Create the Ultimate Facebook Pixel Event for Quality Traffic: Time and Scroll

During the past couple of weeks, I’ve walked you through how to create custom Facebook pixel events that allow you to track, optimize for, and target visits based on time spent on a page and scroll depth. Today, we’ll take that a step further and combine the two.

The reason for this is simple. While both time on a page and scroll depth are good indicators by themselves of visit quality, they each have a weakness. You can spend three minutes staring at the title without scrolling (or simply load the page and walk away). You can scroll through a post in 10 seconds and not spend any time reading it.

Several people asked me whether the two can be combined, and I have good news: They can!

Today, we’re going to isolate that ultra-valuable audience of people who scroll at least 70% of a blog post AND spend at least two minutes reading it. If you read either of the past two weeks’ posts, portions of this post will be repetitive. But I want to be sure that, if you missed those posts, you know how to set up the base pixel in Google Tag Manager and test the events.

I’ll go through even more detail in my upcoming Facebook Pixel Masterclass (the first lesson is free). Go here to sign up!

Add the Base Facebook Pixel

I assume you have the base Facebook pixel code already installed on your website. Just in case, let’s walk through this anyway.

We’re doing this within Google Tag Manager. While there are likely ways to do it elsewhere, the variables and triggers provided by GTM make it easier to execute.

  1. Create a tag and name it “Facebook – Base Pixel.”

  2. Choose “Custom HTML” as the tag type under Tag Configuration.

  3. Paste your base pixel code in its entirety within the HTML text box. Below is an example, but you should use your own code unique to your ad account.
    Facebook Pixel GTM

  4. Under Triggering, we want our base pixel code to execute on all pages of our website.
    Facebook Pixel GTM

Create Variables

There are a couple of variables that we created during the past two weeks that we’ll use here. If you haven’t created them yet, let’s do that now. We need the pixel to record the percentage scroll depth and time on a page, so we add variables in Google Tag Manager.

  1. Create a variable called “DLV – gtm.timerEventNumber” using the Data Layer Variable type. Use the data layer variable name “gtm.timerEventNumber.”
    Facebook Pixel GTM
  2. Create a variable called “DLV – gtm.timerInterval” using the Data Layer Variable type. Use the data layer variable name “gtm.timerInterval.”
    Facebook Pixel GTM
  3. Create a variable called “DLV – gtm.scrollThreshold” using the Data Layer Variable type. Use the data layer variable name “gtm.scrollThreshold.”
    Facebook Pixel Event Scroll Depth

    Create Scroll Depth Trigger

We want Facebook to fire an event as a visitor progresses on a page related to scroll depth.

  1. Create a new trigger in Google Tag Manager and name it “Blog – Scroll to 50%.”

  2. Select the “Scroll Depth” trigger type.

  3. For vertical scroll depths, use percentages of 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, and 100.

  4. Enable this trigger on “Window Load (gtm.load).”

  5. Set to page path contains “/blog/”. I’ve decided to focus only on blog posts, but this is again optional. You could skip this step and it would execute on any page.
    Facebook Pixel Event Scroll Depth

    Create a Timer Trigger

We want Facebook to fire an event for every 30 seconds a visitor is on a page.

  1. Create a new trigger in Google Tag Manager and name it “Blog – 30, 60, 90, 120, 180 seconds.”

  2. Select the “Timer” trigger type.

  3. For interval, use 30000 milliseconds (30 seconds). You can use a different interval if you please.

  4. Set a limit of 6. Again, this is optional, but in my case I wanted to record events at 30, 60, 90, 120, 150, and 180 seconds.

  5. Set to page path contains “/blog/”. I’ve decided to focus only on blog posts, but this is again optional. You could skip this step and it would execute on any page.
    Facebook Pixel GTM

Create a Trigger to Combine Scroll Depth and Time Spent

We want Facebook to fire an event when a visitor spends at least 120 seconds and scrolls at least 70% of the way through a blog post.

  1. Create a new trigger in Google Tag Manager and name it “Blog post – 120+ seconds AND 70% scroll.”

  2. Select the “Custom Event” trigger type.

  3. Enter “^gtm.(timer|scrollDepth)$” for the event name and check the box for using Regex Matching.

  4. Select to have the trigger fire on “Some Custom Events.”

  5. Fire the trigger when DLV – gtm.timerEventNumber is greater than or equal to 4. Since we’re using intervals of 30 seconds, this equals 120 seconds.

  6. Fire the trigger when DLV – gtm.scrollThreshold is greater than or equal to 70.
    Custom Pixel Event Google Tag Manager

Create a Tag

Now, we are going to create a new tag in Google Tag Manager that will reference the trigger and variables we just made.

  1. Create a new tag and name it “Facebook – Blog – 120+ Seconds AND 70% Scroll.” Names are up to you, of course.

  2. Use the Custom HTML tag type.

  3. Paste the following code within the HTML text box…

It should look like this…
Custom Pixel Event GTM
4. Under Advanced Settings > Tag Sequencing, check the box next to “Facebook – Blog – 120+ Seconds AND 70% Scroll fires.”

  1. Select the “Facebook – Base Pixel” tag under setup.
    Custom Pixel Event GTM
  2. Under Triggering, select the trigger that we created previously.
    Custom Pixel Event GTM

Test Your Event

Let’s make sure this event is working. Within your Events Manager, select your pixel and click on Test Events on the left.
Facebook Pixel GTM
Open a separate window or tab and go to a page of your website where this event should trigger. Scroll through the entirety of that page, and it should appear within this window.
Custom Pixel Event GTM
You can also use the Facebook Pixel Helper to test in this same way.
Custom Pixel Event GTM

Create Custom Conversions

I’ve created a custom conversion for this event. We’ll need this for tracking and optimization.
Custom Pixel Event GTM
1. Instead of “All URL Traffic,” select “Blog Tracking” under Custom Events.

  1. Click to Add a Rule.

  2. Instead of “URL,” select “Event Parameters.”

  3. Select “Time and depth” as your custom parameter.

  4. Enter “120” next to “Contains.” I’ve only created one custom parameter under this event, so this rule should pick it up.

  5. Name it, select a category (probably “Other”), and set a value (probably leave it blank).

You can test these custom conversions just as you tested your event. You should also start to see activity within your list of custom conversions. Note that the activity will be lower than what you were seeing with time on page and scroll depth alone. These are now the best of the best visits!
Custom Pixel Event GTM

Add Columns in Ad Reports

This is information you should monitor within your ad reports, particularly when you drive traffic to blog posts. To do that, click to Customize Columns…
Facebook Pixel GTM
And then find your new Custom Conversion and check the boxes to add it to your report.
Custom Pixel Event GTM

Optimize for High-Quality Traffic

If you would normally run campaigns to promote blog posts, let’s do it a little differently.

First, use the Conversions objective rather than Traffic.
Facebook Pixel GTM
When you set Optimization for Ad Delivery at the ad set level, select the custom conversion you’ve created.
Custom Pixel Event GTM
By setting up campaigns this way, Facebook will attempt to show your ads to people most likely to spend at least two minutes and scroll at least 70% on a blog post.

Create Website Custom Audiences

We can now create audiences based on the new event we’ve created…
Custom Pixel Event GTM
This lets you focus on targeting those who actually READ your blog post — beyond those pesky Blog Post Title scanners and quick scrollers.

Facebook Pixel Masterclass

I’ll go into more detail on this topic (and many others) in my upcoming Facebook Pixel Masterclass. We’ll talk about everything from the basics to the most advanced. I hope you’ll join me!

Your Turn

This approach has changed my Facebook advertising. It gives me a much clearer view of the quality of visitor I’m driving and allows me to optimize for that type of visitor. This isolated audience also gives me an option for targeting of a small, value-packed group.

Are you doing something similar? What do you think?

Let me know in the comments below!

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Quiz: Test Your Facebook Pixel Knowledge

How much do you know about the Facebook pixel? Do you know what it is, how to install it, and what it’s for? Let’s find out!

There are 20 questions in this quiz. When you’re done, I’ll give you a score.

If you want to learn more, check out my three-part training (the first part is free!), Facebook Pixel Masterclass.

What is the Facebook pixel?

Which of the following will a pixel *not* allow you to do?

Where should the base pixel code be placed on your website?

What is true about targeting of pixel traffic?

Which of the following can’t you do as a result of having the Facebook pixel on your website?

On which pages of your website should you add the Facebook pixel?

How can you install the pixel on your website?

How many pixels can you have?

Which of the following uses the Facebook pixel to complete the action?

How can you test to make sure that your pixel is working properly?

What does pixel event code do?

How are the details of an event (like the price, quantity, and name of a product purchased) logged with event code?

How do you add the pixel to a website you can’t control?

TRUE/FALSE: The pixel makes it possible to target people based on the specific events that were performed on your website (exact product purchased, price, quantity)

Where is event code, signifying a specific type of action occurred, added to your website?

TRUE/FALSE: Facebook has the ability to detect events and automatically create them for you

TRUE/FALSE: There are ways to create pixel events without the need for additional code

Facebook can detect that an event occurs when which of the following happens?

How many pixel events can occur on a single web page?

What does a custom conversion allow you to do?

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How To Build a Website In WordPress From Scratch [2020]

Setting Up WordPress

Creating your new website online is one of the most critical steps in establishing your online presence.  Do it right and it pushes you towards success.  Do it wrong and it hinders your success.

For a person new to building a website this can seem like a daunting task.  Today, I’m going to give you a hand by showing you the ropes in creating your own website in WordPress from scratch.  I recommend WordPress as the Content Management System (CMS) as it handles a lot of the display and website structure tasks and leaves you to focus on your content.  WordPress is one of the most popular website builder softwares out and there and it’s even free!

What I’m going to outline to you is how I go about creating a new website and it’s the process I recommend to anybody who hasn’t done it before.  The process involves everything from choosing your domain through to setting up a system that helps you to publish your content.  In this method, I am going to have you setup WordPress as it’s easy to use and for most hosting providers it has a one click install button.

Choose a Domain Name

The very first you’ll want to do is choose a domain name.  A domain name is how people will find you much the way brings people here.

While you could go to and setup a blog on there for free, you will just be a page on someone else’s big site and you won’t be building out your own ideas and you don’t have the total creative freedom you do from your own WordPress install.  Getting a domain and building your own site is not only satisfying, but you’re building up your own corner of the web that’s all yours.

While you can build your site on top of one of the Web 2.0 platforms like Weebly or Medium, you’ll never really make it your own until you have your own domain.  Once you have your own domain, you can host your site anywhere that has internet connections, and we’ll cover that more in the next section.

When brainstorming a new domain name, there are some general guidelines I try to go by to help find a good domain name:

  • It should be obvious from the name the topic of your site (if possible).  Sometimes you pick a unique name to try to brand which is fine as well.  But if you’re writing a blog about Baseball bats, then TopBaseballBats is better than Baseball stuff.  This one has a lot of flexibility but you get the idea.
  • Make it easy to type
  • Keep it as short as possible yet meaningful
  • Don’t use hyphens, numbers, or anything else.  You want to be able to verbally be able to tell your domain to someone and they’ll be able to type it in and get to your site easily.

How Do I Register a New Domain Name?

While it is possible to just go and register your domain name and then modify the records to point to the host you’re going to use, there’s an easier way.

The easier way is also cheaper and far easier.  Some hosting providers provide you a free domain of your choosing upon choosing a hosting package.  Getting the domain and hosting in one step makes it far easier to avoid surprises and complicated technical configurations.

By itself, a domain name is usually around $15 a year to purchase.  With the Bluehost deal I can give you in the next section, you can get a free domain name with hosting for only $3.75 per month for shared hosting.  And you own your domain too that is uniquely yours.  That is one incredible deal for a managed wordpress hosting service.

Setup Your Hosting Provider

It’s time to ahead and start setting up your hosting account and get your free domain name with it.

I highly recommend Bluehost as it has been incredibly fast hosting everytime I’ve used it and it’s been trouble-free.  That’s why I recommend them above others is that they have been consistently good and no issues.  There are a few web hosting companies that stand out as high-quality and Bluehost is at the top of my list.

So head over to Bluehost and click on the big green Getting Started button.

After you hit the button, you’ll see the account signup options.  Choose the Basic account on the left which comes with a free domain, 50GB of storage, and unmetered bandwidth.  The Basic account comes with everything you’ll need to have a domain, a site, and WordPress so you can be up and typing away on your new site in an hour.

BlueHost 2

The really nice thing about the unmetered bandwidth is that as your site gets more popular, you won’t get traffic overage charges.

The next step is where you choose your new domain name that people will use to find your site.  If you’re stuck for ideas, you can always hit the link for I’ll create my domain later.

Once you get past the domain step, the next thing is the payment screen.  You just need to put in the standard info of you name, address, credit card, etc.  After that, you’re all signed up with a brand new domain and a brand new hosting account, ready to tackle the world.

The next thing you’ll see is a Welcome screen from BlueHost and now your account is created:

BlueHost Welcome Screen

At this point, your account is created, but it’s not entirely activated just yet.  You’ll need to go check your email for an email from BlueHost that is your Welcome email with an activation link in it.  If you don’t see it after 5 minutes, check your Spam folder.  You’ll see something like this in the body of the email:

BlueHost Activation Email

Click on the Verify Your Email button and your account is now activated.

If you go back to your web browser tab with the Create Your Password button, click that now to set your BlueHost password and finish setting up your account.

BlueHost Create Your Password

Next, the system will ask you to pick a theme.  There are lots of great choices so feel free to pick one.  This is easily changeable from the Themes menu once you’re in the WordPress dashboard so if there isn’t one you like, scroll to the bottom and click skip for now.

BlueHost Pick WordPress Theme

On the next screen, you’ll get a nice simple message that setup is complete and you can now either go to your Bluehost hosting control panel  or Start Building your site.  Click on the Start Building button and let’s jump right into your new site.

BlueHost Setup Completed

Setting up Your New WordPress Website

When you setup your Bluehost account, by default bluehost will install WordPress for you.  Now is the fun part of customizing your corner of the web.

Everything you will need to configure for your site, you will be using WordPress to do it.  The main WordPress dashboard is your administrator dashboard to make your site yours.

Setting your WordPress Site Theme

Your theme is what styles your blog to look a certain way.  It may have 3 columns.  It may have 2 columns.  It may have thumbnails to posts at the top.  You can even change it later on to get just the look you want.

You can get to the Themes section by choosing Appearance (or paintbrush icon) and then choose Themes.

Bluehost Theme change

You’ll see a couple of basic free themes and one will be activated.

Bluehost Stock Themes

From there, you can choose another by selecting it and hitting the Activate button, or you can add a new theme.  I personally like the ones from themes at MyThemeShop.  If you visit MyThemeShop, click on Themes from the top menu and then click on the Free tag to see the ones you can download and use completely free.

MyThemeShop themes

The free wordpress themes are amazing and I have tried a few of them and I am using one right here on the site in fact.  They are among the most streamlined and efficient themes I have found and with Google being Mobile-first indexing, speed is a major concern now for sites.  So you can’t go wrong with one of their Themes.

Both the free wordpress themes and paid wordpress themes even come with some of their plugins to add some cool features to your site.  If you have a little extra cash you can upgrade to one of the premium paid themes but if not they are there and worth a look.

Write Your Content

The next step is to pick some good article topics and start writing.  Think about your visitors and try to provide complete and useful information.  Don’t worry about whether Google likes it but try to provide the best user experience for your visitors with your blog posts.

Starting out, the best thing you can focus on is to make your pages interesting to read.  Add images, video, and feel free to let your personality shine through in your writing.

This is a skill that you will hone and grow over time, but the key is try to view it from the user perspective.  You can get across your thoughts, ideas, and tips, and it can still be interesting and funny to read.  Feel free to break up blocks of words into smaller paragraphs that are easier to digest but way easier to read on a mobile device.

Once you publish your first blog article, you are now the proud owner of a blog that the entire world can come see!

Make The Required Website Pages

All sites will want to create a few standard pages as it’s what both users and Google expects:

  • About Us
    Having an about us page is mandatory at this point.  It doesn’t have to be overly extensive, but you want to put a little blurb about who you are and why you are making a site.
  • Contact Us
    Having a Contact Us page is always a good idea so that your visitors have a way to contact you.  Makes sense right?  Make sure to put a contact form on the page and you can get emails in a jiffy.
  • Privacy Policy
    A privacy policy is a standard part of websites, especially in the wake of the GDPR privacy regulations in Europe.  Let users know what info you may collect, etc.

Create a Social Media Presence

A social presence is a given nowadays and it’s highly recommended.  Create these social accounts:

The general idea is you want to have a presence out there which will also help your site.  Make sure to create content before worrying about a social presence.

Posting on Facebook or Pinterest or Twitter helps people to find your site and know it exists.

What Now?

Now that you’ve read the step by step guide above to get an idea of what a standard install of WordPress is like, you have many options.

What Type of Website Can You Build?

There are numerous types of websites that you can build apart from blogs, and largely it’s the format and content that varies.

  • Personal Blog
  • Blogs about topics such as plants
  • Online Store websites
    You can easily have an online store to either sell your own products or setup a drop-shipping website
  • Brick and Mortar Store Website
    If you have a store with a physical location, you’ll still want a website to either provide information about you to potential customers or even allow ordering from the website.

What Other Website Builders Are There?

While WordPress is one of the most widely used website builders in the world, there are others.

If you’re building an online store, Shopify may be a great alternative to building your online store.  In this case, I would still install WordPress, but I’d install the WooCommerce plugin which can integrate with a Shopify account and you get the best of both worlds.

If you are building a regular blog, it is possible to code the entire site by hand, but the time for what you get out of it isn’t worth it in many cases unless it’s something custom that a CMS system such as WordPress can accomodate.

What I recommend is getting a Bluehost account, setting up WordPress, and trying it for yourself so you can get first-hand experience with setting up a site and the joy it brings.

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What Are Long Tail Keywords and Why Should You Care?

A task checklist

A long tail keyword is a three to five word keyword phrase that aims to capture targeted search traffic.  Long tail keywords get less search traffic but common have high conversion rates, as they are far more specific.  Quite often long tail keywords are very profitable search traffic.  The general idea is you are trying to attract visitors are late in the buying process and are prepared to buy with the right information.  Hence, these long tail keywords have a high conversion rate but low search volume.

Let’s look at an example. “Nike running shoes for men” is a 5-word example of a long tail keyword.  In contrast, “running shoes” is a short tail keyword.  If you looking for someone ready to buy shoes, in this case the long tail keyword is someone about ready to buy with the right information presented to them.

This is a good time to mention that just because a keyword is long doesn’t necessarily make it long tail.    What usually defines a long tail keyword is the search volume, competition, and conversion rates.

What Exactly Makes a Keyword Long Tail?

Generally, keywords are long tail if they are less common.  The reason they got the term long tail and not some other general term actually comes from statistics.  In statistics, Long Tail is a term relation to the distribution and how many occurrences  they have in relation to the head, or more common part.

Those terms sound complex, but looking at the below graph, the yellow part are the head terms, or very common searches on the internet.  The green section is the long tail keywords section.  These are the terms with much less search volume.  The long tail terms are your terms that are very specific and might only have a couple of dozen searches a month, but they are laser targetted.  These are the terms like “buy nike mens running shoes”.  The customer is looking very specifically for something and if you can fill that need you get to pocket some cash.

This is how the search demand curve appears when you map out keyword competition vs search volume.

long tail keyword distribution graph

You might wonder now how many searches a month these long tail keywords really get.  Ahrefs reported recently that 92% of all keywords get 10 or fewer searches per month, making them all long tail by definition.

ahrefs volume search distribution chart

The key to a profitable long tail keyword is to meet up with the customer right about the time they are ready to purchase:

  1. The customer hears about a product on a forum or from an email.
  2. The customer looks up more information about the product and the concept in general.
  3. The customer looks up reviews and opinions on the product.
  4. The customer decides to purchase today.    <— This is where you want to have your long tail keyword
  5. The customer buys the product.

Why are Long Tail Keywords Less Competitive?

While that satisfies the search volume part of the long tail keyword definition, there also needs to be less competition.  While for some keyword phrases like “instagram marketing” will have a lot of competition and search volume, if you look at a phrase like “instagram marketing strategies for small business in the philippines”, that is a fairly specific phrase.  In Long Tail Pro it shows up as a zero monthly searches with a competition difficulty level of 33.  If you search this term in Google, you’ll see that the first few entries are social media marketing in the Phillipines followed by general social marketing places.  With a well-written article, you could easily slide into the top 2-3 places and you’re up and you’ll get some of the searches coming to your site.  By the way, below about 50  monthly searches they usually just round off to zero so in this case just ignore the search volume number.

search results example

At this point, a keyword research tool can help you find competition but it’s still fairly subjecting.  The competition difficulty level is based off of the Domain Authority(DA) and Page Authority(PA) of the top search results.  However, it usually takes a person looking at the search results to realize that while the pages themselves are strong, they are not entirely focused on the search terms so they fit the bill relatively but they can be beaten with an article focused on that particular term.

While this wasn’t always the case, it is more and more.  In fact, beginning with the January 2020 updates, Google is getting better at telling which results answer the search request the best.

As an example, let’s look at a phrase “how short can i cut my cats nails”.  It’s definitely a long tail keyword.

If you search it on Google, right now here is the list of domains that come back, the top entry is for  They rank above and well above sitting at #10.  The fact is, if your website page fits the query well and focuses on that topic answering the searcher’s intent, and your site in general has a lot of cat info, you have a very good shot at the top entries.  Just be complete, and remember that each new articles is making your site the authority more and more.

Still not convinced?

I have a site I started ( I won’t give away what my main topic is) a few months ago, and my article #22 was well written but nothing like a 10,000 word article.  It did, however, answer the search term specifically instead of being just general info.  Having your entire article focus around the topic and not getting off on a tangent is how you win.  This is a screenshot from part of KeySearch.  My site has a Page Authority of 4 at that point and a Domain Authority of 1.  So fairly typical of a new site with few if any links.

It’s a term that gets maybe 50 monthly searches at best and is a difficulty score of 25.  What I want to show you here is that it is in fact ranking above sites with authority far, far above my site’s and yet I outrank them.  With some work I’m sure the article could move up 2-3 spots.

an example of keyword competition wins

What it means is that if you pick out long tail keywords and write articles around them, you can have lots of small wins.  In this case, it’s for a term where the affiliate commission would net me roughly $12-14 per sale and the term is the searching looking for something very specific and likely ready to buy.  6-7 of these customers per month could net me $100/month by itself.

$100 a month isn’t ground-breaking, but repeat it 20 times and you’re talkign $2000/month which is pretty significant.

As a byproduct, the more articles you have, the more you are the authority so your future articles will help your older ones move up as well.  It’s a win-win.

How to Find Long Tail Keywords?

At this point, you’re probably wondering how you find these elusive long tail keywords.  It’s a fair question and it’s something you do better with practice.

1.  Google Autocomplete

If you just go to and start typing a phrase, it will choose many others to suggest.  These are based off of the phrase you choose, which in this case is “link building tools”.  These are actual terms that people do in fact search for, so if you choose one of these search queries to write an article on it, you will be writing an article for an active term.  Chosen right, a search query can make you money day after day without further work.

Google Autocomplete

Pro Tip: You can also start to type a new word and while you are typing the word new suggestions will pop up.  You can direct the results you get in this way.

2.  Answer The Public is one of those hidden gems that I use all the time.  You just put in a term and it gathers the searches that people are actually doing in Google.  It basically is an easier way to get the data from #1 but you have less control over what it gathers. result

What makes it even easier is you can download the CSV file and work with it from there:

3.  Keyword Research Tools like Long Tail Pro

There are also keyword research tools that are made just so you can make the most of your time.  It’s always a time and money trade-off so the key is to pick wisely.  In this case, I like Long Tail Pro because it’s very reasonably priced and it’s been around for quite awhile.

When you want to find some keywords, just put in a term and voila:

Long Tail Pro keyword search result

You get a quick set of results.  In this case I was looking for keyword ranking tools and have it filtered down rather narrowly to show the variety of information available.  You get a quick search volume as well as the competition.  I still followup by hand no matter what tool and search the phrase manually to see the competition but getting an initial value is very handy.  LTP also highlights the Keyword Competition (KC) to let you know which ones will be attainable by your site easily and which have more work to get first page on.

I tend to use the keyword tool Long Tail Pro and Answer The Public to find a list of long tail keywords and then I narrow down by hand by looking at the competition to see how specific their pages are and if they answer the search term.

I put together a review on Long Tail Pro if you’d like to read a little more about this tool beyond this blurb.

Additionally, Moz has a great writeup of keyword research in general.  When combined with long tail keyword research, it can become an extremely powerful tool.

How to Turn Long Tail Keyword Traffic into Money?

This is the part that many people get wrong.  You want to tie in your article to be the #1 result for the customer’s search ideally.

Make sure the first thing you do is address the long tail keyword.  Make sure your article or page centers on the topic and make sure it addresses the intent of the search.

Within your page, you can then suggest specific products that will address what they are looking for, or perhaps suggest the best price and place to get it.  This would be an example of affiliate sales and the page itself is part of affiliate marketing.

First you need to make sure to get customers before you can capitalize on having the customer.  Perhaps you are a business, and on your page you mention the product is 10% today or something similar.

Just remember first and foremost to address the needs of your customer or you won’t get the first page placement on any of the search engines.

The key to getting better at finding and landing good long tail keyword placement is getting started.  Over time you will better at writing and reading what the user needs, and you will get better at finding the keywords that are worth the most to you.  The key is to just get moving to succeed.

Last Minute Tips

Once you pick the right keywords, it’s time to get that article together and hit a home run.

  • Make sure your website loads as fast as possible.  In this day of mobile-first indexing loading speed is a critical factor on how your website ranks.
  • Optimize your on-page SEO as much as possible.  It’s fully in your control and it’s the first step to getting a good-ranking webpage.
  • Write a catchy title and description.  You get once chance at catching the searcher’s eye and this will be it.  Stand out from the pack.
  • Use free SEO tools that are available from Google.  I have a post right here that lists out the Google tools and how to use them to track your progress.
  • Use keyword research tools to speed up the research section of topic brainstorming.  Make the most of your time so you can have the most success.

Remember to track your rankings to see how your work is paying off.


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Is Keyword Research Dead or is it a Hoax?

laptop showing search engine

No, keyword research is not dead.  Keyword research is still very important in planning new content and will in the foreseeable future.  Knowing search volume as well as who are competing with directly is invaluable information.

The thing to remember is that you are writing your content around a topic, not specific keywords.  Don’t load up the target keywords thinking you’ll taking the lead because it will likely instead cause a penalty.

Keyword research is, at this point, entirely looking for topics to write about.  You’re writing for an intent more than specific keywords.  Write naturally since you’re writing for people and not search engines now.

In fact, it might even be more proper to call it topic research now.  In any case, content strategy has been changing and I think for many of us putting in the hard work it’s for the better.  Content marketing is an ever-evolving system but do things right and you’ll always come out on top.

Semantic Search

Google has pushed farther and farther into semantic searching.  In semantic analysis, Google is looking more into the meaning behind the words rather than the exact words themselves.  They are making great strives into this Artificial Intelligence understanding of what sites are talking about.

Google also had a major update in October 2019 with the BERT update.  In the BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers) update, Google looks more deeply into complex queries to understand what the searcher really is looking for.  This is the main reason why it’s important to note searcher intent when you are writing content around a topic.

Because of all of these changes, the old ways of just dropping keywords all over the place and ranking high on page 1 are long gone.

Now, when you write you’ll want to look further into the meaning and what type of information search engines are looking for.

User Intent

In recent days, the intent of the user is key.  If you master it, you can rank your pages high.  When you have a search phrase, it’s important to think about some key pieces on Google to help you figure out what the user intent is.

  1. Plug your search term into google and bring up the search results.
  2. Look through the results, especially the first 5, to see what type of information Google best matched to the search term.
  3. See what Youtube videos Google picked to show.
  4. Look at the People also ask section for additional related topics.
  5. Look down at the related searches section at the bottom to see what related keywords Google has matched up.

Let’s go ahead and do a real life example of the search term “keyword research tool youtube”.  This has a little trickiness because it could be a tool to help figure out what to put on youtube, or it could be information on Youtube about research tools.

Search Results

Here is what it looks like when you search for the phrase on google.

Typical Google search results

Looking at the search results, it appears that Google is expecting the user intent to looking for keyword tools to help rank better in Youtube.  Quite often the results of the rest of the check of searching intent will line up and confirm what we are seeing.

YouTube videos showing in search result

From the above picture, you can also see that Google is showing videos on YouTube keyword research as well.  Again, just confirms what we are seeing.

People Also Ask section of Search Results

People also ask section within Google search results

The People Also Ask section will show you related topics to this search as seen by Google.  You actually get more than one thing out of this.  For one, you can see if the related topics make sense with the main topic as it appears.  Secondly, you get idea for other articles and posts, as well as ideas you may be able to incorporate for a bigger article.

In this case, there are questions about keyword planners for YouTube and the best keywords for a YouTube video.

Searches Related to the Search Term

Related searches showing within Google search results

Related searches are also big, sometimes even bigger than the related questions.  You will see search results which Google feels are closely related to these search terms.

Pro Tip: One little SEO trick not everybody will tell you is that these are actually LSI (Latent Semantic Index) keywords that you can get a little advantage by pulling some of these into your article.  Covering more than one related topic gives you an authority advantage over those who don’t.

What Do These Pieces All Mean Put Together?

When you look at all of the clues on a search results page, you have somewhat of a topic and outline of what your article should meet at a minimum to rank.

In this case, someone searching for the term “keyword research tool youtube” would expect to see an article on researching keywords to rank their YouTube videos.  Because a keyword planner is in the People Also Ask box, you can see that it’s likely that the searcher is looking for a tool that provies both keywords and search volume within YouTube.  They are likely even wondering how to start doing YouTube videos with some basic research questions like how to decide on what to write and how to get more views.

Looking at the related search queries, it’s easy to see that people frequently look for chrome extensions to give them video tags and such set on videos.  It’s such a strong related search in fact for tags to put on YouTube videos that I would devote a fair amount of writing to using tools like the Chrome extension vidIQ to see what other videos are using as their tags and such.

That’s a pretty fair amount of information that you can glean just by looking at a search page.  The one thing I would add is to look at and read the top 10 results to see the quality, general topics, and length of the articles.  Yours needs to be as complete or even more if you want to aim for the top spot.  To be at the top, you need to be the best.

Keyword Difficulty

Keyword difficulty is one of the many factors that is helpful to know before you write an article.  Ideally you’ll write an article that you can top the competition given your writing skills and authority of your website.

While I feel like numbers are not everything, Domain Authority and Page Authority generated by Moz does give an idea of the relative strength of a given page in the search results.  All else being equal, the higher authority site gets a serious edge.  Have you noticed that around SEO certain sites almost always tend to be on the first page even if the search term is extremely focused and their article is in the same general area.

My two recommendations are to go to long tail keywords and to use a keyword research tool

Long tail keywords have lower search volumes because they are specific in nature, but they also have lower competition because less people are targeting many search phrases directly.  Ahrefs estimates around 92% of keyword phrases are actually long tail so there are plenty to go around.  Just pick the best ones if you can.

As for a keyword research tool, I would recommend Long Tail Pro.  It’s a great product that does wonders in helping you find top-notch keywords that can start getting you massive traffic.  Add to that a free 7-day trial and it’s a win-win.

Creating Search Engine Friendly Content

Now when you go to create your content, your keyword research really pays off.  You’ll know your topic, points to hit, and about what type of quality you need to bring to the table.  So in this way, keyword research is far from dead.




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