How to Choose a an Email Marketing Service: a review of the best


How to choose the best postal service: an overview of the most popular

How to choose a mail service for email distribution?

In this article you will find an overview of the best mail services.

So, mailing is an online channel to attract customers, which shows maximum efficiency for any industry with minimal budget expenditures. And now, thanks to the postal services, the mailing list is set up depending on the required results. How else can you increase the flow of visitors, read the article 

“Secrets of SMO: how to optimize a site for social networks?” .

Mailings are appreciated for instant feedback, interested customers immediately follow the links in the letters.With the help of messages, you can maintain constant contact with subscribers or customers, sending them useful information, periodically remind you of your resource and thereby return them to the site.

The best email services have the functionality allowing to conduct split tests, specially designed forms of letters, a system for analyzing the conversion of mailings and much more.

By automating mailings using email services like GetResponse , ActiveCampaign , MailChimp , UniSender , the time and effort spent on sending email has been significantly reduced. At the same time, tools appeared to help control the quality of mailings and their compliance with business goals.

Mail service – the best assistant in email marketing

Before you start sending through the email service, you need to determine the goals and objectives that you want to achieve.

  • Decide on the audience. Who are you going to send letters to: new customers, current customers, partners?
  • Set goals. Do you want readers to follow your links in the message to subscribe, register or buy?
  • Select a form. You can send news clips, various reminders (for example, about the upcoming sale), special offers on discounts and promotions or invitations (for example, to take part in a survey or support the site at a competition).
  • Identify metrics to measure performance. To determine whether the newsletter brought the desired result, it is better to immediately set the indicators: how many received the letter should click or click on the link, how many register on the site or make a purchase.

How to create a subscriber database for email links?

It all starts with the installation of the email service form on your website. It is better to place it in a prominent place and on all pages of the site. To encourage site visitors to leave their addresses, you can give a bonus for a subscription in the form of a free e-book or discounts on purchases, for example.

Testing and automation of mailing for various psycho types

You can also increase the subscriber base by participating in offline events (festivals, exhibitions, seminars). You can use additional online features: conduct a webinar, lay out a thematic report or an e-book – or arrange a partnership list.

Despite the presence of offers to buy subscribers, it is better to avoid such ways to replenish the base. First, you will not be able to assess the quality of the addresses. Secondly, you can worsen the perception of your brand, because The owners did not give their permission to add them to your mailing lists.


Read more about the importance of quickly creating a subscriber base for business development and increasing sales, as well as how to create a subscription collection system step by step in the article “Email distribution: how to build a subscriber base?”.

Review of the best email services for email newsletters:

We selected the 4 best email services: GetResponse, ActiveCampaign, MailChimp, UniSender, to review their key features, strengths and weaknesses.


How to choose the best email service

One of the most popular email services for marketing newsletters. For new users there is a test free period, then, depending on the volume of the database, you can choose a suitable tariff. For example, for a database of up to 1000 users, the service will cost $ 15 per month.

A wide toolkit, more than 100 letter templates and a powerful block editor allow you to customize selling and effective messages. You can highlight recipient segments, including setting up a “black list” of those who do not want to receive your messages. Thus, to protect your address from falling into the number of spammers.

Statistics allows you to compare indicators and track in real mode on clear diagrams the reaction of subscribers to the newsletter. You can estimate how many emails were not delivered or how many users unsubscribed from your notifications. You can even see at what time of the day more often open mail.

Testing and automation of mailing for various psycho types

A beautiful and easy interface in Russian allows you to quickly understand all the features of the service. In case of problems with sending letters, the technical service will promptly come to your aid in their native language.The system is compatible with sites based on WordPress and Drupal.


How to choose the best postal service

Simple and affordable Russian-language mail service with ample opportunities. If your subscriber base is less than 100, then you can use the service for free, and you can send 1500 emails per month for free. Tariffs satisfy different needs, some are calculated at a price of 30 kopecks per sent letter, others assume a monthly payment based on the size of the subscriber base.

The service has ready-made solutions for template mailings online stores. However, you will have to manually send reminder letters, such as “abandoned shopping cart” or “thank you for your purchase.” Solutions for banks, infobusiness, beauty salons, travel agencies are also available.

From the reports on mailings, you can track the geographic location of users, the attractiveness of headlines and offers in general, by the percentage of discovery or clicking on links.

In UniSender, you can combine mail and SMS distribution, thereby reminding yourself through two channels of communication. Advertising of the service itself is completely absent in any items. The system is compatible for organizing newsletters from sites working on WordPress and Drupal platforms.


How to choose the best postal service: an overview of the most popular

English-language mail service with a large set of functions. And the intuitive interface allows you to quickly understand them. ActiveCampaign combines an already thought-out email marketing, automation, sales and synchronization with CRM systems. The service is equipped with all the tools that you will need to create the most effective email marketing campaigns.

ActiveCampaign has a beautiful mailing list editor and mobile-optimized registration forms. The service allows you to segment the collected contacts depending on their actions, location, behavior and social accounts. It also allows you to receive additional contact data using only their email address.

ActiveCampaign works well with many third-party software, including WordPress. You can also send SMS messages to your contacts, offering to follow new campaigns. ActiveCampaign plans start at $ 17 / month (the number of subscribers does not exceed 1000). You can also request a demo to test the capabilities of the server.

Although the prices of ActiveCampaign are quite high, it is worth it. If you have a small company, you manage a group of freelancers and are looking for marketing automation, this is what you need.


How to choose the best postal service: an overview of the most popular

Leading US email marketing service. It helps to create professional mailing lists based on ready-made templates that have already been adapted for viewing both on a computer and mobile devices. You can use its services completely free of charge (without time limit) until your base reaches 2,000 subscribers, and the number of sent letters should not exceed 12,000 per month. Convenient for those who only collect subscriber base.

MailChimp collects and analyzes real-time data: how many emails sent, delivered, how many and who have already opened messages. An integral part of the letter is the presence of advertising (small banner) service at the end of the letter.

It is valued for its user-friendly and intuitive interface with prompts at every step. Unfortunately, so far this service has no Russian interface and technical support in Russian. MailChimp subscription forms are compatible with WordPress, Shopify, Magento.

Comparative table of characteristics of postal services:

Mailchimp Getresponse ActiveCampaign UniSender
Russian interface and technical support in Russian Not Yes Not Yes
Free access up to 2000 subscribers Not Not up to 100 subscribers
Tariff rates (for a database of ~ 2500 subscribers with an unlimited number of letters) $ 30 per month $ 25 per month $ 29 per month $ 28 per month

(up to 3000 subscribers)

SMS distribution Not Not Yes Yes
Split tests Yes Yes Yes Yes
WordPress Compatibility Yes Yes Yes Yes
Advertising service at the end of the letter Yes Yes Yes Not
Compatibility with external platforms WordPress
WordPress, Drupal Joomla, Shopify, Magento, OpenCart, Facebook, Youtube WordPress


So which email service is best for email distribution?

All popular services have similar functionality: performance reporting, ready-made letter templates, subscriber segmentation. Services ActiveCampaign , GetResponse , MailChimp , UniSender have built-in tools for working with e-shops. Being engaged in email newsletters is important, do you understand the goals of your business, are you familiar with the features of email marketing in your niche and how you have gathered your subscriber base.

Work on the letter templates, on the design of the email list, write selling texts, select high-quality images. Perform split tests by sending messages to two different small segments, changing only one element in them (letter header or link design). The letter with the best performance can already be sent to the entire database.

What email services do you use for emails? What features of their work faced? Tell us about your experiences in the comments.