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Clean Architecture – Too many Use Case Classes

March 9, 2019 By admin

Software https://softwareengineering.stackexchange.com/questions/362071/clean-architecture-too-many-use-case-classes

I Am Heading into Clean Architecture and Raise my Android level from MVC to MVP, introducing DI Using Dagger 2, Reactivity Using RxJava 2, and Undoubtedly Java 8.

In MVP clean structure there’s a layer between the things (from datastores) and the presenters that should obtain them. This layer is that the”Use Case”. An use case it’s essentially an interface, that implements ONE operation on ONE entity.

In addition, I understand that Apparent Architecture”is yelling “, in sense of its own endeavors are really highly readable because the high number of classes in them.

Now, in my project, I’ve something like 6 unique entities, and of course, each entity repository includes at least 4 approaches (typically get,insert,delete,update) to access them. .

If that which I understood before now of sterile Architecture, I will have 24 UseCase.

That is a lot of courses if compared to only 6 controls in MVC. .

Do I actually have to make 24 use cases?

I’ll really appreciate a caution by someone already used it with success.