Change file timestamp on Linux – touch command

Each file on Linux is associated with a timestamp that shows the time of the last access, last modification, and last change. When we create a new file or change an existing one or its attributes, this timestamp is automatically changed Touch is a command that is used to change timestamps (access time, modification time, and file modification time) You are unlikely to use this command often, but in some cases it can be very useful. 1. Create a new file using touch You can create an empty file using the touch command. The following example will create a zero-length file named grnd.txt

$ touch grnd.txt

You can also use the -c option to avoid creating new files. That is, if we use the -c switch and a file with the same name does not exist, then the touch command will not create this file.  

$ touch -c abcd.txt

Commands such as ls and find use timestamp information to output and search files.You can also create more than one file using only one touch command. An example shows the creation of 4 files with the names ab de fj kl

$ touch ab de fj kl

2. Change the timestamp of the file access (Access) We can change the timestamp of the file using the -a switch. By default, the current system time is set. First, run the command stat command to track a further change in time.

$ stat grnd.txt
  File: `grnd.txt '
  Size: 0 Blocks: 0 IO Block: 4096 regular empty file
Device: 801h / 2049d Inode: 3408768 Links: 1
Access: (0644 / -rw-r-- r--) Uid: (1001 / alexey) Gid: (4 / adm)
Access: 2012-11-20 14:07: 44.948481916 +0400
Modify: 2012-11-20 14:07: 44.948481916 +0400
Change: 2012-11-20 14:07: 44.948481916 +0400
 Birth: - 

Next touch with the -a switch

$ touch -a grnd.txt

After executing the command, we again check the status of the file:

$ stat grnd.txt
  File: `grnd.txt '
  Size: 0 Blocks: 0 IO Block: 4096 regular empty file
Device: 801h / 2049d Inode: 3408768 Links: 1
Access: (0644 / -rw-r-- r--) Uid: (1001 / alexey) Gid: (4 / adm)
Access: 2012-11-20 14: 27: 29.264508552 +0400
Modify: 2012-11-20 14:07: 44.948481916 +0400
Change: 2012-11-20 14: 27: 29.264508552 +0400
 Birth: -

3. Change the label modification time (Modify)You can change the modification time using the -m switch Example:

$ touch -m * .o

This command can be used to change the modification time of all object files, for example, to use the make utility.That is, using this command you can use standard masks. Note: You cannot change the time stamp of a file (Change) with the touch command. 4. Explicitly set access and modification times  Besides the fact that you can change the marks for the current time, you can also set explicit values ​​for these times, that is, the time that you need. The keys -t and -d are used for this. The format when using the -t switch will be – [[CC] YY] MMDDhhmm [.SS] – $ touch -t [[CC] YY] MMDDhhmm [.SS] Designations of this format: CC – Shows the first two digits of the year.YY – Shows the last two digits of the year. If the YY value is between 70 and 99, then the SS value is accepted as 19. And if the value YY jn 00 is up to 37, then the SS will be set to 20. It is impossible to set a date more than January 18, 2038.MM – Shows the monthDD – Indicates the datehh – hourmm – minutesSS – seconds Example:

$ touch -a -m -t 203710141103.24 grnd.txt

Check the result of execution:

: ~ $ stat grnd.txt
  File: `grnd.txt '
  Size: 0 Blocks: 0 IO Block: 4096 regular empty file
Device: 801h / 2049d Inode: 3408768 Links: 1
Access: (0644 / -rw-r-- r--) Uid: (1001 / alexey) Gid: (4 / adm)
Access: 2037-10-14 11: 03: 24.000000000 +0400
Modify: 2037-10-14 11: 03: 24.000000000 +0400
Change: 2012-11-20 15: 08: 04.992597671 +0400
 Birth: -

Also interesting:

Consider another example with a more readable date record:

$ touch -d "2012-10-20 13: 13: 13.000000000 +0400" grnd.txt

The touch command will be very useful for developers, especially when working with Makefiles5. Copy the timestamp from another file. You can also take one file as a reference and update timestamps to other files, that is, other files will have the same timestamps as the reference. To do this, use the -r switch Let’s give an example, we will update the timestamps to the ab.txt file taking the marks of the grnd.txt file as a reference

$ touch ab.txt -r grnd.txt

I hope this material will be useful to you, good luck!

How much do professional and novice photographers earn + how to start earning money for a beginner in this niche

Hello! In this article, we will talk about how much photographers earn.

Photographer is a fashionable and popular profession. Over the past 5 years, teenagers and students who do not know how to do things often think of going into the field of photography. The argument for everyone is simple: you don’t have to do anything, but you earn a lot. But this is not so. In this article I will talk about how photographers earn, what is needed for this and I will give a little motivation. 

The most expensive photos in the world

First, let’s talk about the most expensive photos.

1st place. Phantom ($ 6.5 million). The most expensive photo in the world. The picture was taken in 1999 by Peter Lick.

The most expensive photo №1

2nd place.  Rhine II ($ 4.33 million). One of the most popular photos on the net. It was made by the famous photo artist Andreas Gursky. In the photo the river Rhine in rainy weather.

The most expensive photo №2

3rd place.  “No. 96” ($ 3.89 million). Photo by photo artist Cindy Sherman. The idea of ​​this photo is that immature femininity is trying to be realized through the image of an innocent girl.

The most expensive photo №3

How much do photographers earn in Russia

From stars and popular photographs, let’s move on to Russian reality. In our country, the profession of a photographer is much less appreciated than in the West. And salaries are also lower.

According to Rostrud, photographers in Russia earn 27,000 rubles. This is an average of all niches. This takes into account wedding photography, portrait photography, and just people photographing nature.

Now let’s briefly talk about how much a photographer can earn in different niches:

  1. Wedding photographer. The highest paid niche. The competition in this area is frantic, it is difficult to break into the market in a large city. The average photographer receives 20-25 thousand rubles for one shooting day, a professional – from 80 to 150 thousand.
  2. Photographer in an advertising agency. An advertising agency is involved in marketing , and he also needs photographers. High-quality photographs cannot be dispensed with, so you often have to hire a specialist in the state. Design work, for a series of materials you need to remove something. The photographer is given a clear task, he performs. Salary depends on the status of the agency and its customers. On average – 30-40 thousand rubles for average specialists and up to 200 for good photographers in large publications.
  3. Photographer in the media.  This is practically a journalist. He needs to find some kind of story and make a sensation out of it. The more interesting the article, the more expensive the photographer’s work. Salaries depend on the region, from 10,000 rubles in the province for interns, up to 200-300 for large publications and eminent specialists.
  4. Fashion photographer. This category is highlighted separately, because only elite are allowed in fashion. Those people who can do it efficiently, quickly and at the highest level. Salaries of fashion photographers – from 50 000 rubles and above. In this niche, the name of the photographer decides a lot. Those who managed to build a personal brand have salaries ten times higher.
  5. Photo Studios. These are private agencies that provide photography services. Usually it looks like this: a person wanted to open his own studio, recruited photographers and attracted customers . Salaries depend on the status of the studio. The better the agency, the higher the price tag.
  6. Photography shop. The lowest level of skill of the photographer. These are small offices that take photos on documents or process finished pictures. As in the case of the studio, the owner of such a business hires a specialist. They pay little, from 10 to 20 thousand rubles. Skills are practically not required.
  7. Private photographer on the Internet. Niche with the largest variation. It’s like a photo studio all rolled into one. You’re looking for customers themselves, take pictures yourself, process the photos yourself and show them to the client. Salaries are different, from a minimum of 5 thousand rubles a month to 100-200 thousand. It all depends on your name and ability to sell services.

Some more general statistics. I looked at the vacancies of photographers all over Russia. Of the 900 vacancies, 41% offer a salary of up to 13 thousand rubles, 30% – with a salary of 13-26 thousand rubles, 14% – with a salary of 26-39 thousand rubles and 15% – more than 40 thousand rubles. A large salary is offered by the media and large publications that need high-quality photographs. At a rate of 26-39 thousand you can go to work in marketing agencies, photo studios, in small local media and magazines, but you need experience and portfolio. At the minimum rate, trainees are most often taken to regional media and remotely to sites / blogs.

How much does a beginner photographer earn?

Many people come to the profession who do not know anything. They know which side to look at the camera and how to press the button. This is where their skills end. And because of such newcomers, the market is overheating. Most customers do not understand how the shooting of a professional photographer differs from what their girlfriend takes in the DSLR. And so are not ready to pay more.

Novice photographers who have just entered the profession have not yet started a portfolio and have not gained experience. In most cases, they work either for free or at a symbolic price – 200-500 rubles for shooting and processing photos.

If a photographer works for himself, then in order to reach an average income of 20-25 thousand rubles, he needs six months – to fill out a portfolio, tell people about what he is doing, advertise himself. In a word – to develop a personal brand. And the more people think that you are a pro, the higher the price tag for shooting.

We recommend you to read:  How to make money for a beginner photographer on the Internet and not only – options for making money for a photographer .

How to start earning money for a photographer

A small step-by-step plan for those who want to make money on photos :

Step 1. Choose a direction. 

The first thing you need to do is choose a niche. Portrait shooting, landscapes, weddings, events for the media. Choose anything and don’t look at how much money it can bring. It is important that you yourself like the direction.

Step 2. Learn. 

You need to take at least some courses. It is advisable to pay, so that later there is a desire to recapture the money and energy spent. Choose from the masters on the Internet who work in your niche. If the wizard you like does not start the lessons, seek advice.

The better and more famous the master, the more expensive is his time.

Step 3. Start typing a portfolio. 

When you complete the basic training, you need to start collecting your portfolio. This is best done on Instagram. Firstly, it’s convenient, and secondly, you can become a blogger if people like your style. Just publish your work, report on the work done and occasionally talk about yourself.

Step 4. Promote yourself as a specialist. 

When you have at least a small portfolio, it’s time to engage in a personal brand. Start talking about yourself in more detail on your personal page or on your website . Now you can make a business card website in just one day.

Tell us about your life, about your experience in the profession, about your plans. Try to show that you are no longer a beginner.

Step 5. Get experience in the company. 

If you still want to devote yourself to photography, it’s time to look for the first serious experience. The first thing to do is send a resume for all the photo studios in your city. There you will gain experience, fill in the first bumps and realize that you will have to work with people. And people are stress.

You don’t go to a photo studio for money. Just an experience. The ability to present yourself, sell your services and work with people. This is an important skill.

Step 6. Work independently. 

Once you have gained experience, it is time to work for yourself or in a large company.

There are no pitfalls in the niche. Everything is just like everywhere else. First you need to understand what you want to do, then learn a lot, gain experience, build a professional brand around yourself and start earning a lot. Those who have money problems just don’t want to learn or sell themselves.

Photographers in Russia are not the highest paid profession. It is difficult for beginners in this niche to reach a decent level of earnings. But already in the middle price segment you can earn from 30 to 50 thousand rubles. And if you have talent, and you will be taken to the media, earnings will rise to 70-80. The main thing is not to give up at the first time when no one needs you and no one wants to pay you a lot.

How much stars earn on social networks + how to earn regular users

Hello! In this article we will tell you how much stars earn on social networks.

Yuri Dud opened this Pandora’s box when he began to ask celebrities – “How much do you earn?” But interesting, right? How much does that person whom you see on TV earn, admire and want to someday get an autograph from him. I was interested to learn about social networks. Is it true that stars get millions for advertising? In this article, you will find out what celebrities earn on social networks, how much the most expensive Western and Russian stars cost, and what a beginner can count on. 

What do celebrities earn on social networks

Social networks are a great platform for making money. If there is a promoted account that is commented, like, and listened to the opinion of the person who leads it, then there are opportunities to make money.

Stars have only two ways to monetize their accounts on social networks: sell ads or promote their own product. The first option is simpler. An offer arrives, money is transferred, a custom post is published, and you’re done. For each such action, the stars get a lot of money. And all would be well, if not one “but.” This method of advertising is gradually becoming obsolete. And there are several reasons for this:

  • Stars are asking for a lot of money.
  • Advertising conditions depend not only on the customer.
  • This method of PR and sales is not suitable for every business.

And then the second way enters the scene. Promotion of your own product. It could be anything. For example, Yuri Dud, a popular Russian interviewer on Youtube , launched his clothing store. He collected his most popular phrases and stuck them on clothes. And at the same time increased the price tag by 2 times. And now he no longer just sells commercials in commercials, but also advertises his business .

Every year, the number of stars that promote their products becomes more and more.

Information about the business and the earnings of stars on their products is scarce. Therefore, in this article we will only consider advertising revenue. But remember that the numbers from your products are several times higher.

How much do social media stars earn?

Most stars advertise on Instagram . This social network is more convenient for native advertising and provides more opportunities for celebrities to earn money .

World stars sell their ads for a lot of money. And global brands want to work with them. After all, they listen to each of the list of world celebrities and want to be like them. But whose post is more expensive? Let’s find out.

Kylie Jenner, one of the same Kardashian clan, receives $ 1 million for an advertising publication. The 21-year-old model is watched by more than 100 million people. 

The girl is confidently moving towards becoming the youngest self-made billionaire in the world.

Selena Gomez, 26-year-old singer, is noticeably behind her  rival in first place. Although she has more subscribers, the cost of 1 advertising post is much lower – $ 800,000. 

True, Selena has long held the leadership of world celebrities, and Jenner has recently been among them.

On the third line of the world top of the largest earnings in social networks is Cristiano Ronaldo. The athlete’s Instagram is full of sponsored photos with explicit and native advertising. 

One post at Cristiano costs $ 750,000. To earn $ 122 million (the amount that Juventus paid for the player’s transfer), he needs to publish 92 posts. Not so difficult.

Where without the second representative of the Kardashian clan. Kim Kardashian – 720 000 dollars for one advertising publication. 

Kim is the most popular and famous in her family, but still advertisers give her laurels of primacy to her younger sister.

Closes the most expensive five stars of Beyoncé. She earns $ 700,000 per post. 

The pregnant photo of the singer in 2017 collected the most likes in an hour. Here is such a peculiar record, which Selena Gomez then broke.

The prices for Russian Instagram stars are much lower:

  • The most expensive post at Timati, more than 3 million rubles.
  • Olga Buzova has already started selling her posts for 1.5-2 million rubles.
  • Sergei Shnurov also does not hesitate to name the high prices – 1.5 million for a creative approach and an interesting, strong presentation.
  • Ksenia Sobchak before the election announcement received 400-450 thousand rubles for one advertising post. And now the cost of one publication with all the bonuses reaches 1 million rubles.
  • And closes our top five most expensive stars on Instagram Ksenia Borodina, who receives 2 times less for a post – 450-500 thousand rubles.

But unlike Western colleagues, our stars are not always interesting to advertisers. Timati rarely manages to sell his post for the full price tag. But most of all, Olga Buzova earns on advertising in social networks with her huge number of sponsored publications.

As for the frequency of advertising, almost all celebrities post 3-4 posts a week. It turns out that on a day they earn at least half their price per post.

Is it possible to earn for ordinary users

With the stars, everything is clear. But how much can beginners who want to promote their accounts earn? To be honest, ordinary people have no chance of earning as a celebrity who can receive several million per post. And so you need to look for other options. And they really are.

Ordinary users can earn money by promoting their products through social networks. Approximately the same concept, to which the stars are slowly coming. Remember how Yuri Dud started selling things under his brand . And he is not alone.

The advantage of this approach is that you do not offer your credibility in exchange for money, but a specific product. And if you competently build your personal brand on social networks, then this method of monetization will be much more profitable than everyone else.

One of the most commonplace examples that may come to mind is “Mom, buy it!”. This is an online store that sells products for girls with interesting inscriptions. The girl at the beginning of her business was specifically famous, played on this and managed to advance. True, she says that that fame did not help her, but this is more ostentatious.

Stars earn a lot of money on social networks. One advertising publication in Russia can cost from 100,000 rubles to 2-3 million. In the West, this business is even more profitable. And for beginners it is practically impossible to break into it. Therefore, if you are inspired by these examples, do not chase popularity. Just come up with a cool product that everyone will like and promote it under your brand. It will come out much faster, more money and more reliably. 

How to make money fast – 10 ways to make quick money online

Hello, dear readers of the blog Sometimes money is needed, which is called “right here and right now.” In an article about the reality of making money on the Internet, I wrote about a thorough approach, when it takes months or even years to get the first result. I developed the same topic in an article about Internet work .

However, not everyone is interested and it is much more important for someone to get a hundred rubles right now than a hundred thousand sometime in the future. It’s like a proverb about a tit in the hands and a crane in the sky. We must strive for the latter, but you will not be full of prospects …

Therefore, I decided to write this small opus about the fast money online . Again, I’ll say that there is nothing real here, and all the methods described below will quickly get your hands on a certain amount of money will suit literally everyone. In this case, you do not need to have any special skills and knowledge.

How not to burn out and ways to withdraw earned money from the network

Probably, in real life there are options for quick part-time jobs, but the Internet is notable for the fact that it will be possible to find a suitable hack-work very quickly and without leaving home. It will also be possible to quickly withdraw the money received. In this regard, everything is OK. But there is one “but.” You won’t earn millions in this way  – only for “maintaining your pants”. But for many, this is exactly what is needed at first.

In the methods described below, you will need the same skills that you constantly apply when using the Internet, social networks, a computer or a mobile phone (tablet). Everything is available to everyone. To a greater or lesser extent, of course.

Things to keep clear of

But first, I’ll say that it definitely won’t bring you money and that is often called a scam :

  1. You should not buy info products that promise you to earn a million in a day, a week, a month. It is possible that the author of the course will receive as much (or maybe even more), but not you.
  2. You should not buy programs that will work for you while you sleep, sit on social networks or ride the subway. All this is a divorce. Your computer can only earn on cryptocurrency mining , and even that requires “farms” and high costs (read the link below).
  3. Do not buy accounts in online services that promise to allow you to the “loot” button. With rare exceptions, you will not get anything, but simply lose your money.
  4. You should not start playing Forex or binary options in the hope of quick money without having experience of such work. You again simply merge everything that you already have. Here you need to learn, take your time and do everything wisely. Money there does not come from the air, but flows from the pockets of beginners to the pockets of professionals.
  5. Do not be like those who cheat (see the first three points). The Internet only seems anonymous, but actually it will not be so difficult to find you. You are elusive only as long as no one needs (like that same Joe from the joke).

How to withdraw money earned online

Another important question is where and how to withdraw money earned on the Internet. There are usually several options:

  1. Quick money services very often offer to do this directly to your mobile phone account , which is quite simple and fast. Well, how much to spend them you decide for yourself. For example, you can order a plastic card linked to an account from Megafon, with which you will then pay for everything both on the Internet and offline (shops, cinema, etc.)
  2. Electronic Wallets . Most often, the withdrawal of money to the following electronic payment systems is proposed :
    1. Yandex money  is convenient in that, again, you can get a plastic card tied to an account and pay it for everything in the world.
    2. Kiwi  – there is also the possibility of obtaining a card.
    3. WebMoney  – here it will be more difficult, because recently there are problems with the withdrawal to cards and bank accounts, but there is a way out. I described it in an article about withdrawing money from Webmoney .
    4. Paypaly  is a bourgeois system, but you can easily withdraw money from it to a bank account or your plastic card account (and without commission). So do not be afraid of her.
    5. Advanced Cash  is also a great option, because it is possible to transfer money from them both to plastic and through instant payment systems, and the most convenient thing is to exchange them for anything through exchange points (most of them work with AdKesh ).
    6. Paer  is a little less popular, but also a very good option. With this system you can withdraw funds with relatively small losses almost anywhere.
  3. Cryptocurrency ( what is it ?) – at least one of the ways to make quick money offers the option of receiving cryptocurrency as a payment. Most often it is satoshi ( what is it ?), But there are other altcoins ( what is it ?). What to do with cryptocurrency?
    1. Bitcoin and altcoin exchanges  – there are quite a lot of them and some of them offer a number of withdrawal options, such as the Exmo exchange (there are simply excellent withdrawal schemes there, which you can read more about in a separate article on this cryptocurrency exchange )
    2. Bitcoin and altcoin exchangers  are a simpler option than exchanges. There, in general, everything is as simple as twice two, but you need to carefully choose the exchanger, because there is a very high probability of running into a scam. I have a time-tested list of exchangers:
      1. Ramon cash
      2. 60sec
      3. Ychanger
      4. Platov
      5. BaksMan
      6. Prostocash
      7. 24PayBankPlus a couple of course monitoring services ( what is it ?):
      1. CourseExpert
      2. Bestchange

Quick Earnings – The Hot Three

And now let’s talk directly about the methods of quick money in the network.

How to quickly earn money on your accounts in social networks

The vast majority of you probably have accounts on social networks . Oddly enough, but this is an asset that can very well be turned into “quick money.” To do this, you just need to like, repost and subscribe to other people’s accounts, groups and channels. Actually, you have been doing all this before, but now it’s quite possible to get paid for it .

The only “but.” In order for you to have as many tasks as possible (as well as money), it is desirable that your accounts on social networks be “pumped” (there are subscribers, friends, posts, retweets, etc.). If the accounts are still “zero” or “so”, then you have to pump them up a bit. And you can do this “for that” in special services of mutual narcotics such as BossLike or VkMiks .

How to do this is described in detail at the above links. You can “pump” your accounts in Contact, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and Odnoklassniki there to a digestible state very quickly. Then go directly to the earnings service on social networks VkTarget , where after connecting the accounts you will begin to receive tasks for the execution of which money will be charged.The minimum amount for withdrawal is 15 rubles, which will allow you to quickly receive the accrued amounts to your mobile, WebMoney, Qiwi and Yandex money account. If this service does not seem enough to you, then try CashBox as well . I listed many of them in my publication about the secrets of making money on likes .

Fast money from your mobile phone or tablet

If you have at your disposal a gadget running Android or iOS (iPhone or iPad), then it will also be possible to earn extra money on it quickly. To do this, you will only need to perform tasks to install various games or programs (then they can be deleted). The developers of this entire economy really need to quickly increase the number of downloads and installations, which means they are willing to pay for it.

There are a number of applications for Android and iOs that, after installing them on your gadget, will offer you such tasks. It’s better to put a few in order to earn the amount you need faster. From my own experience, I can advise you here are these five applications that have worked well:

  1. App Cent
  2. Advert App
  3. App Bonus
  4. Pay For Instal
  5. Waff revords

A comparative table, as well as links to other similar applications, can be found in the article about quick money on a mobile phone . It also provides methods for quick withdrawal of money accrued for installation and special codes, by entering which you can immediately receive a cash bonus to your account.

Typically, money from these applications can be withdrawn to a mobile account (which is logical), Qiwi, Yandex money, WebMoney and Paypals. Here is a screen of the last three conclusions from the appcent application :

Quick cash out

Active and passive option for quick money

These methods are quite difficult to relate to any group, so I will combine them under such a name.

Active – the more you do, the more you get

The first option is active – it recognizes captcha for money ( what a captcha can be read on the link). On the Internet, you probably often met captcha. It turns out that you can get money for solving it.

Money for solving captcha

Two services allow this: ruCaptcha and 2captcha . They are similar, but in the first case you will earn rubles, and in the second – dollars.

Read in more detail in the article about how to increase your income in ruCaptcha and 2captcha services . Funds accrued to the balance can be quickly withdrawn in many different ways (to the phone, to Qiwi, Yandex money, WebMoney). The bourgeois version of 2captcha is distinguished by a special output speed.

Passive earnings (not a scam)

If you need to work hard all the time to get money on entering captcha, then the next method can be called passive . Money will slowly drip from it while you, for example, are solving the captcha or just surf the Internet for a rest. But this is not a scam, although similar in this description to him.

So, there is such a service on the Internet as SurfEarner (SE) . By registering on it, you can install their extension in the browser on your computer. While you surf the Internet, banners will be displayed at the top of your browser window.

You may not look at them at all, but the money will still be dripping (at the end of the timer). Little, but nothing needs to be done. Withdrawal of money takes place very quickly and to a variety of electronic payment systems (WebMoney, Qiwi, Poisons, mobile phone account, and there is also the opportunity to withdraw to PerfectMoney and Peyr wallet ).

Read more about the service in the article “ How to increase your income at SurfEarner? “

What else can you earn quickly?

A little higher, I listed what is most often used for cutting down a pretty penny. But there are a number of ways to do the same. Maybe here you will have to make a little more effort and apply a little more skills, but you will most likely be satisfied with the result.

Out of the competition, I’ll mention Yandex Toloka. Who owns this service can guess from the name. How much can you earn on Tolok read the link below. There you will also find a description of the tasks that are proposed to be performed there, work with your personal account, withdrawal of funds and much more.

Where can I find polls for which they pay money?

The Internet needs statistics, information about users, and polls help to get it. However, who will voluntarily and free of charge want to spend twenty-forty minutes of their time on passing the survey? There are few of them, but for the analysis of completed questionnaires you need a lot. This is where the services that are ready to cooperate with us on a material basis come on the scene.

Personally, I like the service ” My opinion ” , but there is real money do not give – bonuses that can be spent on goods on the internet (which is also more than not). I can also recommend the following services: Questionnaire (immediately get 50 rubles for registration), Expert Opinion , Myiyo , Ruble Club and Paid Survey . They are already paying with real money.

I have a summary article on paid surveys on the network , which lists all the services and methods for withdrawing earned money from them. It also provides tips for increasing this kind of income. In principle, the topic is working and should not be ignored.

Where do they pay “quick money” for reviews and comments?

You probably already left reviews about products or services, and also wrote comments. This is a common thing, but it turns out that you can also make money on it. Many people want their product to have a lot of good reviews and great comments. Therefore, services appear that implement all this.

For an overview of services and more details, see the article “ Where else can I get paid for reviews or comments? “

How to make money with bitcoin faucets?

A relatively new direction, gaining popularity along with the growth of the cryptocurrency boom. You don’t really need to do anything here – they simply pay for periodic visits to services. Bonuses are usually earned in Satoshi (small shares of bitcoin) and in order to get a decent amount you will have to visit the following sites more than once or twice during the day:

  1. Free bitcoin
  2. Free dogecoin
  3. Bonus bitcoin
  4. Bitfun
  5. Moon bitcoin
  6. Moon dogecoin
  7. Moon litecoin
  8. Moon dashcoin
  9. Moon cash
  10. Daily free bits

Now many of these services accumulate the money you have earned on online wallets (the CoinPot wallet is most often used). How to earn and how to withdraw money from these bitcoin faucets is described in detail in the link article. In general, the option is no worse than other “fast money”. I wrote how to withdraw cryptocurrency at the beginning of publication, so I won’t repeat it.

Quick money using your skills

If the methods described above did not require any special skills other than those that you already used when surfing the Internet, now we have come to the topics when you need to be able to do something more. But again, this is not necessarily some seriously transcendent knowledge and cognition.

Where to look for freelance offers available to everyone?

There is such a thing on the network as freelance ( what is it? ). Those. it is generally a one-time job by arrangement. Anything can be an object of freelance, although many believe that freelancers are necessarily only programmers and designers. But this is not at all true.

Moreover, there are special freelance exchanges where tasks are fairly simple things that are available to many. For example, the WorkZill Freelance exchange includes this kind of job:

As you can see, programming or possessing an artistic look is not required for their implementation. Earned money can be withdrawn quite quickly (three days) to WebMoney or Yandex money.

Read more about this method of quick money in the article on the freelance exchange of Worksill .

There are a number of similar “simplified” freelance exchanges. Among them can be distinguished such as Quark and 5 bucks . There, the payment for all tasks is fixed, unlike Worksilla. But nevertheless, they require more special skills than the first option given, so they are not suitable for everyone.

Where can I quickly make money on writing texts?

What did you have in Russian language and literature at school? Well, it’s okay if not really, because I was not an excellent student either, but I write a lot and willingly. All comes with experience. And if it was excellent or good, then you have a direct road to copywriters ( what is this ?) Or rewriters ( what is rewriting? ), I.e. make money by writing texts on a given topic.

There are a lot of sites on the Internet and very few webmasters who do not write texts for them themselves. As a rule, they order them at special content exchanges , where the copywriters working there write texts on technical specifications. Payment depends on the exchange, on your qualifications and on how much you are in demand. But even beginners can start earning pretty quickly.

For beginners, I would recommend the ETXT exchange  – this is the “that” for the start (you can read more in the article “ Is Etxt Exchange suitable for beginners? ”

You can withdraw earned at any time when you collect the amount of 250 rubles. The withdrawal is available on WebMoney, Qiwi or Yandex money. If necessary, an urgent withdrawal is possible, but at the same time an additional percentage will be taken from you (it is better not to rush).

Also, for beginners, you can look in the direction of Advego (there are not only texts, but also other tasks, so it will not be boring) or TurboText .

But in general?

As you can see, you can quickly earn extra money on the Internet. Probably, you already received your first money if, in parallel with reading the articles, you registered in the above online services and began to apply the acquired knowledge in practice. Yes, these are not millions, but if money were given so easily, then everyone would be millionaires. If you want more, then you need to dive deeper into all this, seek, try, learn and grow above yourself. And at first it will be quite normal.

If you are nevertheless interested in receiving money not only “here and now”, but also for the long term, then it makes sense to look at other methods described by me in the article about possible ways to make money online without investing . At first, there is again a conversation about “fast money”, but then there is a transition to more global things (affiliate programs, monetization of sites, etc.). In general, I advise you to get acquainted at least within the framework of general development (to know).

How to make money – TOP-13 proven ways to make quick money

Hello! Today you will learn how to make money a beginner at home and not only.

In this article I will give you many different ways to make money. All the methods listed below are working, personally verified by me.

Resale of goods on bulletin boards

This way of making money really works, because many people do not know the real value of goods or simply sell cheaply to get rid of a particular product faster.

Many collectors in this way are looking for unique products and are ready to offer good money for them. You won’t believe it, but the things that are in your grandmother’s closet can benefit someone else, and thereby save you from trash and make good profit. Soberly evaluate the old things in your pantry and you will certainly earn money on their sale. Perhaps somewhere in the bins lies the first Soviet camera, the Singer machine, a tablecloth with unique embroidery or a record player.

Some photo studios, as well as theaters and even hand-makers, look for goods in this way and are happy to buy interesting retro-viewers.

On Avito you can find many things that sell at a lower price. You just need to buy and sell them more expensive, and the difference in price is your earnings!

I will give an example from my life, because I talk about proven methods.

Once I accidentally saw how much the antlers of an elk cost, the average price was 5000 r. Then he found horns on Avito for 3000 r., Bought them and after 4-5 days I bought them for 5000 on the same Avito. I just made a better photo and description. Net profit of 2000 p. in 5 days. I agree that it’s not enough, but if you do it fully, then you can sell more.

Also, I tried to buy MacBooks in Moscow with Avito, and sell in my city, because in our city there are few ads and they are more expensive, and in Moscow there are many and prices are cheaper;) The conclusion is simple – you can make money!

Shipping and payment:

  • In your city, you can sell through a personal meeting. Orders can be sent to other cities by agreement. But most often by Russian Post. Transportation costs are most often borne by the buyer. But again, as agreed.
  • Payment can be accepted by cash on delivery or by transferring funds to a bank card or electronic wallet.

Read more in the article: How to make money on Avito .

Sale of goods from abroad

It’s also a great option, which I did and continue to do, but more officially and on a larger scale. Now there are opportunities to buy goods from Taobao, Aliexpress, 1688 , etc.

Almost everything is cheaper there. You can just buy there and sell on the same message boards in your city. With Ebay and Aliexpress you can order absolutely in any city and any country, so this type of earnings is available to everyone! I tried to sell a lot of goods, but now I am engaged in bags from China, but more on that later.

My friends sell cases for phones, other friends sell unusual gifts and home decoration, while others sell iPhones and other Apple appliances. So try you too;)


All of us are able to do something and these skills can be easily sold. If you know foreign languages, then you can teach this to others. Or for example, you can repair plumbing, so why not do it for the money.

Today, more and more girls prefer working with flexible hours. What could be better than not regulating your work day yourself. In the service sector, you can make good money on hairdressing and visage. After completing special courses, more and more of my acquaintances girls earn on manicure, hair removal, hairstyles and make-up, preparing girls for important events (weddings, anniversaries, graduations, etc.). Providing your services is a great way to make money fast.

How to make money on this? Easily! Just start telling everyone about your services, make your website, place an ad wherever possible and everything will go uphill;) Although what I’m telling you …

For those who are interested in this topic, I wrote an article on how to start a business in the service sector . Read it, everything is painted step by step! I also provided website development services, contextual advertising settings and much more.

How to make money on a website or blog

It’s easy to make money on the Internet, the main thing is to determine your niche: your website, blog, online store, selling goods from a one-page website, etc. But about everything in more detail.

This is one of my favorite activities and for me it is not only earnings, but also my favorite hobby. This blog site you are currently on, I am happy to write and write articles for you, this is really my hobby. Also, I had and have blogs for earning on which I earn money on advertising, on affiliate programs and so on.

A blog differs from a site in that most often it is tied to the personality of the author, his worldview and life position. It is worth noting that it is such blogs that are more popular. But not the last place in their promotion is seo-optimization. Read more about this in the section “Business Promotion”.

A blog is an information site where you write interesting and useful articles on topics that interest people. If your articles are well written, search engines show them in the search results, thereby giving you visitors. But you can also promote your blog yourself.

When you have a lot of readers on your blog, you can easily make money on it from advertising, from affiliate programs, or from posting links and paid articles. This is a working way to make money online.

If you are interested, then read the section on how to make money on your site .

Additional part-time jobs

If you work or study and your schedule allows you to do additional part-time work, do not miss this opportunity. I, too, when I was a schoolboy and student and also earned money to earn money.

You can sit with children or work in a store on loading and unloading operations with payment at the end of the day, or you can perform work in your main area of ​​activity. Roughly speaking, “to levitate”, but not to steal, but to levate, to serve any clients independently, and not in the company in which you officially work. There are also many options for part-time work by courier and all sorts of laborers.

  • If you are a student of the faculty of foreign languages, then your knowledge is enough to give additional lessons to schoolchildren. The modern approach to teaching foreign languages ​​through Skype lessons is a great opportunity to recruit a group of students not only in your city, but also in other places.

You can pack your knowledge in a training course and, thus, sell it, getting good money from it. If the information you collect helps someone, then it will quickly spread among potential customers.

  • As additional income for prosperous people, during a financial downturn, you can organize the sale of seasonal goods: “non-freezing” in the autumn-spring period or flowers, on the eve of spring holidays, as well as living and artificial Christmas trees a couple of weeks before the New Year.
  • If you inherited an apartment from a granny, then in order to earn money for its repair you can, at first, rent it out daily or monthly.
  • If you live in a resort area, then organize a business for tourists. Tents with souvenirs and goods of local origin (honey, fish, sweets) will allow you to decently and really make money during the influx of tourists.
  • And if you are the owner of a chic premium car, then why not offer your services to the newlyweds to accompany them on a significant day before the registry office or banquet hall.

Receiving dividends or interest on deposits also relates to additional earnings. But for starters, they require some investment.

Read more article:  How to create passive income or earnings – 14 sources

Open your online store

After I began to engage in sales from China, I soon opened my online store. Thus, the second paragraph of this article can be legalized and made into a full-fledged business. The online store is a rather profitable business, quickly pays off, requires small initial investments and is quite simple to organize. In general, you can earn a lot of money! At the start, you can work alone or with your spouse, as I did. When the turnover increases, you can think about hiring employees (call center, driver, loader).

Now everyone is very actively buying on the Internet, in addition, you can test a niche on any goods by first purchasing a small batch and selling it on Avito (point 1).

I already wrote an article on how to open an online store from scratch . You can sell almost anything at an online store!

Sell ​​products from single page sites

Through sales through the  Landing page,  you can earn a lot of money faster than with an online store. The whole essence of earnings is that you analyze demand, choose a product for sale, test it for sellability, create a landing page and sell it all over Russia. This type of business is now in trend!

Here’s a more detailed article on this: Selling from single-page sites .


In the continuation of sales in online stores and on bulletin boards, it is worth saying that you can make various products with your own hands and sell. There is such a project “Fair of Masters”, where they sell similar goods and buy them very well.

You can also sell your homemade products in the online store, on social networks and on message boards. Many people like something unusual and this topic works very well. Therefore, if you know how to craft something or even are a jack of all trades, then this is your type of making money!

How to make money on freelance

There are many sites for freelancers (free workers) where customers leave various tasks from writing texts and logo design to developing full-fledged sites. An example of the most affordable and good exchange is Worksilla . You can write texts, design, program, layout, work with advertising campaigns on the Internet, promote websites and much more.

If you possess any of the listed skills, then you are not in vain reading this paragraph. A freelancer can earn enough to leave a permanent job and work from home. But if you do not have the necessary skills, then the next item will definitely suit you!

Fulfillment of small assignments online

Perhaps the easiest way to make money! There is one wonderful project of  Worksill . There, customers leave various types of tasks, for example: lay out ads on bulletin boards, come up with a name for something, make a logo, edit text, type text from scanned copies, call customers, solve a mathematical problem, and much more.

I myself leave the assignments for the performers on Worksill and pay them money for it. Look at examples of tasks and find interesting ones for yourself!

Work in a Call Center at home

This work is offered by Tinkoff Bank. This vacancy has many positive reviews, it requires from you: a quiet workplace at home, a computer and headphones with a microphone. You can earn up to 50,000 rubles a month by advising bank customers. You do not need to call anywhere, you only need to receive calls and help bank customers solve the problem, answer their questions and introduce new services.

Details on the official website of the bank .

Social Media Jobs

Now there is a lot of work on social networks. For example, the design of groups and communities, maintaining public VKontakte, posting comments and joining various communities, an invitation to meetings, exchange of advertising, search for advertisers and much more. To do this, you need to write to community administrators and propose your candidacy. You can also search for orders on the WorkZilla exchange . I’ll say for example that the community editor can easily get 15,000 p. per month. And for this you just need to search and publish interesting content in groups. Like this!

There are also many services to make money on social networks. There you need to like, make reposts, join communities, etc. They pay a penny, but enough for the Internet and cellular.

Sale of other people’s services

If you do not know how to provide your services, but you know how to sell well, then you can sell other people’s services and receive affiliate rewards for this. You can also sell other people’s information products through an affiliate program. This is a good way of making money!

This is easier to do if you have a website or a subscription, or a group on social networks, or you are posting a thread on a forum. But if you don’t have one, then you can post links to an information course or service on forums, in social networks, and if sales follow through your links, you will thereby earn money.

You can also offer other people’s services offline. For example, I offered the services of a company that helps to obtain a deferment or exemption from the army. For each given client I received 2000 r. And since I myself was of draft age, my advertisement was a story to friends and acquaintances. I brought 5-7 people a month on average. Count the profit yourself;)

How not to make money

Well, now I will talk about ways in which you will never earn.

Be careful! If you are looking on the Internet for ways to make money, then you often come across advertising of some quick money making, such as pyramids, MLM, schemes of quick enrichment and so on. Do not believe it! In many of them, they ask you to invest a little money, then invite friends and acquaintances and earn money for each person who comes. To a greater extent, these are deceivers, in some cases you will sell delusional goods at high prices (they are often done in MLM), the pyramids will collapse and you and your friends will be left without money.

All sorts of sites offering gold trading also work, but all this lies and there is not earnings from gold, but also from invited people. In general, where you are asked for entry somewhere to pay money, then invite people, then most often it is a scam. Just remember one thing … there are no quick enrichment schemes, they simply do not exist and that’s all, this is a hoax!

You can’t earn by risking your health . This includes earning money on blood, donating cropped hair and other absurdities and experiments that can offer you money. All this is not worth it. You will receive small money, but the consequences can be very different.

Earnings on computer games . If you are a schoolboy or a loafer, then of course you can try to make money on it. But it’s important to understand that you can spend a lot of time on this, but you can’t achieve the result.


Perhaps I didn’t list all the ways to make money, but I did list what I was really sure of and checked on myself, what helped me out in difficult times, except for the handmade. But what is also important, I warned you about all the scammers in the last paragraph.

Turn on the brain! Only your ingenuity will help you quickly and simply make money! Therefore, turn on the fantasy and go! At one time, sellers of “sea air” and “therapeutic” mud earned decent money on tourists. Good bred – not bad money!

It’s never too late to learn!  If your career is at an impasse, you feel hopeless, then perhaps the time has come to radically change your life ?! Get additional education or take advanced training courses, learn something new, fortunately, today it is easy to do, even without leaving home, through online training.

Saving. Sometimes, to earn money, just cut your expenses. Have you tried to calculate your expenses for the month? I advise you to do this and you will be horrified at how much you spend on unnecessary things.

What is left for you now? Try yourself in everything that is possible! The main thing is not to sit still, but to constantly move forward and do, do, do, then you will succeed! Think wider, take risks, create your own business, test niches, generally move, and do not sit still;)

I look forward to your additions, objections and questions in the comments! Thanks for your attention!

Injustice 2 – Funniest Clash Interactions/Quotes

You’d make a darn cute plushie! What …is a plushie? Can’t tell which of us is evil. I know, we’ve both got beards. Could ya make me a snowcone? Try asking Mr. Freeze. Could ya make me a snowcone? Did Snart tell you to ask me that? Look! Sinestro’s behind you! Not falling for that one. Still trying to tickle me? Hehhehheh… Yeah… Gonna shove my fist up your– Humans are obsessed with scatology! Ha! Bet you sonic boom when you fart! Definitely not how the Speed Force works. Meet that other lightning guy? With the bamboo hat? Yes. Damian despises you. You can have him. You’d be delicious battered and fried. Enough with the fish metaphors! You’re worse than Zod. Wow. Need a diaper change? You kiss like a fish too? Only Mera knows. You got no sense of humor. Hello? Boxing glove arrow? You familiar with the laws of physics? I’ve broken ’em all, so… yeah! Gonna shove my fist up your– It could use a polish.

Who put a hit on me? Anyone who’s ever met you. Say good night, Harley. Good night, Harley. I can see why Bruce likes you. He does? He really does?! How ’bout a monkey hug? If you wish to be crushed! Order shall prevail! You really need to get laid. Eyes up here, kid. Focus, Jaime. What do you think you’re doing? Thrashing two of you at once. Green means go! My fist means stop! I can go all night.

Promise? How’s this gonna end? I’m a doctor, not a fortune teller. You’re definitely a headache. #GrumpyBat. Just wanna rub my face on that belly! Not that kind of cat. Crashing… just like your father! Forget scared, I’m angry! Make like a tree and leaf! I hate that joke, Quinn. You must have swallowed the red pill. Completely different matrix. Time for the grand finale! Hey! That’s my line, Harley. Learn to fight playing video games? Do not insult me. I’ll spit on your grave. It could use a polish. .

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What Are Zero Knowledge Proofs?

Hey, there guys. Glad to see you here for another PIVX Class. Today we’re going to cover Zero-Knowledge Proofs. Now, you may not have even heard of these before but that’s all right. I think you’ll find this video pretty cool despite that. They are an integral part of many privacy-focused cryptocurrency including those that use the Zerocoin Protocol. But the concept around them has existed since the 80s and was not originally intended for cryptocurrencies. They can be used in a lot of security applications as well as other fields given the need.

If you’re keen on figuring how exactly these work we should be able to get you there today. So without further ado let’s begin. To begin with, we should answer what is a Zero Knowledge Proof? It essentially is proving that you know something without revealing the secrets of how you know. This can be either incredibly difficult or incredibly easy depending what you want to prove.

A true Zero-Knowledge Proof has to meet three criteria: One, completeness. The test can fully convince the other person that you know what you say you know. Two, soundness. The test can only convince the other person of the truth and not a lie. And three, Zero-Knowledgeness. The test can reveal nothing else to the other person. To demonstrate this I’m going to use a variation of an analogy that is quite popular for explaining this topic. Let’s say I am completely blind. You hand me these two balls. You know that they have a different pattern on them but as far as I can tell these balls are identical because I can only feel them.

You tell me these two balls are different but I don’t believe you because you are frequently lying to me about all sorts of tall tales. You get a little offended so you decide to mess with me a bit. You decide you’ll prove to me that the balls are different but you don’t want to reveal which one is which. This means you now have the challenge of proving that the balls are different without telling me anything more about them. You tell me to hide the balls and reveal one of them. I do so. Now you tell me to hide it again then reveal one again but choose myself which one. I decide to switch the ball. You tell me that I switched. If the balls were identical you would not have been able to guess that. I scoff at you, phuh, lucky guess. So you tell me to do it again. I hide the ball and this time pull out the same ball. You tell me I didn’t switch. I used the same one.

I get mad and exclaim you are lucky and make you do it a hundred more times. After you guess it right one hundred times I give up and tell you that you have won. There’s no way you could be so lucky as to guess it right one hundred times in a row. Obviously, the test has a flaw in the fact that I’m blind. You could put a mirror or something behind me and I wouldn’t even know. In this case, you could modify the test so that I could pick anyone I wanted to make sure you weren’t cheating me. They would only be allowed to stand in the room and tell me if you cheated and not any information about the balls. This would prevent any possibility of you cheating unless you have super powers like x-ray vision. But unfortunately, the Avengers only exist in fiction. So that experiment covered completeness. Because after one hundred trials I never fooled you once. The balls must be different.

Our small modification of adding a third person has also made our test fulfill the need of soundness. There’s no way you could cheat me with someone else in the room guarding against it. And Zero-Knowledgeness? Well, if you walk away with these balls I will never know which one is which, will I? And that means I never found out any additional information. With that, all three requirements are met and we have a Zero-Knowledge Proof that those balls were indeed different. This concept can be applied to cryptocurrency through the Zerocoin Protocol and other similar concepts. In the case of PIVX, we touched on the subject of using Zerocoin in the Zerocoin Protocol video. I’ll throw the card up on the screen now so you can see that example.

That example used the Zero-Knowledge Proofs to function. You can prove that you own currency without needing to actually reveal which denominations are yours through these methods. This allows you to spend money without attaching any of that money’s history to yourself. That video above has an analogy that can kind of explain what I’m talking about here. But it’s pretty crazy that you can use Zero-Knowledge Proofs to add additional privacy to your everyday transactions. I will make a video in the future explaining the usage of Zero-Knowledge Proofs in Zerocoin but for now, we’ll avoid information overload because that can get a little bit more technical. You can now tell people you know what a Zero-Knowledge Proof is.

It’s just a method of proving you know a secret without revealing that secret. I hope you enjoyed this class. If you have any questions or you’d like to suggest the next video please comment down below. And if you found this video helpful please throw us a like and share the video. It helps the channel out a lot and puts a smile on my face. Thank you for tuning in guys, I love having you, 92 and I will see you in the next PIVX Class. .

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18 Surprising Facts About: Instagram

Pictures are one of the most incredible inventions. Snapshots in time of people, places, and events—frozen forever, along with all of those special memories and feelings attached. They can convey emotion, illustrate ideas, and even inspire the human spirit. But we mostly use them to take pictures of our food. Let’s take a look at some interesting facts you may not know about one of the most popular photography and social networking apps out there: Instagram. The computer code powering the social media powerhouse known as Instagram was written over a period of eight weeks by cofounder Kevin Systrom, though he says that over a year of work went into the final product. He taught himself the art of computer programming in the late hours after his day job, developing a few basic ideas that helped him to hone his programming skills whilst laying down the groundwork for the app we know and love.

The name “Instagram” is a mash up of “instant” and “telegram”. It was inspired by the way snapshots are taken with the app and sent “over the wire” to others. Sure, it’s not technically accurate, but it’s a lot catchier than “Insta-teleport your pictures through the air”. The popular trend of making nostalgic posts to social media known as “Throwback Thursday” first began on Instagram. So remember to thank Instagram the next time your friends share that old embarrassing photo of you.

The app was initially released on October 6th, 2010. It figuratively exploded overnight, gathering over one million registered users by the end of the year. By December of 2011, Apple named Instagram their App of the Year, and the world of hastily posted meal photography with a filter slapped on top hasn’t been the same since. Former wrestler and Hollywood superstar Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson organized a crowd of fans at a movie premier in London in order to break the world record for most selfies taken in three minutes, as recognized by the Guinness Book of World records.

In November of 2010, the Instagram team made the decision to move into an empty office in San Francisco’s South Park. But it wasn’t just any old office, it was the former first office of another social media powerhouse known as Twitter. Hot off their first month of resounding success, the fledgling team was eager to make a statement to the rest of Silicon Valley: they were ready to join the big leagues. Popular musician Ellie Goulding created an entire music video for her song “Anything Could Happen” using nothing but fan submitted Instagram photos. The video features twelve hundred photos stitched together with some snazzy editing for the entire three minute and fifty-one second runtime, immortalising her lucky fans for as long as YouTube persists.

Equal parts creepy and cool, Instagram allows you to tag your current geographical location when you snap a selfie. Using their Photo Map feature, you can see every place you and you friends have taken pictures, for better or worse. Just remember not to tag your location when you’ve just called in sick to work but you’re actually on an impromptu camping trip with your mates. In 2012, Facebook purchased Instagram for an estimated one billion US dollars in cold hard cash and company stocks. Instagram’s Twitter account has made 6,497 posts for its million followers. It only follows three users in turn: Instagram @music and the two cofounders of the company. However, even with that many followers it lands only 12th on the list of the most followed Twitter accounts, behind the likes of Barack Obama, Youtube, and Twitter itself. One of Instagram’s early prototypes was titled “Burbn” named after one of cofounder Kevin Systrom’s favorite drinks. The most popular filter on Instagram is actually no filter at all! Sometimes a good picture just speaks for itself.

Other times, you really should have dressed it up at least a little. The line between those two worlds is perilously thin, my friends. As of January 2015, Instagram sees traffic from over three hundred million monthly active users. That’s a whole lot of people chronicling the minutiae of their lives with the humble photography app, falling just shy of the total population of the United States. According to a study performed by AT&T, a staggering 70% of drivers admit to using their phones whilst driving. From that group of naughty drivers, 14% admit to have been using Instagram.

Who knows, in future public awareness advertisements might be telling you not the add filters to selfies and drive. The first Instagram photo was uploaded on July 16th, 2010, whilst the app was still in development. Two short years after the first test picture was uploaded, over one billion user-shared-photos had joined it in the cloud. The most followed account on Instagram is, unsurprisingly, Instagram itself. Next in line is the ever-popular singer and actress Beyoncé, with almost forty million followers as of July 2015. Following close behind is the no less influential but perhaps far more controversial Kim Kardashian, with around thirty nine million followers. In a study which included many Instagram sourced photos, it was determined that filtered photographs are 21% more likely to be viewed and 45% more likely to be commented on by viewers.

The spike in engagement was most noteworthy with filters that boosted the picture’s warmth, exposure, and contrast. Back in 2012, when Instagram was managed by just fifteen employees and still surging with bewildering popularity, certain unsavory types began to use it as a platform for sharing x-rated images. Since then, the development team has worked hard to tone down the titillating content in favor of more family friendly fare. But have they succeeded? In January of 2015, an Instagram user had their account banned for showing a little too much besides their bikini. To put it bluntly her pubic hair was on show. Instagram reversed their decision in short order, after reviewing the case and determining that there was no actual nudity on display, but a staunch debate continues to rage on to this day between Instagram and the feminist community, over what should be considered censorable material.


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Gmail Fax and Email to Fax on Google Gmail

Okay hi and welcome to this video in this video we’re going to show you how to do an email to fax within Google‘s Gmail it’s really easy to set up I’m just going to take a few minutes here to walk you through the process you might have seen a couple other videos on the internet here talking about how to do Google fax and how to do Gmail fax and that’s well in all but you know they don’t really take the time to go through it live and show you exactly how it’s done so I saw that as something that really needed to be done so I thought I’d go ahead and do it here for you so let’s talk about it what is an email to fax for Google well really what that is is the process of sending and receiving a document to a fax number or from a fax number by way of your Gmail account it’s just really that simple you need to send a fax you need to receive a fax you don’t want to have to do it from a fax machine or be sitting in the office late at night or anytime really waiting for that fax to come through so you set it up through your gmail account and then you can access it from anywhere in the world so let’s take a look at what it takes to send an email to fax using Gmail so let’s go google fax step by step the first step is you’re going to need to get yourself a gmail account or log into your Gmail account and that’s pretty simple all you got to do is pop over to and register for an account you see here that’s pretty simple you just click create an account fill in your information choose a gmail name most of them are going to be taken so this may take a couple of minutes for you add a password give them your birthday I usually like to make up a birthday they don’t like to give them that information and then they’ll ask for your current email address and then a CAPTCHA and that’s about it they may require you depending on where your location is and what your IP address is to validate so now that you’ve got your email set up let’s move on to step two step two is going to be to select an online fax servicing company to handle the backend fax operation I know there’s a ton of companies out there saying that you can do it for free but the reality is really you can’t you might be able to find something that’ll let you send a page here and there for free or one that might let you receive one page a year for free but I haven’t found one yeah if I do you’ll be the first to get a video that shows you how to do it for free anyway so let’s go ahead and select a company if you click the link below this video it’ll take you right over to email to fax you’ll see kind of a same similar tutorial and a link to get yourself a free 30-day trial you can go ahead and click that and it’ll take you over to RingCentral so go ahead now and pause this video let’s get your account set up and then come on back and we’ll start the video again alright now that you’ve got your online fax company and if you didn’t do it please just pause the video now and do it procrastination is the killer of progress now we’re on to step 3 I want you to go ahead and click compose from within your Gmail I’m breaking this down maybe a little too basic but sometimes I find that’s what we need in order to just get stuff done seems like a lot of times and tutorials people move so fast so I’m going to go ahead and jump over to Gmail okay now that you’re in Gmail all you do is click the compose button here simple enough and then we’re going to move on to step four step four is you’re going to enter your fax number in the following format now when you signed up for your online fax company you entered your gmail address in my case would be Matt Kurt Chou at gmail and so they register it as a company that can send and receive faxes and they do it by adding this RC fax comm at the end and this is just the fax number any fax number will really work so let’s head over to Gmail and enter the fax number I’m entering my fax number there and then I put @rc fax comm on the back end once you’ve got your fax number entered in you’re going to move on to step 5 step 5 you’re going to enter any text you would like on the cover sheet and attach any document that you’d like to fax so let’s shoot back over to Gmail so in the subject line I’m going to say hi John attached is the document we discussed by phone now I’m going to go ahead and attach a file by clicking attach a file and I’m going to go ahead and use this one right here ok and with that attached we’ll go ahead and move on to the next step step six is going to be to click send and that’s all there really is to sending an email to fax from well Gmail so let’s go ahead and do that clicking send okay so the email has been sent you can see the message here it went out to my fax number there’s the attachment and then I’m going to pause this video wait about three minutes for that fax to be delivered directly into this email account as well and then I’m going to show you how that works okay it looks like the fax has arrived you see it here ringcentral new fax message from nine four one two oh nine one three two seven I’m going to go ahead and click on the message and one of the nice things to point out here is that the way RingCentral sends they include it as a PDF that you can view right within Gmail using their technology so I’m just going to click on it there’s the cover sheet and the comments that I put on the subject line scrolling down to the next page there is the document that I attach to the email now really that’s all there is to sending the fax through Gmail if you have any questions please feel free to post them below make sure to like or subscribe if you find this content interesting you

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Top 5 Free Windows Apps You Should Be Using! (2017)

Hey, how’s it going? Dave2D here! So, this is a video on 5 free Window apps I think everyone should be using. And this video is a little bit different from the Mac version that I made a couple days ago. Because Windows users have a huge selection of free apps to choose from. So what I’m going to do is do five free apps that I think everyone should be using, and then list a few more apps that I think are also really good, also free, but are more specialized. So those may not apply to everyone, depending on what you do or don’t do. And as usual, none of these are sponsored, because those videos suck. Okay, first one: it’s an antivirus. I’m the type of person that doesn’t use an antivirus, because I’m an idiot. But I’m just comfortable formatting frequently. So… I’m okay with it. But for most people, who are not stupid, you should run an antivirus. My two favorite are AVG and Avast, or A.v.a.s.t.

There’s a site called AV-TEST, they’re an independent site that tests antivirus really extensively. And then they update their ranking list. So in terms of the free ones, AVG and Avast are always near the top. This Ahn-thing is up there as well, but it’s a paid software, so screw that guy. With the current builds, Avast does a better job at detecting current malware, but AVG is slightly less taxing on your system. You really can’t go wrong with either of them, I prefer performance, so if I had to choose, I’d go with AVG. If you’re wondering, Microsoft Windows Defender isn’t perfect for detection, and when it’s running there’s a measurable performance hit.

Next up, we have a clipboard manager called Ditto, these are apps that kinda store all the stuff you copy using Ctrl-C. So, if you copy a selection of text, and then later on you copy more text, Ditto stores it all into a clipboard manager. Really useful for essays, development, and just about anything. If you’ve never used one before, install it, they’re very lightweight and pretty useful. Alright, next up is f.lux, or F-flux. It’s a program that adjusts the color temperature of your screen, based on the time of day. So during daylight hours, your screen looks completely normal, but as the sun sets, the blue hues get reduced on the screen, which makes it more comfortable for your eyes.

It’s really a little weird at first, because stuff looks really warm and orange. But you get used to it. And once you do, your computer usage at night is just easier on your eyes. And personally, I can fall asleep more readily after using the computer that’s had f.lux running. The next thing, okay. We need to talk about something related. There’s an app called CCleaner. It used to be amazing, like, it seriously belonged in top 3 apps for Windows. But Windows 10 has gotten better and better at cleaning up its own mess. And at this point, unless you really know what you’re doing with it, I don’t recommend CCleaner anymore. Especially with cleaning registries. Nowadays, a registry cleanup can mess things up pretty bad.

The thing is, CCleaner also came with a good uninstaller, but since I don’t recommend CCleaner anymore, we gotta find a separate uninstaller program. And my favorite one right now is IObit uninstaller, it’s pretty simple, the UI is good, and it just does what it says it does. It cleanly uninstalls your applications. Okay, the last of this group of apps is a text editor. So instead of using a super basic, like Notepad that comes with Windows, there’s something called Notepad++, it’s basically an amped-up vesion of Notepad. A lot of features are geared towards developers, there’s syntax highlighting, and you can have multi-editing. But a lot of the features are awesome for regular people. You can zoom in and out of your document, and my favorite is that you can have different tabs open. So I use a text editor for a bunch of stuff in my life, and Notepad++ is awesome for it.

And I know some of you guys are developers, and you’re using things like Sublime and Atom, but for the average person that isn’t a developer, Notepad++ is solid. So, the apps that you have listed so far, those are just apps that everyone would use, or I think that everyone should be able to use. The next five are a little more specific. So the first one is an app called Discord. If you’ve been using Ventrilo, TeamSpeak, Mumble, or some other kind of voice chat to play games, you should consider switching to Discord, I think it’s the best of the team chat programs. It has your usual desktop client, but you can also run it from a web browser, and you can even send people links that instantly brings them into your channel. It also tells you what games your friends are playing and if they’re online. If you’re not using this yet, you should switch. Next up is, O.B.S, or OBS. At it’s basics, it’s a screen capture program, it’s how I’m recording all of these clips. But it can stream to any RTMP-enabled service, like Twitch and YouTube.

It also supports Quick Sync, for faster video processing. Has an audio mixer plug-in, it’s really solid. The one thing that doesn’t have is a secondary stream. So if you want to stream your game while showing a webcam of you playing, or, like, a webcam of your keyboard, it doesn’t support that. Okay, if you’re looking to edit videos, and you want something a little more feature-rich than Windows Movie Maker, my top pics are HitFilm and DaVinci Resolve. Now, the free versions of these applications are toned-down from the payed versions. But they’re still very capable programs, I’ve actually edited some of my older videos with both of these. HitFilm has more features in regards to effects, like if you want to add any kind of visual effects, HitFilm has stuff that’s built into it. And it basically supports any kind of video formats. So if you’re shooting from a GoPro, HitFilm is great. If you have a more advanced camera, like a DSLR, I’d go with DaVinci Resolve. It has some really powerful color correction and color grading tools.

Another notable feature about Resolve is how well it uses GPUs, so if you’re fortunate to have a really good video card, Resolve can take better advantage of it. Now if you’re looking for a free Photoshop-type program, or if you just want something better than MS Paint, there’s Gimp, which is a pretty powerful photo editor. But Windows users are lucky, and also have access to So, I’ve used both of these, Gimp is more powerful and has access to a lot more features, some of the plugins are amazing, like G’MIC. isn’t as feature-rich, but it’s so much easier to learn how to use. So if you’re new to photo editing, or digital illustration, I would highly recommend, fantastic program, and I think for, like, 90% of people that use it, you’ll be able to do whatever you want to do with a photo editing program.

Okay, the last one is a hardware monitor, and choosing one of these is like choosing a brand of cereal. There are a ton of good options, and everyone has their personal favorite. My pick is HWiNFO, it’s an app for people who want to keep track of their system. So if you wanted to see your processor use, temperatures, memory usage, it does a really good job. It can monitor your system very extensively, and of all the ones that I’ve tried, that’s the best overall package. And that’s about it, if you guys learned a thing or two, like if you discovered an app because of this video, I’d love to hear about it. If you… didn’t learn anything, that’s pretty sad. But let me know in the comments below if you knew about all of these apps to begin with. Hope you guys enjoyed this video. Thumbs if you liked it, subs if you loved it! I’ll see you guys next time.


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