How does a good group design save your advertising budget?

“They meet on clothes” – this principle is fair not only in real life, but also in social networks. Your sales via VKontakte depend, among other things, on how your group is framed and what photos you post. 

Let us consider an example:Suppose you spend 3.000 rubles a day on targeted advertising.

Suppose you have a good ad clickability index: CTR = 3%.

Take the average rate for ads for 1,000 impressions = 180 rubles

Total it turns out that for 3.000 rubles a day you get coverage of 16.667 people per day. 
With a CTR of 3%, we get 500 transitions to your group.

30% of joining the group is considered a good conversion rate for advertising. Thus, for 3.000 rubles you get  150 subscribers  per day. 
Overall, this is a good indicator. 150 potentially interested buyers, 20 rubles each.

And now a fly in the ointment:

Experiments have been conducted, according to which the conversion into a subscriber is also affected by the design of your group:

  • a poor, uninformative community header reduces conversion by 10%;
  • people did not like your avatar – even minus 3%,
  • you do not have a catchy look fixed message in the group with the action / discount / call to action – even minus 5%.

And it turns out that with the same good performance indicators, conversion into a subscriber is reduced by 18%! For 3,000 rubles, you will receive not 150, but only  60 subscribers . 
Each of them cost you 50 rubles (and not 20, as it could be with the correct design of the community). And if your budget is 5.000 rubles a day? 10 thousand? 50 thousand? Imagine how much money you will lose without setting up your group.

We have been targeting our customers with targeted advertising for 5 years. And before starting work with a new client, we always analyze his group and give advice on its design and content. As you have seen, this is extremely important.

If you want to receive sales through VKontakte –  write to us at this link.  In our agency you can order: 
– setting up targeted advertising, 
– as well as comprehensive management and promotion of your group: design in the same style, writing posts, holding contests, etc.

Cap and avatar 

For information on how to properly arrange the community heading and avatar, read this article:  How to prepare a group for sales >>>

Pinned message

And what to publish uprated message to keep subscribers? Best to attract attention work:

  • stock (with limited time or quantity);
  • discount on a product or service;
  • draw with the conditions of entry and repost;
  • a test or game to engage;
  • a review of your products / services with a call to test them;
  • your upcoming events, etc.

Photo albums and products

Look at the statistics of your group, section “Attendance” – you may be surprised by what you see. 
Your subscribers attend various sections: photo albums, videos, discussions, products, etc. Do you know exactly what they are really interested in?

For example, in the community above, the “Products” section is most often viewed. So, you need to make out each of the products with high quality, increasing conversion into a purchase. How to do it:

  1. A photo:
  • If you have a physical product (cakes, clothes, etc.), specify several diverse photos directly on the card of this product. So you will answer the questions of a potential buyer in advance: “Is this dress suitable for height of 180 cm?”, “What does a bracelet look like in daylight?”, “Can you decorate this cake not only with strawberries?”
  • If your product is intangible (for example, shopping with a stylist), place your photo or abstract picture in the colors of your brand. But be sure to write the name of the service on the picture itself.

2. The name and description of the goods  should be as accurate as possible, without ambiguous wording. So that your client understands what is included in the product or service. Write down the colors, features, you can specify the UTP.

3. Specify the price  to avoid unnecessary questions. If the price of a single product may vary (for example, in the manufacture of wardrobes), then specify the minimum price threshold and write in the description what the price depends on.

4. Links from UTM  – specify them in the product description, if you have a website and you want subscribers to make an order from the website.

5. Collections of goods  – create collections, especially if you have a large number of products. 

Photos and videos in posts

Now let’s talk about posts. The visual component of your group is extremely important. Just the text of all you can not explain, and love to read less and less. Through visual content in the group you can tell a lot. For example, high-quality photos and videos:

  1. Form confidence in you. Acquaint viewers with your business behind the scenes, show:
  • photos of your neat and clean warehouses, 
  • your bright and spacious sewing workshop 
  • the snow-white shapes of your cooks at work,
  • your photo from the conference and received certificates,
  • process of work (and not just “sparkling” finished goods), etc.

2. Answer questions from readers: 

  • Is the kitchen clean in your restaurant?
  • what your product looks like from different sides / under different lighting / on different types of shapes,
  • Do you have your own production,
  • Do you use quality materials exactly, etc. 

3. Reflect you and your views :

  • if your company participates in volunteer movements – show photos,
  • if you want to show care about the customer service – show in the photo / video that sometimes you call the customers yourself, which sofas you have installed in your showroom, so that the customers feel more comfortable,

If your group is beautifully decorated, the visitor subconsciously expects that the rest (quality, delivery, etc.) is also at the highest level.

4. Show the status of your product / service. At this point it is worthwhile to stop in more detail, with examples. We offer to see the difference in positioning on the cakes. Rate on the photo below, what brand you want to become for buyers?

  • Poor quality:

When you see the photo below, the viewer has feelings: tasteless; cheap; “Nuclear” colors – probably a lot of chemical dyes; photos do not look real – it seems that they were found among the pictures on Yandex.

  • Average level

In the photo – the most common photos, give the yellowness, taken in ordinary kitchens. No sense of aesthetics and quality. It seems that these cakes are inexpensive, but perhaps delicious.

  • Good

Photos below claim to be aesthetics: stylish colors, interesting shapes. Cakes look appetizing, most likely the price is above average. If a holiday is scheduled – you can order.

  • Gorgeous!

On these photos, the cakes just scream: “Buy us, we are delicious! You’ll like it”. From the photo you can see that they can be ordered for a wedding or other great celebration. They look expensive, they cost the same. Appetizing and feeling that it tastes good.

Photo content for the viewer subconsciously speaks about the quality of your product. And this rule works in any niche. Look at the photo below: which product / service would you choose?

We hope you have seen the importance of the quality of photo content. 
But let’s dig even deeper:

  • not enough to shoot highly artistic photos of your product,
  • need to do so that they “closed” questions and not bored subscribers.

Therefore, we have prepared a list of “selling photos.” If you decide to apply for the promotion of your group, then with the help of this list you will be able to significantly increase the effect of target with your quality content.

Without promotion, your group is unlikely to start selling. If you are configured to receive clients from VKontakte –  write to us at this link.  We will take on targeted advertising of your group and attracting potential buyers.

Selling photos for your group:

  1. Reveal the functionality

Through the photo you can show how roomy your bags are, how well your sportswear sits even on plus-size girls, how many nuances are taken into account in your diaries, etc.

2. View from different sides

Show how interestingly your shoes are designed from behind, or how your kitchens look good even on a small yard.

3. Flatley 

Make an unusual product photo on a bright background, surrounded by other objects. If these are men’s shoes, then show how she will single out her owner in the office. Beat the color / shape of your product.

4. Several products at once

Take a picture more geometric, thereby attracting more attention of readers. The idea is suitable for any small product: glasses, clothes, food, cosmetics, even bicycles or cars.

5. Goods in use

Show what happens after the purchase of your product: how comfortable it will be at home with your beautiful kitchen, with what clothes you can combine your sneakers, etc.

6. Behind the scenes

We have already mentioned this, but it is better to show it with examples. People are always interested to know what is on the other side of the screen. Therefore, they will appreciate your photos:

  • manufacturing process – jewelery is created by professional jewelers, their every movement is precise and precise, you can not be afraid for the quality of the goods;
  • how your drawing lessons are from life – potential clients will no longer worry that nature will be naked, or that only professional artists come to such workshops;
  • what your warehouse looks like – it is clear that it is light and clean, you can not be afraid that there will be a lot of dust on the product or it will cause a reaction in allergy sufferers.

Useful services:

Good group design will help you save on advertising. 
And if you do not have extra money for a designer, then you can save on it. 

We have prepared a list of services that will help you to independently create high-quality photo and video content:

  1. Canva  – suitable even if you do not have skills in design. You can create any: graphics for the blog, presentations, Facebook covers, flyers, posters and much more!
  2.  – this online editor allows you to create graphic materials of any format. Also suitable for beginners in design.
  3.  – you can create, publish and last data in the form of visual images, make infographics and online graphics.
  4. Pixlr  is a free online image editor that allows you to create, adjust and process images using filters directly in the browser.
  5. Compressor  – allows you to significantly reduce the size of images and photos with almost no loss of quality;
  6. Freebbble  offers over 1000 free design ideas from its users.
  7. Fribble  is a free collection of other PSD files from Dribbblers, supervised by Gilbert Pellegrom.
  8. 365PSD  – download free vectors and PSD-files every day!
  9. Freepik  – over a million free vectors, psd files, photos and free icons. Everything you need to work on your projects.
  10. UISpace  – high quality free PSD and AI files, free fonts, layouts, latest icon collections and other materials in vector format.
  11.  – you can choose the color, font for your logo in just a few minutes.
  12. Memegenrator  is a fast memes generator adapted for mobile devices. Add inscriptions to ready memes or upload your own images and create unique memes.

It’s great that you read the article to the end! So, you are really interested in improving your group and further sales. 
But we want to note: 

  • few make your group attractive
  • it is important to start promoting it.

Without advertising, your community will find on the strength of 3% of potential buyers. You are lucky that we have been promoting our customer groups for 5 years and managed to attract thousands of applications in various niches.

If you want to receive daily requests from VKontakte, discover a new sales channel, then contact us. We will be happy to increase your sales through VKontakte. Just  email us at this link.