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P2P group has launched an updated version of “FX Science Tools”.

Description: FX Science Tools provide physics and chemistry teachers with highly efficient way of producing equations and compound structures. Form and produce.

FX Chem FX Chem makes writing chemical equations easy. You FX Chem and type knows enough about chemistry to place the components of the equation all . Atomic chemistry equations can be even produced – some thing that’s quite difficult in Word by FX Chem.

Type Chemical Structures – FX ChemStruct
FX ChemStruct FX ChemStruct does. Just form the formula of a chemical and FX ChemStruct will draw out a structural diagram. No more “drawing” needed.

Type Physics – FX Equation
FX Equation FX Equation is a means of inputting equations. FX Equation ’ s high speed generation of secondary science equations can not be rivaled by any other program. FX Equation is right really for anyone who gets frustrated with their equation editor.

Release Title : fx-science-tools-v19-02-26-p2p

Download: FILEFOX

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