Earn $1.50 Every 60s JUST Taking Phone Screenshot! (Make Money Online)

Hey, what is up you guys this is Benson and today’s video I’ll just show you a brand new methods where you can earn one dollar and fifty cents for every 60 seconds by you. Just taking phone screenshot Okay And let’s do a quick map right here One minutes you earn one dollar and fifty cents If you do it for ten minutes You can earn up to fifteen dollars And if you do it for one hour every sixty minutes You can earn up to ninety dollars by just using these methods which I’ll show you Step-by-step exactly how to do it and imagine right every hour you can earn ninety dollars. How would you spend those money? Okay How could that change your life? So I want you to pay really close attention to this entire tutorial and don’t miss out on any Important steps and tips so that you can secure your 90 dollars per hour Strategy in this video and make sure that you get all the details and the step-by-step live Demonstration which I’ll show you later part in this video If you do wrong on any single steps, you will not get those money right They will not pay you if you make those kind of mistakes and also on the site note this method is really beginner friendly It’s hundred percent free and they are covering many different countries Okay, but if you are new to my channel be sure to subscribe to my channel click on a subscribe button right now and also hitting on the Notification bell so that you’ll get notified whenever I’m releasing daily new videos to show you different ways to make money online and for some of you guys if you want to learn my number one recommendation To make a full time passive income online What I think is the best right now after reviewing hundreds and hundreds of different websites Click on the first link down below and I’ll share with you all the details on the inside So let us go on to today’s website, which is for passion calm Okay on this website, you can start to earn a lot of money by sharing your opinions and taking some screenshot I’ll show you exactly how to do this.

And also Jason a mareana if you are watching congratulations, right because those two of them they are actually making hundreds and hundreds of dollars already on this website because I do talk about These methods in one of my videos I think a few months ago, but right now I’ll show you. What is the strategies? Okay What are the strategies how are they making 100 of dollars by using these strategies? So make sure you pay close attention and watch the entire video because I know that this method is 100% working Okay her percent working before he diving any further we wanna make sure that this company is really legit right is something real but mean so that they have been working with companies of all different size and big companies like you Know some of the brands that you might know of Samsung coca-cola and larell, right.

There are some real company. I’ll show you right if you know joint them You can become a tester. Okay go over to his home page and click on become a tester on a top right corner Click on this button and you will land on these page. Ok become a tester You can work online working from home badges using your smartphone and share your opinions and taking a few screenshot Which I’ll show you the step by step live demonstration on how to do that, right Even if you are brand new you can get started starting today if you watch this video until the end So the reason why they wanna pay you is because those big companies that we talked about Samsung coca-cola those big brands they want your opinion, right? They want your opinion your experience when you are using their website So if you do this you write some short reviews we shall show you it takes you about 5 to 10 minutes to write those Very short reviews and you take a screenshot of the website and they’ll pay you in vouchers and also PayPal every single month Right, and they’ve been paying out to over a hundred thousand people working from home from many different countries by just doing this job Right here and let me show you how does it work? And how does it work? So first off when you go onto the back office, you see many different websites and application You can use a smartphone or your tablet to do this and after that you can share some feedback You can do it on the positive feedback or even on the negative feedback Right and they’ll use the feedback to better improve their company their website and after you submit your feedback and your screenshot They will start to review that by their moderators and if they are done they’ll start to pay you right and let me show you what is the feedback so you don’t have to worry because For these methods, you don’t have to show your face.

Ok, and you don’t even have to show your voice You don’t have to speak out any stuff unlike other testing website for this a feedback is just a screen of the website Right if you are taking the phone if you are testing on this website, for example If you are testing on protection, you just have to take a screenshot to prove that you have been going to the website Okay, and give a very short clear description, it can be positive. It can be negative Elements, for example, right I would have liked the connection button to be more prominent because I couldn’t find it Okay a screenshot Passed a short review a short feedback and that is how you can get paid by doing this over And over again that would take you about five to ten minutes to do it and they’ll have unlimited of job Opportunities on this website, right? So if you wanna join them, if you’re no guest order just click on these start earning money You’ll find these buttons all over the places throughout the website Okay become a tester click on this one and They’re gonna load this page and land on a signup form And once you sign up we can actually get instant two euros dollars Once you sign up right once your son are you putting in your email you put in a password? They’re sent you two euros right away without you even do any stop Okay, and once you get verified, you can see tons and tons of different jobs.

We shall show you right now the live demonstration Make sure that you watch this video on to the end because there are a lot of tips That I wanna share with you sooner. You can secure your money A lot of people they actually fail to make money on this website because they make these kind of mistakes we shall point out to you in the later part of this video because remember this tent number three is that Your feedback is will reveal by their moderators, right if you get this approved, you will not make any money So make sure you watch this video until the end. So let us go on to the step-by-step demonstration right now So once you sign up once you create a free account on your phone on your tablet or on your desktop you’re gonna be login into that and you’ll see many different mission many different projects that you can pick up right here for Example for this one you can use a desktop the pay of five euros desktop five euros for this one You can use a mobile phone and they’ll pay you ten euros for doing that Okay, and once you complete those different mission different tasks the current show of your congratulations your mission has been validated and they’ll pay your money for doing that and you can see how much you earn at the back-office as Well, so let me show you if you’re not join them Just click on one of the example If you’re not do this chop right now five euros is gonna click on this read the brief.

Okay. Click on this green button I’m moving the next step before you’re starting a mission. They’re gonna give you a quick reminder on what is the expectation, right? This is very very important. If you didn’t complete any one of these you will not get approved by the moderator Meaning that you will not make any money meaning that you will waste your time by doing this job Okay, so make sure that your duties are completely accurate first off. You have to write complete sentences, right? I’ll show you exactly how to do that and the later part of this video and also a feedback must contain only One idea a lot of guys. They just threw out many different ideas on one feedback so that way they will not get approve Okay, make sure that you get only one idea in every one feedback and also provide at least one feedback per step Right this I’ll show you a few simple steps step one step two step three Make sure that you give only one idea per feedback for every step Okay, and also report at least two problems with maybe one problem is about hey, these buttons is not clickable Maybe the second problem is that I cannot find the about me page.

Okay on the website So these are two problems on this report. So let’s say you have find two problems on the website You have to mark one problem as important, right? So there is very important you have to do this all correctly so that you can secure your money on your mission Okay, make sure they do that and after that you can click on this next button So after you click on the next button they’ll show you the website link crater URL link to the website of Ikea you’re gonna click on this link and go to the actual website, okay So follow the step by step instruction visit the IKEA website Take some time to explore and discover the website and give your first impression So once you visit a website, you have to add a screenshot to prove that you actually have visited the website So right now let me show you how you can add a screen shot of the website.

Okay? so first off you to click the button and you have to click on this browse button and you have to start to upload your Screenshot and you’re gonna go through that and click on this upload green button They’ll start uploading your images the screenshot of the website and that’s it So once you upload the screen shot of the website You got to select this is a problem or this is accompaniment for the example These guys gonna click on this is a problem And right now you’ll get a title of your feedback and also some short description of your experience, right? Let me show you what you can type on this So now this is a short example, for example The title of the feedback is that clarify what this website has to offer right for this example I think this first impression is not so good I think this is a problem and the feedback that I want to give for them is that I Cannot find a clear offer on the website, right? So the problem is that clarify What is the website has to offer and I’m gonna share some of the experience when I first? You know browsing the website when I first explore the website the first three things I see on the homepage or cookies information.

Ash I display about sales happening now and some quick big questions probably about armchairs, but honestly, I don’t know Okay None of that is useful to me given I want to buy some furniture The sales announcement might be but again it is so tiny. I do not dare to click on it. It is ridiculous. Really? Ok, so there is some experience of you actually browsing the website is your first impression so after you put in your title and a short description you can click on this feedback is one of the most Important for me. Ok. Remember I talked about you have to mark one of your feedback that’s important, right? This could be your first year our first feedback. It could be not important maybe on the next feedback You can click on these This is important right remember to mark one of the feedback as important And after that you can click on these go to the next step or if you want to edit your description you can stay on This tab and edit your description added a title But once you get you ready? You want to go to the next step? Just click on this green button go to the next step.

Ok? So now there’s a step number one, which is the first impression. So right now you go to step number two again, right? You’re gonna go on to the website. You’re gonna give you the URL link click on that You’re gonna follow the step by step instruction and upload your images upload a screenshot and compete and repeat the same process That is it, right. Your feedback has been sent successfully you can now create a new one. That’s very simple You can do this over and over again. Just repeat it. It’s really simple We can do it on your phone on your tablet or even on your desktop So once you complete all the steps at the end I’m going to show you right you have come for feedbacks You’re gonna identify at least two problems and you have mark at least one as important.

Congratulations your fulfill all the requirements But before validating, please reveal one last time your feedback and then click on the finish. Ok, then when do you review again? Make sure that you don’t have any mistakes. You’re gonna go to again the for feedback once you identify everything is correct Everything secure a just click on this finish Mission button and you’ll start to review your application and you’re gonna get paid once they’re proof. Ok Ok, so that is the step-by-step demonstration that I talked about You have to go to that if you having some difficulty make sure that you watch this video again Follow the step by step instruction that I talked about make sure that you don’t miss out any key information Ok, so this one will show up in today’s video I hope that you do gain some sort of value from me If you do like this video if you gain some sort of value from me remember You hit the like button and if you are new to my channel Remember to subscribe so that you can make more money with my daily brand new videos here on the notification bar as well And if you would like to learn my number one recommendation to make a full-time passive income online Click on the first link down in the video description Branson tail comm slash start and I’ll show you all the details how you can make hundreds.

If not, Thousands of dollars per day by using these methods. I’m really happy to share with you all the details So click on the link right now Which is what I think is the best right now after personally reviewing hundreds and hundreds of different website. Ok I’ll see you on the inside and see you on my next video. Take care and bye for now .
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Easiest Online Money Making System For A Beginner

Hey. So, in this video, we’re going to be talking about the easiest online money-making system for beginners to try. And I’m actually going to go over to my computer and show you a non-technical way you can start earning money today if you’re completely new to anything making money online. Let’s go. What is the easiest online money-making system for a beginner to start with? Now, for a beginner, you’re looking at one major thing when you’re working on the Internet. You want to do stuff that requires no technical skills.

So, what does that mean? What does that mean specifically? Let’s define this and chunk this down of what no technical skills involves. You don’t want to have to deal with a website. Second thing, you don’t want to have to deal with a product. Because if you’re selling your own product, you’re going to have to setup so many different things. You’re going to have to set up shipping and fulfillment.

You’re going to have to set up a CRM. You’re going to have to set up so many systems when dealing with physical products compliance. GPR. VAT. All this stuff, taxes. There’s so many different systems. It’s way too technically complex. That leaves us with very few options. Okay. Now, the easiest online money-making system for beginners really leaves us with this. Which is affiliate marketing. Okay? Affiliate marketing is the act of selling another person’s product. And receiving commissions for that. And that’s what I do and I earn millions of dollars per year doing that. Now, what I’m going to show you is a very simple method which is meant for a beginner to start with affiliate marketing.

And simply put… All this system requires is for you to post a link on your Facebook account. So, what are we going to do? The easiest money-making system for a beginner to start out with is simply doing a Facebook post. And including an affiliate link. Okay? Not too hard, right? This is one of the easiest places to get started. This is the easiest place to get started. Here come with me to my computer and I’ll show you exactly how. So, here we are on Amazon. Now, if you scroll to the bottom of Amazon, you’ll see in the footer is a little area that says “Make Money With Us”. Okay, make money with us. Which I mean, isn’t that great? You know, Amazon’s asking to make money with them. But you’ll see here, there’s a number of different options and one of them says, to “Become an Affiliate”.

Okay. So, if we click on that, it’ll say affiliate program at Amazon. And you can earn commissions for any product that you recommend for people to buy on Amazon. Now people are already buying like… I don’t know. Like billions of dollars of stuff on Amazon every single day. So… And you can earn a percentage of that just by recommending people what to buy. It’s really great. Now, when you sign up for Amazon’s program, what you’ll get at the top of your site is this little thing. You’ll get what’s called site stripe. So, you’ll get this little.. See, it says “Amazon Associates Site Stripe. And you’ll be able to generate what are called Affiliate links. And i’ll show you that in a second. But affiliate… Whenever somebody clicks on an affiliate link, buys the product, you make money. Now, let’s look up a product so we can create our affiliate link. So, here we have one of my favorite books which is a Millionaire FASTLANE.

It had a big effect on my life. Purchased a couple years ago. And let’s say i want to get my affiliate link. So, i’m going to get… I’m going to grab… See, I click get link and right click and click copy. Now, all I need to do next is I need to go to Facebook. And we’re going to use a little format for this. We’re going to tell a story and you can do this too. But I suggest you take a book of what something that’s affected or changed your life. Okay? Or a CD. A book or CD. Something that’s had a major effect on your life. Now, I’m going to write a story about this. The format is going to be roughly… We’re going to tell a story about how this book or CD was relevant. We’re going to talk about the pros of the book. And we’re going to talk about the cons of the book.

And then we’re going to make a recommendation. Okay? Now, this is a very simple format for marketing a product. And what we’re doing here is called copywriter. It’s a form of marketing. So, I’ll start off with my story. You know, I’ll say something like, you know, “I used to feel suffocated working a job I hated every single day. I felt like my life had so much potential and promise in college. Yet, when I joined Corporate America, I felt stagnant and disconnected from my work. Not only that…” What I’m doing here is I’m trying to create a story that sells, okay? And I’m trying to create connection. Because ultimately the only reason people buy is because there’s some sort of connection. That’s called marketing. It’s the same thing as marketing and sales are two sides of the same coin. Sales is just done in person whereas marketing is done online with words and texts and images.

So, I’m going to finish writing this story. Then I’ll explain it to you. “Not only that. But I wasn’t making much money.” So, I just wrote a real quick Facebook post. It took me a couple minutes and I’m just going to explain it what I did so that you understand what I’m doing here in terms of affiliate marketing. So, I wrote a post and the general format I followed was I told a little bit of a story. I talked about the pros of the book. Talked about the cons of the book and I made a recommendation. Now, if you see here in this story, I started off with something that is very relatable from a first-person perspective. Again, if you’re set just like in sales, if you’re marketing products online, you want to actually relate to the person. Don’t want to speak in like, you know, broadness.

So I said, “I used to feel suffocated working a job. I hated every single day.” Now, a lot of people can relate to that. And I saw a recent poll 84% of people hate their job in America. And the number is even higher in China and Japan. –Is that something like 93% of people hate the job they’re working for. So, a lot of people are going to relate to me when I speak about that.

And I told people that I was looking to become a successful entrepreneur. But you know, so I tried to find… You know, I I started reading some books. And I talked about the pros of the book. You know, I talked about some good things about it, I talked about some bad things about it. As a you know, very kind of in-your-face title and it doesn’t have a step-by-step system to follow. And then what I did was I made a recommendation at the end. I said if you’re looking to change your life, if you’re looking to work for yourself, read this book. And I put my affiliate link in there. So, anybody who clicks on that link in or clicks on this post in Facebook, I can make a commission off of it. So, that is the easiest money-making system for a beginner try online. All you need to know how to do is copy and paste the link, right? And all you need to do is tell a story. And that’s what we do all day. But the only quote-unquote technical bit is copy and paste. And anybody using a computer can do copy/paste.

So, if you took something away from this video, like, subscribe to my channel. And let me know what you recommended if you tried out this method on Facebook in the comments below. And a post your story there because I’d love to see your stories. And if you are looking for a step-by-step system to get started with your online business, I actually have a very a free 2-hour training. The link is in the description that you can sign up for which will go over exactly how to start your online business, step-by-step.

Thanks for watching. .

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Free PayPal Money? Scam Revealed

There’s this huge scam going on about free PayPal money and I’m just going to expose sort of what’s going on here and show you exactly what’s happening so you don’t fall into this same trap like many others have. Hey. So, I’m John Crestani. I’ve made millions on the internet. So, I know something about making money online. And its really killing me. I’m seeing all of these messages about free PayPal money all over my YouTube channels in the comments. It’s absolutely spamming my comments.

And I don’t know if you’ve seen any text like this. I got $2,643 after searching a lot of sites and found this system. And it brings you to a site sort of like this. Click the button below to get your free PayPal money, okay? Or different variations of this site, okay? There’s just a lot of variations. This is all a total scam. These messages are absolutely blowing up my YouTube right now. Look, believe me. You will thank me later. Now, it’s $6,543. And now, it’s earned money daily. $500 per day. And it all goes to these links to get free PayPal money. Look, here’s another site. Free PayPal money generator. Look at this. It’s saying I can select $15,000 and I can just click get money and it will send the money directly to my PayPal account, okay? This is a total scam.

So don’t fall for this people. PayPal is not sending anybody free money. Okay, I want to make that clear. PayPal is not sending anybody free money. And if you just think about this logically, in what world would you just select the amount of money you want to make and just get paid at? Poverty would be solved. Everybody would be rich. Everybody would have a private jets and be flying around the world and going to Mars. This is a total scam. And if you fall for this, you know, you you need to do your research on this stuff first. I’m putting out this video because I’m hoping this ranks or shows up somewhere in the interwebs for people looking up free PayPal money. Because this is not real. Real money takes work to get, okay? Unless you steal it from people or unless you do something unethical.

It takes work. And even stealing from people takes effort. Even hacking computers takes brainpower. You can’t just click a button and solve your financial problems. It’s totally madness. Now, I’ve been getting these messages all the time. I don’t know if it’s because when people google me, I show up for the words make money online. But I get all this sort of spam. Finally, I’ve been able to find… Look, send me more than $1,234. These are all scams people. Look, it’s another site.

PayPal money adder, okay? Latest payment proof. People, these are all made-up screenshots. These are not PayPal’s actual site. What you can do to verify and keep yourself safe from scams is, first off look to see if it’s a secure site. That’s like one indicator. f it’s not a secure site, it means it hasn’t liked the site hasn’t been registered. So you can’t trust it as much. Second off, if you’re supposed to get money from PayPal, then what you would expect to see is PayPal in the URL, okay? PayPal is not in the URL.

It says best work online club. Best work online club, are you kidding me? And what this is is this is unfortunately an affiliate scheme that people are putting these comments up because they are making money for everybody they sucker in it. It’s a really bad affiliate scheme. You know, affiliate marketing, there’s good affiliate marketing and there’s bad affiliate marketing. You can recommend products that help people or you can recommend products that hurt people. In this case, the only thing that’s going to happen here is you’re going to end up losing money. Okay, plain and simple. Now, I’m going tO enter my email address just to see what happens if anything happens here. So, this is all fake, okay? Google does searches that are much faster than this. What this is, is this is a marketing funnel. This is a way to get people to give away their email address and slowly get suckered in by high hopes and dreams of money and you won’t actually be able to do this.

So this is how this works. Copy below and paste 5 different comments of YouTube videos. Don’t try to cheat. If you click verify. Click the button to get your PayPal money below. And what you’ll see is they’re just entering you into a marketing funnel. Get $100 Visa gift card. And see what this is going to do is it’s just gonna take your time, it’s going to ask for more and more and more information. You’ll have to eventually enter your credit card information and you’ll end up being charged a lot of money. This is an affiliate scheme, okay? Now, good affiliate marketing is when you’re recommending products that help people. And in this case, this is all smoke and mirrors. There is no $100 Walmart gift card.

Nobody’s actually reading the results of this survey. All this is designed to do is actually take your money from you. There’s no training here. This is a scheme. If it seems too good to be true, it usually is. So, watch out. There’s a lot of these schemes out here. Don’t buy products from random comments that promise you weird stuff in on YouTube. I see it every single day and expedite tools got me.

Don’t believe this stuff. Please people, if you’re watching this, don’t fall for this stuff. If you want to learn a real way to make money, you can subscribe to my channel and there’s a free video course on affiliate marketing which is what I do to make hundreds of thousands of dollars per month and millions of dollars per year. So, you can go to that. And also, if you could comment below and let me know if this helped you and if you would like me to expose more scams, please comment below with the words expose more scams. And I will take note of this. And I will take a proactive approach to exposing more scams that I see happening on the Internet. I’ve made millions of dollars online. I have a good read on what’s working what’s real and what’s false at the end of the day now. And like this video if you got helped out by this. Talk to you soon and looking forward to seeing you in the next video.

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Make $100/Day on YouTube without Making any Video -Make Money Online

What is that my beautiful ninja family in this video.  I’m gonna be showing you how this weird top 10 fastest trains in the world video made over a hundred and seventeen thousand dollars profit and the most important part how anyone anywhere even if you have a zero experience and zero subscribers can start making money today on YouTube without making any videos yourself.

I promise you this is gonna be a good one stay tuned alright guys so in this video we’re going to be showing you how to make $100 or more right the examples that we’re gonna give in this video these people are making way more than $100 per day literally making videos on YouTube without doing any of the recording yourself you don’t have to be on camera you literally don’t have to do anything all you have to do is remake videos that you’re allowed to use right this is 100% legit.

I did all the research there’s something called Creative Commons that we’re gonna show you and talk about a little bit later in this video I’m gonna show you guys how you can start making a ton of money from YouTube literally just re uploading videos that are already on YouTube because, I know a lot of people don’t have cameras a lot of people don’t want to get in front of a camera but anyone anywhere with zero subscribers can start to do this and start to make a ton of money doing it.  So most people think that you’re not actually allowed to just reuse you know YouTube content and other people’s content that they upload on youtube people think that there’s coffee rights people think that they’re not allowed to actually reuse that and a lot of times that is actually true but not always.

There’s something called creative comments,  and what Creative Commons is is it allows anyone anywhere to reuse the video content that people upload to YouTube if they mark it as Creative Commons and the cool thing is it’s actually very easy to figure out what is creative comments and what is not creative comments .

if you know how but as a warning guys do not skip any of this video because there’s one critical thing that you absolutely have to know to be able to make this work and I know some people are gonna skip parts of the video or skip to the end and things like that you are not going to make this work unless you know every step you guys there’s one critical mistake that a lot of beginners make and if you don’t make that mistake then you can actually go on to really start making a ton of money like again this video right here that made over a hundred and seventeen thousand dollars profit and if you don’t believe me I’m going to prove it to you in just a few minutes alright.

so I want to show you guys just a few examples of actually people who are doing this so we’re gonna share my screen really quick and what we’re looking at right here literally all i typed in was just scariest right so like scariest you can see million views.  13 scariest videos found on the dark web right you see million views seven years ago top 10 most disturbing scariest Courage the Cowardly Dog episodes right but you can do this for anything like you can do you can literally just search top 10 right and you can look at all of these different things right here.

You can see million views right too two months ago million views 165 million views all of these different you know videos and you can enter things you can enter all types of things my favorite things to actually enter are you know things that have to do with fitness conspiracy theories sports right for teams things that people actually search all the time right so you’re saying yourself probably Kevin yeah these people have millions of views but how are they actually making money right and we’re gonna talk about exactly how much money 1 million views generally is for most of these youtubers and how much they’re actually bringing in you know from a profit perspective because according to Business Insider right most youtubers average about $3 CPM and what that means is how much you get paid per 1000 views so if a video has a million views right and you’re getting paid $3 per thousand views you’re getting paid three thousand US dollars 100 percent profit right for every million views that you actually have and so here’s another example right top 10 trains top 10 fastest trains in the world 2018 it’s literally a compilation of the fastest trains in the world you can see a year ago it has 39 million views so if we pop up the calculator right here we can see 39 million views times 3000 dollars like I just proved to you right there getting paid $3,000 and that’s pretty much minimum guys $3,000 per million views so 39 million times 3000 is a hundred and seventeen thousand dollars profit for literally uploading a train video top 10 fastest trains in the world so you’re probably saying yourself okay Kevin how do I figure out which of these videos I can actually use and then how do I actually make money doing it well that’s a good question and the way that you actually do it is by using what’s called creative commons so every time that I actually typed something into YouTube what I can do is come to filter right here and then I can literally type in Creative Commons right so what Creative Commons means is it means that you can actually download these videos right and if you don’t know how to download a YouTube video all you have to do is google search how to download a YouTube video right there’s mp4 downloaders it’s very very easy to do and once you filter for creative comments like I just did it’s going to show you videos any video that pops up with the Creative Commons filter on and as a little note every time you do a new search you want to make sure that it’s on because sometimes it actually turns itself off but you can see that it’s obviously on right here every single one of these videos is free to use right so I can literally download this exact video with 39 million views and maybe I could download some other top 10 fastest training compilations that are also creative comments and what I can do is I can reorganize right I can use a free editing software like iMovie like a ton of different editing software and you can reapplied the same video with a different thumbnail and a different title right all you need is an eye-catching thumbnail and a well-organized title right top ten fastest trains in the world 2018 there isn’t a top ten fastest trains in the world 2019 right people always want to see the most recent actual thing that they’re looking for on YouTube so what are actually the most profitable niches and topics to actually do this for right because you can make top 10 compilations top 3 top 5 for anything but there’s a few actual categories where you are going to make the most money and if you’re saying to me Kevin but I have zero subscribers I’m just starting how do I actually make this work every single one of these people who does this right when you look on YouTube start to actually think about it these people are uploading these top 5 and top tens not because they love doing it they’re doing it because YouTube is paying them thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars to do this and all you have to do is get one video that goes viral with the YouTube algorithm right it was free for this person to create this six minute compilation it probably took them a couple hours they downloaded different videos from around YouTube and they actually just created a compilation a top 10 they reloaded it added a cool thumbnail added a cool title and they were on their way but what are actually the best niches and topics to do this for it because if you choose the wrong topics no one’s gonna watch it and if no one watches it you’re not gonna make any money so let’s talk about what the actual best topics are to do these compilations for but really quickly I do want to give a huge shout out to our comment winner yay um and if you want to be the comment winner and get a shout out on our next video all you have to do is three simple things you have tact that like button make sure that you do subscribe to the strongest family on YouTube and leave a comment down below letting me know what you are struggling with right now if you’re making money online if you’re just getting started let me know where you’re at so I can personally help you on your journey to start making more money online okay so what actually are my favorite things to make these compilations about realistically the best things that people are constantly watching every single day are Fitness right people love consumer see theories like if we type in conspiracy we can see you know five hundred and ninety forty nine thousand eight hundred and forty-one thousand two point four million right lots of different actual videos here fifteen million top ten conspiracy theories of all time people love watching this stuff it’s the strangest thing but they actually do right people love watching sports highlights so if you go into here like top ten sports and then we go filter Creative Commons you can see five point six million views the best jumpers in the world right you can see vlogbrothers you can see lots of different stuff to actually take a look at here and you can do top ten sports compilations highlights best dunks there’s so many different things you can actually make video about so sports is another one that I really love recent news right if things go viral gaming is probably the number one thing that people are actually watching videos on on youtube so if you type in gaming here you know you can also type in like popular games like fortnight for example and you can also use things that Google and YouTube tell you are popular so we can see right here that there’s actually a youtube trending and to find this all I did was Google search YouTube trending I mean you can see YouTube trending literally for gaming and you know what people are actually watching right two million views in 19 hours billion million views in 20 hours like literally you can see these things that people are watching and then you can literally remake ones of videos without making any videos yourself just with compilations and reposting videos that have creative comments and allow you to do it right this is not shady at all you’re not going to get shut down YouTube is 100% okay with this all you have to do is make sure that they’re actually creative comments so that you can reuse the footage and another cool tool that you can actually use to see how much money these people are making from YouTube channels and we can use a big youtuber like rice gum for example what we can do is we can take his his YouTube username and we can go to a site called social blade so what social blade does is it’ll actually show you how much an estimate of how much money that they’re making so he’s making estimated million dollars from YouTube every single year and that’s probably lower than he actually is right because my estimated earnings if we go to mine right here so we’re gonna select my channel right here and what we’re gonna do is so this is actually the monthly earnings and I only know the actual could the correct monthly earnings of my channel I don’t know what rice comes actually making I’ve never asked him but I know that from what this estimates my monthly earnings are I know that it’s actually realistically about four or five times higher than that so if rice gums was four or five times higher than that then he could be making you know up to ten million dollars a year from his YouTube channel obviously he has a massive channel but socialblade is a really cool tool that you can see to estimate how much people are actually making from YouTube with their channels based on the amount of views all right guys so let’s summarize really quick so how do you actually do this right the best way that you do this is you go into YouTube and you literally search for popular videos that have the Creative Commons license which is totally free to reuse in whatever way you want and then you make better versions of their videos you make a better thumbnail you make a better keyword rich title and then you re upload that video right maybe you see 10 different compilations of the fastest trains in the world and maybe you know number two is lame maybe number three is lame and so what you do is you make a better master version of all of those already popular videos and then you’ve reapplied it and your first video might not be perfect and your second video might not go viral but I have friends who are literally making hundreds of thousands of dollars doing this exact strategy and they all started with zero experience and zero subscribers and so all you have to do is just get started and try to put out you know one or two videos a day where you’re just downloading them making them better re uploading them having better thumbnails right and you can get thumbnails made on fiverr.com for literally five dollars right there’s no excuses guys you can do this people are doing it every single day just don’t be the 99% of people that never takes any action right be the 1% who actually tries this stuff and actually makes it work because remember all you have to do is just remake better videos that have the creative common license upload them and watch the view start coming in because there’s millions and millions of people on YouTube every single day and this is an amazing way to start making money online to start making $100 a day on YouTube with zero money to start alright guys so last thing if you enjoyed this video make sure you do me a favor it’s 1/2 the little like button it helps me reach more people it helps me reach more people who can actually start to use these strategies to make more money online and make sure that if you haven’t tap that little subscribe button turn on notification bill so that you will be the first person to know when we release a brand new video on how to make money online and how to be financially free this year so I hope you guys enjoyed this video leave me a comment down below letting me know what you’re struggling with leave me a comment down below letting me know if you’ve ever made even a single dollar online or if you need help and I’m gonna try to personally respond to every single comment down below that’s you guys leave helping you on your path to financial freedom so until next time guys happy customer

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How To Make $30 Per Hour Just BY WATCHING VIDEOS Online EASY 2019

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Florence Nightingale Revolutionizes Nursing (feat. Minka Kelly) – Drunk History

Hello, my name is Paget Brewster. And today we will be discussing Florence Nightingale, the Mother of Modern Nursing. Wha–that was perfect! – Just rolled right off your tongue. – Did it not? – The mutter of mudern nursing. – Did I say “The mutter of mudern nursing”? – The mudder of muddern nurding. – Hi, I’m Paget Brewster, and today, we will be discussing Florence Nightingale, The Mutter of Modern Nursing. Okay, our story begins in 1830s England, which is the beginning of the Victorian Area.

  • Oh. – “Era.” – I’ve been there. – Shut it up now. – – Okay. So Florence Nightingale is the daughter of a very wealthy affluent family outside of London. And Florence is doing what everyone her age is doing. She’s a teenager and her mother says, Oh, this is so great. You’re just gonna study all this stuff. And then you’re gonna marry rich ’cause you’re rich, and you’re gonna have kids. And Florence is like, Ugh. I don’t think I want that at all. In fact, I like nursing. I like fixing people and helping people. And maybe I’m a weirdo, I don’t know.

And she started thinking, Oh, my God. Maybe God has chosen me for something greater than just being a rich lady. So she tells her parents, I don’t want to run a house. I just want to be a nurse. She wants to be a nurse, but nursing is not a profession. And at the age of 24, she leaves the house and starts interning at the Harley Street hospital in London. And in 1853, the War of Crimea breaks out. So– – Have you ever been in that river? – Huh? – “Cry me a” river? You never been there? – Oh, me. Oh, my God. – – Oh, God. Why do I want to kick you? – I get that. – I like you. Anyway. In 1854, the Secretary of War, Sidney Herbert writes a letter to Florence Nightingale saying, Florence, uh, you’re a great nurse.

I’ve heard about your work at the–at the something hospital I already forgot the name of. – Is that Harley? – Harley Street hospital. That’s right. I need you to go get a team of nurses together and go and help out our military doctors. So Florence was like, Yep, I’m on board. So Florence gathers together 38 nurses. And they go to the Scutari Barracks Hospital in Constantinople, which is a piece of shit. It was rats and lice. It’s not even a hospital; it’s a barracks. So they show up, and the male doctors, they flip the out. They’re like, these broads. We don’t need any chicks here. God damn it. This sucks. – Would you like me to help you? – Yes, please, Derek. You broke it! That’s pretty manly. Thank you. Gi– Don’t you– Give me my booze, bitch! All right, you’re in for it now.

So the doctor’s pissed off, and Florence is like, Yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah, I get that. It’s never happened before in history, but I’m here now, my ladies are here now. Florence and her nurses are shocked at the conditions, but they believe in Florence, and they’re like, All right. We’re gonna do whatever she says. Let’s go. Let’s clean this up. Two days later, thousands of soldiers injured from the Battle of Inkerman are brought into the barracks hospital. This was 3,000 soldiers laying on straw pallets. They are covered in their own excrement. They are bleeding. So the doctors are like, Oh, shit. it, we need your help. She ends up being known as the lady with the lamp, because it was this British woman there in Crimea, holding a lamp and visiting soldiers.

But one night, while she was changing the dressing of a man who had had an arm amputation, an army doctor walked in. And the man was naked. – But why? – Because they had no resources. And the doctor said to Florence, The are you doing? His dick is out. And Florence was like, you. His arm’s infected. – Holding for plane. – Oh, my God, we’re holding for a plane. Don’t kick me. – I have a twitch. – I am not a fan of this. I thought you were a gentleman. – Florence Nightingale. I thought you liked– – Oh, I’m a fan of Florence Nightingale, not you.

You ready? – – Shut up! I’m gonna kick you in the nuts! Bring your nuts closer so I can kick the– ’cause I’m tired. – – So all of these soldiers are amazed this lady with a lamp was protecting them. And the soldiers were saying to each other, This is the only person that’s cared about us. And Florence and her nurses have done everything they can do. Unfortunately, in the four months that they are first there, 4,777 soldiers die. And Florence says, I’m so angry. I’m so angry we lost so many men. And I need to find out why we failed. So the Crimean War ends in 1856. And Florence gets back to England. And she is awarded a $250,000 war fund dispensation gift from Queen Victoria. But Queen Victoria says, What happened in Crimea? And Florence says, I don’t know. It was bad. And I think I noticed a trend. And I’m gonna have to think about this. She is also really sick. She has the Crimean flu. I mean, bad, coughing, sputum. – What’s sputum? – Sputum’s an old term for mucus.

  • Too much informashe. – “Informashe”? – – I will not accept that from you. – Crimea river. – Shut up. you. I’m drunk. So… Florence goes back to England and just goes to her bed. She’s so ill that she stays in bed for 11 years. – What? – And it–yes. In those 11 years, she starts studying all of her notes from Constantinople. And she’s like, I know something was wrong here. And she’s building graphs. And she starts seeing a pattern. And she’s like, I think I figured out what happened. The men at the Scutari Hospital were ten times more likely to die from an infectious disease than from a war wound. That’s why we failed. It was hygiene. And she was like, Cleanliness is next to godliness.

So she presents all of this analytical data to Queen Victoria. And in 1859, she wrote a book called “Notes on Nursing.” Years go by, and Florence uses the money that Queen Victoria gave her to found the Nightingale School of Nursing, which is the first nursing school in the history of ever? Nursing didn’t exist until Florence Nightingale. Also, when Florence Nightingale is 87 years old, she received the Order of Merit from Queen Victoria, who still is kicking, and is like, This Florence is great! She fixed a bunch of shit. I like her moxie. This was the first time a woman was ever awarded the Order of Merit.

And that’s a big deal. – Are you okay? – Yeah, I burped. – I know. That looked aggressive. – It was not an aggressive burp. – I mean, aggressive as in, like, I wanna make sure you’re not gonna throw up. Okay? – You know I–I’m a lady. – Oh. Curtsy. – C–curtsy. Okay, you ready? So Florence Nightingale was responsible for pioneering an industry and giving women a job and a purpose that they weren’t allowed at that time. So what she did was really extraordinary. And it’s amazing. 159 years later, her book is still used in hospitals today. My math is not good. It might be 170-something. – Remember, it’s 2019. – Okay, I don’t like math. I want you to do it. Not because you’re a man. Well, kind of. – Uh…. .

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