CopyPaste Pro 3.7.2 – Multiple clipboard manager and media hub. (Shareware)


CopyPaste Pro is Similar to Time Machine for the Clipboard!

The latest incarnation of the one and only, award winning, searchable, multiple-clipboard-editing, archive and display utility. Watch and edit any clip into your record of duplicates or at the more clip archives. Use the newest Clip Browser (horizontal) or Clip Palette (perpendicular ) to find all of clipboards in an instant. Save clipboards through restarts. Clipboard data to be acted on by tools. Never lose a clip. CopyPaste is a period saver/life saver for all Mac beginners through advanced users.

Now is the time, When you haven’t tried it, it permits you see that a Clip Background of clips heading back in to maintain clips permanently or time and functions invisibly in the background. Try it and find out for your self why its so popular.

  • Multiple (unlimited depending on memory) clipboards accessible by hotkey, menu, contextual menu, clip, color and also clip browser.
  • Save all clipboards thru restarts. Never lose an edit. This is an savior.
  • Clip History maintains a heap of copies or cuts and even slips.
  • Clip Editor allows instant editing of any clip.
  • Clip Archives to Stay available information you use repeatedly
  • The Clip Browser allows viewing all clips and their contents. Good for pictures.
  • The Clip Palettes permit horizontal viewing and access to all clips. Good for text.
  • Drag images from Safari directly into the clip background
  • Clip Programs to act on clipboard information in dozens of useful methods that save time such as: – Mail extractor which grabs email addresses from Considerable Amounts of text – Url extractor grabs url’s from big chunks of text, then shorten urls (great for twitter) and others
  • Drag and drop any clip from the clip browser along with to/from applications
  • Contextual menus to Provide easy access to the clipboards from anywhere
  • Easy methods to arrange and make accessible all the clipboard data for reuse.
  • Many more features built in and more coming….

Version 3.7.2:

  • All apps and programs within folders from the application folder will reveal and could be selected in the exception list.
  • The exclusion is alphabetized and in the top you can click to type up or form down.
  • OS X 10.6 or later

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