Demi Lovato DID a WHAT?! – YouTube Admits MASSIVE OPSIE

October 12, 2019 By admin

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Demi Lovato did an oopsie! Susan Wojcicki did an oopsie! AND PEWDIEPIE DIDN’T DO AN OOPSIE! First week in a while. (Best intro music) Good evening, I’m Gloria Borger Welcome to Pew News. The most trusted and respected news. Our first story comes from the United Kingdom. 21 savage confirms he was born in the UK Uh, what does the cross on your forehead signify? THAT’S A KNIFE. The man, the myth, the legend. YOU KNOW WHAT IM SAYIN (x19) pardon me do you reckon you can hear me? this changes everything u kno whet im sahyin ISSA KNIFE It’s a knife! Well I- I can’t even do British Well I suppose…

That is a knife. You know what I’m saying mate. 21 Savage was arrested in Atlanta and taken into custody claimed that 21 Savage, named She’yaa Bin Abraham Joseph No wonder he goes by 21. is a United Kingdom national who is unlawfully present in the U.S. YaAaaAah Now, the memes for this have just been outta control. Oh my god I knew it. Pew News meme review crossover everyone. When 21 Savage said “I got shooters dressed in all red ready to gun you down” this is what he was talking about. It’s a jolly good day isn’t it gov’nah So lame Nobody: 21 Savage: Now, according to our sources which will remain anonymous we have the source who ratted 21 Savage out. We know who it was. Tekashi 6ix9ine. Tekashi basically said “I ain’t a snitch” judge responds “You are looking at 47 years of a hard time” “You guys ever notice 21 Savage looks British?” You ever notice he has a British accent? Hurt late nights I just cry Now, let it be known I am a fan of 21 Savage. I like his music.

I like his songs. So for anyone to joke about 21 Savage making- ridiculing the situation, the fact that he’s getting deported, most likely, is just disgusting. Okay? Anyone that makes fun of 21 Savage is just the lowest of the low. Garbage human. A toxic behavior person and I don’t know who in the world could sink so low to ridicule my man 21 Sa- *gasps* DEMI LOVATO! Demi Lovato did an oopsie! Ohohoho! Demi Lovato! Making fun of someone! Posting a meme of someone! Kicking on someone in the lowest form of their life. HMMMMMM.

How could you sink so low? Demi Lovato out of all people. *laughs* She basically posted “So far, 21 Savage memes have been my favorite part of the Super Bowl.” DEMI, WHY? Now of course, of course, people were quick to point out the toxicity of this behavior, saying Demi Lovato and her lack of empathy tweet about 21 is proof that Latinx folks think migration is a white and brown Latinx issue only trash.

I don’t know if I read that right. I am so disappointed. Demi Lovato’s tweet about 21 Savage was a bit tone-deaf. It wasn’t a bit tone-deaf. It was… deaf. I wish only the best for 21 Savage. Let it be known. Unlike people like Demi Lovato that inflict terror upon immigration family individuals. Take this as a learning opportunity like I did, Demi Lovato. Woman up. Remember when I made fun of Demi Lovato when she was at her lowest and I posted a meme and I learned. I manned up and I learned not to kick someone that’s down. Because all the memes and shit ain’t funny when somebody going through some.

Praying for my dawg. Ain’t shit funny his fanily His fanily, Demi! HIS FANILY! It just makes me angry that Demi would sink this low after me womaning up. If I can woman up then at least Demi can woman up. You offend me, Demi. And not just me, not just my fans, but also my entire fanily. How much am I gonna gloat about this?That’s it, that’s it, alright. *laughs in Swedish* SWEET VICTORY! Another Super Bowl related news everyone! I’m explaining this as a European because the Super Bowl no one cares about outside of the US.

I think that’s pretty clear. But since I have a lot of American viewers and a lot of people outside Worldwide basically, I’ll explain it. So basically doing the Super Bowl during the halftime, they have a performance, or is it during afterward? (halftime) I don’t know. I don’t care. And it looked like Sponge Bob’s Sweet Victory were gonna be played. It all looked so great. YEAH Pewds: And then he just cut to Sicko Mode Pewds: and then he just cut to Sicko Mode NO NO WHY? WHY WOULD YOU- If you don’t understand why people are upset it’s basically there was a petition.

Yes I know Hey hey hey. It had one point two million signs. That’s a lot I think that’s one of their most signed petitions. It was to have a sweet victory played at the Super Bowl which is incredible a song by SpongeBob. Now if you didn’t know Stephen Hill Hamburg passed away last year and the creator of Spongebob And wouldn’t have been such an incredible way to commemorate him to actually have this wonderful song played it would have been emotional.

It would have been fantastic. It would have been the perfect opportunity to do something cool. But for some reason they just cutting sicko mode. Why you had the whole thing practically laid out perfectly for you. This is incredible like the year that would just be positive and great for everyone. Sicko about these brain dead executives that make these calls I swear to God it shouldn’t be this hard. It really shouldn’t be this hard. God damn it’s the same with rewind. I said the year before. Just get a bunch of memories whatever you don’t need to do all this. We’re going to do the same thing but worse. Okay. It just I don’t get it.

Next News I wish I talked about these sort of things earlier because there’s been so many examples too many to count aware people on Twitter call out toxic gamer and then getting caught for doing something infinitely worse than whatever toxic gaming or toxic behavior means. This time the one who bite the dust is Thomas Chon Who tweeted out in October last year.

Always wonder what gaming would be like if there was no toxicity. We will never know. Toxic gaming behavior. If there was none of it the world would be a better place to live. Well Thomas. Authorities say the suspects thought they were meeting children but they were really communicating with undercover officers. This was one of the several ways that the GBI and other agencies work to combat sex crimes leading up to the Super Bowl. Among those arrested a behavioral health case manager. Ladies and gentlemen we got another one. Well well well who do we have here trying to talk to young kids online. Thomas Chang know by the handle blah blah blah was arrested for allegedly participating in a Super Bowl themed pedophile ring.

But I sure wonder what gaming would be like without toxic behavior. We will never know why is this a common theme. Why does this keep happening. How many times is this. It’s so weird. Hi gues, it’s Sive 1. I dont’ know why he paused for so long, so i’m going to use this time to tell you gues go follow my twitter, @sivemorten Yes, i want to be referred to as Sive 1 now. Stop calling me Brad 2. Now that’s all the time we have unfortunately for Pew news. But do we have time for a bonus oopsie! Bonus oopsie I can’t be bothered. All right. Bonus oopsie. YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki admits even her kids said the ‘Rewind 2018’ video was ‘cringey’. She basically summarized last year and she said that one record we definitely didn’t set out to break was the most disliked video on the Internet Even at home, my kids told me our 2018 Rewind video Rewind 2018 was “cringey” that we heard they did it accurately showed this year.

Key moment. Nor did they reflect the YouTube you know we’ll do better to tell our story in 20 90. First of all I got to say it feels just nice to hear them say it. Does that meant that they that I mean I guess when you have the most disliked video on YouTube on your own platform and you kind of know you did something wrong at least. It’s just that I got this gift which I of course. I appreciate it. I appreciate the thought and inside the box it said Congratulations on an incredible year.

And it’s like I don’t know if what you think is what other people think. Okay. I don’t know if people agree that it’s been an incredible year. So just hearing to. Yes. We match up. It’s nice that I can appreciate that. But we also unexpectedly broke her record with rewind creating the most disliked video on the Internet. Even at home my kids told me it was cringe. We hear you that it didn’t accurately show the year’s key moments nor did it reflect the YouTube you know we’ll do better to tell YouTube story in 2019. Cutie pie confirmed for rewind. She also brought up the article 13 proposal that is going on and moving on to Article 13. Thank you to everyone who helped shine a light on the serious unintended consequences of the European copyright proposal. You have proven to be a powerful voice in the debate. Your videos were viewed hundreds of millions of times and millions of people signed the change dot org petition. Yes I know petition whatever.

But it’s the most signed petitions of all time. It is making a difference. So please if you haven’t signed the petition yet I I strongly recommend that you do it lingers in your description. It is making a difference. And it is an important issue to say the least. And we are excited to see the community using these features baiters like Layla Ponce and Emma Chamberlain use our new Premier feature. Just please stop talking about Lily ponds like they still use the binders. They just can’t out themselves so they talk about this premier feature being launched. I’ll get into it in a sec but basically they also said again about one of their biggest goals being about improving communication and engagement.

Many of you told us you prefer hearing from us through so much of post. So we set a goal to be more responsive through those channels and they improved with 150 percent which is great. YouTube has been a lot more responsive on Twitter and it feels at least like the community has a voice when talking to them. And I appreciate that but I think the main issue is not responding. It’s how you communicate. As an example they brought up this premiere feature. Basically if you don’t know you can schedule your videos to premiere and it’s watched as a live video when it goes up. It’s a cool feature and when I heard about it I was really excited to be able to use it myself. Our or PewDiePie was good meme but I know it is as soon as I use it that I got less views on my video than I would have if I just published it.

Normally I know my daily numbers. I was fairly certain that that was the case and it happened twice and oh I asked you to if they could fix it and they basically said no there’s nothing wrong with it. And it’s like OK fine I just won’t use it like it’s not that important. And then a week later they come back and say hey you know that issue we fixed it. I thought there was no issue. It makes me not trust what they are saying a lot of the time is because clearly you’re not being told the full story and it’s not just this obviously. I think the debt monetization is another big one where YouTube basically says nothing happens if to a video if it gets you monetize it doesn’t get less viewers at all. The video shouldn’t be affected at all. But then everyone in the community notices a massive drop as soon as a video gets monetized a massive drop in views and there’s been numerous amount of evidence showing that it does this but YouTube still says no it shouldn’t.

And maybe according to what they are saying it’s still true but there’s clearly a mismatch in what people are saying and I think that’s what leads to a lot of people not trusting what they are saying and that being the biggest issue on the communication now for me at least I’m happy with the direction of YouTube. I think it is improving monetization have vastly improved. Like I don’t run into the issue nearly as much anymore and obviously a lot of that comes from me changing my content as well I don’t I avoid a lot of times too controversial topic I don’t swear in my videos anymore I don’t use the same type of edgy humor and maybe that’s for the better.

I don’t know. It’s still a lot of issues that needs to be resolved but things are getting better. And personally I feel a lot better about my situation with YouTube. At least I know that’s easy for me to say because I’m one of the biggest channels but and obviously there’s there’s so many issues that reveals a lot of the people in the community that doesn’t have big bigger channels. So it remains to see. I really hope that we’re not just told things and that we actually see action. This year. But that’s just my opinion which I’m not supposed to. Hope you guys enjoyed this episode of pure news. If you enjoyed a smash like check out merch and all that good stuff.

Purely pie now at eight hundred million subscribers. Actually guys I’m going on holiday soon if we can make the sub gap a couple million at least that would be great. God damn it it’s gonna happen when I go away as a Sweden gay! Sweden gay! Oh my God. T-Series do you not understand the pain I have to go through. PEW NEWS Subscribe to PewDiePie .

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