6 Great Ideas for Holiday Email Campaigns

January 8, 2019 By admin

Ah, the holidays … this time of year is eagerly awaited by all e-commerce companies. Long and meticulous preparations will be fully paid for by the growth of traffic and sales revenue.

But the winners of the festive race will be those companies that not only manage to cope with the increased flow of requests and orders from customers, but also attract the attention of the target audience and convince them to make a holiday purchase in their store.

One of the most effective ways to do this is to launch an email marketing campaign.But not any, but creative, bright , taking into account the interests of the audience and sent at the right time. And this is just the beginning.

I made a review of six holiday email campaign ideas with examples from brands that stood out from the background of other emails in my inbox. Although my opinion is subjective, yet read why I think these campaigns deserve mention.

Holiday Email Campaign Ideas

1. Order by [DATE] and receive the goods on time to [holiday name]

Ideally, the advertising campaign should last at least a week before the start of the celebrations. It makes sense that the closer the day is, the more active your marketing efforts should be.

As the holiday approaches, some customers begin to worry whether all orders will arrive on time. Therefore, at this very moment you have a chance to try again to convert them into buyers. How? Offer express delivery the next day, or launch the “order before [DATE] campaign and get the goods on time.”


From: Puma

Subject of the letter: ⌚ Place an order before 14.00 (Eastern Standard Time) and receive FREE express delivery the next day.

This is a letter from Puma that I received in the morning the day before Christmas.The letter has a simple structure and consists of standard elements – several banners, links to additional promotions, a navigation bar and social networking buttons.

Christmas letter from Puma offering free next-day delivery

What is the beauty of this letter?

If you are like me, you also make holiday shopping at the last minute before Christmas.

This is not because you are looking for a special offer, but simply because you have not found the perfect gift or have not realized that December is almost over. This newsletter is designed specifically for those customers who make purchases at the last moment.

The letter is not too overloaded with elements, yes, in principle, it should not be like that. It conveys to you the essence of the proposal, which can save you, if you have not bought Christmas presents for your loved ones, – free express delivery the next day.

The proposal is indicated in the subject of the letter , then again in the preheaderand, finally, in the banner, which is placed in the center in the upper half of the visible part of the letter ( above-the-fold ).

In addition to the main offer, there are four other elements (additional offers) on which attention is deliberately focused: sale, gift cards, gift guide and FAQ on the theme of holidays . All of them are very important for those who did not have time to choose gifts and must act quickly.

Although this is not the only letter in my inbox that covered the subject of procurement at the last moment, I consider it most effective for the following reasons.

  • A letter instantly conveys to the reader the main offer – free express delivery the next day.
  • All elements of the letter are used as carefully as possible – the subject of the letter, the preheader and the upper half of the visible part of the letter (above-the-fold). They once again focus on the proposal.
  • The letter brings real benefits, since it appeals to customers with offers that they will certainly be interested in: gift cards, gift guide or products for sale.

Smiley-Emodzhi “clock” in the subject of the letter was a good addition, highlighting the letter among others.

Also my attention was attracted by a letter from ASOS. But GIF-animation and the joke about the “bad” forgetful father won only second place in my rating.

Asos Christmas Email Campaign

Advice for other e-commerce companies. Consider when and how your audience will read your letter. Does she have time to read? Or need to act quickly? Use this information when creating a letter and, if necessary, go directly to the essence of the proposal.

2. Here is your to-do list for [holiday name]

Holidays are a hectic time for both marketers and consumers alike. Many of us reach out long-forgotten pen and paper to write by hand a list of all the things that need to be done on a holiday.

But how can marketers use this information? For example, you can create a list of tasks that your audience will be interested in doing.


From: Bonobos

Theme: Holidays are coming!

For Thanksgiving this year, I received a concise letter from online retailer Bonobos.Unlike other messages in my inbox, it could not boast of graphic elements. It was a white text (to-do list) on a dark gray background.

Bonobos Letter Thanksgiving To-Do List

What is the beauty of this letter?

Firstly, it is different from others. When I looked through the contents of the box, I closed the letter by inertia. but then reopened to look at him again.

Secondly, after careful study, I realized that it was not just a to-do list. At least this is not what I expected from the company. This is more like a list that I would make for myself. He has a bit of humor (for example, “ remember the names of great-nephews ”) and contains hyperlinks (for example, “ buy something fancy for a festive dinner ”).

Jokes get right on target. The text itself is written as if by those who understand the target audience very well. The letter is easy to read, it causes laughter and positive emotions . It gave me great pleasure to read all the points to the end.

Advice for other e-commerce companies. Stand out, be creative, engage the audience and show them that you know them well. Think about what phrases, abbreviations or hashtags she uses in her posts. So your marketing letters will look more authentic.

3. We celebrate holidays in our own way.

When you hear about Black Friday , what associations do you think? Quite possibly, this is a “discount”, “sale” or “free delivery”.

Many firms follow the same approach during Black Friday. They want to sell more by presenting a better deal than their competitors.

But what you do not exactly expect is the fact that the company will recall in its letter about the philosophy that moves it forward, about its mission, thanks to which you most likely chose this company.


From: United By Blue

Subject of the letter: Why we cleaned up the garbage today

Below is a letter that I received on Black Friday from a company I had signed up for a long time, United By Blue. As you will understand, having familiarized with their site, they sell durable goods for responsible consumers. What does this mean? In short, they sell products for those who care about the environment. For each product sold, they promise to catch 1 pound of garbage from rivers, lakes and oceans of the Earth.

United By Blue's garbage collection campaign on Black Friday

Now when you know the history of this company, you understand the essence of this letter.

What is the letter about? The company explains why this year on Black Friday, she decided to clean up. She called this day Blue Friday.

What is surprising for a retailer at this time of year, the letter almost does not speak about products. Instead, the company invites you to learn more about Blue Friday and how to independently organize the cleaning, and also introduces people who have joined this wonderful project.

It is predictable that the company also marked a special offer for its customers. But information about it is available only after scrolling the letter to the bottom.

Black Friday Sale by United By Blue

What is the beauty of this letter?

The letter again is based on the desire to understand the audience and answer the question: “Why did the audience choose this company?” With United By Blue, the answer is very simple. Because the company creates products for those who, like her, care for the environment. How to show that their philosophy is not just a marketing ploy? We need to do something, not just promise.

By organizing garbage collection and publishing photos of participants (including the general and operational directors), the company showed it proved more than a standard marketing newsletter could show.

In addition, the letter motivates people to take part in the action and even organize the cleaning of the surrounding area. Information about the Black Friday sale is given below.

To sum up, despite the fact that the letter arrived relatively late, on Black Friday afternoon, it is very effective, because he managed to get my attention and get me to read it to the very end, where there is information about the sale.

Although the letter came later than other letters, it still impressed me and made me think again what I want to buy on Black Friday.

Advice for other e-commerce companies. This example may not work in your situation. But if you know your audience well, you do not need to attract customers to the site with goods using the call-to-action button. You can concentrate on the content and mission, and then the audience will follow you.

Were there other companies that appealed to me because their holiday marketing campaigns were not like rivals? There were, but one of them is definitely worth mentioning.

The Cards Against Humanity team has once again proved that it knows its audience very well. Take a look at the two letters of this company and see for yourself.

Do you think there will be a company that closes the store without any consequences or will it collect money to dig a hole that no one will ever see? I’m sure not.

Special Cards Against Humanity Newsletter on Black Friday

A letter from Cards Against Humanity with a call to donate money for the company to dig a hole

As you can see, sometimes it is not necessary to follow generally accepted rules in order to stand out against the background of others. On the contrary, sometimes differing from others is a good tactic that brings results, especially during the holiday season, when competition is fierce than ever.

If you want to know more about the background of these two letters, read about the pit and the crazy sale .

4. Do not sleep, otherwise you will miss everything! The sale on the occasion of [holiday name] will end soon

Although the holiday season lasts quite a long time, some still have difficulty finding gifts for themselves and their loved ones. Therefore, marketers send them last minute reminders and suggestions in the hope of converting them into buyers before they leave the online world to spend time with the family at the holiday table.

Is there a way to stand out from other reminder letters? Obviously there is.


From: Casper

Source: Reallygoodemails.com

As in the case of Bonobos, it does not look like the letters you received before. It simulates the screen of the phone (application “alarm clock”), which you see lying in bed before going to bed or immediately after waking up.

As in the case of Bonobos, it does not look like the letters you received before. It simulates the screen of the phone (application “alarm clock”), which you see lying in bed before going to bed or immediately after waking up.

Casper Black Friday Sale

If you look closely, you will see that each alarm has its own name. In addition to the clever names, you will also find information on supermarket and a discount for “early birds”.

When you start worrying that you don’t keep within the allotted time, a soothing phrase appears in the letter under the alarm clock image: You can relax and even sleep through Black Friday, because shopping at Casper can be done without getting out of bed. All you need to do is go to the company’s website and enter the code: SLEEPIN (“SLEEP”).

What is the beauty of this letter?

Casper sells mattresses. Although some of this fact is not impressive, the company was able to repeatedly achieve success thanks to the strategy of its marketing communication.

Here is one example. I like this letter because it fits perfectly with the products that the company sells. Mattresses, an alarm clock, numerous reminders not to miss an important date, and, finally, a “sleep” promotional code.

The letter is concise and quickly conveys to the reader the main idea – you can make purchases online without even leaving your bed. Of course, you would not want to get out of bed, even for an exclusive sale on Black Friday, right?

The second mailing, which follows, adds loyalty points to this campaign. It is even shorter, corresponds to the same principle, but this time is aimed at those who, despite the reminders, managed to oversleep Black Friday.

Casper's post after Black Friday

This letter is not original by humor or by its size, but by the fact that the company decided to extend the action of Black Friday for one more day.

This technique we are witnessing more and more over the past few years.Apparently, companies want to extend the madness of Black Friday to Cyber ​​Monday or even longer.

Personally, I think that there is a risk to discourage customers from making purchases on ordinary days, when standard prices are valid, but every company should make this decision on its own.

Advice for other e-commerce companies. Make sure that every element of your letter emphasizes the idea that you are trying to convey. Good design and design sometimes work much more efficiently than text. But this does not mean that you should forget about a good text.

5. Not everything revolves around Christmas, Cyber ​​Monday and Black Friday.

When we talk about holidays, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas, New Year, or perhaps Hanukkah come to mind. But there are many other wonderful dates! Perhaps they are not as popular as Christmas, but this does not mean that they cannot be beautifully beaten in your brand’s email newsletters, right?

Casper marketers also think so. Let’s look at their most creative mailings.


From: Casper

Subject of the letter: Extra hour.

The campaign is dedicated to the most beloved day of the company. Want to know what day it is? This is daylight saving time. It is on this day that you can sleep one hour longer. And the company just sells mattresses, pillows and everything you need for a good sleep. Why not a great idea?

In addition to the idea itself, the campaign also stands out for its design. This is a distinctive feature of the company – letters always look aesthetically pleasing.

Casper's letter on daylight saving time

The letter is simple, contains a clear title (in general, the text is very well thought out) and one call to action “Party on” (“Start the celebration”). A fun call-to-action button is located next to the promotional code and animated alarm clock with a 10% discount, which is simply impossible to miss.

Finally, at the bottom of the letter is a link to “Find a sleep store near you.” Yes, not an ordinary store, but a sleep store. You should also mention the top bar, which is under the navigation bar.

It is almost imperceptible and contrasts well with the body of the letter, and since it is in the upper half of the visible part of the letter (above-the-fold), it instantly notifies the recipient of the letter about the most relevant offers.

When someone skims the letters in the box, he will most likely not read the whole letter, but he will see the top panel. And if the letter is of interest to the client, he will scroll down to find out more information about the action.


From: Casper

Topic: New season? It’s time to update the bed.

No, I do not want to seem a fan of this company (although, perhaps, I have already become one), but here is another letter from Casper, which follows a similar style of thinking. The company skillfully uses another special time of the year to advertise its products, although this is not really a holiday.

This time, the end of the summer (summer) and the beginning of the autumn drowsiness (slumber) becomes the reason for the Casper email campaign.

Letter from Casper on the occasion of the end of the summer

By analogy with the previous letter, here in the top panel is a brief information about the main offer (in the upper half of the visible part of the letter is above-the-fold), one call-to-action button “Start hibernating” (“Start hibernation”) and a cute picture with summer slates on one side and warm slippers on the other side.

What about the text itself? We already know about what to expect from them.Slightly awkward rhyme (summer-slumber), “Sleeping season” (“sleep season”), “Start hibernating” (“begin to hibernate”) – all this echoes the products that the company sells. There are no phrases like “buy now” or “go to shopping”.

Here is a different approach. Everything fits together perfectly. The letter is short and very sweet. Although the proposal itself cannot be called new or creative (10% discount), the campaign as a whole makes a good impression, and it is pleasant to receive such letters.

6. Summing up the year

When preparing marketing campaigns, most marketers concentrate on what they have prepared for customers. They offer discounts, free shipping, contests or launch a new product line.

Less often, they concentrate on what customers have done and what they have participated in. Campaigns dedicated to the summing up of the year are rare.Perhaps because they do not shout “buy now” and do not bring a lot of revenue.

At the same time, from my own experience, this type of campaign causes the greatest response from customers. Does this campaign work for everyone? I think no. It is suitable for companies, services and SaaS platforms, to which customers are really not indifferent.

The point is not to list everything that has been bought over the past year. It does not work, except that these products mean a lot to customers.

The bottom line is that …

Although let’s see for yourself.


From: Sevenly

Subject: Thank you! All this thanks to you …

Sevenly is an online retailer that runs charity campaigns and transfers a portion of its income to those in need.

As written on their website, they promise to donate $ 7 from each purchase made as part of the 7-Day Campaigns campaigns, and 7% from sales of thematic collections. Every time you buy something from them, you know that you are doing something good.

The problem is that over time, your motivation to help weakens. Especially if you do not see the results, for example, where the donated money was invested.

In response to this, Sevenly came up with the idea of ​​launching a thank-you campaign in which information was collected about what the company itself and the customers who took part had done in a year.

As can be seen from the letter, in 2017 the company raised $ 4.9 million in donations, assisted 1.7 million people, and 2.4 billion free hits were recorded for important and noble purposes.

A letter of thanks from Sevenly

What is the beauty of this letter?

There are several points that make this letter special.

The idea behind the campaign. A review of key information can give customers the feeling that they have changed someone’s life. It also highlights the sender line (“from”). The letter comes from “Your friends from Sevenly.” If you want to create a community, this is definitely a great way.

The design also does not cause censures. The letter is not overloaded, the main goal of the campaign is to provide clients with information and thank them for their contribution, and not to sell the goods. Although I can’t tell a lot about design, it seems to me that it resonates well with the goal of the campaign.


From: Spotify

Subject: All the facts about the music you listened to over the past year that you wanted to know.

I would like to show you two letters. Both were sent to Spotify at different times – in 2016 and 2017.

They provide a brief overview of the music that Spotify users listened to during the year. Number of minutes, most popular songs, favorite genres, etc.