Email Marketing: Adapting Your Email Strategy for 2020


(upbeat music) Why is email marketing important? Email marketing is still a very, very big part of marketing strategies for our customers and as such, customers need to know how to use email marketing effectively so that they can better reach out to their leads, to their contacts, to their customers, and have really good inbound strategy. It gets in front of our audience through a more personal way than just our website. So they get an email in their inbox and it can be personalized and they can read it and it’s directed towards them so it’s kinda like an email from someone you care about.

Email marketing remains one of the very best tools for any digital marketing strategy. Email marketing is really important to our prospects, our customers, as well because it helps them communicate in a large scale. It helps them really customize their communications so it’s not just like hey, I’m a business here to ask you for your money, it’s more so hey, I’m a business owner who really cares about the services.

I provide and how I can customize it to your use case. Email marketing is one of the number one tools that we as marketers can use to communicate with our leads and potential customers. Without email marketing, there’s no way to reach out to our contacts, our customers in a large scalable way.

What is the purpose or connection of email marketing and your overall inbound strategy? I think the most important role of email as it relates to inbound is to promote that good content that you’re creating through inbound. So I think the most important purpose of email is for your customer to know that you’re there. Within the inbound, email marketing can serve I found primarily two great purposes.

The aforementioned nurturing leads to become actual customers or purchasers of your product or service but beyond that, you can actually use email to nurture those customers or members of an organization to become an actual promoter of the business, your biggest fans.

Email marketing’s all about building a relationship with your leads and your potential customers. So in the context of inbound marketing, once we’ve generated those leads we want to use email to start to build a relationship with them and continue to provide value.

The purpose of email marking with inbound marketing is inbound marketing helps me as a business owner bring in more traffic whether that’s net new traffic, existing customers, maybe perspective customers, and they get to explore my website and gather information throughout their buyer’s journey.

And my email marketing helps them gain a little bit more insights or information that they might have missed on my website at a time that might be right for them but they need an extra push to go down their buyer’s journey so that we can help them.

Email marketing is important for you and your business. But why? I’m sure we’ve all experienced or been victims to bad email marketing. I would say knowing the foundations of an email marketing or email marketing in general is going to prevent a lot of the misuse and really misunderstanding that is so prevalent right now.

And contrarily, just by having those foundations under your belt, it’s actually going to allow you to drive the most value both for yourself as well as the people that you’re marketing to. If you’re like me, you get a ton of spam to your inbox every single day.

And we as marketers have a responsibility to try and cut down on that. So we as marketers, if we can learn those fundamentals of email and make sure that we truly understand what we should be doing and make sure that we get the right email to the right person at the right time, we can make sure that our email programs are providing value as opposed to interrupting people’s day.

There’s so many emails that are sent every single day. Think about when you’re checking your phone and you see your little bubble of notifications of emails to check and if you’re not matching your website conversations to your email conversations at a time that’s right for the user that’s receiving them, they could simply unsubscribe and you’ve lost that engaged interest.

The foundations of email marketing, really where you need to start whenever you’re thinking about writing an email. So if you know the foundations of why you’re writing an email in the first place, it’s really gonna help you decide how you want to write our your messaging. Without any foundation, without any backbone to the email you’re crafting up, there’s really no reason or no why behind the email you’re sending.

But where should you begin to work on your strategy for email marketing? The best place to start is figuring out your goal or why you’re doing it. I would start with HubSpot Academy. The email marketing certification and the courses therein are some of the best that I’ve ever seen in terms of on demand or online training. There’s a lot of ways you could start with email marketing.

I guess first is the why behind email marketing. I think you should why start with email marketing because you’re at a point in your business where you need to reach out to more people with a personalized message at the right time. While our world today continues to evolve and new products and services appear daily, there are many ways to have conversations with your visitors, leads, and customers.

Email marketing continues to be one of the practices that continually fuels and delivers ROI for your business.

And when it’s used properly in collaboration with all of your other conversation tools you can build trust. By creating a great email marketing strategy, you’re creating a sustainable, helpful, and human experience to develop relationships with your customers and help them grow. Get started and get certified in email marketing today. (upbeat music) .

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