How to compare folder content from the Command Prompt on Windows 10


Should you need to compare files or folders, then you’ll find there is no shortage perform the task. Windows 10 includes a tool named, In the event you have to compare folder information in the Command Prompt. It s a Microsoft tool which comes bundled into Window 10 as of its recent variants. It s a tool that could compare folder content. All you want to know is the command to operate.

Compare folder contents

In order to compare folder contents, then you need the entire path that you want to compare. It s easy enough to grasp. Open both folders. Copy the folder places and paste it. Replace Course 1 and Path2 together with the path to the two folders you want to compare.


Robocopy Path1 Path2 /L /NJH /NJS /NP /NS


Robocopy"C:UsersfatiwDesktopTest Folder 1""C:UsersfatiwDesktopTest Folder 2" /L /NJH /NJS /NP /NS

Reaching results

For the preceding command, the Command Prompt returned the following results. Once you run this command on your device, the file names will be different however the New File title and The * EXTRA File will precede the files that RoboCopy finds. You will need to comprehend the result in order locate the gap between both folders which you compared.


pre>*EXTRA File alex-1315367-unsplash. jpg

Is revealing you unique files found in the 2 folders that you compared. This means that every one of the files are present on only one of the two folders which you compared.

The documents that are preceded by *EXTRA Documents are the files which are found in the folder that you entered at the command. From the preceding case, the documents alex-1315367-unsplash.jpg, beautiful-bloom-blooming-132474.jpg, and irina-iriser-1323394-unsplash.jpg are present in Evaluation Folder 2 and therefore are NOT present in Evaluation Folder 1.

It’s then obvious that the document names preceded by New File are all files which are found in the folder that you aren’t within the folder and input. Again, continuing with the first example, abstract.jpg, Clouds_minimalistic_binary_storage_2560x1600.jpg, and also Triangle_1920x1080.jpg are present in Evaluation Folder 1 and are NOT present in Test Folder two.

The documents which are shared between both folders will not be listed by the command.

Run the command on two folders that just have a small number of documents so you understand them and can compare the results with the files from the folders Should you ’ re having trouble figuring out the results.

Want a method to copy a file simultaneously? There’so a small control that may do exactly that.

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