Customer Retention – Why is Email Distribution so Important?

If you are in sales or marketing, you may spend a lot of time working on customer retention strategies, analyze engagement levels, implement A / B content testing, and plan campaigns. What is your highest conversion percentage? ten%? Less or a little more? What customer retention tools do you use?

Would you like to know the secret of how to get 30% conversion and more in email campaigns? You will get an answer by examining your audience, and the list of contacts already exists in your CRM program . That is why you should more actively communicate with real subscribers. Perhaps even more often than with potential customers.

Customer retention – why is it so important?

Loyalty exceeds beginners

The customer who bought your product is likely (27% probability) to make a second purchase. If a customer has bought more than two or three times, this probability increases to 54%.

Once again, statistics show how important it is to measure the customer’s life cycle — the planned revenue that the customer will generate during the entire cycle. As a rule, the more loyal the customer, the higher the potential profit, as the costs of attracting become smaller. Retaining loyal customers is especially important if you run an online store or a selling site .

However, to get the maximum benefit throughout the customer’s life cycle, you need to retain the user and offer pre-sales (upsel) and related products (cross-sells).In a world of unlimited flow of information, you just need to be different from the crowd. At the same time Email distribution is one of the communication methods that subscribers like most.

When developing customer retention campaigns, remember that these letters are not about selling. Email messages must offer value : provide information, tell a story, contain something exclusive, make the day happier.

Referrals – lower costs

Every time customers shop, they feel more comfortable with you and are therefore more likely to recommend your product or service. Customers who have made more than 10 purchases recommend you 50% more than customers who have made a one-time purchase. Regular customers not only increase profitability, but also attract new customers with word-of-mouth.

Let the client feel like a member of the brand, and it will inspire him to recommend your product or service. And the brand members, as well as family members, remain in constant contact. By regularly sending relevant content to clients, you create something valuable in their lives. And when a family member or friend asks for a recommendation of a product or service, be sure your brand will be the first.

The most reliable source of information is … your client

If you want to know how to convert leads, contact existing customers who have clearly stated that you are doing the right thing. Creating a long relationship, you get more detailed information. Thanks to the email campaigns, you will take care of retaining loyal customers, get the necessary information and project the client’s way.

7 ideas for those who want to keep a customer

If customer retention strategies do not include loyalty email campaigns, then these inspirational examples are for you.

Exclusivity : New product overview, VIP only invitation, special sale – let the client feel like an important member of the community

exclusive discount offer as an element of customer retention strategy

Request : ask for feedback – the client will feel like a necessary link, and you will receive valuable information

An example of a letter asking for one of the user retention tools

Gamification : another emotion trigger. Reward your loyal customers, and they will want to get more and more

Email message as a way to retain users of the site

Training : keep training your customers. The more values ​​they get, the longer they will stay with your brand.

Learning email as an element of retaining existing customers

Referral rewards : happy customer willingly provides recommendations. Why not get some extra value?

An example of a referral email from acorns to keep regular users

We bring joy : your friends and family members send you holiday and greeting cards. Let the client find your congratulations in your inbox

example of a holiday letter that increases the loyalty of subscribers

Reports on engagement : you have already noticed the “results of the year” features in many social networks that perfectly show engagement. Celebrate the important dates of your customers and do not skimp on the details.

Report on engagement, which will be used in email campaigns

If you take a long time customer retention strategy, the results will pleasantly surprise you. It is no secret that the acquisition of a new client will cost you 5 times more than the retention of existing customers. Use these ways to retain customers and increase your engagement through email campaigns. As a result, you will notice an increase in the number of referrals, an increase in the number of loyal customers and better know your subscribers.