How to install DMG apps on macOS

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Programs for macOS are in different forms. What that means is that they ’re not all distributed via the Mac App Store. Installing apps in the Mac App shop is easy because the app handles download, installation, and upgrades without users needing to intervene. Programs that are distributed as DMG files are another story though. Here’s the way you can set up DMG apps on macOS.

Install DMG apps

In Finder, it is going to look like a mounted picture which, given it’s DMG filethat makes sense. Double-click the file.

After you double-click the DMG file, then macOS will open it without needing any extra tools. Now you ’ll see a window showing the improvement and generally, the file will open in a couple of seconds.

When the file is still open, you will find a window instructing you to drag the actual program that’s inside the DMG file into the Program folder. You might, or might not, watch an installer for the app look as well. You can run the installer if you want but it’s best to just drag and drop the program to the Program folder. It will take a couple of seconds to ‘set up ’ and you will be able to utilize it after that.

When the program installs, it is possible to delete the DMG app as well as any installer that came along with it.

The app can be run from HT11ML or from Launchpad.

You will probably see a prompt telling you that the program was downloaded on the net and might not be safe to run the very first time you open it. Click on the Open button to execute it in case you’re sure it’s safe. On the General tab, you will see an choice to run the program.

Uninstall program

You cannot uninstall programs installed through a DMG file in the Launchpad. If you just click and hold on the app, no cross/close button will appear on the program ’s icon. To disable this app, you will need to start the Program folder in Finder.

Ensure that you’ve correctly quit the program and then drag and drop it from the Program folder to the Trash can. It will take a couple of seconds to be transferred to the trash but once it’s completed, the program will be uninstalled.

The installation will probably leave no hint of the app behind and it is identical to a program being uninstalled by the launchpad.


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