Easy letters: 7 examples for inspiration

Letters help companies keep in touch with subscribers, share news and offer nice bonuses. At the same time, tens or even hundreds of new letters appear in each box every day, each of which seeks not only to get into the Inbox, but to impress the reader, encourage him to read and click on the link.

As a marketer, I understand the desire of brands to flicker before the eyes of the client, but as a user, I continue to methodically remove irrelevant emails and unsubscribe from boring mailings.

In the process of such cleansing, sometimes something interesting happens: I meet letters that I really like. Time after time getting them, I feel more and more sympathy for the senders.

What’s the secret? I think in an unusual way, in a non-standard approach. And before we continue, I want to note that there is nothing wrong with creating traditional letters. As long as the content is interesting, subscribers will continue to open letters. This article is for Email marketers who want to go a little further and add a highlight to their already excellent newsletters.

Start with the topic

If you are just starting to work with the Email channel, or if you want to change the style, the first thing to do is think about the subject of the letters. There are 2 factors that influence whether the subscriber sees the content: whether the letter falls into the Inbox and whether it will cling. Like the headlines , the topics of the letters help the subscriber decide whether to take the time to write or pass by.Funny and unexpected topics arouse interest and often make you smile, thus making the sender memorable. There are too many letters in the box to hope that the user will open yours. Need to stand out!

When thinking about non-standard topics, I immediately recall our client – AviaSales – service for finding air tickets. Their letters are beautiful inside and out:

Bribes friendly style Lingualeo – a platform for learning English. And it concerns both regular mailings and trigger letters:

Of course, planning the subject of letters, as well as the content itself, it is important to take into account the characteristics of the audience. For example, in the b2b segment, marketers usually try to focus on the content itself and its benefits, but with the right choice of tonality, the results may surprise you.

What about the characters?

Let’s continue to talk about Lingualeo: students of the platform are familiar with Leo – a lion who helps in learning. Leo appears in each letter in different images, making them special and at the same time interconnected.

The idea with the painted characters is perfectly implemented by the insurance company Cherehapa. See and be inspired :

The introduction of the hero of the brand enlivens letters, gains confidence in the brand faster and evokes positive emotions. He is an imaginary intermediary between the business and the client and helps to reduce the distance with the help of the emotional component.

Custom Content

I was impressed by a series of letters from the furniture supermarket Hoff. In addition to standard product recommendations, in a letter to readers waiting for design projects from real architects and tips on style and colors. Useful and unusual:

It is important to know that you can add unusual elements without involving a designer. To create images, you can use the services of Canva and PicMonkey, and for GIF – the Giphy platform. Earlier we published an article about tools useful to email marketers , where there are platforms for design, content and inspiration.


Letters with animation are rare, they look dynamic and immediately attract attention. I like the way Adidas does it:

Then the MTS company went, adding in addition to the animation an interactive element, which, by the way, is quite simple to implement in the letter. Replacing the standard button on the ability to rub the lamp and make a wish, you can significantly increase the number of transitions from the letter.

These simple methods can distinguish your letters among others. Remember that creative efforts always bring effect, and you can implement creative ideas in GetResponse right now.