Can I earn money sitting at home?

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If we know the right way, then we should get online ₹ 1 to 500,000 +

Can earn more than that

In today’s age, we can earn money online at home.

And there are many ways to earn money online that I’m going to tell today.

So let’s understand each other how money is earned online.

1. Freelance -Freelance

There is a lot of website where you can freelance.

If you work any good i

Like writing, photographing, writing articles, making a picture etc.

The freelance website has 1000+ jobs available and do the things you feel comfortable with.

Freelance allows you to earn as much as you want. In India, 30% of the freelancer year, ₹ 20,00,000 + earns.

But before you start freelancing, keep in mind that the website you are working on is authentic and correct, otherwise your time will be wasted. This is some website you can trust.

Freelance. com

Fiverr Com

2. Blogging Blogging

If you have a lot to know about a subject then you can start a blog about that topic.

After starting the blog you


-Filit Marketing


Can earn money from Blogging is the best way to earn money online, you can earn money by selling it while sleeping.

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3. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube (Facebook, Instagram, youtube)

Yes, you can also earn from the social media website if you have Instagram, Facebook, I have so many follwers at least 10000+ you can become a social media influencer.

After this the company will come to you and tell you to promote your product.

With this, you can earn up to 20,000+ only by putting a post. But it depends on LK Folowsers as much as Falovars makes that much money.

Just like you can start your YouTube channel and you can earn a lot of money like Adsense, Affiliate Marketing, SponsorshipSai.

4. Online e-commerce store

If you have something that you want to sell then you can open your online store, for which you have to make some investment.

After that, you can easily open your online store by using shopify showpiece.

5. Amazon – F.A.

You can earn money online from Amazon – AFA too easily.

In this, you can sell Amazon by making your account equal, and Amazon’s company takes your luggage from you and packs it up to the customer.

6. Selling Equally Same

You can also earn money by selling your old one.

Like your old stuff can sell at OLX.

In the end, I would like to say that there are more than 100+ ways to earn money online.

But you should keep in mind that sometimes I have never been stranded and have been safe online and have internet for good. If you want me to tell you more ways to earn money online, then tell me on the comment box, you can write down the comment box below your thoughts and ask me anything.

Today I will tell you about ways to earn money with whom you can earn money along with your job and in which you can start without spending too much money.

It is an Internet era, making money is not very difficult. Just have to learn how to use good methods. And your earnings will start At the beginning it will be less, but if you start working hard in the beginning then you will not have to do anything in life.

(Pic: inet Solutions)

  1. Make money by writing on a blog For this you will read my other article “How to Make a Blog”. You can earn money by displaying a Google AdSense ad on the blog and you can sell any of your own items like ebooks online on your blog.
  2. Write your own book and earn money by selling it on Amazon For this you read my article “How to publish your book yourself”.
  3. Make money by investing in the stock market. 
  4. Make a channel on YouTube, earn money by displaying an ad on the video. Make money by showing Amazon products on your blog. 
  5. Write on a website like Quora. There are many such websites that give money to write. If you are fond of writing, then search for a website online and start typing.
  6. Start working part time in a company like Jomato.
  7. If you have any talent like playing guitar or teaching a car, then you can teach this skill to others and earn money.

Wherever it comes to making money online, there can be no investment, no matter how much time it can be, whether it is an investment of money. But in today’s place you are about to name the names of Top 5 Trusted Website where you can make money from freelancing sitting at home without investing without money.

This is an online marketplace in a manner where it is registered in two ways, one is to buy a service and the other is to sell the service. So you can understand what you have to do.


Friends are keeping Phivarra in here for the first time because I am doing much more than this on my own. And talk about Fivrer is the best site where you do not spend up to one rupee. It is also easy to make an account here and after that you can start your own gig and start it.

What is gig?

If it is said in simple words, the gig is your shop in a sense, understand that the Fiverr is a large mall where every day millions of people visit, and you are getting an opportunity to open a shop there. You can sell a lot in that shop.

How do gig?

It is very easy to make gig, which details you are asked to make, you have to make it a fiddle. If you want to open the gig of someone else and see from it, you can make your gig. But remember you do not have to copy any gig and copy it. Otherwise it will be locked before your shop opens.

You can earn money sitting at home. There are many things that do not require any special place to do, provided that if you are thinking that you are lazy to laziness and you have money, then this is not possible.

If you earn a sitting sitting by adopting an unfair way, then it will only be in the enjoyment of improper means.

Theories of karma- will be cut like that.

The other option is to tell you in other answers, earning money sitting at home. If you have the talent then start it.

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The answer is as easy as the answer is, the 
answer is simple – “the right effort is in the right direction”.

In the points given below, you will know what is the hard work and what is the right direction.

First you find out what you can do, then look at the points given below, where you can fit your knowledge. 
Yes, one thing and every good work seems to be in time so do not dream of becoming an Ambani overnight.

Youtube Videos

If you have any talent that people can learn something or entertain people then you can tighten your grip on YouTube.

And yes one should always remember after that the goods of the copy does not last long, you will have to do your own honest test.

Do not even think of earning by downloading videos of another by uploading to your account, YouTube will ask you three times before blocking, after shutter shutdown.

If you want to give something to the society, then you will not be able to put videos or performances with the body, or else you will see, “I will see the moonlight and then the dark night”, many people did so after leaving their shops and went away First YouTube will close itself.

Earnings will be from your ads shown on YouTube through your videos. The more money the person sees, the more earning.

What is the camera of so many megapixels when it will work, get started.


If you do not want to create videos then you can use your knowledge by writing a blog. The pace of earnings will be slow, but if you walk on in the beginning then it will come out. 
For the blog, first you have to set up your blog with any web designer (otherwise we will tell you that we will also give him a cup of tea in the tea tea, send him the price of a cup of tea and ask for it), after the website is set up Pell all your knowledge

Now talk about how the income will be – blogging is an income from advertising.

You can add advertisements to your blog by putting Google Adsense on. 
You can also earn from affiliate marketing, 
if your blog is running then you can earn direct by bidding the company’s banners on your website. 
(And yes, this area is a bit invasive, you have to invest in website domain and hosting.)


Even if you have programming, web designing or any other such work comes online you can still earn. 
Below are some Famous Freelancing Websites, make your profile and launch your online skills shop. 
1. Upwork 
4. Freelancer 
5. Freelance Writing Gigs 

There are so many ways to make money online, but the way is right where you are interested. Ever since the internet became cheaper it was easier to earn money online. Well the way to earn top 5 online is this.


2. Blogging

3. Free lancing

4. Affiliate Marketing

5.Online Games Streaming

But apart from these, we also have a great selection of Google Play Store. Yes, there are so many applications in Google Play Store that give you money by working online. But beware is a lot of fake apps in the Google Play Store. Who says that money will get but chances get money. You can identify with such apps downloads, ratings and feedback. Some apps, I know and use myself. But the best is the App Referrals – Google Pay Referrals .

What is Google Pay?

Google Pay (formerly Google Tez) is an electronic wallet created by Google LLC. Whereby we do online transactions by banks.

How to make money:

1. Referrals: According to my experience so far, there is only this application in the Google Play store which gives minimum amount of Rs 51 to Maxim 201 rupees for referring. The special thing is that if Ram Shyam refers, then Ram will get ₹ 51, Shyam will get ₹ 51 on his first transaction. Referrals – Google Pay Referrals

2. Whenever your Google Pay account has a transaction of more than 150 or 150, you can get a Scratch Card of up to 1000 and on a Friday, a lucky user receives ₹ 100000 Scratch Card.

3. Offers: There will also be many offers, such as electricity bill, recharge etc. by Google Pay, you will get a scratch card, if referring, you will get a ₹ 51 but not 101 or 151 or 201 rupees.

This application or this type of application must be used to promote the online transaction and to make the vision of Digital India come true.

Well there are many ways to earn money online but there is also a lot of Feck website available on the Internet that gets their work done and when it comes, it does not give money to give money and something goes out with some excuse , So we have shared legal ways today, about Make Money Online Fast In India

1) Start E-Commerce Site and Sell Physical Products

You can also start e-commerce websites like you have seen a site like Flipkart, Amezon, eBay, Top 10 Online Shopping Websites, Lis from where people are shopping too much You can make good income on the incoming tax order,

2) Start Your Own Website

If you do not want to sell the product then you can make money by creating a Normal website, Website You can create movies, story, Image, Music Download, all the topics, after this, adsense company like Adsense on your website On the other hand, Month can earn good income,

3) Review Websites & Apps

Make Money Online Fast In India This is also part time job, which you can do with std, here you have to review apps and review websites. These are big websites which are your own review And want to be viral on the Internet, if you are reviewing a site, then you will be given money on behalf of this site or apps, it will be done to review and we get our hard earned money. Will go,

4) Become A Delivery Rider

Friends, you can join a large E-commerce company to join the Delivery Rider, get the product on the received order, instead of this, you will get the money and the work of the distributors will become such that you have two companies If you join, you will be able to earn from 20,000 to 30,000 Month Easy,

5) Write and Publish eBook

We have further explained how to earn money from ebooks and ebooks , we can read, friends, if you are interested in writing then you can do this work, you can write Ebook on top of your knowledge and There are many places on the Internet where you can sell your published ebooks, Amezon, Google, and other are also many websites where you can sell Ebooks, and earn good money every month,

6) Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing, which has become a very popular method in today’s time, making money from Internet today, people do not earn money by making Ad’s, they are earning more money than Affiliate Marketing, Affiliate offers you something special So do not just have to sell the product of Amezon, Flipkart, ebay, any popular site under your hands, some of Present Product’s Present Commission will get you from the company, so you can sell 8 to 10 products in a month. Even if you can earn 20 to 30 thousand rupees can earn easily , Affiliate Marketing Is Or top 5 websites list you can learn more

7) Get Cashback When Shopping

The way to cashback is to say something more like this. Q is here to do online shopping and you get offers from this, who get a cashback and keep everyone with you, you are an expert in the internet. You can work first, become popular in your area first, this Banda is giving everything to Online Shopping, it is refilling everyone, when people start coming to you, then you can buy online shopping, You can give the benefit of the benefit to yourself,

8) Buy And Sell Domain Names

We have already given information that how to earn money by registering a domain name , friends do not have to do much, you just have to buy a domain from Godady, Bigrok, and have to leave the side and whenever anyone has this domain If needed, that domain will come by searching and you will reach. After this, you want to sell the domain to win, if you got a popular domain then you can earn millions of rupees from a single domain,