Create an Email Welcome Sequence 👋 – Getting Started With Email Marketing Automation


There is one type of email sell automation that absolutely every business needs that when they first get started with email marketing that is you’re welcome sequence and today we’re talking all about them hello.

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in this video we are tackling welcome sequence a lot of beings too call this an email autoresponder and i like to call it my julie andrews cycle because it’s all about getting to know you getting to know all about you be so glad i didn’t merely sing that you can thank me in the comments you’re welcome message is the series of emails that someone gets automatically when they first sign up for your email inventory and “if youre having” sales pours or specific strings set up for individual opt-ins.

you’re welcome sequence can come either before or after those but for the sake of simplicity in this video we are going to assume you don’t have any other email automation going on and this automation is less about making money right away and more about getting personal install a relationship and laying the groundwork to become a BFFs with your email customers.

and why does this matter why should you automate this let’s say that you email your inventory every other Monday and someone signs up for your inventory on the Tuesday after your last email they’re interested in your business right now and you’re not gonna email them for another 13 days what why that becomes no gumption.

if you have automation at your fingertips you want to use it for stuff like this plus you really want to set the stage for a long term affinity for on to the aand for my broad metropolitan that represents getting them participated and getting parties to connect as best as possible and you can use your welcome string to get your email subscribers who are all nice and warm and employed to go and with you on other canals very BAM.

an email autoresponder can work for you no matter what kind of business you have what kind of stuff you exchange whether or not you sell anything at all these are great for bloggers very.

so let’s get started here are a few quick minds for email sad – you’re welcome sequence if you like any of them make sure to comment below and tell me which ones you’re gonna use first things first just say hey hey send a quick personal introduction sharing a little bit about yourself then invite parties to reply with their own intro for constant automated gathering research and feedback next you can drive beings to your social media and other content directs they are likely signed off for your listing through your website.

but you’re everywhere you’re all over the place Facebook Twitter YouTube whatever wherever you are actively creating content you can send an email in your welcome string inviting people to connect their 3rd show people your greatest strikes if your share this is your turn back time if someone is just signing up for your roll they probably recently found out about you and they haven’t seen all the awesome stuff that you’ve created in the past make sure every reader identifies your best stuff no matter when they subscribed.

use your email autoresponder to attach everyone out to your most popular blog poles videos Facebook lives you get the gist and fourth remind people of your products and services delight delight it does not need to be a super hard sell but if parties are paying attention to you over term throughout your welcome cycle they are hella interested in you so that is the perfect time to be like hey hey you don’t ignore here all the ways that you can give me money so that is more than enough to get you started with a great email autoresponder.

and I want to know if you have a welcome string or a Julie Andrews sequence set up for your business previously if you do observation below and let me know what you talk about and if you don’t let me know which of these hypothesis you’re gonna get started with because this is gonna be so easy to grouped together and you need to do it and if you miss even more help and even more content hypothesis.

I have even more help for you it is an awesome note sheet full of a ton of engaging email ideas you can pull any of those ideas and add them to your welcome cycle make the ideas today combine them with a few cases of those and you have a altogether BFF laudable autoresponder I am off to stir my own autoresponder better now because I am feeling all revved up about it but before you go do not forget to subscribe and comment

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