Case of the Autobass Auto Business Managers Club: How Email Marketing Increased Sales by 228%


Marketing Automation – a technology with which costs are reduced and sales increase. What results can be achieved? What time can I increase sales? Anyway, how effective is this technology? Find out from our client’s very successful case.

AutoBoss is a club for car executives established in 2003. The events are attended by the top officials of automobile companies, owners, general directors, managers, heads of departments, and experts who reveal the secrets of solving various problems are invited to speak. By 2018, Autobass organized more than 150 events and 800 expert speeches and attracted more than 9,000 members. The club holds more than 15 meetings annually.

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The goal : to increase sales from the site through email marketing.

At the end of 2016, the management of the AutoBoss club set the task to increase the records of paid participants at events organized by the club through the website. Email marketing is chosen as the main tool.

How was the goal achieved?

To fulfill their goals, AutoBoss chose GetResponse, because, according to Email-marketer Natalia Fruntikova: “For us, GetResponse is an opportunity to take a fresh look at working with the customer base. Integration with the CRM-system allows you to fine-tune the segmentation and prescribe the chain of letters for each segment, which significantly increases the conversion. Even a novice specialist will be able to work with a convenient interface and designer. In addition to the excellent platform, GetResponse has a responsive team that will help you to solve problems at any time and answer all your questions. GetResponse is a unique solution for anyone who wants to grow their Digital business and keep up with the competition. ”

What GetResponse functions were used

Marketing automation

To increase sales, we used the Marketing Automation feature. For each event was composed of a chain of letters. For example, in a letter we list upcoming events, and a subscriber interested in a particular event clicks the link and “connects” already to the chain relating to the event.

For standard events, we used a chain in which we traced openings and letters were sent to customers depending on the action: “open letter or not.” When opening the letter, the client received a new letter with additional information on the event.Provided that “the letter did not open”, the client went to another branch, in which letters came to the client with more concise and grouped information. For large events, we used a direct consistent chain of letters across the entire customer base in 1 day increments.

An example of the chain for the meeting of the club Autobass, held October 12, 2017. The meeting was held in the format of the competition for the best technology for the sale of cars with mileage.

This mailing was segmented, in accordance with the terms of segmentation of our subscriber base. The segment was called “used cars” and included all subscribers that are related to this type of car dealer activity.

The chain started when sending the first letter (letter_01), which revealed the essence of the event and the topic. In addition, in the first letter, technologies for increasing sales of cars with mileage from speakers were briefly described, but without reference to personnel, i.e. only a specific technology and method of its implementation in a particular car dealer enterprise.

Then the process of tracking the opening / non-opening of the letter started. If the letter_01 was opened, then with a delay of 1 day the client received a letter_02, in which we were told who would share his unique sales technologies. Moreover, in this letter we revealed the theses of the speeches of the two key speakers of the event in order to detail the information that the participants of the club meeting will receive.

Further, we also tracked the opening of this letter. If the letter_02 was opened, then with a delay of 1 day we sent a letter_03 to the subscriber. In this letter, we talked about the marathon in 2016 on the assessment of used cars. About who took part in it, what prizes were raffled and brought our story to the fact that this year the AutoBoss Club prepared something new for participants in the contest of used car sales technologies. If the subscriber did not open the letter_02, then we sent him a letter_04, which combined information about the speakers, their cases, as well as the story about the marathon that took place in 2016.

Next, consider the situation when the first sent letter_01 was not opened. In this case, the subscriber received a letter_05, in which we told how to sell MUCH and EXPENSIVE cars with mileage. This letter contained theses of speeches and a description of sales technologies of 2 speakers of the meeting, the list of speakers, as well as a list of working technologies for sales of used cars. If the letter _05 was opened, the subscriber switched to the first branch of the chain and received the letter_03. If the letter_05 was not open, the subscriber received the final letter (letter_06) in the chain, which contained a “squeeze” of the key points of all the previous letters.

All letters contained bright buttons with a transition to the site, where one could get acquainted with the program in detail and register as a participant in the event. 103 people took part in this event.

Additionally, we applied automation also to congratulate customers on their birthday. We imported the date of birth from AMO CRM and set up a chain of letters.

In addition to automation, we segment the database of subscribers. We use various methods:

  • DNA code: warm customer, cold, VIP
  • Occupation: Lawyer, used car sales, HR

At this stage, we apply very narrow segmentation to improve the conversion.During the initial segmentation, we identified a segment of top management that covered a very large part of the base and reduced the likelihood of engaging the target audience.


We used webinars to announce upcoming events. Webinars are used to show customers the benefits of participating in such events and / or share non-selling content.

GetRespons webinars that AutoBoss used to announce upcoming events

Landing and welcome chain

Landing pages are designed for a specific event. Landings inform about the benefits of participating in the event, speakers and the program, and also contain recording buttons.

We also use the landing page to collect contacts through the subscription form and then connect the welcome chain with a set of gifts (we use this method at conferences where our CEO is speaking), as well as a landing page for subscribing to the newsletter about the event.

Example welcome chains and letters with gifts

This thread does not contain branching, it is just a sequence of letters, each of which continues the previous one, sent automatically one after the other every other day.

As gifts in the first three letters of the chain, useful content is offered that heats the subscriber’s interest in the events and supports their involvement. And in the last fourth – promo code for a discount on any event of the club “Autobass”.

Letter 1

letter from the club mailing autobot

Letter 2

second letter from velcom chain autoboss

Letter 3

third letter of the autobord chain

Letter 4

The fourth email message from the autobot chain

In each letter in the footer there are links to unsubscribe from the mailing list or change the contact information of the subscriber. Also in the mailing lists are embedded links to social networks, and the navigation buttons are highlighted in bright, eye-catching orange.

How is the subscriber base going?

Our team has completed the integration of AMO CRM and GetResponse. From CRM to GetResponse we automatically import the “segment” field along with the new contact listed in our database. We also plan to automatically import the “manager” field so that the subscriber receives messages on behalf of his personal manager. We believe that this solution will help us increase the discovery rate and the number of records.

The main source of getting new contacts is dial-up by sales managers. Every day, managers communicate with new people, make their contacts in AMO CRM, which is then automatically transferred to GetResponse.

The second source of data is the form of recording on the site. The client submits an application to participate in the event, and his / her data is transmitted to the database. Another source is questionnaires after events in which customers recommend potential participants.

How is mailing efficiency measured?

To analyze the effectiveness, we consider the indicators of openability, clickability and the number of subscribers who have become paid customers from the list.


The increase in sales from the site through the newsletter: 228%

Period : 10 months

Growth in the share of sales through mailings in total sales: from 6% to 23%.

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