Content Marketing: My Big Mistakes


Content marketing has always been one of the best and safest lead generation tools . However, its forms are successful and effective in varying degrees. I have 3 years of experience in content marketing, and during this time, I also made big mistakes, analyzing which, I improved my skills and began to create better content. Now I will talk about some of the mistakes, as well as how you can avoid them.

Content marketing is just writing an article.

I graduated from the Faculty of English Language and Literature. During our studies, we wrote a lot of essays, reviews and research papers. I love to read, and so I did these writing tasks effortlessly.

When I found my first job in content marketing, I thought that I could immediately apply knowledge and skills in practice. To write a blog article is about how to write an essay and include a review of a product or service, isn’t it? However, I was in for a surprise.

In spite of the fact that during my studies at the institute I received excellent knowledge in the field of stylistics and structure, this was not enough for writing marketing texts. Soon I began to learn what keywords are, SEO, promotion through content marketing, a portrait of the target audience, calls to action, landing pages, funnels, etc. Writing an article and publishing quality content are two different things. Every day I was pumping my writing skills so that my texts did not look like medieval treatises.

The question I try to answer is: “Can a person be an excellent content marketer without a philological education?” Yes, it can. We see excellent examples of such specialists with different education. However, philological education will be valuable.

Only one kind of content?

When the majority of owners (or copywriters, unfortunately) hear the word “content”, they consider that these are only blog articles. Of course, articles are one of the most common types of content, but there are other forms.

Depending on the type of your activity, sometimes articles can be one of the worst forms of attracting the target audience. You need to consider other types of content (visual content, video content , etc.), such as: documentation, cases, e-books, manuals, infographics or webinars, etc.

Each form will require certain skills and knowledge . But if you have learned how to write cool articles, then you can learn how to create other types of content. Moreover, each type of content has a specific purpose.

For example, one company for which I worked effectively attracted new customers through a blog. I wrote SEO-optimized texts and organics grew at a crazy pace over the course of several months.

One day, the second company I worked for asked me to write a case . This form of content does not require such a depth and completeness of the disclosure of a topic as a blog article, but it perfectly engages readers. In the case of the second firm, it was cases that turned out to be the most successful type of lead-generating content, but with less SEO.

False confidence that you know great Central Asia

One of the reasons why the content does not work is that the authors do not know the readers (clients of this business) for which they write. You can spend hours doing research, but as long as you don’t talk to people who you compose content for, you’re just going the wrong way. To create content that influences the mind and desires of users, you must truly solve their problems and know what is bothering them.

And how can you know this without preparation? Do not count on the fact that you guess. Just ask, do a survey in any form . Ask the company’s customers what they want to read, what problems they have and how you can help them. Once the content is focused on the customer and his needs, you will create a contingent of readers who will become loyal and returning users, and your sales will grow.

Do not think that publishing content is the final stage.

If you are a copywriter or a writer, do not cherish the idea that by publishing content, you can relax. Even the best materials can be lost in the kingdom of the Internet, if you do not know how to properly promote articles.

If you are a content manager, you must plan a promotion. Make sure that as many people as possible get acquainted with the content, and do not limit yourself to blog readers.

There are many ways to promote and a large number of content marketing cases. One of the most accessible strategies is to promote content in social networks. Just post an article on your pages on social networks. You can publish content several times, even using automation, for example, using MeetEdgar or Buffer.

Outreach is another effective way. For example, you wrote an article about content marketing. Give names such as Neil Patel or Brian Dean in the article and let them know. Who knows, they may like your article, and it will become viral in one evening.

Do not confuse content marketing with intrusive advertising.

The main idea of ​​content marketing is to provide value , not to promote a product or service. Content, which is a key element of Inbound-marketing, allows you to solve problems and improve the life of an individual user or company.

For example, if you manage an Internet website development agency, then a blog should not be the main selling tool. On the contrary, you have to create content that tells about the best examples in the field of development, offers tips and recommendations, for example, how to create stunning landing pages, how to improve customer interaction with the site, etc. Remember that customers do not read your blog because you want to sell them something. They are looking for solutions to their problem.

Of course, this does not mean that you can not sell. You simply have to use every opportunity to show other content to readers, including landing / selling pages. And finally, an effective call to action at the end of each article helps the user to perform the desired action, for example, subscribe to the newsletter or go to a selling landing page.

A huge amount of content

It seems to me that today almost everyone is involved in creating content. Great because content affects awareness. However, at the same time a huge amount of content is being created. This tool shows how many blog posts are posted daily. Unfortunately, no one will read the material.

I noticed that some of the companies I worked with create a very large amount of content. Every day they write blog articles with a volume of 500 words. Of course, you understand for yourself that these will be low-quality articles and will not be useful for users or for SEO.

There is a constant struggle for the quality of articles. Many marketers believe that if they regularly post content, they will attract more users, and sites will be ranked better. According to expert research, quality is always more important than quantity. However, if you post content regularly, you increase the chances.

If you also made some of my mistakes, be calm. With a large number of tools at hand, you will find new ways to create truly high-quality content. And most importantly – keep learning!