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How to get macOS style hot corners on Windows 10

October 4, 2019 By admin

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MacOS has four sexy corners that you can configure to start the launching pad, mission control, Finder, etc.. Windows 10 only has one sexy corner; the Show Desktop sexy corner which, as its name implies, shows you the desktop. Should you’d love to get macOS design hot corners on Windows 10, you can do this with a free program called HotCornersApp.

As its name is unoriginal, the app is great. Downloadinstall, install, and then run it, and you can configure all of four sexy corners.

Every popular corner has its own dropdown menu at the program ’s interface. Open the dropdown and you will see five choices; Lock Screen, Show Desktop, Task View, Keyboard shortcut, and operate app. Select any of these choices. The exact same action can be assigned by you to multiple corners that are .

’ s EXE, if you wish to run an app, pick the ‘ Run Program ’ option and choose the program. Choose a shortcut to it if you wish to run a UWP app.

If you want the corner choose the ‘ Keyboard Shortcut ’ alternative from the menu to execute a keyboard shortcut and then enter the shortcut you want it to do in the window which opens. You overlook ’t have to set up an activity for all four corners that are hot. You are able to leave any one of these empty. Click Save once you’re done and close the app. It’ll continue to operate from the system tray.

Execute hot corners

To execute a corner that is hot, simply move the mouse cursor. Whatever actions you ve linked to the hot corner is going to be implemented. You do not need to do it.

The app works pretty well the hot corner activity was not executed by it and however, I tested it on a multi-monitor set-up that I had setup for the best hot corner that’s also where my main screen and my display meet. The base hot corner worked good but nothing I tried could get the top corner that was right to work.

You want to disable, if you ever need to disable a corner, then open the app and start the dropdown for the hot corner. Choose the ‘No Choice ’ choice, and click save to remove the corner. The app doesn’t encourage a great deal of OS level attributes it supports keyboard shortcuts so in the event that you’d like to, as an instance, start Windows Search from a corner, then use the keyboard shortcut choice and input Win+S.

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