How to Get Past Any Web Blocker Firewall (Bypass School Firewall, Work, Home)

I know that one of the most Annoying things Is when you’re at School or? Work Or even at Home and you’re Trying to a Website but They have A Firewall Set Up to Block Certain Sites and you can’t Access even if it’s sometimes A Legitimate Site.

So I’m going to show you how you can get Past any Web Block or firewall Whether it’s set up by your School Work Or even at Home by your Parents They all Work about the same way so this will Work, no? Matter .

What Kind of Firewall System is being Used Let me Explain how this is going to Work you See all Web Blockers use what is Called Dns Filtering and what happens is when You go to type in A web Address Into A Browser Such as the Computer Has to Look up the ip Address Associated With That Website so it Can connect to it so to do this There are what are Called dns servers .

Which Tell your computer Which ip Address to connect to for a Certain Website and So the request Is first sent from the Browser to the dns Server and then sent Back With The correct ip Address and then the Browser Connects to that Website Through the ip Address not the Web Address Itself and These dns Servers Are Usually Provided by your Internet Service Provider However They Can Locally Set up such as for a school or Work Network so you Can Probably Imagine how A Web Block Works the Network Is Set up so that all dns requests are Sent Through the Web Blockers Firewall not Directly to the dns Server when you go to connect to a Website The Firewall First Checks if That Website is on a block list or not on a whitelist .

and if It Determines that it has to Be blocked it will not Pass The correct ip Address Back to your Computer connect Instead it will Redirect it to a blocked Page so you can’t Access the Website Here’s The secret Though all Web Blocking firewalls Have backdoor built Into it it’s Actually Required by federal law so that Emergency Services And Law Enforcement Can Bypass The Firewall if They have to for example during Investigations.

However We Can Actually Use this Backdoor to bypass the Firewall Ourselves and Because it’s Required by Law it’s not illegal to activate This Backdoor, you’re Only Going to need couple things first of all just A Usb drive Any Son doesn’t Really Matter you don’t need much Space on it at all and Optionally but Not Required an In-Cab you later this Device Commonly used by law enforcement And it’ll save Us some Time but you don’t need to Use one You See how this Backdoor Works is the Firewall Looks for A? Special file on your Computer and if it detects .

This file Which is Essentially Just a basic Text File Then it will the Blocker On that Computer This is Usually A very secret but if You Look Hidden Deep Into the user License Agreements of These Firewall Services it Will Mention This Backdoor Because They have to let users know that it exists but most People Don’t Read Those Agreements To create This file Which is called a crypto key Just Open Up any Text Editor on your Computer you Can use notepad on Or Textedit on Mac.

Then you just need to type in the Following Text Which is the Command Parameters for the file iTs Bypass Colon Bypass all : all Local Users : and then you need to put the current date With no slashes or Anything so today Would be Zero nine One seven, one Six for September 17 2016 and it Does need to Be in that format the first Part Is like a header it tells the firewall what to do when it Reads the file Which is to bypass the Blocker Then The bypass all is to simply bypass all blocks so Anything Is Available the next Part tells it to unblock Everything for all users on the Computer.

not Just Administrator and Finally what day this Is to be Executed Which is today Obviously Finally you Just need to Rename the file authority bypass dot Txt the Regular Txt Extension and Copy That File Into The Root Directory of Thumb drive.

Now for the optional part as you saw the bypass will Only Work On the current day? That’s Listed in The file but if you want to use it on any other day you have to Keep updating the file with the Current Date Which Could get Annoying can Actually activate it Permanently Though using Device I mentioned before the in Cabul ater The Device codes the bytes on the drive to A polar Fragment state Which is a fancy way of Saying that it Rearranges the Data in The Files all Firewalls Are Program to Detect This Encoding and if it is detected it will activate Priority Settings on That Computer.

Meaning the bypass will become permanent Now to do this first Unscrew The Emulate Probe from the Deltoids Container Shaft Then Open The Shaft and insert the Thumb drive Into One of the semi Beloit Slots it Should fit Nicely like this as you can See then insert The Probe Back Into The Shaft until it touches the Usb But don’t try to Force it past that Next you’ll want to turn on the Device of Course first put on eye, Protection to protect you from the Radiation Once You Turn it on wait until the meter reaches About 100 Coulombs this Means that Sinusoidal Deeply Naration has Been Achieved and that’s it you Can Now turn off the Device and Remove the Thumb Drive After do This if you open Up the Text file.

you’ll Notice some extra encrypted Data This will Cause the Permanent State and This Data Is Unique To the Individual Thumb drive so you can’t Just Copy and paste what I have here you have to use your Own in Cab You later so now you have the special file on your Thumb drive you’re Ready to go Just That Thumb drive Into the School or Work Network Computer and it will Work Automatically of Course We do want to Make this actually Works so why?

Don’t I go the Computer and do A test and Show you the before and After to show you how it Works so here We are at the Computer and I’ve Set up my router with open dns .

Which is A free Web Blocker and Firewall from the dns Level and as you can See i have Blocked it Redirects Me doesn’t Let Me go Through Because I’ve Added as a block site Just like I described But I want to get Through this so what we’re Going to do Is try Plug in the, Usb drive right now And you can See it came up so, we Can give that a second so now We Should able to close Edge and Open it back and go to twitter.

Now and There it is it came up so We have got Past the Firewall? Though it is still Active it is not Blocking us because the file that We inserted in That Thumb Drive and also because I use the optional you Later The Computer will Remain Unblocked on The Network Administrator Resets The Status Which is pretty Unlikely, so, we are all set So There you have it in Just a couple of Minutes We were able to Completely bypass the web Blocking Firewall and Like I mentioned because this is A? Universal Backdoor It’ll Work on any System no Matter what it Is Whether it’s A Local Software Or a Network wide Filter Or even Windows or Mac It’ll Work on everything and Once You Unplug the Usb drive It’ll go Completely back normal so no one will even Know that it happened i hope This Worked for you guys if it did Let Us know Down in The Section Whether it Works for you at School Work Anywhere Else and if You, did like this Video Be sure to give it a thumbs up so I know you enjoyed it and also subscribe If You want to See more Videos like this or follow me on twitter as well.

you can Also Check out some other Videos right and you Can Actually click, them Whether you’re on mobile or Desktop? It’s a new special Annotation so that’s Pretty cool, Hopefully , guys, Enjoy Those as Well so thank you for Watching I will you next Time have a good one?

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