Earnings on the games without investment — TOP 8 ways to make money + the best games with money withdrawal


Today we decided to write an article about the earnings on the games, what games with the withdrawal of money without investment there are what are the pros and cons of this type of earnings. After all, the dream of many thousands of gamers in reality – the opportunity to earn from their hobby, as people spend hours (even days) spend all my free time on the Internet.

Fortunately the world wide web of the Internet may help in this, it is important to know the playing-projects and principles of their usage.

Many online games – generating projects to their developers and moderators money. By investing players, at the expense of good online advertising. Talented gamers (the professional players) are also given the opportunity of earnings.

The work on the Internet “online mode” is different, as in reality. Someone writes articles on the Internet, someone versed in the financial markets (Forex, etc.), someone downloads courses video tutorials or trainings via Skype (Details about remote work in the Internet at home, types of work etc. we already wrote the article).

But here, the rules are the same – hard work and contribution of the particle itself, otherwise, great success is not achieved.

So, in this article, you will learn:

  • How to make money on games — what you need to know and be able;
  • Which games money with no investment exists;
  • The main methods of earning on the games;
In this article we will explain in detail about the earnings at the games, what are the ways of earnings, which games with the withdrawal of money without investment are there, look at the types of games and much more.

1. How to start making money on online games and do you need to invest

People far from online games was a way to make something unreal. They represent the game as analogues on the discs and just a means for entertainment, nothing more.

It is clear that they are making the developers and moderators, but have the players the opportunity to earn money? Like many areas of life, the Internet is developing daily, there are dozens of ways to earn, including various game projects, on which it is possible to earn decently.

Hard to believe, but to earn by becoming active players is not new. Every game project, no matter what he topic is the commercial with the aim to interest more people, thus to earn on content.

Administrators and the creators of games are doing everything to keep customers – games are constantly updated, adding from time to time new “buns” maintaining the interest of players, spending big money on advertising and promotion.

Among these, there are games where players are given the opportunity to earn. However, to receive money on games almost any game, it is important to know the ways how to do it.

It is important to observe cautionin the Internet of scams that promise mountains of gold and disappear without a trace.

In search of a reliable games with the opportunity to earn and withdraw profit, and to spend more than one day, looking among the mountains “blanks” and “trash” something really interesting.

Step by step instructions for beginners for earnings on the games

How to make money on the games step by step guide for beginners

In the first place, of course — to log in the system electronic wallets to cash payments (i.e. purses through which you will then withdraw your money).

Important! Passwords (registration data) from e-wallets do not share and do not share. Keep them in a safe place.

In the future, via email.wallets can withdraw your earned money on the card and “remove” them via ATM.

For example, Yandex – purse produces your own map (via partners), which can be ordered via the Internet. It costs roubles 200 , and allows you to withdraw money from the wallet via an ATM.

Payeer – payment system is convenient, it can be found on many games, so the money is withdrawn from the wallet;

WebMoney – the system has long been known, but not all games are “friends” with her. First, check which icons of payment systems there are in your chosen games.

Important point: creating games that people invested in project development, promotion, and now he works for the creators.

Then you need to explore ways of earning on the games read moreto understand what is right for you.

First and foremost, remember the rule of easy money, not even in games. Of course, money doesn’t just appear out of thin air and not go nowhere.

Should be ready to spend at your own risk 30-500 RUB, it depends on the game. There are projects promising income and without investment, but they usually then offer paltry payments or require any purchase or fee for withdrawal. Even experienced players or good marketers have a lot of work, especially at the initial stage.

But what to do, if required, even small amounts, no? It is possible pto pribegnut to one of the solutions:

  • some games offer a partnership, when registering itself, the player invites friends and they also begin to use the game. For this, the game gives you points and bonuses. And keep playing, so will be able to save the “first installment” for the purchase;
  • the initial capital can be earned in other projects that offer jobs and require no money: Seosprint, then Wmmail or Seo Fast;
  • And last – check-in at selected game and start to earn money.

For many, the earnings in the Internet on games seems easy and enjoyable experience. As a child many hours spent behind the console, you can now do the same and get paid for it– is not it a dream? However, the gaming market has been studied enough and the competition is very high.Want to earn enough the novice will have much work to do to start earning this way.

2. Earnings on the games without investing money – the TOP 8ways to earn money

There are a dozen different methods of earning. Some require a lot of time, effort, contributions, and other personal qualities of the player, and others creativity.

Thus, the basic ways of earnings on the games:

Method # 1. Game (Gameplay)

Gameplay – earn real money according to the rules of the system (the game project), the player just need to follow them. To develop the city or to train the army, to dig up the garden, collect gold, etc. in a Word, to play, to enjoy the process, gaining experience and getting familiar with the game.

Gradually participation in the process and for contests in your account will accumulate bonuses and play money.

You can play for free, without investing or with investing money.

In the latter case it will accelerate the development of the character, but will also increase the risk of losing savings, if you do something wrong.

Method # 2. Pumping — improvement of character (the hero)

A win-win option for gaming strategies when you need to pump the hero, to dress it and to acquire artifacts. In any game there is a system of referrals, where inviting friends to join the project gives the player special bonuses. You can earn in the game by many ways. Suggest also to read the article — “How to make the schoolboy or the teenager”

Method # 3. Donat

Donat – a gaming term that refers to the investment of their funds in something on a voluntary basis, for example, in this case in the game (gameplay: artifacts, etc.). For them in the shop on site sold a lot of nice additions, and enthusiastic players are ready to pay money. You can become a donut and sell players things gaming stores, or you can change game currency for real.

Method # 4. Selling character, artifacts, etc.

Selling character – a long and tedious process that requires investment, sometimes decent. Recorded in the browser game, create a character.

Develop it: increase the level, skill, dressed in the best clothes, make it a Top. The nickname of the character already know on the server it is known as strong and pumped. Then comes the time of sale.

Many people want to just come in and enjoy the process, not wasting time on leveling and tedious hikes. Here on this count experienced professional gamers.

Of course, the rules for some projects prohibit the sale account with the character, but you can throw an ad in the chat and then in personal correspondence to be written off. The main thing to choose a reliable buyer. The price of such characters of 25,000 rubles , and this is not the limit. Money the buyer can immediately transferred to the card or e-wallet, and the seller him – the username and password of the account.

Experienced and professional players (gamers) time to pump the characters with multiple accounts and manage to sell them for a large profit playing at once in multiple Windows. The system of “twins”, known in the gaming world as “double” (double) account.

Method # 5. Videobloggers, stream

Video blogger – the opportunity to become the Explorer games and their appraiser. On YouTube there are already dozens of game channels where every day people upload videos, how to pass this or that game.

To shoot they can have short commercials or posters, for which the advertiser donates money. Yet the YouTube offers affiliate transaction is successful bloggers. The main thing is to get people interested.

Game out of favorite, new arrivals or the classics, then in several videos blogger is her, familiarizing the audience with the gameplay and atmosphere. The main thing to attract more views and subscribers. A good option is regular income.

Method №6. Competition

Gaming competitions are often MMORG projects, especially those known as dota organize competitions among teams of players. At stake is quite a significant amount, which gets the winning team. The competition takes place online.

You need to register in the popular project, to shake a character and build your team. Constantly visit a website and forums, following the development of gaming events. Teams apply for participation in the competition, there you can choose to negotiate with their rivals.

Method # 7. Testers games

Tester games –Large and small company developers are constantly creating new game projects, but any Creator want from, uncomplicated look to evaluate their offspring, to see if everything works as it should, just do enough?

“Raw” product on the market can not be put in the game often played to school children, and adults, and noticing serious flaws can just low to evaluate the project, and the school is now also not so easy to hold.

So developers ask for special testers to play the demo version of the game, to check it completely. For all the comments and the test as a whole will receive royalties.

Method №8. Assistants (mentors)

Tutor assistant in many online games people do not immediately understand what was happening. They come, register and ask dozens of questions: “Where to go?” “How to perform the job?” and so on. For such cases staffed by assistants. Each game has its own name for moderators (moderators), mentors, masters. Selected administrators people from experienced players who know all about the gaming aspects of the project and not only, for example, how to make a donut how to use the site games etc. They also keep order, because the project has its own rules.

Many games have common rules:

  • You can not advertise third-party projects in the chat;
  • Do not give SPAM links, links to viruses;
  • To put it gently, do not insult players, do not use Mat, etc.

This are also the following mentors, because the administrators themselves in the chat there. They are paid sometimes in-game currency, sometimes real money at work. And demand is also quite strict. Moreover, in some projects, the same moderator has the right to ban the offender – he has access to such a program.

To become a moderator, you need to first yourself how to understand the game, then write the application on the website. In any game of this type often need new moderators – the project is growing, with a dozen servers, and everyone needs a few people.

The candidate goes through a test in which he asked questions about gameplay, then in case of success, becomes a moderator.