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How to get a dark menu bar and dock with the light theme on macOS

February 21, 2019 By admin

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The interface is applied to by the dark theme in macOS. Are the programs converted to a dark grey, the menus, the menu bar, along with the dock are also awarded a color. The theme in macOS’s implementation is very good but not everyone likes all elements of it. You can get it with somewhat terminal control if you ’ d love to get a dark bar and dock on macOS.

Open the Root by tapping the Command+Space bar keyboard shortcut to bring Spotlight search. Type Terminal and pick the program result. In Terminal, enter the following command, and tap the Enter key.

The command finishes at a split second. When it can, log out and log back in again. To log out, go to the Apple menu, and select Login.

When you log in, you will have to modify the theme. Open System Preferences and go to the General preferences. Choose the motif under Appearance.

After you apply the dark motif, the menu bar and the dock will turn dark grey but everything else e.g., the Finder, System Preferences, Safari, etc., will likely be light/grey-white.

If you wish to reverse this UI switch, you will need to conduct another command at the Terminal. Open Terminal and run the command below;


pre> When you log back in, the topics that you select will be implemented in their entirety. The dock and the menu bar will also be light combined with everything else, if you use the theme. Everything, including dock and the menu bar is going to be dark, if you select the motif.

Irrespective of which theme you’ve implemented, and whether you’ve implemented in full or the impact may nevertheless be disabled or enabled. You can still set any accent colour of your selection even in the event you apply the motif partly. This doesn’t operate the other way i.e,. , you cannot enable a mild menu bar and dock apply the darkened theme to everything .

Apple has limited theme modifications quite a little so there isn’t anything else you can perform with all the menu bar other than get a mild or darkened one. There is, as yet, no way to use the accent colour to the menu bar or into the pier.

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