Frequently asked questions about the game

Consider the frequently asked questions that are found on the Internet and will try to answer them.

Question 1 — What is Steam and how to get the money back for the game on steam?

Steam – a well-known online games store with a wide range. For all members news June 2015 was a pleasant surprise – it is now possible to return the money spent, if the game does not like.

For years, customers had to take “cat”, not really knowing what to take, especially during sales. True to return the money you need to fulfill several conditions.

How to return money for the game and the incentive for that return payment

Tools can be returned for:

  • Game;
  • Released addition;
  • Various in-game items (if they are not spent, not used, not changed and not shifted);
  • The game with pre order;
  • (Leave them untouched);
  • A gift (not activated).

Spent in other stores, the money will not be returned to the client.

Instructions for requesting the refund

Need to do:

  • To enter the shop under your account;
  • Go to the following address:;
  • Select from the items: “Purchase”;
  • To specify from a list the game that you want to return and get a refund;
  • Click on: “Product could not live up to expectations”;
  • Next, select: “Request a refund”.

Then released a memo with information about the game (cost, date of acquisition, the time spent in the game). As the reason for the return customer can write what did not like the game (bought by mistake, the computer is not drawn). Reason will not affect the fact of the return. Additional information can be inserted into the note. A response will be received as emails in the Inbox.

Conditions Steam

The most important item when you return will be the maturity period and the game.

For example, the means for vending the game can be return within 14 daysfrom the date of purchase and spend in the game less than 2 hours. You must play without cheats, otherwise a refund will not be issued.

In addition, the money back also within 14 days. If addition, the user played for about 2 hours, not more. However, the addition can not return if it has already implemented some significant changes: (increase permanently the number of the character’s health, etc.)

Question 2 – whether Real earnings in the Internet?

It is! This is a serious source of income like any other. The main thing is to approach the matter seriously and not to wait for money to rain immediately. To begin to thoroughly examine the gaming market, then choose a specific project which promises income, and calculate your prospects.

You may need a calculator and mathematical knowledge, because many of the projects where you can earn — is an economic simulation, and the profit margin depends on your efforts.

When you withdraw money, how will the proceeds – all this is bothering the rookie. In some games there is the opportunity to earn without any investment, but it will take more time, revenue and work less, but on the other hand this is a good opportunity with no risk learn the rules of the game, to gain experience. Pour real money into the game or not, the decision rests with the player.

In many projects, money plays the role of accelerator, when to point “A” to get to “B“. No investment person goes on foot, with attachments – traveling by car.

However, there are some projects that still require investment. For example, a well-known strategy My Lands, where the player is given a city and the ability to manage them. Money – black pearl to display only the owners of paid accounts.

The era of clones, where the first player is a laborer and will hold such status not less than 90days, then either using the attachment rises to the artisan, or there is a clone coming up for auction and performing different tasks has a chance to raise the status of free.

Increasingly began to appear games with a pyramidal system, where the money appear in an investment project. There are people planted in the farm, raise cattle or plant, thus earning money.

They, too, can make money, but temporarily, because as with any pyramid system will last it long.

There are also several ways to make money on games: to by bot MMO project and use it to gather resources, then sell them to other players.

Or being a programmer to sell hand-made hacks and bots for MMO games.

You can try your hand as a commentator, such people create channels on YouTube and removed. Through the various games, earn money from views and advertising. Or send a request to the game developers for the position of tester. People who give to new projects, not yet ready to “go out”. They need to carefully check the operation of the project and to write a report about it.

Question 3 – Why there are online games with real money withdrawal — what are the prospects of earnings?

Of concern to all who are thinking about the near and distant future. You can find a niche on earnings of years to develop it and not worry about the future? Will not close any projects and what to do to stay afloat?

For starters – the gaming market is just developing and is widely known only in the last few years with the development of the Internet. Users of the Web to millions around the world and every second person likes to play different games.

MMOs are popping up like mushrooms and every month starts a new project. So while the Web is running, the game will develop.

Closed projects – Yes, the average “life expectancy” MMO games – 5 years. And for many projects, it’s a lot. Most are closed in the second year, but do not lose heart. The main thing to be aware of the changes in the gaming industry. Even if you closed one, immediately start a new one. The main thing is not to dwell on one game.

Many types of earnings on the games are not linked to the same project – for example, auto blog removes commercials for the new game almost every week, the tester projects change developers, owner of the online store will change the project without a problem.

Question 4 – How to withdraw the money earned?

More recently, he was painful for many thousands of people, especially those living in small towns or remote places where there are no banks or payment terminals.

Most online projects work with well-known payment systems and those who want to earn must first deal with purses.

Yandex purse open easier, it works with Bank cards, the translation is carried out for a few minutes. Also Yandex can release delivery plastic card on the name of the owner. It costs 200 rubles and you can withdraw money at any ATM!

Webmoney is also known to game developers. Transfer money to the card with purse no problem. Also the money you can withdraw cash from the issuance of Webmoney, they are in many major cities.

Recently it is also gaining popularity ledger blockchain wallets, where operations with cryptocurrencies and popular services try to establish a conclusion of the earned money and this wallet.

Question 5 — How to understand that it is games-online money money withdrawal?

All online games have their own sites where all basic information about the project. Money game online with withdrawal of money are different, where the focus of the game is not on profit, but on the very active participation of the player, somewhere, on the contrary, are broad opportunities for earnings.

If you need a game with the withdrawal of money without investment from the gameplay, there are, as a rule, all conditions are specified and tasks, doing that you can earn.

Many games have bots, check out this easy – sign up and log into a project, look around. Perhaps the store sells hacks and programs for automated extraction of resources.

Question 6 – Why do games give you the opportunity to earn for yourself?

Many developers projects it is important content of the game users. They take their profits with the number of online players, with the attendance of the website from advertising placed on it.

Gaming projects have their own system of earnings and to attract users, they can go on a spending spree.

So in these games from the user need the minimum to go to the website from time to time, to be active in the game and all. Most importantly consistency.

Question 7 – Can you avoid the scams in the game for a living?

Completely. The main thing to remember: never rush to invest their money. Yes, initially to invest in the game no one wants. But after registration in the selected project and studying the game, they understand that a small spending to spur the process and then everything will pay off.

But before that, should thoroughly study the game and complete quests without investment. In any normal game, this option is. The player do not require to invest in mandatory.

Question 8 – Are there any games with real money withdrawal without investment from 10 rubles per hour and more?

Such games exist, from the list of games above, you can find such. You need to register a games, but before you read reviews and recommendations on third-party forums and thematic groups.

Certainly all of the earned amount will depend on your efforts, abilities, experience, etc.

9. Videos

If you have questions, we suggest you to view the video — “4 games with the withdrawal of money without investment”


10. Conclusion

For many, if not all, the system of earnings in the Internet, and even at the games is a dream job, with its undeniable advantages:

  • To earn money sitting at home or in Internet cafes, do not need to go anywhere in the morning;
  • The amount of time spent on work and schedule people, is he;
  • No bosses, no underlings, no need to adjust to desire someone, to get along with colleagues, to examine the situation as conventional work;
  • Profit is not measured by salary, often do not need special knowledge and education, knowledge of languages, good looks, connections in the network all are equal initially. It is possible to maintain complete confidentiality;
  • Earnings for the exciting games, fun and work together, any dreams of a future!

It’s hard to argue with the above. However, a dream job, there are disadvantages:

  • Possible risks loss of invested money;
  • There is no guarantee of payback, there are no quick earnings;
  • It is hard work, requiring skills and knowledge to operate the computer with the Internet. You need to study the market, to find friends and most importantly to work every day;
  • The result is not immediate, tangible profits often have to wait more than one month, the first time is especially difficult;
  • Need to find a niche, it’s hard, there are no tangible prospects, the future seems hazy.

Flaws is also difficult to argue, and they are afraid of many thousands trying times, walk away, waving his hand. However, earnings at the games is there and he is real!

The main thing at once to part with dreams to “the magic button”, clicking which, the person to become a millionaire. Beautiful and easy money at first glance, it will require efforts and perseverance, but it will pay for itself if you try!

Of coursethe first time it will not be easy – first research the market, then many MMO games to find the most suitable for yourself and coming up with a way to make money. Be weeks months. And the first income will also be quite modest – a dozen or a hundred rubles.

Ways to make money on the dozens of games, many of them are able to any person even slightly familiar with the Internet and games, it’s true. Perhaps programming knowledge required to create hacks and bot programs, but there are so many training videos, what kind of days you can learn anything.

That really need the common man to begin with?

  • The desire is certainly to find a way of earning on the games and to reach a certain level of profit. Our business plan helped many people to push herself in the initial stages and later too.
  • Sober look – not to build “pink plans” that magical world of games in the casino will give the winning a million in one day. The games have people earning thousands of dollars per month, but they spent a lot of effort to reach it. May their example stimulate. The gaming market is severe and will require work, time and money.
  • Initial capital – let for the first time, it is not possible to earn without investments. But then over time, still little money for the contributions is to defer. In the games they support for a living, speeding up the process. Don’t need large amounts.
  • The skills to be a user of the computer and the Internet. Learn both in a short time, the main thing is practice. Without this money did not succeed.
  • Constant network access – Internet best. In a cafe charge for an hour, the money will fly faster than the wind, so it is better to connect a network in your home and not think about time.
  • Curiosity is a healthy desire to be aware of the news and all the latest games. This will help beginners to become one of the first users or reviewers of the project to know when a game is close and time to find another one. To have information is very important.
  • Marketing – it is extremely important in the network. To be a good marketer, or to find such. It’s easy, forums and communities are full participants in touch with a stranger and liked to discuss in personal correspondence of the prospects of cooperation. It will help with future advertising and finding customers.
  • E-wallets – is desirable to fully examine the principles of their work to input and output money problems in the future arose. Many games have partnered with renowned purses.


That’s all. At first glance it seems unreal money from games gained a very tangible form. It is not easy to play and activity are real money that can be withdrawn, although some projects pay people for it. Most ways to make money — is a serious income with prospects for the future. Yes, and the gaming market is just developing and finding your place in it for everyone.

Dear readers, we wish you good luck in earning on the games and look forward to Your comments below, there You can ask questions and leave your wishes.