a million harry potter videos on my own channel and ever chance I get to do a Most Amazing video on the Wizarding World I absolutely wil! Before I get into todays video I want to talk about something awesome – our video sponsor GEEK GEER! We have teamed up with geek gear wizardry to get you 20% off their month subscription box which is filled with exclusive hand crafted Harry Potter Products.

I have a box right here and I am gonna show you what is in mine! If you like what you saw check out our discount link in the description box Okay so back to the video – guys leave me a comment and let me know what your Hogwarts house is – I wanna see lion, eagle snake and badger emojis all up in my comments grill! Also please do thumbs up this video and share it with a friend who loves Harry Potter. Links in the description box. OKAY! 10 – Ginny Was Doping Harry Right. Ginny and Harry. A problem for the ages.

Let’s get real for a second… Does Harry fancy Ginny? Like truly actually? Ginny meets Harry in book one, but it is in book two – The Chamber of Secrets – where we find out that Ginny is desperately in love with Harry, and why not? He is a famous older wizard…and he is pretty moody too and that whole broody act is like a moth to a flame when it comes to teenage girls. But, Harry never shows ANY interest in Ginny until the sixth book, The Half Blood Prince, which is a book that is heavily focused on potions. HEAVILY. We know that Voldemort was born of a witch who doped a muggle with Amortentia – a love potion mentioned by Slughorn in Harry’s year 6 potions class. Hmm. Funny it is that year he actually seems bothered when Ginny gets a boyfriend.

He didn’t give two hoots about Ravenclaw Student Michael Croner when they were hooking up….but when Ginny dramatically starts going out with Dean Thomas right under Harry’s nose, suddenly he has forgotten all about his previous enduring love of Cho Chang. JK Rowling herself said Hermione and Harry should have got together – does Ginny encourage Hermione to get with her brother in order to keep her out of the way? Well, with this theory I would like to think Ginny wouldn’t turn to doping, having been a victim of Tom Riddle’s thrall in Book 2, but Harry’s attitude change dramatically in book 6. The reason can’t just be her glow up. Can it? This is actually a scary theory turned scarier fact…. 9 – Wizards Poo For a long time, people have been speculating about wizarding waste.

Do wizards poo like us mere muggles? Well, the fact that Moaning Mertyl lives in Ubend suggests that maybe she doesn’t see that much action led some to suspect that wizards don’t go to loo like we do. Sure, Hermione loves a good cry in the toilets, but does she ever pee in them? The no pop theory was actually tackled by JK Rowling who revealed that, yeah, Wizards do go…. But she also revealed something awful. In a post on Pottermore, Rowling revealed that before the muggle invention of plumbing, Wizards use to relieve themselves wherever and whenever they needed to go and just vanished the evidence. This has opened up a whole new theory can of worms which is – where does all the vanished wizarding waste go? So far as we are aware wizards cant cease to make things exist… so there must be a really dark place, darker than the dark side of Quirrell’s turban, filled with ancient wizard poo. 8 – Mrs Norris is Mrs Filch Is Mrs Norris Filch’s Wife? Urm.

Possible. This is a theory dragged up from Tumblr, the cesspool of internet theories, and it was posted by Yoyospaghettiyo. They said that Mr Filch used to have a Mrs filch but she was an illegal animagus who went through a bad transformation. They say this explains why Filch loves Mrs Norris so much and why he is so cranky… he’s just frustrated…. Err.. we hope! 7 – Harry Made The Dursley’s Awful I think we can all agree that the Dursley’s were the worst. Of course they were. But was it Harry’s fault? This theory says yes. So the big reveal many of us saw coming in Book 7 – Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – was that Harry himself is a horcrux, a tiny fragment of Voldemort soul lived within him allowing the dark wizard to be invincible.

Having a horcrux around tends to send wizards mad a la Gollum and the Ring style. Ron was around a Horcrux – the Slytherin Locket – and it sent him preeeetty mad. Ginny also didn’t fare too well from being around Riddle’s diary…so…Imagine how the Dursley’s felt being around Harry for a constant 11 years and then every summer. They were cranky because part of Harry was evil and it was making them awful…it wasn’t really their fault. 6 – Dumbledore’s Death Prediction Trelawney. Mental, right? Well… maybe not! She did indeed make THE prophecy, and she has said things throughout the Harry potter series that have ended up making sense. For those paying attention, she actually predicted Dumbledore’s death LONG before he died.

It all went down in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and no one noticed. Professor Trelawany came to the great hall during the Christmas Feast but wouldn’t sit down…she says this: If I join the table, we shall be thirteen! Nothing could be more unlucky! Never forget that when thirteen dine together, the first to rise will be the first to die.” BUT the thing is there were already 13 people at the table – scabbers, blooming Peter Petigrew – was hiding in Ron’s pocket. Who was the first to rise then? Dumbledore. AND SHE DOES IT AGAIN! In chapter five of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, 13 people dined together at Grimauld Place, and Sirius Black was the first to rise. 5 – Voldemort’s Boggart We know a lot about Boggarts from Harry’s third year defence against the Dark Arts class. We know Neville’s is professor Snape, Hermione’s is failure, Harry’s is Demontors, Ron’s is Spiders… Bogarts are what a person fears most.

So, what scares the most fearsome wizard of them all, Lord Voldemort? He is the bringer of nightmares and death, after all. There has been a lot of speculation as to what Lord Voldemort’s Boggart may be. The internet seems to have settled on death, seeing as Tom Riddle was so afraid of death he split his soul to make himself immortal. What kind of death scene Lord Voldemort would see….well…it would surely be horrifying to look at! 4 – Snape Blames Neville So speaking of Neville’s Boggart being Snape…have you ever wondered why Snape was so mean to him? Like Snape is mean to everyone but he particularly hates Harry and Neville. While we know that Snape hates Harry – he’s a product of James and Lily and he loved Lily and hated James.

Sure, sure… although we also know he died protecting Harry because of his love of Lily, so it is complicated … but what is his beef with Neville? Apparently, according to a dark theory, he hates Neville because his parents are alive – in Saint Mungos and irreparably damaged, sure, but alive. Snape thinks that had Bellatrix been the one to go and get Harry after the prophecy, she would have left the potters alive – which means Snape’s love wouldn’t be gone. In a roundabout way, Snape blames Neville.

Urrrgh I am calling this a theory because part of me really doesn’t wasn’t to canonize anything spewed out by The Cursed Child… I loved the visuals of the play don’t get me wrong, Stephen Hoggart and John Tiffany are kings…. But like come on…. So with that in mind at number 3 we have Bellatrix and Voldemort’s Love Affair. We know that Voldemort is incapable of love, having been born of a love potion and grown up without care, but it seems he found time to fulfill a few desires with crazy old Bellatrix.

According to the appearance of Delphi in The Cursed Child – the Dark Lord and one of the nastiest witches of all time, murder of the Weasley twins, Bellatrix Le Strange got it ON….and it was happening under our noses in the books! Bellatrix and Voldemort are killed in the Battle of Hogwarts and wasn’t just baby Teddy that was left orphaned, it seems baby Delphi was too. Any hearts gonna bleed for the baby of the dark lord? Or is she doomed for a life of evil biddings even before she gets started? 2 – Voldemort is Harry’s Brother And so is snape… or so it seems. There is a more complicated theory out there that suggests that Harry, Snape and Voldemort are the three brothers in the Tale of the Beedle and the Bard. This one was posted on Reddit by popsicle incorporated 4 years ago and got over 750 upvotes. The y say in the tale Dumbledore is death and a combination of all of the brothers, Tom Riddle slash Voldemort is the brother drunk on power and vengeance that ultimately leads to his demise, Snape is the brother obsessed with resurrection because of his love of Lily, which ultimately leads to HIS Demise, and Harry is the wise brother who had a knack for hiding from death, and the only time he comes close is when he willing chooses it – which is like the brother who greeted Death like an old friend.

The theory was actually well liked by JK Rowling who said she was touched the Dumbledore was seen as death. Side note, Landon thought that Harry and Voldemort were ACTUALLY brothers…which lol. . 1 – Draco is a Werewolf We know Draco Malfoy went weird in the Half Blood Prince. No longer was he your classic energetic school bully, he had become insular, dark and kind of murderous.

We assume the reason is because he is being groomed by Voldey, but actually there is a darker theory. There is an internet theory that says Draco had been bitten by Fenir Greyback when Lucius isn’t able to get Lord Voldy the prophecy. Apparently lending evidence to this scary theory, at one point Voldy says to Draco, “maybe you can babysit the cubs” when talking about Remus and Lupin’s future kids. Also, quizzically, J.K. Rowling mentioned that in a scene in the third movie, there was a moment in which Draco was supposed to impersonate a werewolf…. Was this foreshadowing?! Does Draco get away scott free after the battle of Hogwarts or is his punishment having to live a double life, with his oh so pure blood polluted?! So that was the Top 10 Scary Harry potter theories! Which did you find the scariest – let me know in the comments section down below! Do you have any other theories? I would LOVE to hear them! Don’t forget to let me know what your Hogwarts house is.Shout out to all the snakes joining me In the dungeon.

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The Perfect Mother – SNL




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Kourtney Kardashian Reveals Kim’s Baby Bombshell to Kris Jenner


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Most Hilarious & Shocking ‘Family Reunion’ Intros ft. Chance the Rapper | Wild ‘N Out | MTV


  • This my cousin Hachrachpkch, his name I’m still learning, but y’all give it up for the (beep) who sell me my turban, – At the family reunion (ding) (upbeat hip hop music) – We introducing – This is Iz my uncle and his wife Shanice, when the police come around her wig is where I hide my weed – At the family reunion (ding) – Wild ‘N Out – Who we introducing? –
  • My cousins are so thick That every man wanna claim ’em, but fellas don’t be fooled, they’re really wearing a waist trainer – At the family reunion (ding) – Wild ‘N Out – Who we introducing? –
  • This my cousin, she fine as she could be but now I’m pissed she get more (beep) than me – At the family reunion (ding) – Wild ‘N Out – Who we introducing? – This is my brother Terrence and I was looking for him searching he look just like Nick Cannon especially when he wears a turban – At the family reunion (ding) – Wild ‘N Out –
  • Who we introducing? – This right here is crazy ’cause ain’t nothing what it seems but I’d like to introduce you to the Puerto Rican Chico Bean – At the family reunion (ding) – Wild ‘N Out – Who we introducing? – This is his Ec teacher from 2003 – She gave me an A because I gave her some good D – At the family reunion (ding) – Wild ‘N Out – Who we introducing? – This is a cougar and she’s gonna spend the night – So y’all give it up, it’s a real housewife for the civil rights – At the family reunion (ding) – Wild ‘N Out – Who we introducing? – This my aunt and uncle and they drove here from Aurora, after years of trying to smash Urkel finally got Myra – At the family reunion (ding) – Wild ‘N Out – Who we introducing? – Look, I’m a little confused and I’m not gon’ even lie ’cause wait, if Conceited right there then who is this guy? – At the family reunion (ding) – Wild ‘N Out – Who we introucing? – This right here’s my auntie but she don’t really come around ’cause she’s legally blind, POP, hold it down – At the family reunion (ding) – Wild ‘N Out – Who we introducing? – This is my momma Tiny and she was in ex-cape but I’m too scared to tell her I spent all the money she made – At the family reunion (ding) – Wild ‘N Out – Who we introducing? – My cousin is so fine, she’s so damn cute you won’t believe but fellas don’t be fooled, I think she’s really wearing a weave (cheering) (bell dings repeatedly) – Wild ‘N Out – Who we introducing? – I can’t believe she’s here, my legendary cousin – She tried to hide on the ground, give it up for Miss Harriet Tubman – At the family reunion (ding) – Wild ‘N Out – Who we introucing? – My cousin too short, I can’t get him to switch I said “these some fine ladies” but his favorite word’s – Bitch – At the family reunion (ding) – Wild ‘N Out – Who we introducing? – And this my cousin Sara and I just bought her these glasses, you could tell we’re cousins ’cause we both have flat asses – At the family reunion (ding) – Wild ‘N Out – Who we introducing? – This my cousin Chris and this summer he got fatter but don’t he look like Carl Winslow from the Family Matters? – At the family reunion (ding) – Wild ‘N Out – Who we introducing? – These are my two cousins, I’m excited and I love it give it up for the real housewives of the Dominican Republic – At the family reunion (ding) – Wild ‘N Out – Who we introducing? – This my cousin Jasmine and I’mma let you people know her hat is blown out ’cause she likes driving with her head out the window – At the family reunion (ding) – Wild ‘N Out – Who we introducing? – This is just my friend, I think his name is David, please when you go to the club stop telling (beep) that we related – At the family reunion (ding) – Wild ‘N Out – Who we introducing? – This my brother Chris and his ex-girl, her name is Venus and she told me they broke up ’cause his nose was bigger than his penis – At the family reunion (ding) – Wild ‘N Out – Who we introducing? – Nick, you like ’em older, so I got you a special treat – Hey – She’s a freak in the bed and she can even take out her teeth – At the family reunion – Give her a kiss Nick! Mwah! (cheering) upbeat hip-hop music

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The Curious Death of Vincent Van Gogh

this week on BuzzFeed unsolved we take a look at the death of Vincent van Gogh long thought to be suicide but as recent writings may suggest may actually be murder excuse me what we’re gonna cover a murder on this show no but if a man who long thought to have taken his own life I mean he was a bit eccentric and had a history of bodily harm so maybe people assumed it was suicide but there are some things in here that at least for me yeah are fairly convincing that it may be something a little bit more sinister well I’m here for it what you know about go you know he’s a Dutch guy paint a lot you know very dreamy cut off his ear you did that self-portrait you know yeah you do a selfie all right we’re done here that is case closed no we got him we got Monday all right season finale let’s do it baby let’s get into it Vincent Willem van Gogh was born on March 30th 1853 in zunda Netherlands he was the oldest surviving child of the odorous van Gogh and Anna Carr Bendis Vincent would eventually have five younger siblings the one he would formed the closest relationship with being his brother Theo despite his good grades Vincent left secondary school before graduating at age 16 he began his art career as an apprentice with goo peel and see an international art dealer where his uncle was a partner Vincent first worked for goo peel in The Hague then in London and finally in Paris where he was dismissed from the company in 1876 two days after his 23rd birthday kind of a double-edged sword back then because it’s neat that you can just jump into an apprenticeship at age 16 like yeah I’m probably gonna be a legend in the art field I’ll do that you could still do that today though I feel like people start apprenticeships quite young but they don’t really do like it’s 16 yeah I remember applying for an apprenticeship at Warner Bros at 16 how’d that turn out I didn’t get it hmm so I hope you’re watching this now and know what you missed out on Jack Warner Jack in 1881 after five years of wandering Europe and bouncing between dead-end jobs such as lay preacher Vincent moved back in with his parents who worried about their sons lack of direction in life bo who had also gone to work for the art dealer goopy landsea but had risen through the ranks to become a manager began sending his older jobless brother money for the next few years Vincent would move out for periods but returned to his parents home it’s interesting because nowadays people you know people get to age like 24 and they’re like I just don’t want to know I don’t know what I want to be in life well it is kind of funny that he is this 19th century millennial just wandering around yeah not really sure what his purpose is and if Vincent van this is a this is an aspirational tale for all you out there if Vincent van Gogh is going through this similar struggle you know you can make something of yourself just out there with his brush saying I’ll put this on something you put in front of me I’ll put it to it that I feel like yeah where’d that big no no it’s probably exactly what he said to people I’ll put the songs give me a job I’ll put this on so I’ll put this on something you put it in front of me I’ll put it to it in 1884 Vincent now in his 30s wanted to start paying Theo back for all the support he had given him over the years Vincent began sending his paintings to do in Paris for him to sell unfortunately for all parties Vincent’s work was not what the people of parents were looking for I always wondered about this when it comes to famous artists obviously it took them usually decades to find what made them famous wouldn’t you say that the paintings like their early drafts when they really sucked wouldn’t those be worth more cuz it’s like seeing the journey is worth more but the probably worth a lot like a year one van Gogh yeah I feel like that when you say it that way it sounds like it should be it’s a little shit yeah a little hmm I didn’t know he had a year one Van Gogh in his house I know he was doing that well that’s pretty good it looks like shit but you know there’s a lot of that out of there for Picasso he’s got a lot of really stuff out though Pablo yeah him oh you’re not talking the other Picasso Ted Picasso over the next five years Vincent’s life would appear to once again be mired by folly as he started a failed art collective and continued his nomadic habitation of Europe during this period however the style now associated with Vincent began to take form the tones used in his paintings began to light it he developed his characteristic style of using short brushstrokes and he moved to brighter more colorful subjects such as portraits often self-portraits and city scenes unfortunately for Vincent the progress of his art happened during a time of declining mental health culminating in late 1888 when Vincent famously severed his own ear and wrapped it up as a present for a sex worker the day after this eerie occurrence like that one Vincent was admitted to the hospital where he stayed until early 1889 for the next few months Vincent struggled with his mental health eventually checking himself into a psychiatric hospital in May during his one-year stay at the hospital Vincent made some of his most famous masterpieces in his first week there he started painting the irises in the asylums garden while Vincent considered the paintings merely a study irises is considered one of his most iconic pieces the starry night now one of the most famous paintings in the world depicts the view from a window in the asylum enhanced by Vincent’s imagination in January of 1890 Theo and his wife welcomed their newborn son Vincent Willem van Gogh into the world named after the infant’s uncle Vincent sent them his famous painting almond blossom from the hospital as a gift for his new nephew all told while in the asylum Vincent made about 150 paintings and by 1890 his work was finally being exhibited in receiving positive reviews I don’t know if I agree with this narrative all the time where art needs to come from this like darker place of misery or maybe like turmoil yeah within your head you don’t need to be troubled to make good art it happens but I think I think intense emotion or introspection can obviously fuel it yeah like a breakup or a death yeah but it is weird that great art is often not appreciated when it comes out it’s true why that is I mean a lot of it is you know well maybe because like the artist mind is more enhanced at that moment and the world is not ready for it yet so they’re ahead of me that could be after being released from the mental hospital in Maine Vincent moved to overshare wass an area with other artists not far from Paris which allowed for him to easily visit Theo’s family in Paris on one such visit in July Theo told his brother he was considering starting his own business this news greatly unsettled Vincent who not only felt like a burden to his brother who was still supporting Vincent but also worried about the impact of Theo taking this gamble on his own finances after lunch on July 27th 1890 Vincent left the Revo Inn where he was staying in ovair with his easel and painting supplies it was a warm evening so the inn keepers and guests were enjoying dinner outside after sunset when Vincent returned he shuffled past without exchanging any words he also noted Lee had none of the belongings he left with and had his jacket buttoned all the way up despite the heat he clutched his abdomen and limped up the stairs to his room Gustave Ravel the owner of the inn went to check on Vincent the artist was curled up in his bed and when Gustav asked him what was the matter Vincent replied quote I wounded myself and quilt he lifted his clothing to reveal a bullet hole under his ribs that said it is said one thing to note from this is it’s a bit odd that he would take all of his painting supplies in his easel out only to then kill himself and then walk back with none if they like why not just leave all that stuff in your apartment if that was what your plan was who knows how these things creep up on a person that is true well we’re gonna get into it more in the theories okay bill arrived midday on the 28th to find Vincent in bed smoking Vincent van Gogh died just after midnight cradled by his brother after telling him quote I want to die like this and quote at just 37 years old Vincent’s life and career was over leaving behind nearly 1300 works of art on paper and more than 850 paintings with no autopsy ever conducted the exact location of the shooting never identified and a five-hour period between the time he left the inn and when he returned unaccounted for it’s time to dive into some theories the first and prevailing theory is that Vincent was in trouble genius who shot himself in a wheat field according to aniline Revo that then 13 year old daughter of the inn owner Gustav quote Vincent had gone toward the wheat field where he had painted before during the afternoon as my father understood it Vincent shot himself and fainted the coolness of the night revived him on all fours he looked for the gun to finish himself off but he could not find it then Vincent got up and climbed down the hillside to return to our house and quote hmm yeah I could see that oftentimes when people commit suicide the weapons right there the means is right there there’s usually a note it’s very odd to be like shoot myself now let’s go hide this gun yeah I mean it’s a weed field you know I don’t know how dense those are but unless he tossed the gun which maybe he did at the same time how thorough of a search do you think he’s doing if he is currently bleeding out well you’ll also come to find that no one else could find the gun either interesting now do you understand why I think that’s so weird now I understand right perhaps no one was more adamant about this theory than Vincent himself witnesses recalled Vincent saying quote I wounded myself in the fields I shot myself with a revolver there and quote he was emphatic saying quote do not accuse anyone it is I who wanted to kill myself end quote witnesses did say however that Vincent appeared confused as he lay dying replying to the police’s question of did you intend to commit suicide with quote I think so and would Vincent had also in the past morbidly joked about suicide he once told Theo he would quote cease to be end quote if he ever felt that he had become a burden or a nuisance to his brother could his fear of complicating his soon-to-be unemployed brother’s life have driven him to kill himself one and while this story is the one Vincent seemingly wanted the world to hear there are some glaring issues with it for one Vincent was shot in the abdomen below his ribs which is an odd position to take if he had been aiming for his heart additionally the fact that the bullet did not exit Vincent’s body suggests there was some distance between Vincent and the gun more distance than Vincent could have achieved on his own it’s also suspicious that Vincent allegedly dropped the gun so far out of reach that when he came to he couldn’t find it to finish the job what’s more if he had actually passed out four hours after shooting himself his wound would have been much bloodier than it was when he returned to the inn so if he did shoot himself it would have been larger yeah because it had been so much time till when he got to the inn it suggests that it happened sooner than he said it did or like he was getting his theory that he fell asleep woke back up came to the inn it would have been so much bigger yeah so they’re saying like he probably got shot right away then walked to the end which would also explain then why he carried out his art supplies because he didn’t go oh yeah getting shots in the plans today right so you know it makes sense okay apart from the heart to explain ballistics no one knows where Vincent would have obtained the gun revolvers were very rare in Auvers at the time and no one would admit to selling or lending Vincent a gun the next day no one was able to find a gun where Vincent purportedly did the deed all of Vincent’s painting gear too seemed to have vanished all his painting gear yes from where he left it in the fields mm-hmm so no gun none of the paint stuff that he walked out with yeah all the other stuff that I just mentioned do you think someone was aware that this was Vinnie’s stuff and was like I’ll get a pretty penny for this feel like we would have seen it by now I mean frankly people at BuzzFeed’s steal lunches out of the fridges all the time you don’t think someone was just like hey free stuff true someone did steal some of this stuff from our set yeah some of loose stuff from around here all the more precious props you think we don’t notice that come here curse timmy’s ball is gone yeah this is this is this is a fake this is a sham this is a fake ball this isn’t timmy’s someone stole Timmy’s ball what if Timmy came back and took it I thought about that but on things you did in addition to the questions the physical evidence raises Vincent was a religious man who condemned suicide calling it wicked and a demonstration of moral cowardice at one point prior to his death he even said quote I really do not think I am a man with such inclinations end quote any time he did have thoughts of suicide it was always by way of drowning saying quote I can understand people drowning themselves end quote suicide is wrong I do not understand it it’d be pretty baller to drown it’s just a weird thing to just tack on as a button at the end of it yeah cuz drowning arguably seems like the main force but why is it more morally sound I’ve heard that it is agony Oh God did you really just sneak a prestige quote and I don’t know vo also found no evidence that Vincent was planning on killing himself finding no suicide note but instead drafts of letters on his desk that he surely didn’t want anyone to read with so many loose ends in the suicide Theory it’s time to look at another hypothesis this one posited by biographer Steven nayfeh and Gregory white Smith nayfeh and spent suggest Vincent was shot by some local boys and that Vincent protected their identities to begin it’s worth going back to get a better picture of what life was like for Vincent in ‘auvairs he was known to be quite eccentric and when he would approach people in the street to ask if they would sit for him most people retreated his appearance didn’t help matters with wild hair ratty clothes and you know a missing ear as is often the case the worst bullies were the teenage boys they would pretend to be nice to the artist to gain his trust then pull pranks on him like throwing salt in his coffee rubbing chili pepper on a dry paintbrush Vince intended to suck and putting a snake in his box of painting supplies boys the way they are yeah what a nerd god I’d love to just transport them here and be like hey you know that guy who I put a funny snake in smile but you know you put some salt in his car museum he’s he’s the museum that you’re standing in front of the museum yeah I can’t believe boys would be that mean to a funny old man I could believe it teenage boys are the worst I remember being obnoxious as a team yeah it’s inevitable if you’re pranking a stranger I find it not as funny it’s just me that just means it’s just me and this is me one of the boys who would tease Vincent was Rene secreto who said quote our favorite game was making him angry which was easy end quote look I read his face is getting Rene’s older brother Gaston was an aspiring artist who like to hear Vincent’s tales of the Parisian art world Vincent figured Rene was just something he had to endure in order to have a friendship with Gaston Rene unlike his brother had no interest in art instead enjoying fishing and hunting after seeing Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show in Paris Rene came back to ‘auvairs with a full outfit of western clothes complete with fringe coat cowboy boots and added a 380 caliber pistol Vincent started calling Rene Buffalo Pihl a mispronunciation of Buffalo Bill due to his accent which only angered the boy more I love it I love Vincent getting back at him because I’m sure this guy just showed up and Van Gogh was just like oh Buffalo Bill and it was like I just said he’s puffle Oh pills pull off those pistols bins oh what a burn walked I love that kid taking his hat off slamming on the ground stomping on it so to hear him get a little win in there prank war I love it that’s Gregg’s me happy in their book Ben go to life authors neethu and Smith speculate that the secretaries quarreled with Vincent around a farmyard on Boucher Road they may have accidentally fired the gun striking Vincent in his abdomen Vincent then stumbled back towards the end where he covered for the boys the boys in shock at what they had done may have collected Vincent’s belongings and fled the same destroying what evidence might remain it seems plausible one because he’s a sweet man yes and clearly he put up with his bullying for a long time so they’re being very cruel to him and he’s still just kind of like hey that’s just how it goes a relationship with one of the Brotherhood and that’s the other thing if he’s close with Gaston then maybe he doesn’t want to point fingers to Rene yeah cuz it’s gonna ruin their life it’s devastating thing yeah I buy it I think I could get behind this the theory is supported by the fact that multiple witnesses saw Vincent leave the inn and head towards the hamlet of Shaban ball and not towards the fields where he claimed he’d been painting that road leads to a spot and was where Rene enjoyed fishing it’s possible Rene and his brother met Vincent on their way back from wass went to a nearby farmyard and then the boys accidentally shot the artist that would also make it easier for Vincent to get back to the inn with a bullet in his stomach as opposed to a steep mile long trek back from the wheat fields this theory would explain a lot of things the suicide story does not such as the odd entry point of the bullet the lack of suicide note why Vincent took his painting equipment to kill himself why all that gear and the gun could not be found and why he didn’t shoot himself in the head they don’t think that Rene would have been so upset about the cloud about the cowboy about that puffle oh yeah that he would I would hope not see that and that makes this story get a different kind of turn yeah still sweet of him to cover but I really really don’t want to accept the fact that maybe Rene did shoot him on purpose in the wake of the shooting Rene Gaston and their father left town when they returned Rene who rarely traveled anywhere without his pissed no longer had the gun when asked about it decades later Rene said Vincent stole it from him in the 1930s as Vincent’s work was beginning to gain notoriety townspeople told an art historian that young boys shot Vincent on accident and that Vincent protected their identities for fear they’d be accused of murder still largely due to Irving stones 1934 novelization of Vincent’s life and death and the 1956 movie that followed the idea of Vincent van Gogh being a tortured genius who took his own life crystallized in the public consciousness in a story that may feel familiar for those of us in our 20s and 30s Vincent spent much of his life looking for a purpose trying to find a path that could at once fulfill himself while also bringing joy to others what he didn’t know at the time of his death was that his work would be beloved by generations inspiring countless others to pursue their life’s true purpose what he did know at the time of his death was how that fateful bullet found a home inside his abdomen but as for the rest of us that truth will remain unsolved well that’s a lovely little story I got to be honest I didn’t think that the alternative would be a little bit heartwarming yeah I would say so II would it definitely paints a different image completely of him in my mind because I like most of the public did think he was a tortured genius in his own life but this paints him has a very empathetic understanding man the underlying theme being human kindness yeah not bad it’s a good thing to try take it for a world yeah it’s definitely a good way to end the season Oh see we don’t agree on anything but right now maybe we like this move so you all take a cue from this and we’re all gonna be golden

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Panasonic Lumix 25mm F/1.7 lens Review

Are you wondering about the Panasonic Lumix 25 mm FIts cheap, its rapid, is it to good to be true? Is this the nifty-fifty of the micro four thirds? Is this better than the Olympus 25 mm f1. 8? Lets find out Ok My goal with with this video, is to answer these questions and so much more. Coming up Kick it hey whats up your best friend, the issue was Vinny from VinG4 3, where we talk about cameras and lenses. If this is your first time to this direct, don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss my upcoming videos. OH and dont forget to touched that little notification bell so you get notifications whenever I publicize new videos. And for the rest of you, thank for assembling me Once again! FISTBUMP! NO OK .. WHATEVER. Before we get into the review, I want to construct 3 things perfectly crystal clear.

Nr 1, im gonna be honest, Im talking scorched world full disclosure now .. I do have a bias against expensive lenses. I have a few expensive lenses, but in my own experience and ruling, expensive lenses are typically extremely overrated for most people. In other names, Im a huge follower of cheap lenses. 2nd thing is, im not a PRO photograpter, I’m a fan of photography and video and have been doing it for years. I shoot bridals as promotions for pals, but thats it. I never bill for it. But because this lens is more for the everyday diversion photographer, I think that I am more than qualified to induce asses for this fantastic little lens. Now The 3rd thing I wanted to mention is that my opinion on this lens is just my personal mind, Im not a huge devotee of absolute terms, meaning everything is subjective to the user that uses it. If I like it, you might not and vice versa.

There is NO lens thats good for everyone. So Be sure to stick around for the whole video, so you get my full notion of this lens. Ok for those of you who don’t have time to expend 15 minutes watching a lens refresh, Dont annoy. I got you covered! Here is a immediate summation for you. OK, so what you got now, is genuinely one of those “bang for the buck” lenses, that will get the job done for most people. it does have a few draw back. The focus organisation is buttersmooth, but focus-by-wire. There is no image stabilisation and Its inexpensive, it is therefore conveys its plastic and not weather shut. Having say anything, its most sharp-witted, and you can get very nice shallow degree of realm bokeh in both images and videos. And for me personally, I really like the low-grade glowing act from this fast Flens. I entirely recommend it. BOOM DONE! Lets go for a Gelato, daddy is buying. Oh you’re still here, enormous! That means you are up for the ultra cool version of review.

OK, so I used to be a canon used before I switched to my Panasonic G7 and my favorite lens on that structure was the clever fifty, the canon 50 mm F1. 8. And a lot of people claimed this lens would be the nifty fifty of the MicroFourThirds. is it? Well .. yes and no. but say to you require, We will get to that. Oh and a bit of topic, but if you are inquisitive, the nr 1 intellect I rushed the canon send, is because I was tired of waiting for a consumer 4K DSLR. this was two years before the m50 came out. anyway. Whats in the box, You get a nice lens handbag as with all Panasonic lenses. As you do with all panasonic lenses. unfortutunetaly I misplaced excavation.( sort of hurled it away) And you likewise get a really cool lens hood that you put on top now. Now a lot of parties dont know how to situate it on, because you have to remove this small bumber, thats included as well. BOOM! Now you are able to affix this little thing. BOOM! Now you got yourself a lens hood. Which is really impressive to discuss this expenditure on this puppy.

Canon you might wanna taken due note now. Just saying. Ok we need to talk about the build tone of this thing. yes, Its plastic, and this where Panasonic trimmed Most of the areas to make it cheap. But its not all bad in my opinion, its got metal in the right place. The inside mount. Establishing that character plastic would be unforgivable, Like on the 14 -4 2 pack lens. and for the plastic itself, yes its pretty good. It Doesn’t get all scratched up in my experience. Like on the panasonic g7 camera, which im recording this video on. Thats a bad type of plastic that comes scratches all over. This one , not so much actually. So for me personally, I think that the build caliber on this lens is actually relatively solid. Now whats really important here is that this lens is not climate closed. So you are able to Not want stand under a waterfall when you are using this lens. Now I have personally researched this lens in heavy rain, perhaps I was lucky. So if you demand your lens to last-place, perhaps you shouldn’t gamble it. Alright The blueprint It comes in black and silver. As you can see I got the silver.

But the pitch-black is actually quite nice. Its kind of matte finish to it. I like the fact that there isn’t a single button on this whole lens. Its kind of rationalized that style. One could say Talk about cutting angles, but actually it doesnt bother me at all. No need for a stabilisation swap, because this lens doesnt have stabilisation. It doesnt have a switch for vehicle or manual but it doesnt affair, because I have that switch on my camera. Its a small lens, which I very enjoy, because if you are into micro four one-thirds, you like minuscule things. Don’t get me wrong, its not a flannel-cake lens it is therefore by far not the smaller lens. But if you compare to most expensive lenses id say this is a small lens. Now I personally really like the immensity, but this is a thoroughly personal thing, I think its very subjective from person to party. For speciman, If it was smaller, I think it would be harder to grip and I sort of like that I kinda too like to be able to hold the lens so I kind of like it not being to small-minded actually.

The weight, its roughly 125 grams Which represents it basically hovers. And I really like that. If you are watching this video still means you are sort of enjoying it, it would represent the world to me of you are able touched that like button. The focus reverberating ok, this is where a lot of reviewers criticise this lens. For two reasons. firstly, Its a a really big focus sound, but thats not the bad part though. The bad part is that its buttery smooth, some detest it, I cherish it. Because it feels i can focus without moving the camera to much, you are familiar swaying it. But you should know, that a lot of reviewers don’t like it.

The other thing, is this is something that has Focus-by-Wire kind of technology. Technically speaking the focus pealing doesn’t change the focus on this lens, the focus ring pulls on a electronical cable, and BOOM the camera actually changes the focus. Now this can cause some latency questions. In other statements, some postponement. This doesn’t vex me at all. To be honest, I learned about this just a couple of weeks ago and I hadn’t noticed this issue for like 6 months so .. Its fast and serenity, and it doesn’t change the length or the position of the lens in regards to the subject as it does on some lenses. This is Not accurately a macro lens, but I was agreeably surprised that the focus distance is 25cm. Which is actually terribly nice. The filter diameter is 46mm which is the same as 14 -4 2 package lens. And another really good thing is that the filters wont rotate when you are focusing, as it does on some lenses. The 25 mm focus wander is the equivalent equivalent of a full formulate 50 mm, And that mostly means its close how the eyes interpret the interval and size of things.

In other messages taking slides and videos of faces will inspect very realistic and not skewey as on some lenses. This is has got a very rapid auto focus. Now principally the auto focus velocity is because of the camera but there is a bit of move factor as well on the lens it self. This could be because of the wire-focus thing that I to mention. Its also super gentle, but there is sometimes a small clink when you’re centre. So some people has not been able to recommend this for video, but me personally, I never felt this was a publication because I always manually focus when I movie nonsense, and I frequently use a lav when Im recording regardless. Image quality Ok the most important aspect of this lens examine. Because image quality is the most important part of a lens, isn’t it? well, thats a topic for a different video.

Image quality on this is thing is really good. Now its hard to tell where a better quality comes from the camera or the lens. But I say that from what I can tell the portrait excellence is highly adequate on this lens. Because of the F1. 7, this is a very fast lens. You get a lot of beacon in, and there for you “ve got a lot” of bokeh. Blurry background. shallow magnitude of orbit. Whatever are you gonna call it. The squeeze on the bokeh is very nice and slight. I really like it on this one. Lens distorsion I will be honest, I havent noticed any, generally its perhaps because the image is cultivated or because its software removed regardless. Vinjetting is scarcely a problem, but if you want to make sure you dont have any, you can really photograph from F2. 8. Same starts for Chromatic aberration or violet fringing, prime lenses like this shouldn’t have any Thats more for the zoom tele zoom lenses.

But I didnt encounter any on this lens. Likely software removed also. Flaring in direct sun daybreak I Havent noticed any unordinary myself. I get suspicious when I read observes in forums where they are argue lenses or smartphones have bad flaring in direct sunlight. I think there is a chance that Beings who say that, don’t know how to use lenses or dont “know what youre talking about” cameras run. Still it has been reported a good deal on this lens. My advice, Use a lens hood, or don’t shoot in direct sunlight. I Dont mean to offend anyone. Again, Im not a pro-photographer. Cause me know in specific comments segment if you have noticed any flaring in order to use this lens. Sharpness At fobviously the sharpness is not the most optimal, but if you go to around f2. 5, you begin to get certainly sharp-worded portrait all around. And if you go to Fyou get the sharpest epitome possible is actually the recommended f-stop for most micro four one-thirds cameras and lens.

In this case, the sugared discern seems to be somewhere between F4 and F6. But to be honest, the difference is not that large-hearted. In my experience sharpness is staggeringly overrated. And likewise who needs to have sharpness all over the edges when the pitch of this lens is to get a delightful misty background. In any practice, Im more than impressed with the sharpness on this lens. Especially for its expenditure. This is a Wonderful lens for low-grade daylight. Both photos and videos. Micro four thirds cameras are typically not good at low-toned sun, so for low light you need fast lenses. Fjust wont cut it in my opinion. And this one is very fast and unusually filling. If you are still watch, I meditate I think you’re experiencing it, so consider agreeing and stumbling that notification buzzer. Simply think it is right it. Allright and here are some extra things to consider if you are gonna acquire this lens It has no idol stabilisation, which means this is not the lens you want use for handheld videos. Unless you are rocking the GH5 or something with building in image stabilisation in the camera. Pictures should be good either way, since the lens is so fast. maybe not the best for vlogging, because at weapons length it just glances to pasture in. But on a tripod, from a little bit of distance.

Sure. Portrait photos I think this is s a good lens for description, since the 50 mm on micro four thirds constructs everything seek ALMOST as in real life. Its not as good as a 75 mm, but its close. Price I bought this for about 160 EUR, And if you inspect, you can probably find it for as little as 100 EUROS, or buy exerted. I think its price laudable up to 250 EUR, and thats really being honest. ok, other lenses to consider The Olympus 25 mm, fits cool but a bit more expensive, and doesnt real add that much, and too at a good expenditure, but again, it doesnt add much. The Kowa prominar 25 mm is twice the length and rate, and also doesnt render much more than this lens.

The Voigtlander 25 mm Fis way more expensive, but if you need more bokeh or lowlight conduct, that something to consider. The most expensive 25 mm Lumix lens with Fis better, Nonetheless it doesn’t come with image stabilisation, and is costly, so I dont recomend it. I really think that this fwill give you the most Bang for the horse. I actually do think so. Ok Conclusion time. Now most people will call this lens the nifty fifty of the micro four thirds. Now I was a huge love of the 50 mm, and even expended it with an adapter on my panasonic G7 for a while before I gave it to a love of mine.

Bros 4 life. Ok so who is this lens for? I think it good for photography entusiastics who want a lens that is small, compact and preferably all roundy. I would recommend it for people who take occasional sketch photos. I would not recommend this lens for sketch photography. For those people I would recommend something better in the 75 -8 5 mm. I would recommend the 25 mm to vloggers before they are articulated it on a tripod, if they wanna use it handheld that at appendages span, this is just not far enough. I would not recommend it for filming trips, because of the lack of the epitome stabilisation.

Now the likenes excellence is really nice, the bokeh is neat. But im gonna be honest. Its not as good as the canon 50 mm in my non-pro belief. now don’t get me wrong, its a great lens, its very valuable, in some ways it is better. BUT it is not the canon 50 mm, If I use the 50 mm with adapter on my micro four thirds, it still precisely seems a lot better.

My theory is that you simply have to use something better tele something like the panasonic 42,5 mm to get that delightful same crispy likenes. On a personal document, for me lenses are all about enjoyable. Is it recreation to use the lens or not. And I gotta say, ive had an ultimate blow squandering this lens. Its recreation to get delightful photographs and videos using this lens. oh, oh oh AND for the expenditure, you cant overcome that. let me just say that again, you will not find a better quick prime lens, you only wont. I Recommend it, I own it. And I Have not been paid to say that. although I choose I had Given me know in the comment region what you think of this lens, or if you have any questions. Im happy to help if I can. oh chaps and simply ONE more THING lenses are just tools, its not the tool that impels the likenes beautiful or perfect, its the person holding the camera.

Don’t sharpen to much on sharpness, lens twistings or build character. I get it, you want good quality for your hard given money, I get that. but at the end of the day, the most wonderful photographer with the worst lens will always, ALWAYS beat the worst photographer with best lens. What I’m trying to say is, don’t overspend on lenses. There are so many blind evaluations even on youtube, where pro-photographers cant tell the difference of portraits shot with inexpensive lenses vs expensive lenses.

Endpart Thank you for watching my video, if you experience it, please smack that like button, subscribe. And reached that notification bell so you don’t miss my upcoming videos. And if you wanna check out other lens-tip videos like this one, clink or sounds the screen here. Or now. Until next time, the issue was Vinny from VinG4 3 pleasing YOU a GLORIOUS day! This is Vinny, and I am signing out. OK, causes punch that Gelato house, Im really hungry . .

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Marketing Automation for Small Business – 4 Examples

  • Marketing Automation, what is it? Well, in this video we’re gonna break down four different examples of how you can use automated marketing to grow your small business to the next level. Hi, I’m J.B. with Marketing 360. And we help small businesses grow with our marketing and design, talent, technology, through our number one marketing platform, Marketing 360. We call marketing and design, mad.

And we love mad. And hopefully these videos will help you fall in love with mad, too. So, make sure to follow us to learn tips, tricks and strategies to grow your business and fuel your brand.

Marketing automation, a lot of times people think that’s just e-mail, but it’s so much more than that. So, what I’m gonna do is walk you through four different examples of how we use marketing automation, and maybe you can get some ideas of how you can use it for yourself to really grow your brand to the next level.

So, let’s jump in. A quick tip before we jump into these examples, is make sure that you spend time setting up good initial campaigns, both on the channel side and the ad side.

Multichannel is extremely important today. So, think about where your customers are, whether they’re on Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, where are they? And then, what’s the type of content they want to see? There’s this saying, “content is king, but marketing is queen.” And that’s so true. You have to have great content first, and then it’s about where you’re placing that content that’s really the key to success. And that’s where the queen comes in. And, right, the queen’s always in charge. So, let’s think about how we can do that, walk through these examples.

So, with Example Number 1, once you set up these initial campaigns, automate the ad funnel.

So, think about this, somebody searches on Google, maybe, if it’s a Google campaign. If they search on Google, they come to your website. Once they come to your website, they’re automatically added into a retargeting campaign. Once they’re in this retargeting campaign, you have an automated, really funnel of showing them different ads. So, maybe for the first seven days you show them this promotion, maybe for the next 30 days you show them that promotion. And then if they don’t do anything there, maybe on these ads, maybe you show them a YouTube video in an automated way. It’s literally like a drip campaign of ads. So, not e-mail, actual digital ads as they’re surfing the Internet that they’re seeing in an automated way. And eventually, if you’re doing that, they will convert. Example Number 2, automate your social media with regards to targeting. Here’s the example.

You run an ad on Facebook, right. Let’s say it’s a video ad. You can then set up a campaign if somebody watches that video for 50% or more, that they’re entered into another campaign that retargets those people with a different ad or a different video.

And if they watch a certain percentage of that, they can be entered into another campaign so that they’re seeing different content over time, which is maybe helping them through that buying process until they are ready to convert. So, think about that conversion funnel, and that path, and really automate it. If you set up a good initial campaign, then it’s really hands-free after that. Example Number 3 is automate your e-mail communications. So, what I mean by that is, when somebody subscribes, or they convert on your website or a social ad, now, rather than just showing them digital ads, you can actually send them e-mails in an automated way. So, for example, maybe you have a CRM, and when you convert somebody from a cold lead to a hot lead in your CRM, you can automatically set up a campaign that sends them an e-mail that talks about XYZ. And then, seven days later it sends them another e-mail. And then, seven days later it sends them another e-mail. And this is completely automated.

So, when somebody converts on your site, you can build a drift campaign of e-mails in an automated way that keeps the communication going until eventually they convert.

Example Number 4, automate your customer e-mails. So, by that I mean, here’s a good example. Maybe this is to build reviews and reputation. When you mark somebody in your CRM, okay, from something like “pending project” to “completed project”, when they enter into the completed project you can automatically send them an e-mail that says, “Hey, we appreciate your business.

Thanks for working with us. If you wouldn’t mind, take a second and leave us a review, give us your feedback.” Now, if they do that, they can be removed from that campaign automatically.

But if they don’t, you can automate another e-mail that sends a week later, that says, “Hey, I know you’ve been busy. We really would love this feedback. Please leave us a review.” And, basically, if they leave a review then, you can take them out.

If they don’t, you could maybe wait this time like a month, and say, “Hey, about a month ago we worked with you. If you wouldn’t mind taking a second to send this review.” You see how this can go, kind of, on forever? You can do this same thought process with literally anything and automate your communications to your customers on the e-mail side. Automate your text message marketing. This is similar to e-mail, but text messages are a little bit different. This is something small business owners don’t take advantage of like I think they should, because text messages are opened at almost 100% open rate. I mean, it’s insane, whereas e-mail is more like in the 20% area. The other thing is, text messages are opened in basically real-time. People look at those things within five minutes, whereas e-mail, you know, can be days. So, the text message is a little different in terms of the user experience.

And some examples of how you can take advantage of that is, for example, get somebody to opt-in by a nice call-to-action on your website, like, “Hey, go to 39970 and get an instant 50% off coupon your first visit, and then get VIP deals after that along the way.” This is amazing, because this is perfect for, like, big sales days or filling empty inventory, such as a restaurant on a Tuesday being dead. You can send out a text message to your VIP list saying, “Hey, come in, ten bucks off your meal,” and you can fill up that inventory. It’s going to be better to give a discount than not have a sale at all, right? So, text messages allow you to do that, and you can automate that whole process.

So, bonus tip of the day, for all this to occur, you need a good marketing platform. You need a CRM that’s connected to your marketing, cross-channel, Google, Facebook, Instagram, Bing, all that, right? And you need marketing automation built in. And you need text message marketing built in. So, it’s hard to find a platform that does all that, but that’s what you need to be successful. It’s fully integrated, it fully communicates all of that. So, definitely look into that. Marketing360.com does all of that. So, if you’re looking for a platform, you can get started there. Give us a call, we’d love to help you. So, thanks for watching.

Hopefully this gave you some ideas about how automated marketing can work, and how you can do automated marketing to grow your brand. If you like the video, like it, share it, follow us. We have videos like this that we crank out all the time. .

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