Focus 1.10.0 – $19.95

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Focus is a menu bar app that helps you locate your zen. One click creates a perfect work environment.

Focus Characteristics
  • Blocks sites for Mac in most major browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox)
  • Blocks applications (such as Mail and Twitter) from beginning
  • See customized quotations rather than the blocked page to inspire your self
  • Installation complex programs or utilize timers and pomodoro way to find productive fast
  • Straightforward for beginner users & strong for advanced users Stop procrastinating and enhance your productivity now!

Do you get distracted? IM? Facebook? Twitter? Reddit? Hacker News? These solutions are great, but it is hard to get work done when they are about. The consequences start small but can have a disastrous impact on productivity. Can not it be fantastic if you could turn them off with 1-click? Concentrate is. It permits you to quickly and easily block service or any website you want.

The price displayed is of a 1 month subscription. All pricing options are available here

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