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How to customize the volume OSD on Windows 10

October 22, 2019 By admin

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Windows 10 reveals you an OSD if you alter the quantity via the media keys on your computer. The OSD isn’t quite popular with users and many style for methods to disable it. If you want the OSD as a theory but do not enjoy the dull bar that Windows 10 uses, you are able to customize the volume OSD with an program called Volume2.

Volume2 is an feature rich program that could control all sorts of things quantity and it provides distinct skins to the OSD to you to select from. More to the point, you can alter the colour of the custom OSD so it isn’t tied into the accent shade in your desktop computer.

Customize the quantity OSD

It’s a portable edition, and both an installable variant. Pick whichever you want, and run the app. It will run in the system tray. Right-click the program ’s icon and from the menu, pick Volume2 to start the program ’s settings.

Go to the OSD tab on the settings screen and choose. Click on the Preview button in the bottom. By default, it is going to adjust to the accent color which you’ve set.

To customize the colour, right-click on the epidermis and select ‘Skin configurations. Uncheck click on the color box and the ‘ Use system color scheme ’ option to select a different color. Click on Apply. Return to the settings window and then click the Preview button to see the OSD appears. Click Apply if you prefer it.

When you change the quantity on your system with the media keys on your keyboard, you will get the newest OSD which you setup with Volume2.

Volume2 has a number of skins to choose from though there doesn’t appear to be an option use and to make custom skins. This means that you re restricted to the skins the program comes with. In addition, it lets you just get text and a scale based OSD that shows the volume level in amounts and graphically and forgo using skins.

The OSD can be set anywhere on your monitor. Be certain you preview it, when you ’ re putting it up. The trailer of this OSD can be hauled and hauled wherever you like. The program works with a.

Volume2 is mild weight nevertheless, it might slow down systems.

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