Google Images may soon feature "shoppable ads"

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Google Images is a favorite image search engine that returns images based on search terms that you enter in the search box on the site.

Ad could be displayed on Google Images depending on the search query and region of the searcher.

Google announced recently that it plans to expand advertisements on Google Images by introducing exactly what it calls“shoppable advertisements” into the supported advertising formats.

The basic idea behind the new advertising format would be that advertisers can use it to highlight several objects in a single image which are available on the market. Think about an interactive image that lets you interact with specific elements in it.

shoppable ads

A home office ideas advertising might demonstrate an image of a house office. Upon consumer interaction with the element, it might emphasize the desk and a bookshelf about the picture, and display costs for every one of the items.

Let us say a shopper is looking for home office ideas onto her own mobile device or background and extends to Google Images to research ideas around how to organize her chamber. She can scroll through the pictures, hover over any sponsored advertisement with all the price tag, and see the things for sale in the image — combined with costs, the brand, and much more.

Google notes it is analyzing the arrangement currently”on a small percentage of visitors select retailers” and onto particular broad queries now. The company plans to roll out the new ad format into more classes in the coming months.

Google Images will feature Showcase Shopping ads too shortly. The ad unit is also available on Google Search and provides advertisers with options to highlight products or their brand on peak of the search results.

The new ad formats will appear on desktop and mobile searches on Google Images.

Google Images alternatives

Utilizing an ad-blocker can block the ads from showing up on Google Images. You might also use another picture search engine that uses less or maybe no advertisements in any way.

Google has been criticized lately for eliminating the View Image button in picture search. While it is possible to revive it with extensions, you might also utilize different search engines entirely.

Here is a Brief list of image search engines that you may want to try out:

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