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A terrific way learn to the way to fix actual problems. More videos and exercises than some other Intro course.

Everything you’ll know:

  • Program fluently in C# with Microsoft Visual Studio
  • know how to create a basic Windows Form Program… No Console Apps
  • Understand the basic theories of Selection, Repetition, Methods and Exception Handling
  • Know the intermediate notions of Arrays (just one,two,three dimensional), Random numbers,Object Oriented Programming, String handling
  • Know the advanced concepts of Recursion, Sorting and Searching Techniques, Database Programming using SQL, Graphics and Animation Techniques
  • Apply the programming skills learned to create purposeful computer software from the area of Business, Science, Math, Cryptography, Graphics and Gaming
  • Create Business applications which include sorting, searching, information analysis and connecting to your database
  • Create Science software which include probabilistic and deterministic simulations
  • Create Social Studies applications (Geography) that incorporate table lookups (searching) to ascertain the distance between 2 cities or the telephone code for a country
  • Produce Math programs that exemplify the hidden disadvantages of computer arithmetic from the actual world, and applications that solve mazes and puzzles together with recursion
  • Produce programs from the area of Cryptography which affirm SIN (Social Insurance Code), VIN, ISBN numbers and also create software that code and decode messages.
  • Produce Graphics programs which incorporate drag and drop events
  • Create several 2d Game Applications which include flicker free cartoon and allow the user to utilize the keyboard and mouse to control movement.
  • Completely love the wide array of applications the study of Computer Science provides.
  • * NEW * Create simple applications utilizing the UI Paradigm Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)
  • * NEW * Extend the notion of coding and computational thinking by solving a set of advanced problems (PROGRAMMING CHALLENGES) by a huge array of disciplines.


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