Email newsletters: 21 services from idea to analytics

We have put together useful services for creating email newsletters.Find informational, pick up images, write and check texts, and then understand whether it all worked well – 21 links to tools and blogs.

Email Newsletter: Ideas


You can always refer to the good old holidays. It will be interesting to use the same signs, customs, name days. All this can be found and other similar sites . It is better to choose what really suits you, but you can also play on contrasts.

The EmailMatrix agency has a good page on this topic , which contains info lists for Email newsletters by the end of this year.


The data obtained from Wordstat or Serpstat will show which topics are most interesting. First you need to distribute requests that relate to the topic, and see which ones are the most frequent.

Email Submissions: SerpStat Interface

The world

Global events are suitable as an infopod: such as a presidential election or a world football championship, an anomalous amount of precipitation in Moscow every summer or whatever. Memes work great, but with them, as with global events, you need to be quick – they die quickly (only summer rain is forever).

It is also necessary to monitor the mailing of competitors, but not in order to be inspired, but in order for the topics not to repeat.

Patterns and Prototypes

Before you start working with content, it would be good to throw a plan. This is done on a piece of paper or right in the head. And you can use the prototypes and templates in GetResponse . Choose between ready-made solutions or “draw” from scratch.

Email Newsletter: GetResponse Templates

Email Submissions: GetResponse Prototypes


Pictures for letters can be obtained in several ways, let’s understand.Ideal – use juicy photos taken by a professional who knows how to submit your product correctly. Beautiful mailings, for example, at the Snow Queen. 80% of the content in them – photos.


If the option of selling photos disappears, there are other options: paid photo stocks , such as Depositphotos and free ones, such as Pexels and Unsplash . When choosing graphics it is worth remembering that the best images are those that are directly related to the subject of the letter and illustrate it.


If you have a digital product, then screenshots and screencasts are simply necessary. You can make them with the help of built-in computer tools, or with the help of online resources such as Joxi .

Yourself a designer

Another option is to make the image completely by yourself or modify the image from the drains. Canva or PicMonkey do an excellent jobwith this .


I can not ignore the gifs, because they burn. A couple of services:Giphy – ready-made gifs, Make A Gif – just in case you want to make an animated cartoon.

Emails Texts

Talking about texts can be endless, because each brand has its own voice , each company has its own vision and each product must be presented differently. In this case, there is something that will be relevant for all – the quality of the texts.

There are many content ideas on the TexTerra blog . Sticking to at least a few articles will turn out in the Netpeak blog . And Maxim Ilyakhovtalks about how to write beautifully and without verbal garbage.

You can check the texts using the services Glavred and Orthograms .


Just a few words about statistics. GetResponse itself has a built -in analytics unit that collects data about discoveries and transitions from emails. This may be enough, but you can go further. PostmastersYandex and will help you to find out the situation with SPAM for individual letters or for the entire domain .

If this is not enough and you want to understand how much money each letter brought, then it’s time to learn Google Analytics and Yandex Metric .

Now in your hands a complete set of tools for creating letters. Write a letter to customers right now! 30 days free.