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ExTiX 19.3 (190307) is based on Ubuntu 19.04 Disco Dingo, uses Linux kernel 5.0, and has Kodi Leia pre-installed

March 9, 2019 By admin

Software https://betanews.com/2019/03/09/extix-ubuntu-disco-dingo-linux-5/

Here’s the deal, people — there are far too many Linux distributions out there nowadays. It used to disturb mepersonally, however, over timeI made peace with it. Look, it is the nature of the monster — we shall never have one Linux distro, as it is impossible to come to any consensus. For Example, I prefer Fedora and GNOME, but in the Identical time, others like Ubuntu and KDE. In the event that you should survey the Linux community you’d see a very segmented set of people. Therefore, you will find still an obscene variety of working systems based on… [Continue Reading]