Openness and clickability – how florists improve the efficiency of mailing before Valentine’s Day

January 10, 2019 By admin

Email marketing is superior to virtually any other marketing channel, thanks to the possibility of using excellent analytical tools with which you can track campaign results and analyze the effectiveness of mailings.

Being an email marketer , you are constantly making efforts to attract the target audience and get quick results. E-commerce pays special attention to such holidays as Mother’s Day, Christmas and New Year, Valentine’s Day and others. However, no industry will surpass florists in their ability to analytically use mailing efficiency indicators before Valentine’s Day.

Historically, the tradition to give flowers on Valentine’s Day. For this reason, during the holiday, the flower industry is intensively working to improve the rates of discoverability and clickability in order to get the maximum number of customers.

And the question arises: “And how, taking into account the tough competition, can the audience be segmented in order to increase the effectiveness of the newsletter and its indicators?”

Let’s discuss the 5 main segments that florists pay attention to in order to increase their discoverability and clickability before Valentine’s Day. We will also show how Email distribution can be a tool by which customers get what they want, and you increase profits.

Efficient Email Distribution and Advance Planning

A group of subscribers who plans to buy in advance in order to avoid price increases before and during holidays. To get their attention, you can:

  • send them thematic letters and offer First Minute discounts;
  • Schedule a distribution based on the ideal opening time for each subscriber;
  • take care of brand awareness along with Email communication, which in the future will help to convert subscribers into customers.

Try to engage and convert these subscribers with the offer for “first customers”.Engaging this audience will give you tremendous superiority over competitors .

Effective distribution and last year’s buyers

This group of customers is already familiar with your brand because it has made purchases in the past. In this case, segmentation and precise targeting can lead to improved distribution rates, for example, to a double increase in the discovery rate.If you want to most effectively engage this audience, you must:

  • offer personalized content. Create a series of reminder letters about the product, name, date of purchase and / or delivery, and let subscribers remember their last purchases;
  • personalize retargeting letters! The open rate increases tremendously in the case of personalized letters. On average, the opening rate for retargeted emails varies between 15-18%. With skillful segmentation and personalization, the discovery rate can even reach 25%;
  • help subscribers not to forget about upcoming events using drip campaigns.Even if the subscriber does not become a client right away, most likely he will make a purchase closer to the event.

Targeting in this case is the best way to improve ROI, since subscribers from this group are characterized by relatively high purchasing power.

Conclusion : the involvement of this segment with the help of reminder messages (drip campaign) is the easiest way to reactivate the existing subscriber base.

happy girl with a bouquet of flowers

Lover of profitable deals

Customers in this segment prefer to use coupons and discounts. Communicate with them in the language of economy:

  • lure subscribers through super offers prior to the holiday. Just offer them huge discounts;
  • create a pre-remarketing campaign that includes exclusive offers: discounts, coupons or offers on partner sites;
  • connect a deep level of personalization, which can also increase the effectiveness of mailing. Fans of good deals simply can not refuse from personalized content.

Conclusion : since subscribers of this segment react strongly to discounts, develop campaigns with a super offer that may increase the likelihood of a purchase.

Mailing efficiency and uncertain buyers

These customers still cannot decide which products they want to buy. Therefore, they are practically not interested in offers and discounts. You can reach this target audience with:

  • campaigns offering a gift guide. Products can be presented as bestsellers or top-ranked products in weekly rankings;
  • using these campaigns as essential for more comprehensive segmentation and personalization in the future. Campaigns can take into account individual purchase history or / and behavior on the site.

This method of retargeting will not only help increase the clickthrough rate, but will also help to better understand the users’ individual reactions to the same product.Email messages with a gift guide will help subscribers make a decision, and thus Email will become more efficient.

Conclusion : the impact on this segment of the audience with the help of Email distribution with products that take into account individual preferences or are bestsellers is the most effective way to convert.

Mailing efficiency and Last Minute buyers

This type of subscribers usually makes purchases at the last moment or somehow forgets about holidays. You can refer to this group as follows:

  • with the offer of express services or delivery on the day of the order, which will help the user to make a faster decision;
  • send letters, even on the eve of the holiday, when the intention to make purchases increases. The opening rate may increase even by 220% in the last days before the holiday. That’s when you can maximize your ROI.

Conclusion : Exactly at the moment, subscribers need your help. Send letters with a strong focus on services to ensure that you maximize mailing efficiency and conversion.

Introducing these tactics with regard to segmentation, representatives of the flower business observe an additional 4–5% increase in the discovery rate, and approximately a 3% increase in the rate of clickability in annual comparison, which goes beyond the usual annual growth.

Performance E-mailing and e-business

The segmentation strategy is not limited to the flower business. Defining the audience of various segments and excellent design of the template, built-in communication will work wonders and increase the efficiency, clickability and openability of letters of almost every e-commerce company.

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