Email Marketing Funnel as an effective tool for managing your customers’ life cycle


commercial letters until they unsubscribe. And if you want to get the most out of your Email marketing, then you should start to perceive the subscription process as a life cycle of not just loyal customers, but turning them into proactive advocates of your brand.

Thus, your main role will be to guide your subscribers, and your task will be to look after them and help them in every possible way to proceed to the next stage of this cycle. The main thing is to make sure that they will be interesting and fun, and that they will get to the stage you wish to be safe and sound.

We want to help you and make your work as easy as possible by providing you with a map or email marketing funnel, namely a graphic representation of the entire subscription process. Use it to plan the best development scenario, check all the important points of the cycle and check that everyone follows the direction you specified and there are no stragglers and those who have lost their way .

Compare travel subscription

Effective Email Marketing is a multi-step process. In fact, this is a whole adventure that begins with filling out a form and continues through the various stages of building relationships. If you want to maximize your audience and get the most out of your actions, you should timely identify and work through the various needs and requests of subscribers at certain stages.

And although, in the end, your subscribers will become satisfied customers, it is obvious that achieving just sales should not be the ultimate goal of this entire journey. It should continue until you can save your grateful clients and turn them into lawyers or evangelists of your brand (all these English-language terms came to us along with the best Western practitioners).

Get to know your audience

Try to get to know them as best you can before you begin to customize the Email Marketing funnel to suit your needs and requests. Work carefully the profiles of your customers – it will help you in the development of the most popular content. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Why should someone subscribe to your newsletter?
  • What benefits will the subscriber get?
  • How to involve subscribers in communication with you?

Answers to these questions will help you start the process and will give you the appropriate direction to your thoughts , moreover, will help you to come up with interesting and useful things that will be the basis of the content you offer.

For members only

Why would anyone subscribe to your newsletters? What do you offer them in return for an email address ? Does your letter carry value or is it just another way to promote the same content as on all your online resources, including pages on social networks.

Motivate users to add to your Email Marketing campaigns by offering them unique content and exclusive offers. Give them what they cannot find anywhere else. This way you show them that you value their trust in you. Try to prolong their interest in you as long as possible and give them a reason to share your offer with their friends, colleagues and acquaintances.

Remember your business objectives

Let’s be honest. The main goal of the email marketing strategy is to help you achieve your business goals. Therefore, you should know exactly where your business seeks and how you need to synchronize your email marketing strategy.

Analyze your business and determine the following:

The resulting information will have an effect on the structure of the email marketing funnel of your company. Always consider the goals of your business when designing the development cycle of your subscribers.

Create your own funnel

Relationships with customers differ from company to company, not to mention the industry, geographical and other specifics. It may well turn out that the development cycle of your subscribers will not be as long as in our example. Based on the analysis of your business and your goals, you can adjust your Email Marketing strategy.

Determine for yourself what you want to achieve and plan campaigns that will help you with this. But try not to set yourself too many tasks – concentrate on the main activities, it is better to do less, but better, this is actually important.

Quality vs. quantity

According to a recent survey of Fractl and Buzzstream, people unsubscribe from mailings, either because they receive them too often, or because they are boring and contain repeatable content:

Why subscribers unsubscribe - unsubscribe algorithmInfographic fragment Algorithm Unfollow, BuzzStream and Fractl.

The funnel will allow you to see specific requests and needs at each subscription stage. Thus, you can focus on preparing their preferred and interesting content, shown at the most optimal time. By sending a relevant message to your audience, you will increase the overall effectiveness of your Email-marketing campaigns and reduce the outflow rate (unsubscription) of your base.

Select KPI to track performance.

Successful email marketers prefer to rely on quantitative data. They collect and analyze them in order to check whether their campaigns achieve the desired results. Therefore, if you want to take into account data to make more effective decisions, you should first understand what kind of information you need for this.

In this case, you can also use the Email Marketing Funnel to determine the key performance indicators (KPI) you need with measured values ​​that show how well you are achieving your goals. And then, a clear funnel structure can assign you the appropriate KPI for each element.

Look at your option and decide for yourself whether it will be the number of subscribers, click-through rate (CTR), the number of downloads, or the overall performance or return (ROI).

Taking advantage of the moment, I would like to ask you, and what do you use as a justification for your Email Marketing strategy? How does this help you with planning campaigns? Please write in the comments below!

In the meantime, you can view our cool Email Marketing Funnel, download it to learn later, or simply share with colleagues:

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