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October 3, 2019 By admin

Boaty-Mc-Gun-Face… Fire! Say hello to my little friend…! This video has been sponsored by World of Warships: Legends, for the Xbox one and PS4 Last time World of Warships sponsored us, we built an awesome railgun inspired by the US navy’s version capable of hitting Mach 7. This time we’re building something even cooler, a coil gun! That’s right it shoots coils there are similar physics on how it works compared to the railgun but a lot more complicated and potentially even more powerful because it’s almost twice as efficient as a railgun. Why are we making it? Well the best part about World of Warships is how you can unlock new weapons and upgrade your ships so we’re upgrading our railgun into a coil gun and then we’re mounting it on the boat! But first off why use an electromagnetic railgun or coil gun instead of a good old-fashioned gun gun? Did you know that traditional artillery propelled by gunpowder explosions cannot exceed two kilometers per second in freedom units that’s miles per second that’s fast but railgun shoot even faster, three kilometers per second. Now how about coil guns? Theoretically there’s no speed limit the Large Hadron Collider is technically a coil gun with a 27 kilometer long barrel which can accelerate particles nearly to the speed of light the maximum speed in the universe here’s some examples of how fast everyday things are.

Of course subatomic particles are easier to accelerate than bullet sized projectiles but coil guns are still way faster than real guns the other advantage of electromagnetic guns over traditional artillery is that there’s no consumable propellant the propulsion is electromagnet so there’s no need to store explosives on your worship which means there’s no risk of blowing up accidentally that also means the I ammunition is incredibly cheap there’s no casing no primer no assembly, it’s literally just chunks of metal.

Okay so how does a coilgun differ from a railgun? Well obviously one uses rails and the other uses coils duh when a projectile physically connects the two rails of a railgun a massive amount of power flows through that loop running that much power through a small aluminum projectile creates an immense electromagnetic force in the direction of the rails which accelerates a projectile the more power you run through the system the faster the projectile goes. A coilgun instead uses a series of electromagnet coils, each which can only pull an iron object towards its center the electromagnets don’t know that we only want the projectile pulled in one direction so we have to design our project to turn the coil on pull the projectile forward then turn it off before the coil starts to suck it backwards again each coil must be carefully timed to turn on and off again to accelerate a projectile. We only want to activate one coil at a time so the full power is running through the closest magnet only.

Our design will consist of a clear tube as the barrel, we’ve chosen to have eight stages of coils each to pull the projectile faster and faster as it moves that means each of the eight stages requires a controller that determines when to turn the power on and off since this is happening at bullet speeds we have to design the gun to sequence the coil timing automatically to know where the bullet is we have an LED in the light sensor at each stage as a projectile interrupts the light beam we want the controller to shut off the current coil and magnetize the next coil ahead these need to be timed precisely or the coils will instead slow the projectile down or even make it shoot backwards. Similar to the railgun we have two copper bus bars carrying the positive and negative connections from the battery, which provides the power to each of the coils. The main brain of the coil gun is a programmable teensy microcontroller that will write code to send instructions to each coil stage.

Finally, the projectiles can be any iron or steel rod that fits inside the barrel when the coil gun fires each stage accelerates a projectile more. The more stages you add the faster you can get it to go. Here… …is all of our wire! We’re going to use this huge roll of copper wire to make our eight smaller coils. There we go! Plan is we have a coil for the coil gun and we have a projectile for the coilgun and we have the battery pack for the coil gun we just want to get a ballpark for how well this is going to work before we risk blowing up one of the transistors. I’m going to take this, connect it to the battery pack and tap it against there to fire it. It’s gonna be a big spark and this thing is gonna move I don’t really know how far and I don’t know how fast but, hopefully pretty far and pretty fast and Evan won’t want to be standing there! All right, three, two, one.

James: It shot backwards! Charles: No, but thing is if you hold it for too long it’ll go forward stop cold and then turn around and keep going backwards. Three… two… one… Okay that should work. Time to design our custom PCBs! Now we can order our parts. There we go! You can check out the full electronics diagram using the link in the description below to visit the project on maker.io Now let’s design the coil gun in SolidWorks so we can start building the gun! Wait, where did that come from?! Okay so we have everything ready to assemble so Dalton and I are gonna get at it! What maniac designed this thing…? Okay let’s test it! Three, two, one… I disconnected the power…

Another! Dalton: It broke through the plastic. Charles: Oops that was definitely an oops and I’m gonna blame Dalton! This is really heavy…! So, to get the most power the stages need to be turned off at just the right moment if they turn off too early we don’t get as much power as we could. If they turn off too late we lose power and the shot may start going backwards. I’m gonna fire it a bunch of times to try and find the sweet spot. This is gonna take a while. Onto the next stage! And another! James: So smooth it’s like fium! So the power just went in the shop apparently it’s not coming back on for another like three or four hours… Lights! We have batteries so it’s time for my only contribution to the coilgun project besides pay for everything and design everything and make everyone look cooler Anyways we have to upgrade this puny little gun here with the coil gun! Which means we gotta get rid of this stuff! Is it big enough? Boat gun! I think this will do! Ian: Oh man…! James: Boat gun! Riley: That is a heft and a half! James: this might be the most ridiculous thing we’ve ever built Charles, good job! Charles: Thank you! Ian: You get an award for most ridiculous thing we’ve ever made.

James: It’s a heavy boy! Ian: All right, all right, let’s test it! Test, test, test! James: All right, before we test this bad boy I want to tell you guys a little bit about our sponsor World of Warships. And up we go! Husky where’s my controller? Available for both ps4 and Xbox one Legends is an epic 9v9 massively multiplayer online naval warfare game you get to engage in super intense battles were strategy and collaboration are the key to master the seas it’s visually stunning with highly detailed graphics a complex physics engine and realistic sound effects that make it feel like you’re right there in the heat of battle and just like in real life navies around the world developed new technology in order to upgrade their warships so in the game you get to upgrade your warships with historically accurate modules, each ship is an evolving machine that you can modify to your own liking just like how we made this coil gun and one of the best parts it’s free to win that means the majority of the game content is free but for those of you who would like to kickstart your progress there are several founders packs loaded with cool ships doubloons and other goodies to get you started.

And if you’re already a fan of world of warships you’ll be excited to learn there’s a console exclusive content from new maps ships and even special events personally one of my favorite features is how you can jump straight into the action with fast paced gameplay focused on 99 battles and maps adapted for faster engagements learn more about world of warships legends and help support the channel today by clicking the links in the description below do it do it now no seriously it’s a great game check it out! I dub thee: Boaty-Mc-Gun-Face look it’s a one-handed gun! I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Let’s start with a warm-up shot and try and take out that top bottle. Fire! You missed. Fire! Give him a sharp round this time Fire! Charles: Hang on I put the safety on. James: Safety off…! Fire! Let’s do some hacksmith glasses to see how they fare. Right in the chest! Lesson learned everyone is in the blast zone and we should probably back up. Yeah we haven’t learned their lesson Let’s try some regular safety glasses. Three, two… and look at that! Okay aim for his left eye! We have successfully killed Thanos. That was for Bucky. All right, next! Oh I think we can see where we hit it. I’m gonna freehand. Say hello to my little friend! Pretty dope pretty dope! Three… two… one…! Yeah that’s a problem. The resistor has blown off, that has happened before but I thought it was a one-time thing so the coilgun got exploded yesterday while we were testing, this morning I went in and replaced the stage that blew up and now we’re going to see if it works I saw a spark oh yeah sounds like a good shot though.

Monty Python song: Always look on the bright side of life! Charles: Right and replace that where it lies. Let’s try that again! Jordie: No spark…! Charles: It works sound out to explode. Crazy laughter Riley: Why are you making me do this? So to prove that the tempered glass is strong- Ian: Shoot her in the face! Charles: Shooting her in the face! Riley: Well that took out a chunk that one. James: I have an idea. Narrator: here we have an idiot in his natural habitat. Charles: Little bit this way, other way. Oh yep! You’re good good. James: Fire! I shouldn’t have had my mouth open… Riley: That was awesome! Riley: D-4 James: No you sunk my battleship! You’ll pay! G-5! Riley: A-1! Charles: Riley, you sunk my battleship.

This will not go unanswered! I’ll show you A-1! Riley: NOT AGAIN! That is so good but you still missed… James: This is probably one of our most technologically advanced projects yet I love it big thank you to Charles a University of Waterloo engineering co-op student responsible for the design and an even bigger thank you to our sponsor world warships legends for making this project possible check out legends today using my link in the description below every click helps ensure that we can keep making these awesome projects oh and don’t forget to check out our railgun video from last year should we upgrade the coilgun for a future video? We’ve only just scratched the surface of its awesome potential! .

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