Avira Antivirus Pro v15.0.44.142-P2P

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P2P team has introduced the upgraded version of”Avira Antivirus Professional”.

Description: New Avira Antivirus Pro — Safety and simplicity redefined. The quick and effortless way to protect yourself from dangers that are online — minus the hassle. From malware and Trojans into spies and identity theft, Avira’s NEW Antivirus Guru gives you the security you want to live the life you desire.

Features are fine, but anti virus is what we do. Rest assured you’ll be safeguarded by some of the anti virus technologies available. Period.

Avira’s NEW Antivirus Guru is built upon some of the security technologies on earth.
Combining advanced heuristics with the ability of cloud computing, we still now be sure you have the strongest defense possible. But you don’t have to take our word for this, tens of thousands of consumers trust the antivirus technologies of Avira and always makes the compliments of reviewing platforms.

Release Title : avira-antivirus-pro-v15-0-44-142-p2p
Size: 126 MB
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