Duplicate File Remover Pro 5.6.1 – Professional duplicate finder and cleaner (was Duplicates Expert).

October 8, 2019 By admin

Software https://www.macupdate.com/app/mac/55852/duplicate-file-remover-pro/5.6.1/1551205967


Duplicate File Remover Guru (has been Duplicates Expert) is a new creation class of copies supervisors, scanning for folders that are similar and supporting all of external drives. The application introduces while scanning copies graph and scans for copies in many folders. Duplicates Pro offers cleaning recommendations once folders and files are identified. The application offers visual analysis on copies scan result with charts by duplicates’ file types. It’s easy to understand how much space takes each replicate. Biggest folders are displayed on Overview display, then you are able to preview equal and unique documents for folders that were similar.

    • Quickly scan algorithm
    • Scanning for copies in multiple drives or folders
    • External drives and mounted network connections support
    • “Recents” for files that are scanned
    • Revived scanning procedure
    • Files and folders bypass listing
    • Option to scan hidden folders
  • Outcomes Overview
    • Visual graph reports
    • Quickly reproduces cleaning recommendations
    • Biggest folders that are similar
    • Built-in aid tips
    • Similar folders graph
  • Duplicates
    • Reproduces by file type
    • Replicate folders
    • Folders that are similar
    • Built-in duplicates search
    • Trailer and Fast look for every thing
    • Type duplicates (by title, size, overall size, kind, copies count) REMOVING
    • Visual progress bar of selected files for removal
    • One-click selection of multiple replicate documents
    • Smart copies autoselection
    • “always pick” and”never pick” autoselect options
    • Verification list of deleted files
    • Moving to Trash or permanent removal option

Version 5.6.1:

  • Improved looking replicate folders.

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