Compositor 1.7.0 – A what you see is what you get LaTeX editor.


In a conventional LaTeX workflow, you compile the record every now and then would edit the LaTeX source in a text editor, also check the effects of the changes in the DVI viewer. In Compositor, the DVI viewer is your record editor you type directly in the left list, and each keystroke is instantly represented. The origin compilation and editing steps are entirely eliminated from the workflow. This not only gives you instant visual feedback, it also ought to save you some time spent on compilation runs.

No longer tedious compilation runs. Compositor typesets and renders your LaTeX document.


Compositor’s WYSIWYG user interface provides inspector boards, a document summary, and other conveniences you would expect from a modern word processor.


The app comes with its own LaTeX distribution built in. You don’t have to install any extra software just to begin. That is LaTeX without entry barriers.

Source Editing If You Need It

There will be situations where you want access to the underlying LaTeX source. Pressing Ctrl+S can start out an inline source editor revealing the LaTeX source behind the document region you’re currently working on (often this is going to be the current paragraph). This ought to allow for a smooth migration experience to this new paradigm, even with controls or environments that there is not any dedicated graphic inspector (nevertheless ).

Automatic Package Setup

They are downloaded from CTAN if your document uses LaTeX packs not bundled with an app. And if you are currently using packages not available on CTAN, then it is possible to still supply the program with them .

Compatible with Your Existing Work

Compositor writes and reads regular text .tex documents. This means it’s compatible with your existing LaTeX files. There’s no doubt of almost any kind – since there’s no proprietary document format you can switch at any moment between both Compositor and tools.

Notice: current entrance cost of $19 will grow to $29 after this calendar year, and to $39 some time .

Version 1.7.0:

  • Add ⌘+/shortcuts for zooming in/out
  • Insert indentation checkbox to paragraph possessions inspector
  • Cut/copy choice with formatting attribute
  • Publish text using format attribute
  • Bundle csquotes package with the app
  • Shifting the section type wraps part in Exotic |…|
  • “Show Source” menu item is always permitted #392
  • App asks for folder permission when opening user guide
  • Wrong selection color in dark mode (below macOS 10.14)
  • Pick out of dark manner (for today ) in macOS Mojave
  • OS X 10.11 or later

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