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4 Qualities for Proper Marketing Automation

January 9, 2019 By admin

We have come up with marketing automation, which will take on routine processes, but people will have to think through automation scenarios.

So, there are a number of personal qualities that will help the marketer to set up automation so that the company makes a profit, and subscribers – useful content.

In this story we want to introduce you to one of our friends. Gregory – the owner of a company that provides services for the delivery of office supplies to offices. He collected a database of 10,000 contacts and decided to implement marketing automation. Gregory has come a long way from the chaotic work with the base to deliberate email-marketing.


Gregory loved to communicate with people, knew what to say, had the gift of persuasion. He wrote cool letters that must sell a product with one precise shot. Gregory sent the first letter and waited. After this and the next three letters, customers did not make themselves felt. Grigory invented a chain of letters that caught the client, but did not set up competent sending of letters. The letters were sent in a manner logical only for Gregory, and did not give the desired effect.

Then he decided to pay attention to planning, given that the client goes a long way from getting into the database until the time of purchase.

Consistency is about planning, and it’s worth starting with. Processes in automation are interconnected and represent the ecosystem in which subscribers go to targeted actions.

In order to competently plan email-communication, imagine how communication would take place if you had to sell it live. What sales steps would you schedule? What questions and objections would have to be removed? What happens if a client wants to “think”? It needs to be laid in automation, creating a maximum of possible scenarios. Sketching a plan on paper, go to the automation panel and create processes, and then automatic letters .


After setting up the automation, Gregory expected results. There were not many customers and he focused on increasing traffic, attracting more new subscribers who never became customers. Gregory realized that the problem does not lie outside automation, but inside it. At some stages of the funnel, subscribers stopped reading letters and clicking on links.

Automation helps eliminate part of routine tasks, but you need to constantly monitor processes, make changes and analyze the behavior of subscribers. We’ll have to regularly return to the chains, processes, scenarios. Focus on analytics and testing and do not forget to compare with global goals.

automation process


In the hands of Gregory appeared useful information about which he had never suspected. He thought it was important to know the subscriber demographic data in order to offer exactly what you need.Now Gregory could reasonably put forward suggestions about what subscribers like and analyze their actions: find out which links click, which letters open better and when. And it was here that the communication skills of Gregory, which he was guided at first, were useful. Now the entrepreneur knew what to say to each individual client and what to offer at each moment in time.

Automation makes it possible not only to communicate with subscribers automatically, but also to receive feedback. And most importantly – to draw conclusions.

Keep track of statistics on discoveries, clicks, re-views, and know for sure what customers are reading and what issues and problems they have. Relying solely on numbers: customer needs can be very different from your expectations. This approach is beneficial to both parties: subscribers get useful content, and you – sales.


Gregory regularly turned to analytics and corrected the chain.Automated marketing and now only watched the numbers (subscribers) move along the funnel. He felt that in the pursuit of conversion and automation, he forgot to think about subscribers. There were people behind the monitors who also wanted to communicate with real people.

The last parameter, which sometimes solves everything, is human communication. This applies to all letters that are sent. For automation, this is a must. Truly pleasant letters are often those written in simple and understandable language (especially in B2C), but it all depends on the voice of your brand .

Rewriting letters, Gregory … continued to work on automation. Because automation, being a smart tool, cannot work well by itself.

And how would you advise to build a work for Gregory from the very beginning? Share in the comments!