Email ideas for Black Friday

January 8, 2019 By admin

Take heart, for the day of the craziest sales of the year is coming! We all love Fridays, but this one is special.

Black Friday, which this year will be held on November 23, can undoubtedly bring you the biggest revenue for the whole 2018 year.

If you are still not tired of planning marketing projects for the November holidays (for example, the Moabember charity event, Thanksgiving Day, Cyber ​​Monday), we strongly recommend checking out the inventory, making backup copies of servers and running Black Friday email campaign.

We will give you some tips that will be useful when creating a newsletter for Black Friday.

Increase contact base

You already know how important it is to collect a database of email-contacts. Now imagine how much the importance of this rule increases on the eve of the biggest sales in the year.

If you are unhappy with the number of your subscribers (let’s admit: it always seems that there are not enough of them), you should start attracting new ones as soon as possible.

And if we talk about urgency, then before the start of Black Friday, your subscription forms should create the illusion of haste. Or cause a feeling of suspense. You can heat up the interest of subscribers as the holiday approaches, because they will be the first to receive special offers. Change the text of the message to emphasize what benefit the contact will receive if it signs up today.

You can place banners, come up with special landing pages. Your goal is to evoke a sense of exciting anticipation among clients and prepare them to receive special offers.

Email Ideas for Black Friday1

But do not forget that a small list of subscribers involved is much more valuable than a huge list of contacts that do not respond to your letters. Keep in mind that when searching for new subscribers, the main thing is not quantity, but quality.

Black Friday Letter Design

Perhaps you think that the scale of Black Friday is a reason not to bother much when creating a newsletter. All you need is an unambiguous headline, a large call-to-action button and a huge inscription “DISCOUNT 100%” in the center. This is not entirely true.

We assume that a letter with a primitive design, but the SUPER offer inside can attract the attention of customers. But a week before Black Friday, your audience’s mailboxes will be filled with competitor’s letters, which may be as good as yours.

Therefore, you should stand out to the maximum during the holiday season. How to do it?

Email Headers

If we are talking about headlines on Black Friday, I advise you to add keywords, such as “free” or “discount”, use numbers (80%), or just play on subscribers’ expectations.

You can send a reminder of the beginning of the sale: “Black Friday begins tomorrow” or “Sale begins now.” If the newsletter is intended for customers who have already made purchases from you and are aware of your offers, then “Do not miss the main sale of this year”.

Think of a memorable phrase that resonates with your brand. For example, as did the firm for the sale of mattresses Casper. One of the variants of the title of her letter on the occasion of Black Friday: “When you sleep, every Friday with black eyes is black.” Funny, casual phrases that refer to your products are a win-win step.

Add emoji in the header of the letter.

Letter body

There is a simple principle here – the main thing is not to overdo it. A pair of lines that inflame the curiosity of the client will suffice If you want to use several calls to action, make sure that all of them are really necessary, clearly visible and not toostriking when they are located nearby.

In letters sent out long before Black Friday, describe what promotions and discounts you have prepared. But be careful. Interest, subtly hint, but do not reveal all the cards at once.

When the hottest time comes for purchases and related newsletters, create a sense of haste by setting a deadline for sales. If you write that the promotion ends on Cyber ​​Monday or the promotional code can be used only on November 24th, this will motivate customers to start shopping.

Content and Design

Many have resorted to a common reception on Black Friday – they create a newsletter in black tones. This is understandable and does not require an explanation. However, when you think through the design and color scheme , stay true to your brand .

Here is an example of Casper’s last year’s letters:

Email Ideas for Black Friday2

Email ideas for Black Friday3

The color palette of her letters not only soothes and adjusts to sleep, which corresponds to the idea of ​​the company that sells mattresses, but also uniform on all platforms and channels.

Also, all these letters have a simple structure: a catchy title, a clear description of the action and one call to action. No chaos, screaming images or useless text.When the letter hits the target, it is likely that the client will follow your instructions without any extra thoughts.

Another great idea is to include a GIF animation.

It attracts attention, and if in addition it demonstrates the process of unpacking the product, then it increases the expectation and joyful excitement.

Some companies include only black products on the list. They skillfully beat the idea of ​​black, so that their proposal looks very exclusive, in the spirit of Black Friday.An example from Nike and Modernica:

Email ideas for Black Friday6

Email ideas for Black Friday7

Since Nike has selected several products for its thematic mailing, it’s understandable that each product has its own call-to-action button. So the client gets directly to the page with the product you like and makes the purchase faster, because stocks of goods are limited.

The text of these letters is the most concise. Customers have no time to read: thousands of competitors are already sweeping goods off the shelves!

If you have not decided on a design, you can create your newsletter using our templates!

Email Ideas for Black Friday8

Strategic thinking

You can start an email campaign right now. Some recommend doing a weekly newsletter, others at the last minute, on Black Friday. No matter what tactics you choose. It is always worthwhile to think over the strategy in advance and create automated processes.

First, divide the audience into as many segments as you need. Then create personalized letters and offers.

Try to re-engage inactive subscribers and build relationships with them on the eve of an important day.

Then assign points to subscribers to offer them different offers, depending on their activity and involvement.

Also, if you want to send a series of letters with various products and promotions, do not forget to tag those who passed the conversion. So you will not bother them with your newsletter. You can send them a thank-you note instead.

Prepare a few reminder letters about an abandoned basket. Offer help to clients and see if there will be a conversion. If they have not made a purchase, send them another reminder with a special offer, such as free shipping.

If everything went according to plan and the customer made a purchase, be sure to thank him for it and ask him to evaluate the quality of service or fill out a short questionnaire.

You are ready?

Do not forget to backup servers. If the site crashes due to the fact that hundreds of customers are simultaneously trying to click on the “buy now” button, this can cost you dearly. You will lose customers, not only on Black Friday, but also for the long term.

Check the stock of goods and the condition of the warehouses. It is better to have crowded warehouses than to refuse customers to purchase due to the lack of goods.

You can also extend the sale to Cyber ​​Monday – this is another holiday that online stores should pay attention to.

Make sure that interaction with your brand is as pleasant as possible for you and your client.

Automate the processes , and then on Friday you will have time to escape and truly enjoy the holiday. In the end, on Black Friday, you are waiting for the tempting offers of other stores.