Details about the most profitable ways of earning on games

Let us consider in detail some of the types of jobs (ways of earning) in the gaming industry where are not required large investments, but it is possible to obtain stable and high income.

Method of earning on the games — creating a gaming channel through Twitch, YouTube, etc.

1) the Author the gaming channel (YouTube, Twitch)

Have your channel on Twitch or YouTube, who are constantly uploading new videos about the game or are the online broadcast. They earn on advertising content (YouTube is allowed to insert its commercials advertising the passages or banners in the video description and the video), the number of subscribers, views and affiliate program, as well as through donuts, which sent the spectators. Such a great variety of channels and audiences, the days of sitting on the Internet, choose the best bloggers, youtubers with the most interesting videos.

What it takes to achieve success

Stand out from the crowd and to persevere – in order to make money with video playthroughs of games, you need to constantly upload new videos and be witty, interesting commentator.

New videos will constantly attract new followers, friends and acquaintances. Foundation – gift of gab, sense of humor and the personal qualities of the commentator (stamina, confidence).

The middle roller on the passing game lasts half an hour. Interested people will require a new video every day so to put the video on a hosting times a week will not work.

In addition, the commenter is looking for new and interesting games that people will watch. In each game you need to get used to the atmosphere, to examine the project and take it seriously, taking every step.

Step 1 — Your channel

To create on the website YouTube your gaming channel, it will need to register first. Then make up a name, choose a theme, choose an icon for your avatar.

In the article “How to make money on YouTube from scratch?” we wrote in detail how to earn popular Youtubers, how to start, what videos to record, how to create a youtube channel, etc.

Step 2 — subscriber Base

The most difficult and tedious step for successful gameplay commentator. The more subscribers and video views, the more benefits and earn money feed author.

Subscribers – people who subscribe to any new channels.

First, your video will not cause a response from the audience, even a lot of movies will do nothing.

Download need for 3-4 clips in a day and so not one month. First you get 2-3 viewing, but the more varied the games will pass and upload videos about them, the more people will stop by and see them. So the stats will improve, and with it increase and earnings.

However, it should be used with caution. The first few months will be the most difficult, when a lot of work, and the result is zero.

Only capture the first milestone of 10000 subscribers it will be possible to decelerate a bit. People will write comments to wish good luck and really interested in your channel.

Step 3 — Timing optimization

For Youtube, time is a crucial factor in the popularity of the videos. This means that for greater efficiency need to be among the first who uploads a video about a new game project. This will automatically give more views and new subscribers.

Optimization – another important success factor. Their videos you need to call to attract people not only on videosite, but also General (i.e., search engines Google and Yandex), they will be looking for information about a particular game.

Also don’t forget to enter in every movie enticing description, and links to other videos from your channel. Do not forget to specify the tags, they need to rank and search in Youtube.

Thumbnails (icon previews, splash screen) is also a successful tool for the promotion of the channel. All of its partners YouTube gives the right to upload thumbnails for your videos. A very powerful feature that enhances user interest before viewing. Miniatures should only be concerned with what is happening in the video, otherwise the property will remove the channel. Do not forget to upload a channel icon for YouTube, insert at the beginning of each video screensaver, etc.

Step 4 — the Legal side

Without the permission of the owners of the games can not upload videos of playthroughs and you can’t use the music. This is especially true of the monetization of the rollers. To solve you need to either merge network, with all the rights, or to negotiate with the developers of the selected games, so they are allowed to exhibit their project. This is a difficult but necessary process if you want to work quietly, without legal difficulties.

2) Earnings on bots

Suitable for those who have the equipment, a little moneyresources and talent to create bots. Such people with the help of an army of bots to collect resources around the clock and make it a profitable business.

In games MMORPG thousands of players and for different tasks they need resources every day. Few people want to spend hours of game time on gathering herbs, ore, when you can just go character to the market and buy everything you need. They are the main customers.

Many people create armies of bots with different accounts in one game and keep the computers on all the time. The bots tirelessly to find and gather resources. The player need only from time to time to check on them and to sell the collected resource.

Components of success

The higher automation of the entire process of search and extraction of resources, the easier it is to make money in your chosen game. As a rule, simultaneously work several accounts.

A bot is a program which is sufficient to introduce a few key commands and leave the character at the selected location. The rest he will do himself – to seekto dig up resources.

If I can build a website and put there resources produced, revenues will be even greater, because then you can skip the intermediaries.

Minus – MMO games are not eternal, on average, such projects are “live” for several years and are constantly changing. The admins are doing everything to keep players. Therefore, creating a program – bot should be aware of this and constantly look for new games to not injured your finances when you lock the main game. This will require programming skills and to create and configure the bot.

Step 1 — Study the market

Network dozens, hundreds of MMO games. Choose among them a new, promising project and study his work. For the specialist it will not take much time.

Step 2 — Bots

You can buy ready – some MMOs have bots for sale. Or write a program to create bots to gather resources.

Step 3 — Resources

The best way to earn for rare items, production of which takes time and effort. Then they are more expensive and are in great demand among the players.

Step 4 — the Amount of earnings

Vary greatly from the scale of prices for the resources in the game.

8 bots will give two times more income than 4 bots. For example, running the bot in the game Guild Wars , you can earn $ 60 per month. In this case, the bot worked only 30% of the time, so to earn good money that is possible. There are people who runs dozens of bots every day that make using them more than $ 1,000 a week.

Step 5 — problems with the sale

Choose the game to register an account, understand the rules and peculiarities of the local market, to create and run a bot not all the steps, after which you will begin to earn money.

Bots are there and ready in many MMOs and are not so expensive. The main thing – to find a buyer for their resources, and preferably permanent. Most miners put gold or resources in the auctions, but there the price that won the lot, will be overestimated.

Therefore it is better to create a website based game and sell MMO currency, gold or resources without intermediaries and for its price, so that buyers do not overpay. (More on how to create a website for free we already wrote in the article, where he pointed out the types of engines, which one to choose and other useful information for creating a website)

It is also worth to attract the attention of players to your site through sponsored posts and chat messages.

Before starting work the owner of the bot should explore the market for MMO currency and different items in the network, as in the beginning will require investment of real money and should ensure their abilities to find ways of marketing and creating bots.

Step 6 — the Key factor

It is important to have a reliable partner who understands marketing and sales. For example, one creates a bot and is responsible for the collection of resources, the second is promoting the website, looking for new clients, working with them.

You can even populate your site with different articles with key phrases in the spirit of “Game gold to buy for the XXX project”, in which people from the network will access Your website via search engines Yandex and Google.

Method of earning on the games creation and programming of video games

3) Earnings programming — creating games

For talented programmers will always find ways to make creating different streams, programmes and scripts for games.

Any MMO game updates, fresh ideas and opportunities for implementation. The number of users of popular MMO projects is growing every day, so the market is gaining momentum.

This method will not cause problems with the law, if you do everything according to the rules and laws of the country.

Step 1 — The Demand

99% of MMOs have quests to collect resources, people need to mend clothes, potions, hand over the grass and it is the main reason of the relevance of the bots. The programmer can create them in any game, so without work will never be.

Hardcore TOP players IMO have a lot of money and don’t like running through the fields in search of resources, it is easier to buy everything ready-made or to the possibility to automate the process. They are easy to pay again for the program-bot you created.

Step 2 — Service

Programs for bots or hacks still not a finished product that you can sell. They require updates, you need to and adjust for changes in MMO games.

Besides the software shouldn’t have bugs that interfere with work, they should not carry viruses and its starting to slow down a client computer.

To do this, the programmer must check and update them constantly.

Step 3 — Be aware of new products

You also need to follow the news selected MMO games that you create hacks or programs for bots. Normally admins warn their players about the release of the update.

You have to be prepared for any changes in the project and make the updates accordingly in its programs.

Step 4 — Marketing

As in any business, to increase sales need advertising. This is the main reason of failure of many talented programmers to develop in creating and selling hacks. They can’t create a client base and increase sales. Therefore, any programmer need a partnerwith expertise in marketing and advertisingwho would take on challenges with clients and product distribution. So a programmer with a partner can create a business selling software.

You can look for a marketer on forums and communities created for MMO games. There are a lot of interested people.

Step 5 — niche

An important aspect for any software developer who chooses to sell software. You need to study the market, find the product of the maximum demand and to take over the job. Should not be taken for known WOW, she has created dozens of bots. Better to find an MMO of the last, they quickly acquire users.

Also, the market is full of free projects with lots of users and they don’t have bots. Write a small script and you will receive your first earnings.

Step 6 — Profit

The average price bot $ 39 annual subscription, the sum of profit will depend on advertising, the popularity of selected games.

On average, you will sell 1-10 pieces per day, and this is 1000-12000 per month, though for only one bot.

MMO games are gaining popularity, people will play them more than a decade, so that the niche for software-hacks brings good income.

However, it is very hard work and need a good partner, well-versed in marketing. It will take sales while you create the product.

If you can create and maintain 3 different bot to MMO games, it will provide a decent and stable income.

Method of earning on the games — creating an online store

4) the online store for gaming things

A collection of resources using bots and selling them through established virtual store on assigned prices for players.

Step 1 – How it works?

In any online game people communicate with each other, share things, trade. Someone flaunting their “artifacts, things” up for auction, someone is selling advanced character somewhere in the square, and someone creates a separate website associated with the game and through it sells the collected resources, artifacts, earning in-game currency, which can be translated into real money.

The most difficult is to create a network of suppliers who will collect resources and at a reduced price wholesale to sell You. And good Internet advertising to attract buyers to Your online store.

The site itself is not a problem, even a free script to create a budget online store for a start. To optimize its operation will be more complicated and here you will need knowledge in web programming.

You can also operate through the social network. For example, in groups and pages to advertise their services. It may be more profitable and more convenient to create a group or page, Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki, Instagram. How to create a group in Vkontakte or page, as well as how to promote and cheat subscribers we wrote in our article.

Step 2 — Network providers

It should be the people you undoubtedly trust, and they to you. Because they will always sell artifacts, resources and other things from the game, which are then exhibited in the store.

It is best to contact people, gathering resources using bots. They have the inventory, delivery and constant prices are quite reasonable. Useful contacts you can make on the forums and the community games.

It is best to know the suppliers personally, to communicate via Skype, to phone. This will increase the degree of trust between you and will reduce the chance of fraud.

Step 3 — configure website

For working need website designer, bought the domain, hosting and our own database.

You can invite a friend of the programmer, and he “draw” you a website … Or do it yourself using free scripts. Importantly, clever design, the accessibility to buy the products on it could any newcomer and trouble-free operation. (Here recommend you to read the article — How to open an online store — step by step guide where you will learn how to create, promote and what to pay attention when creating the site)

Step 4 — Advertising

The most important part of working with the online store. Without promotion for a good profit never quit, because you can customize the site just to purchase a range of products too easy to find suppliers is not a problem.

You can ask bots to submit your website on the game when they get there the resources to write posts in different social. networks and forums. You can also specially configure the bot, which from time to time will put an ad in the chat games.

If the rules of the project prohibited any advertising, try to fill a site selling articles and promote them on popular queries, for example “Items to buy for game XXX”. On this request, the people from search engines will get to your shop.

Paid ads also can bring success, but you should conduct market research to nothing spent on advertising.

Step 5 — beware of Scam!

To sell virtual goods should be careful, there are many cases of fraud in such transactions.

System PayPal, for example, allows the client without any problems to get your money back, especially when he chooses virtual goods over the network.

Better not be lazy and send a message with a code to track payments. So you prove to the system that the item has been sent and money can not be returned. This will protect from fans of free cheese.

Step 6 — Prospect. How much money can you earn?

Profit from an online store depends on several factors. Method has its potential and work in this direction is certainly worth it, the main thing all to do correctly.

To find a promising game with rare items, negotiate with suppliers, create a website and, of course, to consider advertising.

Method of earning on the games beta testing games

5) Earnings beta testing

At first glance this cushy job. To get money, checking the games produced by developers, i.e. to be among the first players.

The task of the tester is to test the gameplay. All of the jobs are taken, the game goes fine, no errors or failures. Does this work have? Yes, game developers do ask people to check their projects for money.

However, this work is simple and fascinating at first glance. The tester should not just play and not think about anything else, people pay for work, not pleasure.

Step 1 — The Basics. Reality

Test “raw” project is also hard work as any other. If this is not paid so generously, as always, there are a dozen willing to do it for a lower price. Moreover, it does not require any specific education or skills enough to be a gamer. As a beta tester you will be given games, but many of them you don’t like it, only occasionally come across really fascinating projects.

Besides going to the game, you will need to thoroughly examine it, looking for the slightest error and make a report that will take more time than the gameplay itself.

Where did you find a bug, what is it when manifested. You can spend the whole day studying the first level!

Step 2 — The Conclusion

A tester really to be not so fun and exciting. It’s tedious, hard work diligence and care. Moreover, their future is uncertain, it all depends on the developers.

For each given them a new project testers spend a lot of time to then ordinary players can enjoy the game without any problems.