CRM-funnel: are you ready for automation?

According to a study conducted by GetResponse, in 2017, two-thirds of companies introduced marketing automation . Trigger mailings, advanced analytics, automated funnels in CRM – all this helps to facilitate the work of marketers and increase conversion at each stage. Meet the CRM in GetResponse – a new marketing automation unit!

Automated sales funnel – 5 new items, 4 new templates

We have developed five CRM-elements of automation of sales funnels that are waiting for you in the marketing automation editing panel.

Condition – Contact added to

This condition will be the start of work with the contact. After adding to the funnel, letters or series will be automatically sent to the subscriber, points and tags will be assigned depending on his actions in the campaigns.

Action – Add to funnel

Add clients to any of the stages of the funnel automatically after the completion of targeted actions: visiting the key pages of the site, ordering a demo version, clicking on a link, getting points or tags. You determine the path of the client on the funnel and can customize it to the specifics of the business and sales.

Action – Move to Stage

Watch the client’s behavior and guide him through the funnel as efficiently as possible. Each target action, such as opening a letter or following a link, can be a trigger for moving to a new funnel stage.

Funnel in CRM – Remove from stage

It becomes easier to maintain hygiene of the base due to the element “Remove from the funnel”. Automatically delete erroneously added and inactive clients to communicate only with interested subscribers.

Filter: “Stage”

The “Stage” filter will help to segment the base by transaction stages.Communicate personally with clients at different stages of the funnel or delete contacts after performing targeted actions (for example, after purchase).

4 templates to get started with CRM

Adding contacts to the CRM-funnel

This template helps to automatically add contacts to the funnel after performing target actions: following a link, requesting a quotation, subscribing to a newsletter.Assign tags and points to segment users in the funnel. Change and customize the funnel to the needs of the business and the specifics of sales.

CRM funnel management automation

The template allows you to fully automate the CRM-funnel. The default version contains 3 standard steps for moving a client depending on his activity in campaigns. Using the tag configured in the template, you can track and “heat up” clients that are “stuck” at one of the funnel stages.

Confirmation of readiness of transactions

The confrontation between the marketing and sales departments will cease to be a problem thanks to the “Confirmation of readiness of transactions” template.Determine the criteria for qualifying leads and set up a funnel so that only processed leads fall into the sales department. The rest will return back to the department.

Deleting a deal in CRM from mailing lists

In case the subscriber moves rapidly through the sales funnel, it is worthwhile to limit marketing campaigns that may distract him from the performance of the targeted action. Using this template, automatically remove contacts from the processes after the transition to the final stage of the funnel.