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How to back up UWP app settings on Windows 10

October 15, 2019 By admin

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Universal windows platform programs have a whole lot of restrictions. These programs are Microsoft’so try to provide users a uniform program experience while at the same time giving developers a basic program development framework to work with. It’s limitations are what hold it back and some of them are so basic, it makes you wonder why they’re there to begin with. One restriction with these programs is that there’s no easy means to back up program settings out of the box which desktop apps can do with outstanding ease. If you wish to back up UWP app settings on Windows 10, you can use a program called CloneApp to get Universal Apps.

Back up UWP app settings

The app works but so as to back up UWP app configurations, you will probably have to open and close this app many times.

Run the program and click Info in the bottom of the column. When the Info section expands, then empower the ‘Export program configuration’ choice and then click Yes on the screen when prompted. Click on Apps next. If you’re unable to click on it, you should close the program and run it .

When you click on Programs, CloneApp UA will search your system for UWP programs and record all of them. Including system programs as well as third-party programs that you’ve set from the Microsoft Store. Choose any range of apps, and click the Backup option in the column on the leftside. You will observe backup progress in a new pane on the right.

CloneApp UA backs up information rather than the app itself. This means that if you remove an app in the system, you cannot use CloneApp UA to install it again. You will need to install it from the Microsoft Store, or where else you put in it in .

Once the app has been installed on your system, start CloneApp UA and click on the Restore option. If you have many programs backed up, then you can choose which ones to restore, or renew all of them at one time.

The settings which are backed up rely on the program they belong to. When an app doesn’t have setting it may back up then CloneApp UA isn’t going to be in a position to do much. It will save different preferences such as your download settings for the Netflix program.