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October 28, 2019 By admin


Hi there, its Molly here!

First of all, THANK YOU for buying VidBiz.

You’ve taken your FIRST STEP towards building an online business!

Follow my methods here and you can start getting sales very soon to your new online business…

Without much fluff, let me get started…

Method #1 –

How I Got My First 5 Sales on my very first VidBiz Website….

As promised, this is my method #1 for getting sales and new clients to my VidBiz website.

Now this method may sound quite obvious to you but I can guarantee 95% of people have not done this yet. Heck even I had not done this at first and I have no idea why I did not do this before, its that easy and simple to execute…

Step 1 : Setup your VidBiz website on a new domain or  a subdomain if you have an existing site already.

Step 2 : Configure your site and make it YOURS by adding your own content, pricing for various services.

Step 3 : Verify all the pages and content of the site is setup correctly and it looks and works as expected.

Step 4 : The METHOD…

Now the very first customer I ever got to my first VidBiz site was someone I knew already.. you never know how many people around you need help with website marketing, SEO and social media until you tell them you can help.

So here’s what I did..

I went to my Facebook profile and posted an update about my new business..

I went to my LinkedIN profile and posted an update about my new business…

I tweeted about my new business..

This was nothing more than just announcing that I have a new website/business (and we’re open to business)

I also added something like Have more questions about your website/seo/social media? Contact me @ (with my email address)

On an average, you will have about 200+ friends on facebook and a similar number of connections on Linkedin.

Now 2 days after this, I had got a good number of enquiries about my new venture.. and from those people I was able to get a few low ticket sales for backlinks and video packages.

$10-$20 is a good low ticket price and almost no barrier to entry for anyone to try out your service.. and since they know you already through FB or Twitter or LinkedIN, they don’t have an issue trusting that you’ll deliver..

These are the people who’ll give you the initial set of testimonials that you can then add to your site’s homepage. (via the admin panel)

Once you have testimonials from real businesses and real people, other people who will find your site from various other methods will start to trust you and order from your site.

Over the course of 2-3 weeks – I repeatedly did this and got over 25 sales from my own network.

Go ahead and execute this…TAKE ACTION!

I hope you found this useful & valuable!


A lot of businesses post ads on craigslist for various things and many times they include their website.

These are people looking for more business or probably just advertising something else… which means they are looking to get noticed and get more traffic, more sales.

So, the first step is to visit their website and if you find nothing around social media happening on their site – no facebook fanpage link, they’re not asking for a LIKE to their fanpage or not posting pictures via instagram etc.. then you can simply drop them a quick email via their contact form on the website or just locate their contact info and send them some suggestions that will help them be more social (online) and in return get more business..

7/10 times I get people to email me back THANKING me for the advice. Rem – always leave some questions in the email.. like… “are you getting any traffic from facebook?”

That way the customer will reply back with some more info and you can keep the conversation going and somewhere in then 2nd and 3rd emails (or sometimes directly in the 2nd email – depending on how they responded) – you can offer to help them and send a link back to your site.

SUPER TIP : It always works when they say.. they don’t have a fanpage or they do but it doesn’t do much for them.. you can email back with some steps on how to set it up or optimize it..

Certain steps will be technical and they wont understand, which is good, that’s why they will hire you 😉

This way – 90% of the times, the potential customer will email you back saying he does not understand how to do that.. if you can explain better..

At this point.. you can slide in your pitch, offer your services and send a link to your site… This WORKS AMAZINGLY well to get consulting gigs from local businesses… where you can bundle in a lot of stuff for $499/mo

Typically I sell a consulting gig for $299/mo for 3 months and then 6 months of email support/help and promise them certain amount of growth on their website and all their social profiles.

This is really great because now they are on a payment plan, its not unlimited, they know how much they are paying.. and they know that even after you’re done, you will help them.

This works amazingly well for me and though craigslist buyers are not very high ticket buyers and they will mostly buy smaller stuff… so you have to make sure you offer the right package / price to the right customer… the first few emails can be used to learn more and size them up before you send in your PITCH 😉 

A new customer from LINKEDIN has always paid MORE than what a new customer from CRAIGSLIST has – so you can vary prices accordingly.

If you’ve bought the UNLIMITED version of the product, you can actually setup different sites with different prices and send people to the right site based on their size 😉


This is another method that has helped me gather over TEN clients who regularly order from my websites each and every month. One of the reasons why this works so well is because it has a different and more personal approach to it.

Whenever I’m free on weekdays or on weekends, I like to attend certain community events or business events (FIND THEM ON MEETUP.COM) and just become one of those card collectors where I pick up the business cards put out by people on the counters or product demo tables.

Next, I strike up a conversation with them about their business, learn more about what they do and show genuine interest in their business or product.

Over 90% of the times they do not mention a twitter URL or a Facebook URL on their cards and I often ask them if they have a presence on these sites, some of them do and they say it with some guilt because their pages were just made once and never grown to attract an audience or they have way too few likes or fans to even mention (perfect opportunity).

After learning these things, I talk to them about my businesses, which is helping them with SEO and Social Media to get more traffic, create a presence on social platforms like twitter and facebook and give them some really good pointers which are most of the times pretty basic like having call to actions on their website at the right places and the right messaging to connect with fans and to have LIKE Gates or fan gates as they are known for lead generation. When you read any FB or Twitter marketing related blogs, you’ll learn what to talk to these potential customers about.

Finding my advice valuable, they remember me from this conversation and this helps me convert them into a customer when I later email them about this little chat and also send them some more pointers in the email.

This makes me look like an authority (you don’t really need to know a LOT, but reading marketing blogs will get you the basic info and most of these businesses ignore these basic points when setting up their social profiles)

I’ve sold over $2000 worth of products using this simple method and often I find businesses that have nothing and are a perfect candidate to sell one of the big packages.


Another interesting technique to gain some happy local clients is to just take some time off from your laptop on a weekday afternoon and then simply walk into local business establishments, talk to the people behind the cash counter.

Most local businesses that are either a small establishment or mom & pop shops, the owners are almost always available after lunch time and they’re a lot less busy around that time.

Take their business card or any marketing materials they have around, see if they have any website or social media URL mentioned on their cards/marketing, if not, ask them why not, if they do, ask them if they get any customers via their website or social media, what are they doing to gain customers online.. ask genuine questions, give some genuine advice and ask them to call you if they need more help.

Most business owners would be intrigued by the questions and replies you give them, then you can talk to them about your business and share some good pointers on how they can get more customers via their website and social media.

Suggestions like offering incentives to share on FB or Twitter, goodies or freebies or a weekly contest for the best share on FB will get them noticed by their customers and they’ll see some good social media traffic in just a few weeks.

Talk to them about building email lists via their website, you can also sell them a website redesign service if you see they are open to the idea.

I’ve been able to close some small accounts, low hanging fruits using this simple strategy. It just takes 30mins a day of your time, gets you a nice break/walk out of your home or office and you’ll close some new clients.


Why go too far to find yourself clients when you can find them easily on Facebook?

I’ve found more clients with this method than any other method and if you master this, you’ll not need any other method. This is more like cold calling but without doing any of the calling.

Facebook has recently introduced Graph Search, which is a very powerful tool if used in the right way. You can now find restaurants or various other types of local businesses that are already present on Facebook with their business page and have all their contact info, website info but very little activity. These are the right businesses to contact about your services. You can preview their website and talk to them about it, what changes they can make and send them free suggestions and advice, genuine info so they will start a conversation with you. Don’t pitch them from the start.

How to find these businesses?

In the FB graph search bar, you can enter phrases like salons in my area, salons that my friends like, restaurants that my friends like …. And many other similar queries, these are just a  few simple ones to get you started.  (see image below)

After this, you’ll see a list of business pages appear on the screen, you can review each one quickly by opening in a new tab and see what they have going on the page.

If it looks like there is not regular content being posted, very less engagement, low number of likes or fans, bad images, no LIKE gate etc, you’ve found a potential client.

You can also filter the results easily using the options on the right side of this page and select a lot of different category of businesses or pages… (see image below)

Now you can either use the contact info in the About section of the fanpage to visit their website, take a look around, see if they have social media presence on the site linking to FB or any other social media sites (this gives you more stuff to talk to them about).

There are a few ways to contact them, sometimes you may not find the website or email/phone of the business owner, in this case you can use the MESSAGE button on the fanpage to contact the page owner about your services.

You can also find a lot of contact info such as email, phone, address etc on the website and use that info to contact the potential client.  (see image below)

Now again, the strategy when you contact has to be always about helping them first, so talk to them about their website, their fanpage and if they’re getting any business from the website, facebook or social media… what they’ve done so far and what areas do they need help with.

Give them some pointers based on your observation of the website. Ask if they rank well and get any traffic. There are a lot of things these business owners don’t do (as mentioned in my earlier methods) and you can reiterate those points here to help them.

Once they see the value in what you’re sharing, now you can pitch them your services and talk about your SEO & social media business and how you can help them.

You can either do this immediately or after a couple days, depends on the conversation you’re having with them. If you’re communicating via email or just hop on a quick call with them, just keep following up with some points every couple days and you’ll close the sale.