How to get simple sticky notes on the desktop on Windows 10


Windows 10 includes a Sticky Notes app which altered the program of the identical title out of Windows 7. The program is pretty great though it doesn’t precisely compete with Evernote or OneNote. It is constructed to the sticky notes concept and it’s doing it all well. If you’d like more easy sticky notes around the desktop, those who were more like the ones in Windows 7, you may use a free program called DesktopNoteOK.

Sticky notes about the background

Is the program ’s configuration window and you should definitely go through the settings on it before you start using the app.

For one, you have to modify the text color. Place to black. Then change the color of the note. By default, it is set to utilize but you can set it to use a random light color, or set a single colour for use for all your notes.

Next, you should put the Theme Simple as it s just the very best. This decides the appearance of the interface.

The notes that you make do not automatically stick to the top of your screen however, each note has a pin button at the top which lets you pin it. Like most of sticky notes, these may be dragged and the plus button lets you insert a new note, and then resized.

One impressive feature of the program is that each note has a lightning bolt icon which allows you to export the notice to the Notepad or Wordpad.

If you’d like, you can even change the transparency of this note however there is no option to set it in order it’s trapped to the top but also click-through.

DesktopNoteOK is basic and one reason it is ’ d used by why you is that it isn’t a UWP app. It might export notes to some editor of your choice and it s considerably nearer to the idea of digital sticky notes than Sticky Notes itself. It’s not without its flaws. The buttons on the notice that enable you pin a note to add a new notice, export a notice, or shut a notice are hard to make out on some of the colours. Should you decide to utilize the app term, find a color that makes the switches easier to see.

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