Email Marketing – The Basics


Email is a magic device. If you are new to email marketing, you initially need to find out the essentials, as an example, you need to understand why email advertising is so essential, what are its advantages or just how to produce projects properly. You will certainly learn about this from our write-up, and you can currently today receive free training any time hassle-free for you at the GetResponse Academy, in which greater than 4,000 participants have been educated. Register – Program “Email marketing for novices”

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What is email marketing?

Email advertising and marketing is one of one of the most efficient internet marketing devices for businesses.Through e-mail marketing, you can develop efficient interaction between the brand as well as possible or existing customers. As a result of such communication, the variety of dedicated consumers and also repeat sales rises.

Email marketing is additionally a really effective means of reactivating inactive consumers and returning them to the site.Visitors that want your product and services may subscribe to the e-newsletter and also receive info that is essential for making thoughtful purchases.

In Russia, e-mail marketing and marketing showed up in 1998 (resource: Wikipedia ) as well as is amongst the networks that bring the greatest return on spent resources, which we wrote about in the post ” Why is e-mail sending the best Online marketing channel

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Key benefits of email marketing

There are a number of objective reasons why you should be interested in email marketing.

Low cost

To create successful email campaigns, you need to develop a strategy, work with a reliable platform with which you will send messages and test different solutions.

Professional platforms for marketers offer various paid and free tariffs (or test periods) and include such tools as email distribution, autoresponders, marketing automation, landing pages and others that are necessary for companies wishing to develop their business.

Platforms offer different rates and tools. You can choose the base rate to create and increase the subscriber base, and later, when the business brings profit, switch to a more expensive tariff.

Full control

By gaining complete control over the conduct of email campaigns, you can:

  • create branded web forms, letters, landing pages, etc .;
  • decide what types of campaigns you will run;
  • with great precision, segment the list of subscribers and target mailings;
  • use tags to personalize newsletters;
  • create automation scenarios taking into account business objectives;
  • plan effective brand communication and successfully stand out among competitors.


When you create a subscriber database, you ask users to confirm their intention to subscribe. Thanks to this, you are sure that subscribers are interested and willing to receive newsletters. Such a list of subscribers is considered quality and, most likely, will be profitable.

Moreover, you can track statistics and analyze the results in order to continuously improve and optimize campaigns, for example, change the design or call-to-action buttons, texts, headings, automation processes, etc.

Ease and simplicity

Creating an email campaign is not a difficult task. At your disposal are intuitive and simple editors and designers, with the help of which you will quickly create branded templates, landing pages and automation processes, as well as track their effectiveness.

One of the most popular marketing channels

According to the results of research conducted by DMA, 73% of respondents confirmed that email marketing is one of the most popular communication channels.Indeed, a well-designed campaign is personalized and unobtrusive, and it is the subscribers who decide when to open and read the letter.

Mobile Users

The number of users of mobile devices is constantly growing. According to GetResponse Email Marketing Benchmarks, the number of users who open email messages through online services is 56.52%, the average openability of messages on mobile devices is 26%, and on desktop ones – 16.99%. This means that you can influence your subscribers, no matter what device they use.

Own communication channel

Traditionally, marketing strategy may include paid and shareware advertising channels, as well as their own. The latter can include email marketing. This means that the company completely controls this marketing channel, that is, after a certain time has elapsed, the business becomes the owner of certain assets, such as, for example, the subscriber base.

Targeted and personalized communication

In the process of communication, you can ask subscribers to provide certain data, based on which you can develop personalized messages and segment your audience. Your subscribers will stay with you for as long as you can satisfy their requirements. With a responsible approach to this task, you will soon create a large loyal customer base.

Easily measurable results

You can fully control email campaigns by integrating your account with analytics tools such as Google Analytics. You can also analyze the effectiveness of each letter, track user behavior, set goals for each campaign and track conversions, measure ROI.


Thanks to marketing automation, you can create scripts and use them in campaigns. Such processes are created using lightweight and intuitive editors, and you can easily automate processes with regard to conditions, actions, and filters. If you are not familiar with automation or have not yet implemented this solution, then the article “Marketing Automation – 35 killer facts” is for you.

High return on investment

Email marketing remains one of the most profitable channels, as it combines the benefits listed above. If you create, manage, analyze and optimize campaigns correctly, this channel will become a proven source of revenue. And here is the confirmation – Case of the Autoboss autobusiness managers club: How Email marketing increased sales by 228%

Average ROI Email Marketing

According to research by Litmus (2018), the effectiveness of investment in email marketing is on average 38: 1. Statistically, if you invest $ 1 in an Email campaign, you make a profit of $ 38.

Of course, these are average numbers and much depends on:

  • size and quality of the subscriber base;
  • properly compiled content;
  • design and call to action (as far as clear, convincing, etc.).

One of the indisputable advantages of email marketing is that you can track performance, analyze data and optimize campaigns.

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How to measure ROI?

You can easily calculate the return on investment, you need to know the total revenue and total expenses.
For example, you earned an income of $ 100 by investing $ 30. You can calculate ROI as follows:

Thus, you will see how successful and profitable email campaign is and, accordingly, you will be able to determine the budget.

Why is email marketing important to business?

Thanks to email marketing, the business communicates with the target audience, accompanying customers at each stage of the funnel and increasing the number of loyal subscribers. Business can apply email marketing at all stages of the client’s path.


To attract targeted visitors to the site, use web forms and landing pages, invite users to sign up for the newsletter. Create a drip campaign and present the brand, your products or services, values, etc.


Become one of your subscribers’ favorite brands. With proper implementation of email marketing, your company will become the most memorable brand.

An example of an effective letter from uncommon goods


Explain why your service or product is the ideal solution for the client. Users will conduct their own analysis and compare different solutions. By implementing an impressive Email campaign, you can convince them that they ultimately found the product or service they were looking for.

E-mail from American Giant, in which the company explains to subscribers why they should choose their products


At this stage, customers understand what they want, compared products or services. You just need to convince them that the ideal time to make a purchase is coming.

E-mail from Barnes and Noble, in which the company convinces customers that it is the perfect time to make a purchase

After sales

Your interaction with subscribers should not end after they have made a purchase.Communicate with customers and find out how much your product has satisfied their needs. Remember that a happy customer is more likely to become a loyal customer recommending your products to other users.

Email with which Nokia builds communication with customers after purchase

Key elements of successful email campaigns

In order to successfully engage in email marketing, you need to take care of the following components: strategy, tactical actions and tools.

Email Marketing Strategy

Email marketing strategy is a long-term vision and future directions of marketing activities. Although some companies operate without a strategy, you should develop a strategy for success.

Why do you need an email marketing strategy?

Dave Chaffey said: “You need an email marketing and automation strategy.Accompanying potential customers through the funnel stages will not happen by chance … The plan is needed in order to identify all possible points of contact and moments when you can send a letter, and accordingly include them. ”

How to create a basic email marketing strategy?

Developing a strategy is not so difficult. There is no need to immediately include all the elements, you can simply add details along the way. Email marketing strategy should include the following elements:

Key long-term goals

Determine which goals you want to achieve with email campaigns in the long term.Objectives should be measurable and activity related, here are some examples:

  • increase the number of subscribers by 20% by the end of the year;
  • improve the rate of discoverability and clickability by 5%;
  • increase ROI by 10% by the end of the year.

The target audience

Who are your potential customers? Make sure you know your target audience well.The more information you have, the more effective your campaigns will be.

Competitive advantage and key UTP

Do you know what is your USP? And what are your competitive advantages? I hope your answer is positive. If you have not thought about it yet, it will be difficult for you to create compelling and marketing email campaigns.

Your TFD must answer the question: “Why should the customer choose your product or service?” Analyze the product or service, identify positive aspects and show customers what benefits they will receive. Be laconic and specific. In an accessible form, tell us about your decision and show how your product / service solves customer problems.

You can also ask existing customers about your benefits and find out in more detail why they chose the products or services of your brand.

Defining benefits and TFV will help you in planning marketing communications and defining calls to action for each individual letter.


Think about the resources you need to implement email campaigns. These can be human resources (marketer, designer, content specialist, etc.), tools (email marketing platform, CRM (You can learn more about CRM in the article “4 reasons why a CRM system is needed” ) and other resources that will be needed for work.

Analytics and indicators

There are a large number of indicators. The main thing is the right combination of these indicators with the business and the definition of KPI necessary for making decisions. Here are some examples:

The subscriber base size is the number of people who subscribed to your newsletter. At this rate should pay special attention. Provided that you organically increase the subscriber base (we share our experience in the article “How not to get into SPAM: collecting the base on offline events” ), an increase in the subscriber base should increase your profit, i.e. the more subscribers, the more successful your results.

Open rate – expressed as a percentage of the number of subscribers who opened your email messages. It should be remembered that this indicator is available only for HTML-letters.

Clickthrough rate is a percentage of the number of users who clicked a link in a letter.

The click to open ratio (CTOR) ratio is the ratio of the number of unique clicks to openings, which indicates the involvement of users. A high score is proof that subscribers like content.

Conversion rate – an indicator of the commission of certain actions, such as visiting a landing page, making a purchase, filling out a form, etc. If you want to learn more about the performance of email campaigns, read our article “14 main metrics of email marketing: everything you need to know about them”

Tactical actions

Tactical actions are certain actions related to email marketing. Here are some examples:

Collecting the subscriber base is one of the main actions that the email marketer does. Business needs a large base, as well as potential customers, in order to get good results. That is why increasing the number of subscribers is an important task.In order to increase the subscriber base, you need to create web forms and landing pages that will attract potential customers.

Segmentation is an action, the purpose of which is to create segments (groups) of subscribers, taking into account certain common characteristics. With segmentation, you create personalized messages and relevant content. Automation processes and tools such as tagging and scoring help you gather the necessary information about your subscribers, and automatically apply them.

Satisfying needs – do you want your subscribers to interact with the brand? Want to open your letters, click on links and perform certain actions? However, even the best design or process will not work if customer needs are not taken into account.Meeting the needs is a key element when it comes to user engagement.

Stay in touch with your subscribers and customers. If you know your target audience well, their goals, needs, preferences, and challenges, you will create and deliver the right message to the right users at the right time.

A simple and convenient design is the design of forms, messages and landings, which to a large extent affects the overall effectiveness of campaigns. Remember that your subscribers read letters on different devices, and you must adapt the design to the needs and interests of each user.

Tracking results – use the program to analyze the results. Make sure that you know how to correctly measure the results of email campaigns, have all the necessary tools and have determined only the necessary indicators.

Conversion is without a doubt one of the most important goals of each campaign.For each type of business and each campaign, an individual conversion value is determined, and such actions as, for example, subscribing to a newsletter, switching to a landing page, filling out a form, making a purchase, etc. can be taken into account.

Testing and optimization – introducing changes to improve the effectiveness of email campaigns. You can test changes and optimize such elements as, web forms, texts and headings, various elements on the landing page, etc. Use metrics and KPIs to determine campaign effectiveness and achieve your goals.

Tools are an integral part of your strategy and without them you will not be able to achieve your goal.

So, now you already know what email marketing is, why a business needs such a channel, what are the main indicators and what you need in order to competently develop Email campaigns.