52 Ways to Increase Email Marketing Efficiency


Your personality type – is it suitable for email marketing? Maybe you lack inspiration.Or vice versa – analytical skills? Perhaps you lack the skills needed to work with people? Do not worry – you do not need a new personality. After all, you can develop the style of Email Marketing, which will bring profit and is right for you, with your strengths. Today I will tell how to achieve this.

The complexity of Email Marketing is not the difficulty of software, which is very friendly and easy to use. It is contained in an incredible amount of opportunities realized by email marketing.

It seems that they are very easy to get confused. Therefore, it’s time to focus and look at this diversity through the prism of your personality type.

Are you new?

If you are taking your first steps in email marketing, start with simple, win-win techniques. Use techniques that do not require much time and effort. Friendly service will acquaint you with the basics.

  1. Get permission – If you send emails to those who have never heard of you, the Spammer tag will be attached to you. As a result, you will never find yourself in your inbox. Dear Email Marketing (ESP) services require confirmation of subscription by default.
  2. Choose a template – On the eve of an important interview, you choose the best costume, right? E-mail is the same. Templates give your letters a professional look, typical of leading Internet marketing specialists.
  3. Give online browsing – Some subscribers may be using outdated mailers.Therefore, always attach a link to view the letter in the browser. You will see that some readers prefer this way of reading letters.
  4. Offer a text version – Some subscribers disable images in the mail. Text version will allow them to read your letter. More clicks = more chances to make a sale.
  5. Choose the right time – your task is for subscribers to open your letters, read them and act here and now. Therefore, send letters according to local time when they open the most.
  6. Stimulate activity in social networks – According to the strength of the collective impact, hardly anything can be compared with the effect of social media. Buttons “share in social networks” do this work automatically. More clicks – more features.
  7. Ask for support – If something does not work, help is very close – just a click away. Use our free educational materials . They will save you time and help you succeed in email marketing.


Are you a creative genius?

If you have an artist’s soul and outstanding design skills, then in Email marketing you will feel at home. Use your visual perception to stun readers and turn them into customers.

  1. Image bet – A properly selected picture instantly attracts attention and provokes curiosity. Make sure that each photo has a license for commercial use , so as not to run into such trouble as a claim for copyright infringement.
  2. Give individuality – you will surely like to select colors, experiment with visual possibilities and create an unusual look. Readers will enjoy the result of your creative searches, and they will look forward to new letters.
  3. Start from scratch – Do you have an HTML layout? It is not useful to you. Let the beginning of your work will be a white sheet on which the design elements are dragged. Develop a unique style that completely reflects your personality.
  4. Check the display – Your luxury letter should look amazing in all mail services.So, check the design in different email programs and browsers.
  5. Show off your talent – Use the catalog to create an online archive of your best work in the future. Or come up with a series of letters with examples of what turned out to be five points.

Are you a super brain?

People with analytical thinking make great email marketers. There are many opportunities for testing and improvements. Over time, you optimize your letters as much as possible and achieve significant improvements in performance.

  1. Carry out A / B Testing – Smart marketers recognize the fact that it is impossible to predict the market. Therefore, they test words, calls to action, the subject of the letter … and much more. Ultimately, these people are among the winners.
  2. Analyze the result – your goal is to analyze user behavior . If the openness of letters has decreased, write more convincing headlines. If the number of clicks does not please you, modify your offer.
  3. Segment the base – Determine which letters open and click certain groups of subscribers. Send them similar content letters and offers. Then, to those who ignore the newsletter, send special offers that can not be refused.
  4. Follow subscribers – Over time, you will develop a scientific approach to the mailing list. You will know what your subscribers like, and why they are completely indifferent. Knowledge is power … and your gain.
  5. Look for profitable niches – Some subscribers will be interested in only one specific aspect of your business. Email distribution allows you to adjust to their interests. These loyal fans will be the most profitable customers.
  6. Track website conversions – Connect Email Marketing with your web analytics system. When you see the whole picture, you will understand what influences the effectiveness of email distribution and sales.
  7. Hone the answering machine cycles – Also, analyze the chain of automatic letters. You may need to add something special to some of them. Once you succeed, you can always rest on the laurels of their profits.
  8. Determine the schedule – When the subscriber expressed an interest, what should he get? Right, send him an automatic series of letters. With properly selected intervals between letters, customers will think that letters are written specifically for them.

Are you a sales star?

Your skills in this area have helped you succeed in personal sales. Just imagine what you are capable of in an endless market. I will tell you how to apply these skills on the Internet and make even more sales.

  1. Automate the sales funnel – Sales professionals always have a step-by-step sales process in mind and develop the right approach for each stage. Email marketing provides you with tools to automate all phases of a customer’s life cycle. Effective email distribution will bring you profit, even when you sleep.
  2. Take customers online – Personal sales usually invite a potential customer to a meeting. Email marketing has a similar method. Invite potential customers to a specially crafted landing page which has space to express all the key points of your business proposal.
  3. Make decisions quickly – Hot clients do not need a landing page. Give them the opportunity to buy directly from the letter. Those who are looking for additional information about the product will receive it by clicking on the link.
  4. Offer a deal – People are delighted with exclusive offers that are inaccessible to the wide majority. Email marketing allows you to save pricing structure, while offering special deals to the target audience and loyal customers.
  5. Sell ​​more – Most loyal customers come to you for ideas on how to improve their personal life or business. Offer them an interesting accessory or addition to what they already have – it can be the easiest selling.
  6. Do pre – sales – do you offer a cheap and good – looking package? Potential buyers need more … and they are willing to pay for it. To offer a product or service from a higher price category has never harmed anyone.
  7. Encourage loyalty – Reward the best customers with special offers created specifically for them. People like to be friends. If you are positioning yourself as a person, you will get a customer for life.
  8. Submit a network of contacts – This seller will not stop until you receive an impressive amount of recommendations. Online customers can also recommend you to their friends, and with the help of social networks make it easy.

Are you a social person?

The personal atmosphere of Email Communication helps to turn acquaintances into friends, potential buyers into loyal customers, and buyers into fans – use your natural skills in email marketing.

  1. Attract new subscribers – Place subscription forms on your sites. Choose a theme for the season, adjust to the mood of your audience. Check out what themes resonate with those you want to attract.
  2. Attract followers on social networks – Facebook fans are a special caste with an incredible sense of community. Therefore, use the application for Facebook, which allows you to see the subscription form on your page.
  3. Get to know subscribers – your subscribers already know enough about you.They want to share something personal so that you too know something about them. Use survey tools , to accumulate facts, opinions of people and information about their preferences.
  4. Look for like – minded people – As you gather data about your subscribers, you will be able to detect subgroups with special interests. Think about how to treat each of the groups – in this way, you will discover profitable niches.
  5. Enjoy the time of year – As your online community grows, you become part of the lives of more and more people. Use seasonal letter patterns. to celebrate the holidays together and enjoy the changing weather.
  6. Add your personality – People love doing business with friends. You do not begin personal correspondence with the appeal “Dear User”? To get a response, make letters more personalized and friendly.
  7. Encourage feedback – Remind subscribers that your newsletters are important letters. Offer them to click “answer” and share their thoughts. If possible, respond to each letter by adding something personal.
  8. Celebrate the holidays – Any memorable date makes it possible to send a special letter. Send birthday greetings automatically. You can give customers gifts in the form of discounts or special offers on the anniversary of their first purchase.
  9. Show Yourself – Video looks perfect inside the newsletters. Shoot short clips and add a personal touch. Your subscribers will find a friend in you.
  10. Reuse content – Your account includes Multimedia Studio. in which you can store images and videos. If you made a video for one subscriber, perhaps this video will appeal to all other subscribers.
  11. Use the power of social networks – Push subscribers to share your letters.Determine which social networks and sites you are welcome to. This is a great opportunity to express yourself, make new friends and turn them into fans.


Are you a networking master?

The main thing for you is to make acquaintances. Your strengths are meeting new people and making business contacts. Email marketing has a number of useful tools that you can use to build a network of contacts and create a strong business.

  1. Share your expertise – your blog may be filled with innovative ideas, but do not think that people read it on a schedule. Send post announcements using the RSS-to-email tool.
  2. Work on the go – Mobile apps offer to view drafts and send emails from smartphones and tablets to iOS and Android . See statistics and activity of subscribers in real time.
  3. Answer on the go – Compose a letter containing simple text directly on your phone and send it to any segment of the distribution list. If someone asks a question or comments, you can immediately answer.
  4. Collect subscribers offline – At exhibitions and congresses, you no longer have to fill your pockets with business cards. Instead, you can collect contact information on your mobile device and continue marketing communication via email.
  5. Conduct polls – Establishing a contact is only the first step. Create polls and polls to collect market data and user opinions on a particular issue. Share the results with subscribers so that they are also aware of what is happening.
  6. Bring personal contacts online – Do not worry, your personal contacts will not get lost in the mailing list. Create a subgroup of people near the circle and send personalized letters created only for them.
  7. Consolidate your contacts — you collect contacts from various sources: LinkedIn, Facebook, Gmail, Google Docs, Salesforce, and so on. Combine them into one database to stay connected.

You have no time and you delegate tasks?

If you try to do everything yourself, then you can easily deplete your time, effort and resources. So your strategy is to use others to achieve your goals. Effective use of this strategy is almost impossible without software provided by the service for email marketing.

  1. Integrate the systems you use – Give your employees authority. Configure ready-made integrations with services that are already used by your team – CRM, CMS, social and e-commerce.
  2. Get access to technology – Email marketing service providers (ESP) work together with organizations such as the Return Path, Litmus, Port 25, SpamHaus and SpamAssassin. Their technologies help to solve the most complex tasks with Email.
  3. Become friends – Mail.Ru, Yandex, Gmail, Yahoo! and Outlook is doing everything possible to protect their users from spam. Email marketing services fully comply with their requirements and deliver your emails to your Inbox.
  4. Avoid Filters – Anti-spam filters evolve every minute. Their sophisticated algorithms can block even legitimate mailings. Rely on email marketing and get rid of spam problems.
  5. Keep up with the times – Choose an email marketing provider that works with industry organizations such as MAAWG, EEC, OTA, ESPC, and SuretyMail. They promote the industry, set standards and offer best practices.
  6. Keep the base clean – This is perhaps the most important point. A good base of contacts is the core of online marketing. Your email marketing provider can ensure impeccable reputation among subscribers.

So, we have prepared 52 councils, and in the year 52 weeks. Will you put all these practices into your strategy or select some of them? It’s up to you ?

Start with what you are strong at.

There is absolutely no need to implement everything at once, in order to increase the effectiveness of Email distribution. Start with simple things. Choose all the practices that you like. After that, grasp aspects outside your comfort zone. Try to implement one reception every week.

Very soon, your email marketing campaigns will become richer and more powerful.You will better engage subscribers, and this will bring more profit and make ROI higher.

In just 52 weeks (or much faster), you will become an Email Marketing Professional.We believe you can do it!